Ghayal (1990) (HD) Sunny Deol – Meenakshi Seshadri – Best 90’s Action Movie

After considering all
circumstances and statements… this court considers accused
Ajay Mehra as guilty under… I.P. Code 302 and sentences
him for life in prison. The bread’s getting smaller and
the lentil is getting watery! He’s been here for sometime but
doesn’t talk with anybody. His silence says a lot. Was it some nightmare? It is reality. We’re familiar with that reality, Ajay. Our crimes are based on the
same reality you just described. He is Mitwa. I found myself on footpath and
grew up hearing people’s abuses. Committed 13 murders in 20 years.
What wrong did I do? Vardha. Vardha Rajan. I came from Madras. Carrying burden of humanity,
hard-work and honesty. Bombay city took it and gave
pistol, gun and knife. Rajan Berry. Never thought hands that took
degree will rob or murder. But I did that. We too have complaints
with our life my friend. But we’ve to compromise. Gradually these fingers will
learn to hold these iron rods. These walls, roof and glassier
will make you forget the past… which has brought you in
today’s position. How can I forget the past? No I can’t forget… Everything was so good… “Darling…” “I take your oath.” “I don’t want to live
Without you…” “I don’t want to live
Without you…” “Darling…” “…what is life without you?” “…what is life without you?” “You are my heart.
You are my life.” “I will always be where you are.” “You are my heart.
You are my life.” “Darling…” “I take your oath.” “I don’t want to
live Without you…” “What is life without you?” “I was born on this earth for you.” “Since I met you I have become
a stranger to myself.” “We have been meeting like
this for many lifetimes.” “The two of us are reflections
of the same body.” “Where could I go leaving… …the comfort of your love?” “I don’t want to
live Without you…” “What is life without you?” “Darling…” “I take your oath.” “I don’t want to
live Without you…” “What is life without you?” “Your face is entrenched
in my eyes.” “My fate is secured to your scarf.” “Your love is ensconced
in my breath.” “My life is beautiful
because of your love.” “Both my worlds are
drenched in your colors.” “What is life without you?” “What is life without you?” “You are my heart.
You are my life.” “I will always be where you are.” “You are my heart.
You are my life.” “I will always be where you are.” “Darling…” “I take your oath.” “I don’t want to
live Without you…” “I don’t want to
live Without you…” Varsha, your home has come. – Today, I’ll go to my home.
– What do you mean? It’s clear. Girl’s real home is
her beloved’s home. Sure, but after marriage. – When will we get married?
– Very soon. I’m waiting for our country’s
problems to be solved. What about our children?
Their future? Their career? You make a joke of everything.
Be serious sometimes. You’ve everything – a brother,
Bhabhi [brother’s wife]. Me? I’ve become lonely after
mommy and daddy passed away. You think I don’t understand. But my brother is very
short-tempered. I’ll take help of my Bhabhi –
I’ll talk to her tomorrow. You use delaying tactics.
I’m going to talk myself. No Varsha, don’t do that. She needs beautiful, simple and shy girl. Beautiful, simple and shy…
That’s what I am. – Yes, that’s right.
– So, let’s go and talk… Varsha, don’t be silly. – It’s not that easy, I need time.
– I give you 24 hours. – What can I do in one day.
– 20 hours. – Okay, 24 hours are okay.
– 18 hours… 15 hours, 13… No Bhabhi, I can’t see you
working – let me help you. What’re you doing – leave it. You work so much – you need
someone to share your work. I’ve asked maid servant –
she’ll start from tomorrow. Not her. We need someone who
helps like a family member. – Do you understand?
– Yes. You love somebody. You’re afraid to say it to your
brother and I should say to him. Your brain is as beautiful as
your face. You’re great Bhabhi. I understand How does she look? – Who?
– The girl. She’s beautiful, Bhabhi –
very beautiful. Nothing in comparison to you. But she is okay for helping you
I’m not asking her for myself. I understand everything –
I’ll talk with your brother. – Let us go Bhabhi.
– Now? Never postpone till tomorrow
what you can do today. Come. I said I’ll talk! So young lord is in love. And he wants to marry. Good. It will be fine. You too recommend that. I know. – Where is he now.
– He’s here. Should I call him. Ajay! Call him lovingly. Ajay. Didn’t come! Ajay!! Did you call me brother? I am told you’ve grown up. Okay. You’re in love –
and you want to get married. No brother, Bhabhi wanted – I mean Bhabhi was saying she
needs someone to help her. I suggested maid servant’s name
but she said maid won’t work… she wants from family and asked
me to get married. – She wants a daughter-in-law.
– Daughter-in-law? – I said I enjoy my freedom…
– Well said… But she doesn’t agree. I said how Laxman can do such a
thing without Ram’s permission. Very good. Mrs. Sita and Mr. Laxman –
stop your Ramayan. Listen carefully to what I say. – What were you saying?
– About love, brother. Remove the craze of love from your mind. I did. You have to become a boxing
champion – win a gold medal. You’ll lose everything in the
craze of marriage. – Yes. You’re scolding him as if he
has committed an offense. What else is this? – What had you done?
– What had I done? You used to tease me by blowing
horn in the mid of night. In the midnight! Waking whole
neighborhood! I come home early. And because of this craze your
brother was arrested once. Oh yes. No, no… what are you talking? – You went to jail.
– She is lying. Lying. Gupta uncle
got him released. And he said, what’s in jail he
can even accept hanging for me. – Really, brother.
– No, no. Didn’t I hang by marrying you?
I don’t want him to do that. I don’t know anything.
First a daughter-in-law will come. Yes. Listen.
He’ll become boxing champion. – First daughter-in-law…
– First boxing champion… Order, order. What’s going on Ashok? Good, you’ve come.
Now you can decide. First this is not court,
it’s my niece’s home… And here, I’m not barrister
Gupta – I’m uncle Gupta. Do you understand? – How are you Indu?
– I’m okay. Good. Yes, Ajay. How is your practice? – Exactly!
– What? He is actively practicing –
not boxing, but in love! – Like Mughal-e-Azam.
– I see. And your niece is supporting him. – Look.
– What does it mean Indu? My lord I request he may
be granted his love. Because every successful man
has a support of a woman… And that woman in Ajay’s life
is his beloved. She is right. I think we should
see the girl. What are you saying uncle. – Uncle, you too.
– I too, Ashok. – Leave it uncle.
– But I’m talking in your favor I’ll sacrifice my love for
the dreams of my brother. – Oh Devdas – stop this drama.
– He’s pretending. We want to see the Menaka who’s
melted my steel like brother. – So you are agreeing. Really.
– Yes. Really. Shake hand. Thank you, sister-in-law.
Thank you, uncle. Thank you brother. Thank you. – This boy is confused.
– Also in hurry. I seems he will definitely married. What happened?
Did brother and Bhabhi agree. Same as in Mughal-e-Azam.
Brother became angry. He roared like a cloud –
– I snapped like lightening. Bhabhi poured like monsoon. Brother took out the gun –
I bared my chest. His gun…
my chest… – What happened next?
– His gun… my chest… Bhabhi’s tears.
Gupta uncle’s wailing. I said I’ll give life but
won’t break my promise to you. – Didn’t I?
– Yes, yes. – Then what happened?
– Firing. Bullet went in roof. They speak… You mean they agreed! Ajay, that’s great.
That simply great. Do we go to cinema. Be serious. Have you thought
about tomorrows match. What’s there to think about. – What?
– Yes. – Match is with university champion Tinu.
– Tinu! Tinu or anybody –
what difference it makes to me. 1st round, 1st round.
Knockout. Ajay! Sir! Sir… I’m sorry. Sir. I’m sorry sir.
Listen to me. – Listen to me.
– Let me explain you. – Sir, my brother will kill me.
– It doesn’t matter. – Listen to me.
– Accidently I did like, sir. Listen! – Shut up and listen to me.
– Yes sir. You’ve been selected for
tournament. God knows why? But you have to go to camp.
Bangalore camp for training. This is your order. And I too
will have to go with you. It will be great fun, sir. – Varsha!
– Yes. Varsha. Our wedding permit. – I’ve been selected for the tournament.
– Congratulations. We marry before the main championship. How can I explain it to you.
What I’m going through. After loss in business
everybody has deserted me. Friends and relatives have
exposed their true face. I’d not even dreamt that I’ll
do this to repay my debts. Don’t know whether I can be
free from debts or not. – Why don’t you explain clearly.
– What should I explain? What’s going on with you? – You don’t let go anything.
– Why shouldn’t I. If you don’t tell me, who
else will you tell. – Brother! – What’s the matter?
– Nothing. What do you have in hand? I’ve been selected for the tournament. I’ve to go to Bangalore for training. Well done my champion. – Did you hear?
– I heard. What did you hear. Our Ajay is
going to become champion. – Let’s have an outing.
– I won’t go. How won’t you go – we’ll take
you forcibly. – Brother your Bhabhi is heavy.
– Hey, she’s my wife. My sister-in-law. “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” “What could be better than the
fact that we are together?” “What could be better than the
fact that we are together?” “Smile a little. Sing a little.
This is called life.” “What could be better than the
fact that we are together?” “Nobody knows when the moment
comes to separate.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” “A human being is one who lives
with a smile and song.” “A human being is one who lives
with a smile and song.” “The moments of life are a gift
of love. What more do we want?” “A human being is one who lives
with a smile and song.” “For him a desert is an oasis
and autumn is like spring.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” “Why to worry We’ll face whatever comes.” “Don’t waste today for tomorrow
Today won’t come tomorrow.” I remember you too much Varsha.
Do you remember me. You wrote only 9 letters in
response to my 10 letters. Who’re you afraid of Varsha?
Afraid of world! I’ll… Sir! Sir! – Sir, I’m sorry!
– What do you mean, sorry? I’ve been beaten outside ring
more than inside the ring. – I’m sorry sir.
– What sorry? What do you mean sorry? Look, you better behave
yourself. I tell you. Otherwise I will send you back to Mumbai. No sir! No sir! I’m sorry sir! I’m sorry sir! – Train! Train! Go and train.
– Thank you. O Lord! Getting close
to him is dangerous. – Hi Ajay.
– Hi Varsha. Dream. Must be dream. It’s a dream. – I said hello.
– No, it’s dream. – Ajay.
– Varsha. No! It can’t be.
Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! I was thinking about you. Why didn’t you reply my 10th letter? – I wanted to surprise you.
– Surprise! How nice. I was thinking about you when
my coach intervened. – Coach?
– Our coach. ‘Look, you better behave
yourself I tell you.’ ‘Otherwise I will send
you back to Mumbai.’ Who are you?
Who have you come to see? Varsha go. I don’t know you.
Go away, else I’ll be killed. I’ve come all the way from
Bombay only to meet you. What if you have come from
Japan. I don’t know her. Is there no discipline –
he brings a girl here. Go away! Go away! Go away!
Go away! Go away! Okay. I’m going.
Good bye. Ajay! How dare you? Thank God I found you. I looked
for you everywhere. Waiter! Excuse me I don’t know you. C’mon Varsha. We’ve met after so many days
let’s be sweet. Strange!
Why are you whispering to me? Don’t talk loudly – everybody
is looking at us. That baldy is looking in our direction. And that fatty has stopped eating. Who are you calling baldy and
fatty – I don’t understand. – Who called me baldy?
– No, we didn’t call you baldy. And who called me fatty? No, she calls me fatty –
you’re quite slim. Eat your meal! Eat your meal! You’ll get me killed. Here. Eat up! Eat up! That couple looks so nice and
they are having romance. If you like a young girl’s
romance with old man go and… Who called me old man? We are talking about our own old age.
Do you want me beaten? See he touched me.
Is there no decent person to save me. He’s bothering me and nobody
is there to stop him. What’s going on? (in Punjabi)
– Nothing brother. You please sit. This is our
way of romantic conversation. What’s going on? (in Bengali)
– Nothing, she loves me. What’s going on? (in Tamil)
– Nothing, she loves me. What’s going on? (in Gujarati)
– Nothing, she loves me. You please sit, sit. You too sit down Varsha. Who are you mister? Mother! Is this villain
bothering you? I’m not villain Bhim.
I’m her fiancee. Darling, tell Bhim
That you love me. Please. I don’t love you. – She said, she loves me.
– No, I don’t love you at all. Excuse me sir, this girl is in anger. This man is double my size –
please tell him you love me. No! – Don’t say no.
– No! No! No! Please. I don’t love you.
Would you please let me pass. Please. Thank you. Please tell him you love me. Whatever he me do to you but
I don’t love you. Now you’ll find out who I am. She’s very naughty. She’s just kidding, actually
she loves me very much. “You love me –
Don’t say no.” “You love me. Don’t say no.” “You are crazy, crazy
over me. Don’t say no.” “You refuse. You accept.
This is love.” “Say yes. Forget no.” “You love me. Don’t say no.” “You are crazy, crazy
over me. Don’t say no.” “You refuse. You accept.
This is love.” “Say yes. Forget no.” “No! No! No! I do not love you.” “You love me. Don’t say no.” “Tell! Tell! Tell!
Tell! Tell the truth.” “Your smile has exposed you.” “I’ll follow you everywhere you go.” “Where will you go?
This entire world is round.” “I won’t stop following you.
Now say yes! Yes! Yes!” “Hey, didn’t I just tell
you I don’t love you?” – “Get rid of your anger. Let it go.
– No! – Don’t say no.” “Let our hearts meet.”
– “No!” “Don’t say no.” “You refuse. You accept.
This is love.” “Say yes. Forget no.” “You love me. Don’t say no.” “Look! Look! Look!
See how beautiful the weather is here.” “Lovers meet openly over here.” “Don’t break my heart
and walk away fuming.” “Or I swear by you
I will commit suicide.” “Stop. My heart is a witness.
Now say yes! Yes! Yes!” “I don’t care whether you
live or die. Don’t follow me.” “I don’t care whether you
live or die. Don’t follow me.” “You will regret it if
I die. Don’t say no.” “You will die crying. Don’t say no.” “You refuse. You accept.
This is love.” “Say yes. Forget no.” “You love me. Don’t say no.” “I say. Please concede. Or..” “I’ll make a noise.” “I’ll scream and yell.” “I’ll gather people.” “Stop. Listen! Listen commander.” “See what I’ve
been through in love.” “My love is running
away with my life.” “I’ve been duped. I’m finished.
I am dead. Yes! Yes!” “It’s a limit. Don’t make me sad.
Say yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Yes! Yes! I love you! I love you!” “I love you! I love you!” “I’m crazy about you. I love you.” “You win and I lose. I love you.” “The world knows it too.
I love you.” “I love you! I love you!” “She’s game! She’s game!
She’s game!” “Look, the pretty girl is game.” “She has embraced me.
My luck has turned turtle.” “She’s game! She’s game!
She’s game!” “Look, the pretty girl is game.” “She’s game.” Ajay! Hey brother. What a pleasant surprise, brother! What a pleasant surprise! – Why are you in this condition?
– I’m perfectly alright. – How are you?
– I’m okay. What’s the matter brother? – I’ve come to say something very important.
– Tell me. – Ajay, hurry up.
– Coming sir. – How is Bhabhi?
– She is fine. I want to say… What’s the matter? You go. I’ll talk with you in
the evening. – Where are you staying?
– Hotel Dreamland. – Okay, we will have dinner together.
– Yes, yes. Sorry sir, but Mr. Ashok Mehra
checked out in the afternoon. Checked out? I’m his brother –
did he leave any message? Message. I’m sorry sir. No message. How can he go without leaving
any message. Perhaps he’d some urgent work
and he had to leave suddenly. He wanted to say something
very important. He can phone you. Phone for you from Bombay. Hello! – Hello!
– Is it Ajay? – I’m Ashok.
– How are you brother? I want to tell you something
very important. – Yes, go ahead.
– Are you listening Ajay. – I’m in great difficulty.
– Difficulty? – What’s the matter brother. Please tell me.
– Ajay! Yes, hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! – He phoned from here.
– From Bombay. Yes. He wanted to say something
but line got disconnected. The line got disconnected. He’s in Bombay and he didn’t
come home! Something serious. Sister-in-law… Ajay, I’m very afraid.
He has been upset for some days. He said he is doing certain
things against his will. Doesn’t want to do? Why didn’t you tell me before. He didn’t even tell me so that
we’ll not be disturbed. – He was suffering alone…
– Don’t worry. He’ll come back. Maybe he’s gone out for some
important work. I’ll find out – everything
will be alright. We’ll scold him so much he won’t forget. He makes my Bhabhi weep so much. Can I speak to Mr. Gupta please. Ajay here. Do you have his number. All right. Thank you. Gupta uncle has left for Delhi
for 8-10 days. I’ve been with home for long
time. He’s upset for sometime. I heard Ashok and Balwant Rai
started some business together. I don’t know much but he let me
go with 3 months salary. As I said Rai is not an ordinary man. He helps people like Ashok and forget.
Still I’ll remind him. For next two months he is extremely busy. Go on. That day he was very disturbed. Boss is after me. Permission
for procession is cancelled. Damn idlers! He was disturbed. He telephoned
after 2 days and on phone too… – Hi Mr. Sharma.
– Hi. – How was the party?
– Did Bulaney come? Yes, with his wife – wearing
red blouse, dropping scarf… Bhosle too her with him.
And Rane was very jealous. Will you listen to me, Inspector! – I’ve heard your story.
– I’m not telling story. I’m… – I came to file a report…
– That your brother is missing… File your report with Mr. Patil
of missing persons squad. I’ve many other things to do. C’mon, Anand. I’m seeing your work inspector. You’re forgetting that you’re
here for hearing us. You’ve this job because of us.
Is this the way to talk with us. Sir, this is the boy who was in
the quarrel at the college. He goes to college for creating
nuisance rather than studies. No sir. Actually I… Remember this slap in your mind
and heart. Use these tears to flush out
our country’s dirt. Such policemen should be shot
in the midst of the road. – It’s good idea.
– You think I’m joking. Joke! No. I was thinking –
who would fire the shots. I will. Kept me at police
station for two hours. They had no manners and
no feeling of responsibility. Such people will protect us!
We’re very safe here. Don’t be angry. Could you find
anything from his place of work. He was working with Balwant Rai
Trying to meet him for 3 days. They say he’s extremely busy. Balwant Rai?
You can meet him tomorrow. Seeing your love, respect and
welcome has made me emotional. More than money and sympathy
these children need love. I’m ashamed I’ve been unable to
give them that love and time. What more can I say… Mohile. I make a small contribution of
Rs.5 lakh to this organization. Thank you sir. Thank you. You spent on the kids, sir. Sir, our institution has carried
out several good deeds too. Excuse me. – I’ve to meet him.
– Meet him in office tomorrow. Excuse me sir. Yes. My name is Ajay, I want to talk
about my brother Ashok Mehra. Come. Ashok was working with us but… for past few months we didn’t
have any dealing with him. I don’t know. – Did you file report with police.
– Yes, but… Yes, I know. Our police are just I’ll talk to the commissioner
personally about this. You don’t worry. Thank you, sir. Your stuff is not as good as
before. Customers are unhappy. – What is the matter?
– Nothing sir. Very good stuff, sir. Excellent
condition, sir. Sir, it’d be good to increase
supply of your stuff in Gujarati. – What happened to Mushtak?
– Sent him underground sir. – What do you mean?
– Put him under 7 feet of earth! – Never talk loudly.
– Yes, sir. – I don’t like noise.
– No, sir. No sir! Goodbye sir. He’s my elder brother Ashok
Mehra. He often came here. No sir, he never came here. – Do you know him.
– No sir. – You may have seen him somewhere?
– No. Will you offer me liquor? – Will you offer me liquor?
– You’re talking with wrong man. Aren’t you trying to find someone. – I know him.
– You know him? Ashok Mehra. – He’s my brother.
– How much money do you have? – Money?!
– How much do you have? Give me. – How do you know my brother?
– This is insufficient. I’ll give you more, you tell
me where is my brother. Come with me. C’mon! C’mon! Very good! Very good! – Have him fight with my boy.
– Go away. Don’t crowd. – Take your money. Here’s your money.
– Let him fight my man. – He is lion.
– He’s grand lion. If your boy wins I’ll give 40 for 10. If my boy is defeated I’ll
give 300 for 10. – Done.
– Done. Gentlemen. – Come on, get ready.
– What are you doing? – It is a game.
– With me as a bet! – Stop this game, else.
– You won’t get anything. Nothing by beating me…
You get money by beating him. – I won’t fight at any cost.
– Not even for your brother. I told you I’ll give you more
money tomorrow. Who has seen tomorrow.
Talk about today – right now. Bastard! Okay. No problem. As you like. I know you will win.
You’re a good boxer. I know it. Ashok told me. And I don’t forget such things. All the best! Gentlemen, this is my tiger. How much money you want to bet? 50
rupees. Great. Bet and make money. Yes. Very good! Very good! Knocked out in one shot. C’mon! C’mon! Yes. C’mon! Hey, you still owe me five rupees. He was in difficulty. Those who
gave him loan were after him. To save his life he joined us. I mean he started working with us. But he used to work for
Mr. Balwant Rai. Yes. I know! I know! Balwant.
Mr. Balwant Rai. We both worked for him. He paid Ashok’s debt and bought him. And expanded his business in
the name of Ashok’s company. – What kind of business?
– Business of death. Drugs. Balwant Rai is a big dealer
of illicit drugs. He has lakhs of goods in and around here. What are you saying? Your brother too was afraid of the truth. It is too much. I want to get
out of this swamp. Moreover, I’ve paid back your debts. You take my advice –
stop all this. Take my advice. Take vacation.
And give that box to Kamran. Ask Kamran to burn all files and papers. Then he went out for some days. He told me he is going
to meet his brother. He came to meet me.
But didn’t he meet you again? Yes, he met.
One day he met me here again. – In this place?
– Yes. There was no other place to meet. This was our world. We were the king of this place. I remember clearly, I was sitting here. He was where you are sitting. You are talking nonsense.
All fingers are not alike. You don’t know Ajay – my
brother will definitely come. I have booked a call from here. I’ll tell him, son I’m in
great difficulty. He’ll come running after
hearing my difficulty. Your call is connected. My call is connected.
I’ll tell him. He’ll come soon. Hello. I’m Ashok – calling from Bombay. Hello… Are you hearing. I want to talk
very important matter with you. I’m in great difficulty… Hey, leave him. Tell me where is that box. No, those papers are proof of
your crimes. The mask of decency will come
off your face soon. Hey, enough. If Ashok has told about the bag
he would be dead by now. If he has not told, he would be
hanging between life and death. – Come on – take me there.
– Where? To my brother. Hey son of mosquito –
come over here. – Let’s quietly run from here.
– Who is he? He’s the owner of this bar. Will you come down or shall I come up? Balwant Rai’s stooge.
He is quite dangerous man. He was here that day. Come down.
Now I’ll answer your punch. Come. Nobody will intervene.
Watch him dying, wherever you are. He’s hot blooded, I’ll freeze him. Hey, what’s this? Four men on one
side. I’m here too, brother. Don’t make the mistake of
thinking he is alone. I am coming. – Leave.
– Ajay! Ajay! Ajay! Arrest him. Hooliganism in public place –
you aren’t afraid of law. This is your law? Show courage
and arrest Balwant like this. He has kidnapped my brother. Don’t allege any big man –
do you have any proof? They took that man who was the
proof – in your presence. You’ll get the proof – his dead body.
Then write your report. – You’ll get official medal!
– Don’t talk rude. Police does… Does nothing. Throw away your uniform. And wear the collar of
Balwant Rai on your neck. My foot! My foot! My foot! This is lawless place.
Show your manhood on poor and weak. Power of uniform. You can put
handcuff only these hands! Not on Balwant Rai! – Move your tail. Kiss their feet.
– They’ll thrown bones to you. You are doing good inspector –
you’re doing very well. You’ll get promotion and medals
Why are you running. Listen me. I will drag you to the
court, you bastard. You’re going to pay for this. Barrister Pramod Sharan Gupta –
who solves everybody’s problems who handles problems of big
companies, state and nation – isn’t aware of his own family problems. Ashok is missing and nobody has told me. – You were in Delhi, I thought…
– What? Is any case more important than my kids.
You could’ve phoned me. Uncle, Bhabhi told me but… You didn’t think it necessary –
because you’ve grown up. And did you realize implication
of what you did last night? If I wasn’t here, how could
she have bailed you out. – I’ve explained everything…
– Indu, bring some tea. Sure. Why don’t you believe me.
Balwant Rai is a big smuggler. Brother is in his confines –
his life is in danger. – We must do something quickly.
– Ajay… You’re believing a drunkard you
don’t even know. Whereas, Ashok is always
praising Balwant Rai. And he has helped Ashok many times. Help! That was a plan to trap
brother. – Who are you talking about?
– No, nothing. I’m no less anxious about Ashok
than you. He’s like my son. I’ll leave no stone unturned to find him. But you don’t complicate the
matter in haste or emotion. I’ve come. Everything will
be resolved. He’ll come soon. I’ve tried everybody.
Nobody helps in time of need. Gupta uncle says, he has talked
with the commissioner. They are looking into the
matter. But no result. I’m watching this game for
last one month. Don’t know brother’s condition
or how much is he suffering. Varsha, I hear his cries.
He needs me – I can’t do anything… Balwant Rai. I’ll see Balwant Rai right now
and find out everything… No Ajay.
I don’t know why but I’m afraid. I think it would be wrong to
go to Balwant Rai at this time. – You first talk with Gupta.
– I don’t need anybody. I’ll do whatever I must do. C’mon, Varsha. Try to understand. Nothing will
happen to me. I’ll be careful. Ajay I’m so worried. Cognates, Mr. Rai? We’re pleased
you won this year too. Thank you. That’s your love speaking
else I truly don’t deserve it. Mr. Balwant Rai –
I’ve to talk with you. – Talk with Mohile.
– I’ve to talk with you. – Come to office tomorrow.
– Not tomorrow – now. Excuse me. Sure. – Disturbing in party…
– Where is my brother? Hasn’t he returned. I’d asked
Mohile to call the Commissioner. Before I expose you before
these respectful people… Be descent and tell me where’s
my brother. Waiter. Send Hanif. You’ve some misunderstanding. I’ve seen the devil under your
high personality and cover. No Ajay. You don’t know me yet. Those who clash with me, lose
their life very painfully. Give these empty threats to someone else. If my brother is hurt I’ll
punish you so bad that you’ll repent you were ever born.
And these dogs who encourage you… to bark, won’t be seen anywhere near you. Bastard! Let go! Let go off me! Bastard! I will drain your
blood, you bastard! If my brother doesn’t return by
tomorrow, I’ll kill you. Take away this drunken goon. I’ll kill you… Let me go! Let go! Let me go! Sorry gentlemen. I’m sorry. Please continue. Run, police has come. Hey, where are you fleeing?
Cowards! You bastards! Come here
and get me. Come here. What’s going on.
Who were those people. They were that bastard’s dogs. – I kill those bastards.
– Behave. He’s commissioner. Be polite, you’re talking to
the police commissioner. What’s the problem. My name is Ajay. My brother is
missing since last one month. I filed a report with police –
but nothing has been done. When I found the person who has
kidnapped, yet the police are… not ready to do anything.
You tell me sir, what should I do? Who is that. What’s his name? Balwant Rai. See, you’re badly hurt –
– These wounds won’t kill me… You tell me – will you help? I’ll ask ACP Bhosle to
investigate thoroughly. Investigate? I’ve been seeing this drama of
investigation since one month. – My brother’s life is in danger.
– You say they’ll investigate! C’mon Commissioner, this is your
job. Your job, Commissioner. Look mister… Police has to act under certain
rules and regulations. We can’t take action against
anybody without proof. C’mon driver. If you like you meet ACP Bhosle tomorrow. This city is no longer worth living. After your brother comes, we’ll
settle in some peaceful place. I talked to Gupta uncle.
He has met the commissioner. He assured your brother will
come soon. Don’t worry too much. Then what should I do?
Should I sit doing nothing? What has anybody lost?
My brother is missing. Nobody will do anything. This is a city of blind and deaf.
All are like stones. One could only break
one’s head over here. I’ve been wandering like
crazy people since one month. – Who knows he’s alive or not?
– Ajay. What should I do, sister-in-law? What should I do? Sir, we’ve found papers Ashok
Mehra was hiding. Should I put him underground. Hello. Today I saw your anxiety to
meet your brother. Balwant Rai! I appreciate your enthusiasm. If anything happens to my
brother I’ll kill you. You can meet your brother in
Central Park. Show your enthusiasm to
reach your brother. You bastard! Son of a bitch,
listen to me. Hello! Hello! Ajay! Ajay! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Balwant Rai –
you killed my brother. Balwant Rai! Is anybody hearing.
My brother has been killed. Is anybody hearing.
My brother has been killed. Is everybody dead?
My brother has been killed. They killed my brother uncle. – Where are you calling from?
– Central Park telephone booth. Uncle they killed and threw my brother. What should I do uncle? – Ajay.
– What should I do? Hello. Don’t be afraid, Ajay. – Come quickly uncle.
– Yes, I’m coming. – Uncle, come soon.
– I am coming. Yes. Stay right there. Yes. Indu! Indu, collect yourself. Why have they arrested Ajay. Admit you murdered your brother. Admit you murdered your brother. What are you doing Sharma?
Have you gone mad? – Do you want to kill him?
– Now he will admit. Ajay they can do anything.
Say what they want. I’m with you. I’ll help you in the court –
you tell me. Go Bashir, join some drama company. You’ll earn a lot.
Your acting is very good. How about this acting. Bribery and cunning have killed
effect of your mother’s milk. You are hollow and useless. I wish to… But now that will
solve your problem. Not mine. You’ve to die painfully within
the four walls of prison. And I’ll have you punished. You’ll repent very much by
leaving me alive. Accused is wasting court’s time. All proofs, witnesses and
investigative reports show that accused has murdered Ashok Mehra. He’s trying to put blame on
Balwant Rai to confuse the case. From this box he has insulted
the law and the court. I’ll bring an important witness
for whom we waited for 2 days. Specially, accused Ajay Mehra. – Permission granted.
– Present Pramod Sharan Gupta. This name doesn’t need any introduction. Whose name is taken with great
respected in the world of law. – Who has taken law to new height.
– Who’s created good examples. Mr. Gupta, tell the Court what
you know about this case. The victims wife is my niece –
I’m very close to this family. Ashok and Ajay used to fight often. But I’d never thought they will
result in murder. When on 7 November I received
Ajay’s phone saying… he has murdered Ashok –
– What are you saying? Then too I didn’t believe him. But when I reached there Ajay
was holding Ashok’s body… My Lord, Ajay wanted that
I should hide his crime. He is lying!
He’s talking nonsense. Yes, my Lord! This is a lie.
This is not true. It’s a conspiracy. – It is a conspiracy to frame a…
– Order! Order! Why don’t you understand –
Ajay is innocent. Whatever you want to say,
you can say from witness box. Now you please sit down. Varsha. What’re you saying uncle?
Fear from God. Don’t believe his statement.
He is lying. He is also been sold. Balwant Rai has bought him too.
They are all together. Order, order. Mr. Gupta, can you throw some
light on cause of this murder. I’m ashamed to say this. But no husband can tolerate his
wife’s affair with another man. Tell everything clearly
to the Court Mr. Gupta. The accused Ajay had illicit
relation with his Bhabhi. Gupta! Gupta! I’ll kill you! I will kill you! Leave me! Leave me! Gupta! I’ll kill you! I will kill you! Leave me! I’ll make you handicapped. C’mon, get up! Get up! After considering all
circumstances and statements… this court considers accused
Ajay Mehra as guilty under… I.P. Code 302 and sentences
him for life in prison. Oh God, she is a worst sinner. – She looks innocent, but…
– Husband’s brother is like son. She’s scar on the society. She should kill herself by drowning. ‘O Ram,
what has the world come to? ‘ She should be excommunicated. She has no right to live in the society. ‘Such relations with
her brother-in-law? ‘ ‘Shame! A sister-in-law
is akin to a mother.’ ‘This is a catastrophe! Such a
woman should drown and die.’ She is not woman, but a witch.
She made brother murder brother. Accused Ajay had illicit
relation with his Bhabhi. She left this letter for Ajay. Ajay I’m leaving you alone in
this cruel world in crucial time. Forgive me. In the next life, I want you
to be my son by birth. You must repay this debt.
May God save you. We’re with you Ajay. We’ll to fight this battle with you. This is my battle. You can’t fight this battle
with sentiments. You can’t fight with Balwant Rai alone. I’ll fight alone. You call us your own and also
refuse to accept us as your own. Instead of breaking stones in
jail it’s better to help you. I can’t endanger someone’s life
for my own goal. What life and what danger –
We are already in under 302. Can be hanged anytime.
Better run on first opportunity. Killing 2-4 like Balwant Rai
will wash away our sins. We shall embark on a new life. And then we’ll settle in our corners. – Why don’t you understand.
– Agree with us Ajay. We’ve been in this hell for
five years now. Good or bad, whatever we did,
we did it for ourselves. Joining your battle might give
some meaning to our life. Don’t be obstinate Ajay. – Shake hand friend.
– Yes. That’s more like it. Rain since last night has
closed the dirt road to jail. Some jail vehicles have
been caught on that road. Warden has asked me to take a
few prisoners to clean road. – I’ve given him name of the four of us.
– Yes. They’re getting ready to leave.
Come Mitwa. C’mon. Hurry up! Hurry up! C’mon! Hurry up! Faster! C’mon! Hurry! C’mon! Get to work. C’mon! You lazy man. Are you working or not? You scoundrel! You watch New Bombay area. You be in contact with Kwatre –
I need report from all areas. You find more details.
You connect me to Traffic commissioner. Three of them are professional
criminals with many cases. Fourth was in for murdering his brother. They injured five guards
outside the jail. – That means they would be armed.
– They snatched two guns. – From the guards?
– Yes, from same guards. He’s ACP D’Souza. I’m giving
this case in his charge. What’s the latest information? They’ve gone towards Pokhran
jungle in Shaktiman truck. Jail has forwarded these pictures. – Any other details.
– No sir. My brother’s life is in danger
you say you’ll investigate. ‘C’mon Commissioner, this is
your job! Your job, Commissioner! ‘ Pokhran forest. As they’ve come so near to city
it’s clear they’ll try to enter. We should try to catch them
outside the city. ‘Moongra! Moongra! Moongra!
I am a block of jaggery.’ “Come here if you want some
or I shall leave, sweetheart.” “Come here if you want some
or I shall leave, sweetheart.” ‘Moongra! Moongra! Moongra!
I am a block of jaggery.’ ‘Taste my heady flavor
too since you’ve come my way.’ Are you blind? Can’t you see? What did you do? Broke my wall. Hey! Come out! You! Scoundrel,
what does this mean? If you love your life – you
should leave this place quickly. In a few minutes everything
will burn to ashes. No one move from his place. Sten gun! Problem! The bullets are over. Careful. Don’t be afraid. I am Mitwa. No! Enough! – Eat this.
– No. I’ll die. Balwant Rai’s dog. Your this poison has taken
innumerable innocent lives. Destroyed innumerable families. – Eat this.
– No. Hello! Hello! – Balwant Rai.
– Who’s that? I’ve spent each day like a year
behind the bars. In the next 24 hours, I’ll cut
you in 24 piece… and perform the last rites of
each piece separately. You very well know consequence
of clashing with me. Your dockyard where you kept
your goods have burnt to ashes. You’ll also find dead bodies
of your stooges here in ashes. Don’t worry – in 24 hours I’ll
send you and others to them. To the hell. I promise. Ajay! Ajay! Pradhan here. What? Oh no! You don’t worry.
We’ve made all arrangements. They’ll be caught soon. I’m making arrangement. They’ve threatened to kill
Mr. Rai within 24 hours. – Mr. Rai?
– He is a very big businessman. Threat to kill Mr. Rai is like
challenging police department. What do these idiots think? They’ve not challenged Rai –
but the police. Rest assured sir, they’ll be
caught very soon. 24-hours maybe short time for
them but not for us. I’ve full trust in you. Make
arrangement for Rai’s security. An ordinary boy threatens at
midnight to kill me in 24-hours. – How does it look?
– We’ll catch him. Our police… Shut up. Your police,
your law is like you. Put some of your people at Gupta’s house. Spread your net throughout the city. Dig him out wherever he may be hiding. If you can’t get him alive
bring his dead body. “Youth is thirsty.
The night is stormy.” “Youth is thirsty.
The night is stormy.” “Thirsty! Thirsty!
Thirsty! Night will pass.” “Live this moment…
Enjoy yourself.” “There’s excitement in the heart.
Thunder in the chest,.” “There are squalls
in every breath.” “Amusement overspills
from my voluptuous body.” “The heartbeats
increase every moment.” “There in this ocean of beauty.” “Come and quench your
thirst, crazy one. Come on.” “Youth is burning up.
The night is pleasant.” “Youth is thirsty.
The night is stormy.” “Thirsty! Thirsty!
Thirsty! Night will pass.” “Live this moment…
Enjoy yourself.” “Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!
The clouds pour. The body burns up.” “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
The heart beats.” “I cannot control myself.” “Poison is coursing
through the veins.” “Now I can’t find any peace.” “Jiggle! Jiggle! Jiggle! Jiggle!
My body quivers.” “Will somebody embrace me?” “The body is also thirsty.
Love is also thirsty.” “This occasion is truly thirsty.” “The body is also thirsty.
Love is also thirsty.” “This occasion is truly thirsty.” “Light a fire in this weather.
Put out the fire with fire. Put it out.” “Youth is thirsty. Youth is hot.” “Youth is thirsty. Youth is hot.
Youth is thirsty. Youth is hot.” “Youth is thirsty. Youth is hot.” My Lord. This is an absolute lie.
This is a conspiracy. You don’t understand.
Ajay is innocent… – Don’t believe him. He is lying.
– What are you saying? The accused Ajay had illicit
relation with his Bhabhi. See, where is Kamle. He goes
anywhere leaving the gate open. Laxmi! Laxmi! Wait a minute. – Sir, where is Gupta.
– He’s Gupta. Sir, he gave 24-hour time –
Deka and Gupta went in 8 hours. In the remaining 16 hours me
and you will… Excuse me, Mr. Rai. He’s ACP D’Souza. Pradhan has
given this case to him. ACP D’Souza what’s going on in this city? Four murderers break the prison
and kill so many people. What’s your police doing? Police is doing its job.
Your security is our priority. I hope you’ll help us in this matter. Support! Hello! – Hello!
– Hello. – Mr. Pradhan.
– Speaking. – D’Souza here, sir.
– Yes, tell me, sir. Sir, Pramod Sharan Gupta has
been murdered. – What? When?
– Around 6:30. We found other bodies bearing
foreign arms. They’ve not been identified. I think it’s the same
four behind this, sir. I feel there is another angle
to these murders. Right now… Pramod Sharan Gupta and foreign arms. Give importance to their arrest
and security of Balwant Rai. Yes, sir. – When are you coming to office?
– I’m not coming today. – I’m not too well.
– What happened. No. It’s not necessary for
you to come. Hello. Just a minute, Keep me informed on phone about
Balwant Rai’s program. Yes, sir. I tell you again –
don’t play with the law. Law? The law goes to bed with
bastards like Balwant Rai. Brokers like Gupta have sold it. And the guardians of law like
you have enjoyed this show. I was going from pillar to post
for my brother in this city. Knocking at the door of law. I met you too. Remember? Remember rainy night when I was
begging for my brother’s life. And one day Balwant Rai threw
my brothers body on the road. And your law punished me by
proving me his murderer. Law my foot! Mr. D’Souza… I wanted to ask something.
Is Ajay Mehra a good shot. Not really. Why? That means his bullet can go
left or right. Because you are either left or
right of Balwant Rai. Yes. Take care. God bless you. What? God bless me. Left. Right. Or at me. No. Ramu, keep the windows locked. “What could be better than
the fact that we are together?” “What could be better than
the fact that we are together?” “Smile a little. Sing a little.
This is called life.” “What could be better than the
fact that we are together?” “Nobody knows when the moment
comes to separate.” Ajay! Ajay! Ajay! You’d have called me there,
I’d have come to Commish’s house. Police is searching you every place.
Why did you come out? Why did you take the risk of coming here. I came to meet brother and Bhabhi. They are here. They are in everything here. How happy were we in this home? I understand your pain Ajay. It isn’t pain Varsha -it’s fire. Rai who’s responsible for this
ruin is still alive. But he won’t see the sun tomorrow. I’ll kill him. Today. And, if something happened to you? Have you ever thought about me? No Ajay. I don’t want to
lose you again. What will you get from this fight? Will all that come back? Will this become a home again? Varsha, it’s not only about me
or this home. Who knows how many families
he has destroyed? How many innocent lives he has taken? I agree this can’t be the
same home again. But many homes will be saved
from destruction. Keep an eye on them.
You don’t understand. Mr. D’Souza has prohibited you
from going out. All right. – I’ll speak with you later.
– What’s the sense of all this? Do you want me to hide for the
fear of that boy? That murderer Ajay Mehra would
be freely moving. And in the name of security
you’ve put me in house arrest. There is limit of stupidity. Look Mr. Rai… Listen, this meeting is
very important for me. If you can’t arrange my security,
I’ll make my own. Barrister Gupta too made
his own security arrangement. With foreign arms.
You’ve seen its result. What do you want to say? Ajay Mehra’s purpose in running
from jail is to kill you. Even now he must be trying to reach you. He knows attacking you is like
committing suicide. Mr. Rai, the man who has lost
fear of death can do anything. Yet if going to meeting is so
important to risk your life… …then you must act in
accordance with our plans. Ashok Pradhan speaking. – How are you now commissioner?
– I’m okay now. It’s not okay here. I don’t understand security
arrangement you’ve done for me. I’ve to go to an important
meeting but your Mr. D’Souza insists that I should go with
him in a taxi. And someone else will go in my car. He wants to take me through slums.
What should I do? Mr. D’Souza is the only person
who can save you from death. Do whatever he says. Okay sir. Take care of him till we come. It was your plan Mr. D’Souza.
See, what’s happening. – Go out and clear the traffic.
– Please, come back quickly. Now what are you doing?
Sit quietly. I was closing window.
24-hour notice has not yet ended. Will he attack you in bazaar. – Not me sir, but you…
– Shut up! Move out of the way! Ajay. Ajay! – Leave!
– Mitwa! You cover from behind. Mitwa! Listen Ajay, you go from here.
Go… – Go away from here. Leave.
– Give me your hand, Mitwa. Why did you shoot him.
We could have got him alive. – Sir, Ajay…
– Shut up! – Let go! Let go off me! Mitwa. Mitwa.
– C’mon! Security! Plans! Bullshit! In broad day light, in bazaar.
This city isn’t worth living. Arrange for me to go to London. I’m asking you Mohile.
What are you doing? I was closing the window –
so bullets won’t come… Shut up! I warned you. You all will meet
the same fate as your companion. You are playing with death.
It’s not fight, it’s suicide. This is my advice to you as
an elder, not as commissioner. Surrender while you still
have time. I’ll help you. Take out sympathy from brain,
or I’ll blow your brain out. No! ‘An important announcement.’ Four prisoners absconding from
jail have created terror. One of the four prisoners was
killed in encounter with police. Police has intensified their
effort to arrest them. Police posts have been set up
on all roads going out of city. Police is also patrolling all city areas. They have threatened to kill
Balwant Rai in 24 hours. While police is protecting
Mr. Balwant Rai… a prominent newspaper has
described him as a smuggler. Balwant Rai exposed!
Balwant Rai exposed! He’s being called a smuggler.
Balwant Rai exposed! I’m being called a smuggler. And that jail-breaker murderer
is fighting war of justice. Only God knows what’ll
happen of this country. I don’t want to live here one
more day. Where’s London ticket. – What are you doing there?
– I’m locking this door… Do you think Ajay will walk in
and kill me in my home? Maybe he can. Our police are…
I’ll see everybody… And I’ll sue Varsha in court
for defamation. Won’t leave her. Leave it. Such a case might
prove harmful for your fame. Think about your life first.
You can sue if you’re alive! Only you, me and your men knew
the route we were taking. Whereas Ajay was already
waiting for you there. Whole city is terror-stricken
and you publish this article! Ajay Mehra is a murderer and
cause of this bloodshed in city. And you’ve made such vicious
man hero of your story. It isn’t story, it’s real and
police is responsible for this. Which compels ordinary man to
become a criminal. Ajay… What do you know about Ajay? Just that – he is a murder! He murdered his brother! Had illicit relation with his Bhabhi! I’m sorry, Mr. Varsha. It wasn’t my intention to hurt
your feelings. I was… You wanted to know how I know… Not only I know Ajay,
I fully understand him. I went to see him in jail on 19 December. And I met him today. I didn’t write this article in
emotion, but responsibly. I don’t have personal enmity
with Ajay Mehra. In a way I’ll be helping him
by arresting. Because you too know the
consequence of path he is going. If you meet him again you
should ask him to surrender. He might obey you, because you
know and understand him. Thank you. Varsha, who wrote that article
is Ajay’s beloved. She met him today. Don’t know
why D’Souza left her. If I were in his place
I’d arrest her on remand… …and in two minutes I’d get
her to cough up everything. Idiot. You don’t understand this simple thing. We can use the card thrown by D’Souza. We needed exactly this card
to declare our game. – Hello.
– Hello Varsha… – I’m Joe D’Souza speaking.
– Yes, what’s it? Police was chasing a car with
three persons in it. The car met an accident and
all three were killed. Police suspects,
one of them was Ajay Mehra. Don’t worry. Police suspects..
We wish.. No! No! Hello! Hello! Trace the number she’s dialing. – She dialed commissioner’s home.
– Commissioner! Hello! Hello! Can I talk to Ajay? Hello. Yes Varsha! Varsha! Speak up, Varsha! Varsha. – Hello.
– Ajay! – What’s the matter, Varsha?
– Ajay, I… Just now I received a call that you… O my God! – Hello! Hello!
– Ajay! Ajay! Could she be in some trouble? Come on! Ask all nearby police stations
to surround commissioner’s home. I’m going there. There should
be no lapse of any kind. Nobody should fire. Still time to surrender. If you think we’re committing
a crime by killing Balwant Rai… then open the door after we
leave, else wait till sunset. We’ll wait till sunset son.
Vardha told us everything. My and all mothers’
blessings are with you. Hurry up! Come on. Hurry up. Run! Run! Ajay you go. He’s alright. Catch him. Don’t move! Nothing will happen.
I say surrender or you’ll be killed. You and all those who’re with
Balwant Rai will be killed. No inspector, I’m not animal
like Balwant. I’m not murderer. I can’t take anybody’s life
without reason. I can’t. If you’ve been wronged –
I’ll get you justice. Your whole system is under his
foot – they’re his slaves. Do you know whose life you’re guarding?
What he is? Playing with people’s lives
is his profession. You forget about me and use all
police force to save his life. But he won’t survive –
I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him today. Be careful. Varsha. Varsha! Come Mr. Ajay.
We knew you’ll come here. Varsha is in our custody. It’s a game.
Sometime you win, sometime we. I’d told you Sharma. If you
leave me alive, you’ll repent. Tell me where’s Varsha? Yari road. Old fort. Rajan… – There’s mourning in the streets.
– The killers are rulers! – There’s mourning in the streets.
– The killers are rulers! – There’s mourning in the streets.
– The killers are rulers! – There’s mourning in the streets.
– The killers are rulers! Move! Inspector Sharma! No! I’ve written everything about
Balwant Rai. – But, you’ll save me.
– Police is with you. – I don’t want to die inspector.
– Don’t worry. Sign it. You’ve no shame. He gunned down
an officer, you couldn’t arrest. Now we should get special force
for our own security, isn’t it? Today he killed inspector
Sharma and tomorrow… Don’t call him inspector sir,
Sharma was a criminal. What do you want to say? Sir, this is the statement
of Balwant Rai’s secretary. This is the record of their
illegal dealings. This is the ugly face of that
great personality. Our inspector Sharma was
working for Balwant Rai. And instead of arresting
we’re trying to protect him. Why haven’t police acted against him sir. Enough! D’Souza. Truth is bitter. And it’s also true that
I know everything. It’s not that I haven’t tried. Whenever I tried, I’d to bow
before big powers. His reach is up to the top. Don’t forget e aren’t the whole
system – we’re its small part. Our rights are just a facade. Nothing is in our control… That means Ajay Mehra is not
the culprit. We are! And our rotten legal system
is the culprit. Ajay Mehra is the outcome of
dysfunctional legal system. If he had got the justice – all
this would not have happened. And we can’t put an end to this
by capturing and killing Ajay. Whenever law murders justice –
a new Ajay will be borne. Excuse me sir, but instead of
helping such law… I prefer to take off my uniform
and support Ajay. No D’Souza. This department
needs your kind of officers. And I’m grateful for awakening
my sleepy conscious. We’ll act against Balwant Rai. We’ll have him punished – but
according to the law. Before that we must stop Ajay
from committing another crime. I promise to do my best for
Ajay in the court. Promise. I don’t know…
How many times will you ask? I don’t know where Ajay is. And if I knew, I would not have told you. You love him lot? In fact I was in search of
his special weakness. I’ve his most beautiful
weakness in my hands. Now I don’t need to find him. He’ll come on his own. Whether I reach him, or he
reaches me – result is the same. His death. He’ll come. He’ll surely come.
And he’ll bring such an storm… which will destroy your death
factory like a house of sand. You too know this. Because I
see fear of death in your eyes. Come out Balwant Rai. You enjoy
seeing others die. And you’re hiding when your
death is standing before you. Come on out, you dog! You beast! Balwant Rai! Ajay, stop! Ajay, stop! Ajay! Fire. Hey, this is Balwant Rai. – He is a big smuggler.
– He was mentioned in today’s newspaper. He is a drug dealer. Fire! Move aside! Move back! Stop there. Nobody will move. Move! Move out of the way! – Leave him!
– Ajay! No! Leave him! Ajay! Ajay, leave him! Ajay, leave him. Ajay! Leave him. Ajay! Listen to me, Ajay! Ajay, leave him! Let go of him.
What are you doing? – Ajay…
– No! Ajay, let him die at
the hands of the law. Ajay! Ajay, don’t be a fool. Take him away. Take him away. Hurry! Move back. Ajay! No! Get aside from the way, I say. Move. No.

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