TRIPLE STANDARD Stanley, get your armpit out of my face. He licked my armpit! Not with my shirt, dude. Thank you! That’s my towel Crim! Go change over there you fricking homo! You are a piece of work, Stanley… Why do you got to do that? – Do what?
– Egg him on like that. I don’t know why you have to be such a dick all the time? We were having a friendly conversation after a friendly game. I don’t like that kind of gay crap is all, all right? If you want to be gay
go be gay around someone else. He was messing with you, Crim.
Just like he always messes with you. Faggots. You’ve been pretty quiet about this D.
What have you got to say… Yeah D. you’ve lived together for what… Five years now… is Crim really a fag or what? I don’t like it all right, you know? Did you pick up the pizza? Great. Dinner was really good. We’re done. What? I said I’m done. We’re done. This is done. Come on man, just get under the covers… I’m serious, Crim, just… go sleep in your own room. Look I told you I’m not… I’m not into that…I just don’t like it. You’ve been pretty clear about that, Crim. Very clear! And I don’t like this! – What are you talking about?
– This. This triple standard of yours It’s like you’re schizophrenic, psychotic,
bipolar and all at the same time. You know what don’t start… I’m not starting I’m stopping. You’re beginning to piss me off, D.
You’re really beginning to piss me off. Great. You’re acting like a little girl! I’m sorry. ahhh…. I said I was sorry. What do I gotta do, man? look, I just…you know, I just don’t like, that
kind of gay faggoty crap around me all the time. He’s just messing around, Crim. Like he always does. Just stop letting him inside your head. I’m not gay. You’ve been sleeping with me for
three years now… …every single night…having as much
sex with me as you possibly can. Now you tell me what could possibly
be less gay. I’m not a fag, man. Well I am. – No you’re not.
– Yes I am. just like I always have been. and I’m tired of your f _ _ _ ed up
homophobic comments. I’m tired of your f _ _ _ ed up
homophobic life! I have standards, you know. And you knew that.
and we talked about all of this going in. And suddenly you changed your mind
…you’re not okay with it? You want me to go?
just say so… …just say the word and I’ll leave. Yeah… Leave. Look… I get that you need to
stay in the closet, Crim. I get it. I get that you have to fake the
whole f _ _ _ ing world out And make them thing you’re
Something that you’re not. But do you have to take it
to such a f_ _ _ ing extreme? I’m a business man. I’m a contributor to my community. I’m a great father And I was an outstanding ball player. One of the best. I’m committed and I’m loyal… -And I’m…
– Gay. You’re no different than all
the other faggots, Crim I’m not a fag. You’re gay, Crim. You’re a fag and you’re gay. Bi. I’m bi. Great. Well it’s time for you to find a bi
life that you can live with your bi friends because I’m gay. No you’re not, man. You’re bi. Just like me. Really Where’s the girl, Crim?
Where’s the girl? You want me to get a girl?
Is that what you want? I’ll go get a girl. Don’t think that I won’t. Happily! Happily! I don’t want to be a fag, D. I don’t either, Crim. But I am one. What do you want to do? I want to go on, same as always. I can live like this, you know… Simply, as long as I’ve got you I can live like this But my kids, D… They need those endorsements. I didn’t say you had to
come out Crim. That’s not what I’m saying. I just want you to stop
all the hating. It’s got to stop. I watch your boys… I watch the way they look at you… The way they look up to you. The way they worship
the ground you walk on. Even Derek’s starting to make
homophobic comments now. He’s eight years old, Crim… …he’s eight. And he’s just modeling you. Just trying to be just like his daddy. Shelly needs those endorsements, okay? My kids need those endorsements. I don’t do it for me, D. I do it for them. Listen to me, Crim. I want you to listen closely. Nobody needs you to come out. but I do need you to stop making hateful comments and carrying on like some… and I need you to know
we’re at a critical juncture here. like, if you make one more homophobic
comment to me…or …over me or in front of your kids, or anybody else for that matter… It’s over. And I mean it. You got that? I need you to say yes I need you to tell me
that you understand. Yeah, I understand. I love you, D. Please, please don’t leave me…please don’t leave me…

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  1. I've been watching this periodically now since right after it was posted. Every time I see it, once in a long long while, it is more profound. Most gay films out there, many of them full-length features, are like bubble gum. You can sit and watch 2 hours of drama and in the end it's all pretty pointless. The characters are empty and the situation is just uninteresting. This is only 18 minutes and my GOD, everything is there… I feel it, and I believe it. Those two guys don't seem like they're playing characters, it's like they've become the people they're portraying.

  2. Totally not the focus of the film
    But the way the soapy streams slid down his back
    That's damn sexy
    It was so hypnotising
    Who agrees?

  3. I’m not gay, I’m not gay…
    I’m just comfortable with my sexuality!

    Edit: fuck it…
    I’m gay

  4. Does this man (Dave? the skinny one who made dinner) not know bi is not when you're with a man and a woman at the same time?

  5. the message this short film sends os truly important and relevant! Bisexuality exists and you don't have to be homophobic jist to hide your insecurities. This is such a masterpiece.

  6. This movie explores a real-life gay relationship problem. One partner wants to be deeply in the closet and the other wants to be out. In this case, it is really pathological. One partner even denies he is gay and that his partner of five years is gay

  7. What is interesting is the guys that approach me online etc. and say I’m not gay… ok your not gay, but you want to kiss me, have me go down on you and you want to bend me over, but you’re not gay….👌🏻


  9. Where are gays who are looking for love, for caring, for commitment, for forever mate? I'm looking, I've been waiting? Interested? Tell me

  10. I SD h DCCC sh s casa as d ax David is hu ahh yes us is a as x DSS xd as x ax ixssgsx CD see CX GB d s SAA usudhzjsshsdu s CSX CX xcj GH xd WS xussjsssgvh Vax as CSS add Caz z HB CCC SAS CX ahxxhdagsbahqgwgs Cass c CX as CSS dsh"as casa CSS GH vs absjbh chu SD CD s ax cs zsshxh sshdsashcsagawbshdxhahsud so DA as CSS ax CX hehe she sis I xd I is sucks HSAs shush ssh sy IH sax JH ax CX ax CX as x IH ax dhsxuuxxhxshsudjxjcshddsh uh xd x DX cjxjz HGH CX as dagywshahshsazhzhshxshasn shdyhdudxhshshshsusxuswgsgsuxdsq ax x as CSS xd s SAS CD CD as w WD qvsugcddhchasgshxc cw DA SD CD as ohhh ax CX CCC cw wvsb xd xyu DA sad xd shssisuhi

  11. This short is very well acted, directed and produced. I suggest to watch the trailer for this upcoming film too. You may like it.

  12. A mi me gustaban las chicas desde niño y mi primera experiencia sexual fue con una mujer mayor que yo y después de adulto comencé sentir atracción por hombre mayores. Así de simple es la vida 🙄

  13. Technically you cant just say what people are thats just stupid its up to them if their gay their gay you cant change them by labeling them to something that they are not.

  14. The. Guys are hot. The message of the movie is so true ,OK to be in closet but not to make homophobic comments. True words, plus the way he explained to his partner

  15. I love this!❤️ This is one of my favorite gay short films! Actors are exceptional as well as the storyline and direction of the film great job!😁👍

  16. I am bisexual and I never ever even thought of doing arm pits. And I never want to do it either. I try to do everything clean and protect my partners. I hope my partners are doing the same.

  17. It’s interesting: er… his sniffing [scripted?] the BEEPS … “I’m a businessman…&… an OUTstanding BALL PLAYER” … the ‘fucking’ beeps…

  18. I for one loved this short film I'm Openly gay and I love myself and I'm happy what's not right is Homophobia and the racists slurs to us gay people we are human and we deserve respect like every one else

  19. Know who you're
    ,eccept it without fear and then embrace is too short for you to be hiding in the dark.set yourself free and live the life that makes you happy.ofcos people gonna hate but who cares you are the pilot of your own life and they are too. just be happy!

  20. I really like the story even though it is a bit sad people still need to lie about who they are. Greetings from

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