Get away – gay themed short film

Just say what you want to say. I don’t know what to say! Now get to the point. It’s not your fault… …it was mine. Fabio, I just can’t do this. erm… eh… Can you give me your phone number? I don’t know Yes? Yes hi, it’s me Fabio. Yes, the guy from the Station. Erm, listen, I’ve got a question: Do you think we could… just like… Yes, yeah. Erm… do you… do you know the country lane? Hi! Hey! And now? I don’t know… …but thank you for coming. You’re looking good. Everything alright? More or less, i don’t want to talk about it. Erm… Did you already have a boyfriend? What is your point? Erm… nothing. Sorry. No, I didn’t. I kissed someone once… but a boyfriend? No. So… do you have older brothers? Yes, but they won’t beat youbecause you are talking to me. Did you already have a girlfriend? Not really. The problem was, that I wasn’t their type and… they just found me cute in the end. But don’t think that i’m coming on to you… No, no, it’s alright. I think I can trust you. Yes. Yes you can trust me. Mum? I’m outside for a walk. I’ll be home in 10 minutes. Do you have to go? Be glad, that you are german. Why? I… I’m not allowed to do anything… I have to be at home earlier and as a girl it’s even harder. What? But it’s the same with the Germans. No, it’s not. What are you going to do tomorrow? Maybe something with you? Yes… So tomorrow? Same place, same time? Hey Ina, i need to tell you something. Yes, you know I met up with Tom yesterday, right? No, that’ll be my secret. Okay, he kissed me. It was so cool… …but don’t tell anyone, okay? Crap, my Brother listened! Melek? Hey, I’m over here! Hey! Hi! What are you reading? Erm ‘The Visit’. Oh. I love literature and art. If it was up to me, I’d already be studying at the Acadamy of Art If it’s not your decision, then whose decision is it? yeah… that’s complicated… Why do you want do get away from here? Not easy to say… Where is it going? I don’t know. I envy the people who just elope after their Abitur. I would like to do that to… just to go away… Yes… I know that. Erm, can you give me your phone number? I’m sorry, but I just can’t…
Sorry… No. No, no… My fault. Can we go inside again please? No. Dad said i have to look out for you. Man, I’m 13! But I don’t care. Just be quiet and read something. I want to go back home. But I don’t. Melek! Is that your girlfriend? She’s cute. He wants to talk to you. He urgently needs to tell you something, He loves- Piss of, bye! Go home. Thanks! What do you want? Just say what you want to say. I don’t know what to say! Now get to the point! I’m not really into girls at all. Are you gay or what? No! You are homosexual. No! If I had known that… Since when do you know that? I don’t know anything. And… what made you think that? I don’t know… Don’t you want to talk about it? No. Believe me, it’s better for you, if you talk about it. Bloody Hell, No! Fabio, I don’t ever talk about my problems and that breaks me for good. And you should talk about it now, come here now! Hi! Hi. You sister opened the door. You’ve cried again. No. Of course, I’ve seen you outside. Oh, i don’t have anything. I’m here to talk about your Problems, not about mine. No, we are going to talk about your problems now. No. You’ve cried. Ohh, you know, that I want to study art. Yes. …yeah… … and I want to go to the Acadamy of Art Yes. I want, but I can’t. and because of the fact that I can’t, I don’t really want to anymore. Erm… again in English please. Okay: I wanted to go to the Acadamy of Art on the study day, but I can’t. Why? Well, my parents don’t really want that. But what’s the matter, if you want to go studying? Nothing, but the Problem is that Art is a destitute work and if it’s up to my parents… then i’d have to study law or something. But they knowingly destroy your dreams and want you to live theirs. That’s really unfair. No, it’s unfair of me… What? They work an work and have a dream and I can’t manage to fulfill it. And i just want to make them happy. You are in Germany. You can do whatever you want. Yes i can get outcastet by my family and live on the street. And surely Germany’s going to bring a blanket and a pretzel. I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t want to get oucastet, I don’t want to disappoint them. I don’t want to disappoint anyone either. You just need to swim against the tide. And if you do, you have to do it right. But the question is, if it’s possible to swim against the tide. Hi! hey! Suitcase? What did you not tell me? Well, I applied to the Acadamy of Art and… …and today i got a positive answer. But, that’s great! No that’s not good at all, you know that! Hey, of course that’s good. No! Just do what you want, for one time and not what some other idiots say. That’s your dream. Where did you get all these sayings from? From you. You have got an influence on me. See… if I learned somethhing about our friendship,… …then it’s the fact, that we both got stronger. Especially me. I’ve been so shy before, but now that I’ve got to know you… …I feel much better. Together we can do everything. And if not? If not, I need to bite the bullet. You mean cannonball. I guess a bullet would be to small. Then i need to bite the cannonball. Well, then it can only go uphill, right? Come on. We are going to make it. Hey! Eh? Just don’t do it. Are you my Dad or what? Come on, you don’t need that. That’s not good for you and you know that. I don’t know anything. What? Doesn’t matter. You know, after the first shock, I’m pretty happy, that you’re gay. Oh, how nice of you, Yes, it’s got only advantages: You have someone with whom you can go buying bras and who hasn’t their own thoughts on the matter. -Yes.
-The dream of every girl. Yeah, that’s right. But maybe i’m having my own thoughts on the matter. I’m happy, that I found a friend like you. Yeah it’s okay. Stop talking ironic. Why? Uhh, you’ve learned a word. Yes, as much as you phone in Turkish I don’t need a language-course. Now you’re getting mean. I’m integrating very well. Yes, of course. Shut up, I’m integrating very well. Yes, yes. Do you want to get a boyfriend now? Yes… …would be very nice. But that would be a very big step for me. I’ll get you one. But not a Turk please. No, i already know something. Do you? Yes, I’ll transform myself into a hot guy and then I’ll kiss you. No, thanks.

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