Get Out Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Daniel Kaluuya Movie

Get Out Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Daniel Kaluuya Movie

– You got your toothbrush?
– Check. – Do you have your deodorant?
– Check. – You have your cozy clothes?
– Got that. – What? – Do they know I’m black? – Should they?
– You might wanna, you know. – Mom and dad, my black boyfriend
will be coming up this weekend. Just don’t want you to be shocked
that he’s a black man. (laughs) – ‘Cause I ain’t never see you
like this before, bro. Meeting family and taking road trips.
Don’t come back all bougie, man. Come back, got your damn pants up
to your damn stomach. (laughs) – [Police Officer] So you guys coming up from the city? – Yeah, we’re just heading up for the weekend. – [Police Officer] Can I see your license, please?
– He wasn’t driving. – I didn’t ask who was driving, I asked to see his ID. – Call me Dean,
and hug me, my man! So how long has this been going on, this…
This thang? (laughs) – We hired Georgina and Walter
to help care for my parents. When they died,
I couldn’t bear to let them go. – Do you smoke in front of my daughter? – I’m gonna quit. – She can take care of that for you. – How?
– [Dean] Hypnosis. – I’m good actually. – [Girlfriend] Are you ready for this?
– [Boyfriend] I’m back in the beat. – So look, I go do my research. Apparently, a whole bunch of brothers
been missing in this suburb. – But it’s cool.
– Bro, you’re not scared of this, man! – [Boyfriend] Good to see another brother around here. – Chris was just telling me how he felt
much more comfortable with my being here. (camera snaps) – Get out.
– Sorry, man. – Get out!
– Yo! (screams) – Rose, we gotta go.
– Is everything okay? – [Chris] Rose, the keys. Just get the keys.
– I don’t know where they are. – Rose! – Sink into the floor. – [Chris] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…
– Sink. – [Man’s Voice] A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A terrible thing to waste. – If there’s too many white people,
I get nervous. (laughs) No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no… (screams) – [Man’s Voice] A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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  1. just watched this movie, it was terrific!!
    bad trailer though….. it's way too long and gives away 70% of the twists

  2. We play this movie every Friday at our Black Lives Matter group in university.

    We use it to study the intersectionality or gender lives black diaspora blah blah burp burp burp

  3. this is a absolutely brilliant movie. you got to watch it twice trust me, cause when you're watching the second time its like a whole different movie than before. defiantly recommend this movie.

  4. a HUGE THANK YOU TO the director the end was just sooo freaking satisfying, if it wasnt i would have been soo pissed.

  5. Just saw this movie today. Watching it a second time. WELL-DONE, Mr. Peele! Absolutely loved it, so well-written, so original and with a very gifted cast.
    Awards and nominations well deserved.
    1 🌎

  6. Just watched this at Netflix today. Couldn't move my eyes until finished watching. Story and screen play is the real hero

  7. This movie is basically a stepford wives copy for black people……not as original as everyone claims it is.

  8. The least scary horror…. one or two moments but I still prefer movies like this with decent storyline and no stupid cheap jumps.

  9. One thing I don't think is discussed enough with this movie is the tragedy of the interracial relationship in this film. I assume that some if not most Interracial couples in America face the very present tension that exists in the states. The tragedy is that through the first two thirds of this film it feels like a couple facing how their viewed by others head on making their relationship stronger. When she betrays him it creates this horrible feeling of not trusting anyone even the one person you were partially sharing these problems with. Jordan Peele is a dang goat

  10. They hypnotized black people thats why when he picture the black one with flash he remembered that they hypnotized him too thats why he said "Get out!!!"

  11. If you want to save your time and watch the whole movie in 2minutes…watch this trailor.Or else Just GET OUT and enjoy the movie.😪

  12. GUYS GUYS GUYS JORDAN PEELE IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING. his first movie was called get out, his second movie was called us which can also stand for U.S. like usa. he is trying to tell us to get out of the united states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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