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  1. Incredible line delivery. The actor speaks Orwell's words as if he is thinking of them in the moment for the first time. Stunning actor!

  2. George Orwell warned of a society with people waking up to a screen each day in front of people no matter where they went and now that nightmare is a reality. Do yourselves a favor and unplug.

  3. I was with Mr Orwell until they mentioned him seeking out young girls. What in the world is wrong with old men? Looking for girls young enough to be their grandchild. Up until then I truly enjoyed this info.

  4. WOW, 48:00. the BBC censored Orwell's quote. It's every line he's written has been "against totalitarianism and FOR democratic socialism." They cut the second half. Pretty brazen.

  5. Like an indelible stain, Animal Farm and 1984 have left their influence on my view of the world ever since reading them at age 15 for English lesson. So many young people understood the message of these books and what authority might become.
    Dynamite in the mind of a 15 year old !

  6. Whole time I am watching I am drawing things between his books and his life. Fucking look he had a goat named "Muriel" and look what we have in "Animal Farm." Muriel.

  7. God is not willing that any should perish but that ALL should REPENT
    and come to the knowledge of the Saving Grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST !!!

  8. Wigan Pier didn’t make him independently wealthy, and wasn’t a bestseller.

    He had to wait until Animal Farm for that.

  9. Reading some of these comments makes Orwell’s 1984 nightmare (“fantasy”) that much more real.
    Imbeciles raised by idiots … ruled by a despot that that they cannot see or fathom, in any way.
    Still, fools must still post.
    Sadly they are left with nothing to say.
    Sadly they are left with nothing to write except a hearty “ha ha ha” and where are the deleted pictures that I demand to see? .

  10. As a young man Blair (George Orwell) entered the Eaton college preparatory boarding school in England where his French teacher was none other than Aldous Huxley.  Blair and Huxley became friends and shared a common love of literature… see here:

    Orwell and Huxley were inspired by Henry Ford… see here:

  11. BBC the British bullshit corporation. The one eyed liar of 1984. England & it's vile empire of tyranny & oppression built on cruelty & xenophobia was spread around the world, this great man saw it for what it was & opposed it openly.

  12. What absolutely fantastic this documentary is, really really well done and acted oh maannn. I'm so glad this exists. I must've watched this three times within two years already. BBC is really top class when it comes to biographical documentaries. This, and the one on Van Gogh by Simon Schama are definitely my favorite docs… How great men went through various hardships and immense struggling to create timeless pieces of art in their darkest moments is simply fascinating and inspiring

  13. its surreal watching fascism in 2018 with all this jordain Peterson knowledge and this most recent cultural insanity of extremist "victim" left

  14. and the dumbed down masses have let it happen. running to the doctors for vaccines that are proven to kill them, running to the army that's proven to not serve there countries interest, running to school and university which is proven to teach lies and propaganda, running to the banks to borrow money which is proven not to exist and then when you cant pay it back they come for your real money/wealth your home your car your other things worth something, running to the living room to watch television which is proven to be a tool of the same people who enslave you and so some programmes are tools of distraction x factor, love island, I'm a celebrity get me out of here etc programmes that are for controlling your perception of reality such as the news which barrage you with disinformation. well done people. your apathy, ignorance and complacency have destroyed your countries and your children's future. quite frankly, your a fucking disgrace and I feel sorry for those who have done there homework and therefore know the truth.

  15. What is it about brits that they always have to be conform with everyone and if someone isnt hes "wierd" or "ugly". If someone is ugly fine what ever but this alienation of people who dont accept this sameness of everything seems to be super strong in Britain. Its the real ugly thing beyond personal taste.

  16. o autor da obra de análise política mais importante do mundo contemporâneo. 1984 é o livro da minha vida! este documentário me dá a oportunidade de ver Orwell de forma bem mais ampla. excelente!

  17. Absolutley terrific documentary, I love the format. It's sad to hear of the crimes committed by the lead actor. But still its an amazing performance.

  18. Always wondered why he didn't look the same as the pictures. The actor here is Chris Langham, not going to say what he did after

  19. First time I saw the opening minutes of this I wasn't clear – at first – that it was acted, and I was totally spellbound by the chap being interviewed, telling of his likes and dislikes.

    The actor is absolutely first class, as is the whole programme.

    This rather awkward, tall, complaining chap with appalling ill health managed (through sheer honesty, I think) to describe what was going wrong with politics, from the point of view of one who cares about out freedoms.

    To say that his message is relevant today is the most laughable understatement – it urgently needs to be taught in our classrooms (instead of the sh*t our kids are being told at the moment)

  20. Scary that the BBC has turned into what exactlly Orwell warned us about. Probably the reason why he left. Then again, what has not become what he predicted.

  21. Good actor, But I can't trust anything by BBC. It's strange that no real footage is available of him. I think the last words are fake invention of propaganda machine. If he was alive today, BBC would mark him as racist sexist xenophobic white-supremacist, such words come of their dumb activist slave robots posing themselves as reporters.

  22. Incredibly suspicious, there is no recorded proof that Gorge Orwell ever existed. It scrambles the brain.

  23. How utterly ironic, made by the BBC. Now, the Ministry of Truth ING.SOC personified, Left mouthpiece of the State, in every "presenter" or "newspeak" reader, there is O'Brian!

  24. 2019 Leftists/socialist/democrats(US)/communists/liberals (all one and the same): perfect illustration of totalitarian oppressing "orwellian" monstruous entities in orwells Nineteen Eighty Four

  25. This documentary is amazing. The ountsranding actor who looks exactly like Orwell and his own words from his written legacy. I could just fool myself that it was a real Orwell talking to us.

  26. 1:15:08 "To defeat Fascism, the people have learned to live with less (freedom)…& as thought can corrupt language, language can corrupt thought"

  27. One must understand human agenda..The truth hurt it necessary to understand other mind to want control you….lord and peasant….

  28. I wonder if that boarding school gave the boys a large cup of tea before bedtime, and refused toilet visits.

    Then they'd appear the next morning saying "what have we here then? You disgusting boy! How dare you?"

    You may laugh – but that sort of thing teaches you discipline, you know – and that's what you need to run an empire, what?

  29. He knew what was planned, that's why he wrote the book. He couldn't come out and say it because people would have thought he was mad and those who had planned it would have attacked him. Write it in a book as "fiction", the world would know yet not take it seriously.
    A true genius.

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