Get The Picture: Child Immunizations

Get The Picture: Child Immunizations

[ Baby giggles ] Like you, I’m a parent. Like you, keeping my child safe is my
number-one priority. I’m in a Moms Morning Out group, and we’ve had all sorts of questions
regarding vaccines. I decided the next time our Moms Morning Out
group met, I would invite a pediatrician who’s a friend
of a friend. Ladies, this is Jeanne Santoli from the CDC. She came to answer some of our tough questions about vaccines. Jeanne, thank you so much for coming. Well, thank you very much for asking me. I really enjoy talking with people about immunizations. I’m also a mom and a pediatrician, so this is a great opportunity, and I appreciate coming. Did you vaccinate your own children? I did. I have two, and they’re both fully vaccinated. Woman: So, what’s Anna up to nowadays? Woman #2: I just took her to get her 9-month-old shots. We were a couple of weeks late. -And, you know… -It’s okay. I know, but it’s so hard. Took her in. But, you know, I was watching something on TV about — Somebody was talking about how vaccines cause autism. I mean, do vaccines really cause autism? Well, you know, autism is a very serious disease. It’s heartwrenching for families. And I think one problem is that we don’t know
very much about the causes of autism. There have been a number of studies that have looked at the link between autism
and vaccines, either the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine or thimerosal — That’s a preservative that was in a number of childhood vaccines
up to 2002. And in fact, those studies don’t show any link between vaccines and autism. Woman #3: You know, I feel like, especially maybe because I have three kids, but I feel like I’m always going to the doctor
to get shots. And so sometimes I just worry that we’re getting too many shots. Is that really a concern? Is that a problem? Dr. Santoli: You know, it’s an important question, because now we have probably about twice a
many vaccines to protect children as we did, say, 20 years ago. So even though children do get vaccines against about 14 different diseases now when they’re quite young, that’s not more than the body can handle. A child puts a toy in their mouth or crawls
on the floor, and their immune system sees those germs,
recognizes them, and teaches the body how to protect itself
against them. Vaccines work in that way, and they help children’s bodies recognize germs that can cause very serious diseases. I have another question that’s sort of related. I mean, I understand why we have to have the
number of vaccines, but how about the schedule that the doctors follow? Is it really appropriate for every child? Even though there’s only one childhood
immunization schedule, it actually takes into account the differences between children, depending on their health or medical conditions. Sometimes parents ask about delaying the vaccines in the schedule. And I think it’s really important for parents to understand that that can place their children at risk for getting these serious diseases. What happens if we stop vaccinating? Do these diseases really come back? The diseases absolutely will come back if we stop vaccinating. We’ve seen that over the past couple of years, with outbreaks of mumps and measles. There was a story of a little girl who was
from Indiana. She and her family went and traveled to
another country. She wasn’t vaccinated. She came back with measles to the United States. And because of her — She was in contact with more than 30 people who developed measles. Three of those people had to be hospitalized, and one even went to the intensive-care unit. Woman #2: I get really nervous about taking my daughter to the doctor to
get shots. Is there something that I can do to comfort her while, you know, she’s getting her shots? Dr. Santoli: Well, it is hard to take your
baby for shots. I know I feel that way when I take my little ones for shots. But you can hold them and cuddle them while they’re getting the vaccine, and then you can hold them tightly afterwards. And actually what I found was that nursing the baby right afterwards often makes them feel comforted pretty quickly. Jeanne, thank you so much for coming today. You’ve answered so many of our questions. If you have any additional questions, ask your pediatrician. Dr. Calk: I’ve been a pediatrician now for — in private practice for about 22 years and see between 25 and 40 patients per day. I spend a lot of time talking to parents about the importance of vaccines. We used to see 5, 10, 15 cases of invasive
Hib disease, including meningitis, in this practice a year. And it was just so devastating to the parents, because they had really just kind of gotten to know their babies by that point and knew their personalities, and these babies would sometimes die or be maimed
for life. Since the inception of that vaccine about 20 years ago, we have not seen a single case of invasive Hib disease. Moms and dads ask me every day, “Should I immunize
my baby?” And I answer every time, “Absolutely, yes.” It’s one of the most important
things you can do to protect your baby’s health. Girl:
A message from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I’m a parent. Mama, Mama, Mama. Like you, I’m a parent. -Whee!
-Like you — Okay. Hmm. What? Here’s your baby. Do you want your baby? -[ Thud ]
-Ohh. Keeping my child safe is my number-one priority. …group met to invite a pedia– …to our next Moms Morning Out group to answer some really tough questions. -[ Babbling loudly ]
-[ Laughter ] This is a child who never talks. -I’m a parent.
-Mama! -Mama.
-[ Laughter ]

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  1. Vaccination is only an immunization if it works, and it doesn't work pretty damn often. Quit calling it immunization. Even if it does work, it's not worth injecting yourself with mercury, aluminum, and foreign biological matter. What comes after this video? Two minutes hate?

  2. This CDC propagandist even admits herself that her precious measles vaccine didn't work. Else how did other people get measles from the little unvaccinated traveling kid once the kid came back? Although there are data showing that measles was already on its way out before the vaccination campaigns began, the propagandist's story only further goes to show that it wasn't the vaccine that has nearly eradicated measles from the US.

  3. @aredesuyo, Part of the reason why it didn't work was because people stop getting vaccination. The effectiveness of the vaccines to eradicate disease also depends on majority of the people getting immunized. If people stop getting vaccine injections, soon there will be outbreaks of the disease again because people are susceptible to them.

    Thanks for the video. However, I think they should also talk about what can go wrong/why some children should NOT be immunized.

  4. @aredesuyo Immunization doesn't work 'pretty damn often" This sound vague. Is this a majority of the time? Or perhaps only a small minority of the time. The prevalence of the vaccinated diseases is MUCH lower before vaccinations were widespread. As to side effects, most are mild and serious reactions are rare. vaccinations contribute to GREATLY Decreased infant mortality and GREATLY Increased life expectancy. If they were in fact very dangerous, would this not be reversed?

  5. @ShamalAmadiNgdongEsq
    It`s a pity that it`s probably going to take a resurgence in easily preventable diseases to change people`s minds… I mean… I hope they change their minds when this happens…

    I just don`t get it… I mean, do they like believing they`re against the world. Or that all of these people who devoted their lives to healing are `big pharma ` sellouts. Or maybe it`s just a way to feel superior to the `sheep`… Either way it`s a terrible waste of innocent life.

  6. @funkycowboy
    Go look at the odds of getting smallpox, 0%, guess that means we never should have vaccinated against it.


  8. Wow you get to hear both sides, but I would like to say. Those with money and power are not about to give up their white gowns. CDC does not = choice bases on fact. Those in power have done so many bad things I don't trust you anymore! And this film is well like an infomercial. Well good bye middle class! Smooch! on your arses! Lets bail out another bank! Too bad that it's all about money not health. I hate the evil greed.

  9. @cool22able Check it out it's filmed like a regular TV show. Constant camera movement. To shuffle you along. Just accept! re work it cdc lady this is not 24 it's peoples kids your dealing with..

  10. Vaccinate your kids! And check out our pro-vaccination rap parody Immunize. It's time to counter once and for all this anti-vaccine conspiracy theory lunacy.

  11. ndeed. Understand the truth about the cause of infection and the truth of the cause will be the medicine and the implementing of this truth is the cure. Dis ease is the cause of infection. If a life has ease then no dis ease can occur. Immunity is the ability of a life to find its own ease. To heal one is to give life immunity. All is forgiven. Inserting animal matter into a life is to have the mark of the beast?

  12. Immunity comes from within. For if something is put in then the life is fooled into believing that protection of a life comes from taking what is outside and taking it in. The dis ease still remains. Human vaccination creates dis ease in every life so that the norm of life is disease, this then becomes the ease; the fact that all are in dis ease. 95% must be vaccinated. For dis ease to be the ease it must be the majority. To know death is to know dis ease. To know dis ease is to be vaccinated.

  13. This was so scripted, I love my son and he is two I done a lot of reading, I chose not vaccinate. He was born same day as his cousin, he has been immunised and compared to him he has not been I'll apart from colds, he is well ahead of him in speech. I think we put too many vaccines in our new born children. I am not against vaccine but I believe we need to check ingredients carefully and idea of putting Thiomersal in my sons body is just wrong. The schedule and and joint immunisation like M

  14. Hush little baby don't U cry, doc's gona inject U with formaldehyde… If that formaldehyde don't make U sick, doc'll come up with another trick.. Last month Pakistan reported 136 recent cases of polio,107 of them had had polio shots. Simple test.- Let's compare health of vaccinated to Un-vaccinated.. Do Amish have autism?. Why yes- in those adopted from overseas vaccinated upon entry & those taken away by the state & vaccinated. Idaho health director Peterson halted Salk polio July 1, 1955.

  15. We support mandatory vaccinations of all children born under US citizenship, if prescribed under Federal mandate of the Obama Administration starting in 2012.

  16. @TheChoujinVirus- Poisons good for U don't you know- autism 1 in 50 soon to go… Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, viruses cultured on aborted fetal tissue, antigens, preservatives, adjuvants, MSG, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80- things God just did not have good enough sense to put into babies bloodstream man with his infinite incorruptible mind has determined are necessary. He who has the gold controls the science, so it will have to be a grassroots rebellion just as it was in UK 1860-90's.

  17. @BurdenOfTruth67- My cat is 10-11 years old.. NEVER ANY VACCINATIONS! Perfect health. Never a thought to go to the vet- even with small injuries from fights.. Never a cough or sneeze. Never eyes or nose running.. Ears perfectly clean too.. AND she spends most all time outside even when 0 degrees. No house or cover- leave it to her to find it.. Catches & eats many mice… I know other families that haveno vaccinations.. With out exception- they wouldn't have it any other way.

  18. @BurdenOfTruth67- Yes, injecting direct into bloodstream is 1,000 more devastating than contact au natural.. That is what Dr Cass Ingram says- 1,000 worse than any encounter in the natural world such as through nose, mouth or skin with many natural barriers to say nothing of never encounter with man created substances.

  19. @spasemonkey05- Is estimated only 10% vaccination injury gets reported.. Doctors are of course going to go to great lengths to cover up- cover for the medical association and big Pharma.. Those people can make life for hard for an honest doctor.

  20. Has anyone noticed that the vaccine proponents have perfect grammar and spelling, and the vaccine opponents can't spell or write correctly for their life? I would get vaccines just to be able to read and write appropriately, according to these comments.

  21. @wjhopper- God gave laws for health and sanitation. You practice bad sanitation you get infectious disease. Gave herbs for medicine too. Violate God's law and pollute the blood with vax you get degenerative disease- man's creation.. I understand- Medical Mafia has to find some way to make money.. Superstition. Push people's fear trigger button.. NO vax has ever been proven safe or effective either.

  22. @2ndSamuel710 Really? You spout the "Medical Mafia……..(creating) Superstition." And in the same breath talk of God. (!!) There's a superstition if ever there was one……

    "…..pollute the blood with vax you get degenerative disease…" so what about all the diseases before vaccination came along?…..

    You see if your fall back argument is always God then that is the end of the discussion, because no amount of evidence is ever going to convince you otherwise.

  23. @wjhopper- So what is your explanation how universe & people were created if not "intelligent design" of a God? And where do people's right's come from? A committee of men? The record of infectious diseases is on the books 4 all to see. Most all Vax came AFTER huge decrease of infectious disease because of water, sanitation, food transportation, refrigeration improvement. Vax have created NEW disease worse than infectious. "Medical mafia" yes. Land of Free & Brave? Raw milk against law? Why?

  24. @wjhopper- Yes- Medical Mafia.. Know where English language gets word 'Pharmacy' from? Didn't think so.. I'll tell you. From Greek word 'Pharmakeia' which means sorcery, witchcraft, poison. My dad died of same poison Eisenhower did- Coumadin- Warfarin- rat poison. USA about #30 in health after spending record amounts. 3rd world countries ahead in category. People live longer when doctors go on strike! Like to cut out your tonsils, appendix, prostate out- like they know better than the designer.

  25. @2ndSamuel710 Again, if your default position is God then you can have zero constructive conversation. If you're going to live your life within a literal reading of the Bible then you are going to come up short on your expectations of yourself and others, and have a very distorted view of the world and things within it.

  26. Please give 1 example of a non-government funded study that shows mercury does not cause autism. Since you are obviously so educated on the topic, also while you`re at it please show me one case of anybody being diagnosed with autism before mercury was into introduced into the vaccines.

  27. You've already loaded your language with the term "created". Rights come from society, reason, and necessity. Also mortality is not the same as incidence. Incidence did not decline before vaccines. Also, [citation needed]. For your "Vax have created NEW disease worse than infectious".

  28. im all for gettting your child imunized however if i do i get extremely sick i am alergic to all imunizations out their i dont know why but i am so im not aloud to or i would.

  29. All states allow medical exemptions for persons who have medical contraindication to vaccination. Most states allow religious exemptions and some allow philosophical/personal belief exemptions. For state and local regulations, check with your local or state health department.

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  31. These diseases are known for outbreaks, they have ALWAYS had sort of a roller coaster effect going around, coming in strong waves, then disappearing for awhile, coming back again hitting hard, then laying low for awhile…. They have acted in this way long before vaccinations. …and one of the biggest reasons we don't see them as often is hygiene, we know about germs and hand washing, and sanitization and how important it is. It's now proven there IS a link between vaccines and autism, a LINK, and the courts have even awarded families compensation for vaccine injured children… Now if they didn't cause damage the "special pharma courts" ( who don't have to practice within a normal court of law, who hire their own judges and have NO JURY OF PEERS OR CITIZENS- aka totally one sided and rigged basicly) would NEVER admit to it let alone pay out big $ in damages. Obviously it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the public knows it now. What we are doing with vaccines is just a trade off, trading our long term health for a POSSIBILITY of immunity against so called dangerous diseases ( not necessarily DEADLY, just "dangerous") we are choosing a lifetime of chronic illness ( by choosing vaccines) over the slim POSSIBILITY of catching a rare disease we could most likely survive just fine after catching, but will probably never catch anyway….
    Immunization a are NOT immunity anyway, so it's infuriating honestly. Do I want myself or family to catch any single one of these diseases? Absolutely not! Would I love to be immune to all of them? Of course! But that's not even what they are offering! If vaccines were effective for one, that would be an improvement, but when they aren't even safe, cause injuries, and death… It's simply not worth the risk! Now we have parents, citizens, communities, and families torn down the middle fighting amongst each other over weather to vaccinate or not and we are angry and fighting one another when the bottom line is, we all want the same thing. Healthy children/families/communities… We just aren't given ONE good option, instead we are forced to choose between two evils so to speak… And we all choose what we believe to be the lesser of the two evils, and for some it's to vaccinate, for others it's not. That's just not fair nor is it satisfactory. The medical community and everyone involved has sincerely let us down, give us a risk free solution that WORKS, and I guarantee everyone will be happy. Until then this debate will continue forever and nothing will get any better.

  32. Empowering the state to inject you or your children against your will is a bigger threat than measles or any vaccine.

  33.  Why make such a big deal out of it if the only ones suffering are the ones choosing not to take the vaccine?  If it doesn't work, then why chance the side effects.  If they get a disease from another country then they did not vaccinate before they went to the other country.  You can not blame those who do not vaccinate other than for themselves, how ludicrous!

  34. I vaccinate my kids and give them plenty of vitamin D (D as in dirt). The last thing I want to see on my immune systems face is a surprised look.

  35. I'm so sick of people who don't see the science behind how immunizations help people. Get your facts right and then say what has been proved with facts, not theory. This video is pretty cheesy,  but it shows some questions that people have about vaccinations. Go talk to a certified doctor. It's almost funny how ludicrous some comments are!

  36. This video is all lies, they are using their own children that don't get vaccines, can't you tell how healthy they are. I know several people from Merck that swear they don't vaccinate because of the risks.

  37. vaccines contain mercury and cause big problems lower iq. bill gates uses vaccines yo reduce population .

  38. Don't vaccinate parent's. They are super dangerous. And when putting them into Dr care make sure you do NOT sign anything that says you know your endangering you child. You have the right not to harm your kids. God bless.

  39. After having 5 children-all adults , 7 grandchildren and a great grandchild, knowing what I now know I would have never vaccinated them. Parents, please do your own independent research, read all vaccine inserts. #ProChoiceVaccines

  40. BTW: If you believe that injecting a newborn baby (whose immune system hasn't even developed yet), with toxins – then you truly are retarded! If you do it to you own child – then, you are just as much to blame for injuring that child as the agencies getting rich off it!

  41. To all the people here, there are adults & kids you can't get vaccinated because of health reasons, and are relying on others to get vaccinated so they have less of a chance of getting sick.

  42. Do the research yourself, YouTube videos are going to cut it… These people are full of shit. You don’t have to vaccinate and there are 1 million reasons why

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