Giant Screen Gaming!

Giant Screen Gaming!

What’s up guys? Lew here back with another video and as you can tell I’m in an unusual location out here in the main area of the new Unbox Therapy headquarters where we have a gigantic 135 Inch projection screen But this video is actually about what’s running it and what we use it for up there, on the ceiling, is the New Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector which is a bright, affordable, 1080p solution that does both 2D and 3D and Epson sent it out and said, “hey, dude take a closer look. Hook up your setup and see if you like it So that’s what we’ve been doing and what we’re gonna go a little more in-depth on today and in this installation I’ve actually gone ahead and installed a motorized screen which falls right in front of a flat panel television now obviously, like most projectors This is going to work better at night or in the dark, that being said, with 2500 lumens, you can actually get a fairly usable image and pleasing image even with some ambient lighting on. So this is my first time installing a projector, and this one made it pretty easy because it is equipped with both horizontal and vertical lens shift So even if you don’t get it straight on with the screen, You still have quite a bit of play to make sure that your image lines up correctly it also has built-in speakers which are Surprisingly decent Obviously, if you can go with external sound you’re going to get an extra level of immersion. So the Home Cinema 3500 has plenty of different interface options including the latest connectivity that you’d expect. There are two HDMI’s with MhL compatibility, so you can hook up game consoles, receivers, anything that takes HDMI. You guys know about HDMI. I don’t need to teach you about HDMI. Now some people are a little bit concerned about getting a projector for themselves because they’ve heard rumors that you’re constantly changing bulbs, lamps, and it’s costing you money, especially if you use them consistently. But there has been major Progress made in the efficiency of these units this one for example can do Thirty five hundred hours on Regular standard mode or up to five thousand on Eco mode it also has a number of other saving techniques So probably the coolest thing [about] having [135] inches is the impact when people come over they check it out. They watch a movie. They watch some sports I put a uFC fight up there the immersion is intense even Sort of Beyond resolution just having that lifelike size is Incredibly engaging you add the sound to it if you can put a basic 5.1. Set up with a subwoofer It’s really like no other experience. I’ve had plenty of large flat panel displays that have a hard time Really replicating what this thing is capable of in a much more affordable package Granted you will need the space to install it and as mentioned earlier It’s going to perform better in Dim environments if you are in the market for one of these projectors what you can do is measure your space and figure [out] how big of a display you’ll be capable of having because you do need some distance from the Projector to the screen in order to get these really large sizes [you] could go even bigger. You could go up to [150] one more thing to remember the bigger you go the bigger each Individual pixel is so you’re probably going to want to sit a little bit further back, but at this range right here It’s kind of a sweet spot, [especially] when you’re sitting [right] in front of it with the proper [five-Point-one] the satellite speakers It’s just a really special experience you’re all invited for the next Super Bowl [alright] guys so that wraps up this video Thanks as always for [watching] and thanks to Epson as well for letting me check out this home cinema 3500 if you’re interested in pricing and availability on that unit I’ll drop a link down in the description if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs And I’ll catch you on the next episode, later guys

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  1. personally, i like the Epson Home Cinema 3600e better.. a little more pricey but definitely a difference in quality. it's on sale this week on amazon, here's the link

  2. you can get a projector with much more lumens for much less money most important thing is lumens as far as projectors go

  3. Hi, how can i connect my satelite TV, PS4, Xbox One, Blu Ray, Home Theatre to a projector. Is it possible? Thanks in advanced!

  4. Hi..
    Can you kindly tell me, A projector that have wifi,HD native resolution , Android and under $300. Or your recommendation for a home cinema projector ..(That ships to Sri Lanka)

  5. That room.. Boring and disinfected to the point of clinically clean. But that i guess is down to the owner eh.. So this is the future?!

  6. Nice video. I just picked up a Benq 2150st and Destiny 2 looks/plays amazing. This question is alittle off topic, but where did you pick up that leather chair/ottoman in front of you?

  7. Hello. What is the best gaming projector that are under $1000. I only trust you because you the god of unboxing and reviews..

  8. Would like to have that projector. I used to use a dell 720p projector with an Xbox 360 with a screen size of 82 inches. It was a blast playing on it.

  9. i don,t like a room with many things around, a home cinema is a room with just cinema, well is my opinion,

  10. What’s the distance between you and the screen? I am trying to decide how big I want to go. I only sit about 9 feet from screen.

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