Gemini Man – Official Trailer 2 (2019) – Paramount Pictures

Gemini Man – Official Trailer 2 (2019) – Paramount Pictures

I’m the best. (Gun clicks) You are obviously not the best. – When I saw him it was like I was seeing a ghost. (Gunfire) (Gunfire) Like every trigger I’ve ever pulled. – How’d he start you? Hunting birds, rabbit? I’m guessing 19, 20 years old the first time he ordered you to shoot a person. – 25 years ago he took my blood. He made you from me. He’s been lying to you the whole time. He told you you were an orphan. Of all the people in the world to come after me,
why would he send you? Because I’m the best. You are obviously not the best. You’re just trying to rattle me. I’m trying to save you! You made a choice to do this to me! – The whole point of this thing was to give you all of Henry’s gifts
without his pain. I don’t want to shoot you! Mind if I shoot you? (Gunfire) (Explosion) – Henry, has this ever happened to you before? Your own government trying to kill you? (Explosion) No, that’s new. (Gunfire) Everything that we’ve worked for is at stake. ♪♪ (Engine revs) He has to die. He’s your darkness, you have to walk through this on your own. I love you, Junior. ♪♪ – Look what we created. You were the inspiration for all of this. Why not just make a whole army full of them? Why not? You should be flattered. You should be dead. – This has to be stopped. (Explosion) (Gunfire) Because what if somebody actually knew what we really are?

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  1. Strange thing is that most of us do battle against our younger self!! Trying to stay cool and revelant is one example. Now I learned to grow old gracefully.

  2. Come on people why rant? Will is awsome and the movies his son were in aren't bad… 🙁 you know whats bad acting? Twilight.

  3. Parece muito bom o filme. Mas já trailer observei um erro, a moto bate no carro e o carro não sofre nenhum dano. 🤔🤔

  4. Wow my younger self was so immature and stubborn and tough … I rather the Adult version on myself.
    Can't wait to see this movie!


  6. भाई कौन कौन Hollywood movie पसंद करता है कोई अच्छी movie का नाम बताओ

  7. People saying he will win Oscar of this Ofcourse not he won't win….he is black..
    Talented but black so no Oscar for him till now and may not for this also

  8. Will keeps doing the same stuff. It’s either an action movie involving science, tech, or guns. I get it might be his niche but it gets bland and predictable after a while. He needs to do some horror or dark comedy. Or something gritty with an edge to it – with depth.

    What makes it worse is the quality of his movies have been poor. They really haven’t been good. There’s nothing wrong with his acting. He has great range. But he should really mix it up a bit and put emphasis on the story more instead of his character.

  9. It's just corny a lil bit how he has "himself" at gunpoint numerous times, but doesn't pull the trigger. And yet, the entire movie seems like he is trying to kill himself. Just look at the trailer. He's alone, with his clone. In a cave. At gunpoint. Then again when he says, "I am better". And both times, does not pull the trigger. But throws grenades and dirt bikes at himself. A+ for it being Will and all, but D- for believeability. #Js

  10. My husband and I saw this movie tonight; It is by far one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen! Loved it and will for sure be seeing it again very very soon! One of Will Smith's best. Great job guys and young Ladies!!

  11. According to Astrology of Gemini Symbol is Double sided and the same goes for Gemini Man too , anyway my Astrology got the same Name lol

  12. Omega man was a Charlton Heston I am legends adaptation… Will Smith was in I am legend… Now he's Gemini man. Interesting

  13. Dear imdb i respected ur rating movies but u gives rating of this 4.9 this is fantastic, mindblowing movie u have done mistake

  14. Two spoilers ahead,
    1. Gemini Man is weak to Search Snake, so beat Snake Man first.
    2. The Doc robots are of Flash Man and Bubble Man, so watch out!

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