Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Scarlett Johansson Movie

Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Scarlett Johansson Movie

This is Major I’m on site I’m going in You are the first of your kind But you are not invulnerable Maybe next time you can design me better Everyone around me They feel… connected to something Connected to something… I’m not What are you You were dying We saved you And now you save others I don’t know who to trust You trust me right? I know I have a past I will find out who I was Everything they told you… was a lie Who are you? They did not save your life They stole it

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  1. I think it is a good movie. With a new interpretation of the original storie. Sure it is missing the inspiring…. Origa songs… feeling of the old one. But they needed to produce something they can market globally here. It is like the Lord of the Ring books, you will always miss some important details.

  2. I don't know why everyone hate this movie. I seen the original and went into this movie wanting to hate it but it was good ! I liked it. I dunno why all the hate. I loved Scarlett too thought she was a good fit.

  3. I have watched the movie and i think… the VFX are absolutely amazing but there is too much of them such that there is almost no soul. The city doesn't look photorealistic.

  4. I’m Japanese
    I wonder what is controversial about this film
    This film is just interesting and exciting
    You don’t have to be offended by it
    Just enjoy it…

  5. i heard its a manga adaption, anyway i was get borrow some dvds from our library today and this one movie its very great really. the action is fast and even if its in the future the weapons are quite realistic also the way she infiltrate places with a single pistol. makes anyway more sense inside buildings. scarlett johansson is in my opinion a very good decision for such kinda movies i mean science fiction. ( okay its an anime adaptation technically , anyway) the story is also ok. best is the world and the whole city is a possible scenery. and the details and the possibility to modify your body if you had the money. this could be real soon and then i think a world where you can upgrade , modify or change your look money becomes more important. to be honest i would save some to get good quality body parts. for me the movie is one of the best cyberpunk or anime adapts. by the way the coulours and the look is its very stylish the lights hologramms and this part where she's diving. i look a lot of movies actually there is a lot of junk, a lot of movies how entertaim u with actuon but some movies are still epic and this is one of em , and since 1yaer i read more mangas and like cyberpunk so i shuld watch this earlier. anyway could identify myself with the main protagonist great work.

  6. I dont know about the anime, im not watch it. But scarlet expression & acting in this trailer look like lucy af.

  7. I remember when Scarlett read the mean tweet about this movie “ how can you go to the bathroom ? “ she answered man are you kidding me it’s was just a movie or maybe I pee in my shell lol 😂

  8. 50% talking about how great the movie was
    49% people talking about how the actress was

    1% talking about she looks like she was naked during the fight scenes

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  10. This movie was so good. Hope they make a part 2, in Scarlett search for herself. Also she was the perfect ghost in the shell, Scarlett real life look made it seem so real

  11. This movie deserved a much better script. If you are going to take some of the action scenes from the anime movie/show, why not use The Laughing Man as well? It’s a shame to get the visuals right and the story so wrong.

  12. Come here after black ariel announced. Yes. Its not racism. Its about stick to the originality.. This movie is good. But why not an asian actress? Same like ariel case. We are not saying halle bailley bad. Its just, not the ariel that we ever know.

  13. WTF. Anime Fan, and saw this trailer when it first came out but sort of was like… this will be weird? and forgot about it. Just watched the movie and it's the best movie I have seen in years…

  14. Damn, everything here is a copy of something. From Fifth Element to others whose names I can't recall, from movies to other things… I know it's said that everything is a copy of something, and sometimes (or often), so-called inspiration is actually recollection, but still… I guess I would just have liked the inspiration to be drawn more from non-media sources. Not to say that nice collages can't be made, or that a copy is the same as the original.

  15. i watched the music clip wamdue project king of my castle sooo often and never realised what I was watching. until i found years later … it was a great anime movie.

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