GIFF 2018 Film Reel

GIFF 2018 Film Reel

Welcome to Geocaching International Film Festival The Night I Became a Were-Cacher Fluffnight & kttyquest
Canada Every year my family and I would have
our end of summer camping trip. Okay! I’ll be right back. Nature calls. But, this year was different. This year I started seeing the world in
a whole new light. *gasps* The Night I Became a Were-Cacher When I got back home I thought nothing of it. …never been, but what about you guys where are you guys going? Oh, uh, we’re going across Canada Oh! Sorry! But then it happened, I started seeing places where I could hide …things. Mark! Let’s go! What’re you guys doing? Working on a cool puzzle. You know I think we could use a pen. I should have one. I have one here. Somehow I gained extra tools. Look at this, guys… Oh yeah, that would work… And heightened senses for secret messages. What’s with him? I started finding myself waking up in
strange places. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I just knew I had to keep, searching. I had to be First to Find Nowadays I still go
camping in the summertime, but I’m usually out night caching. Or, finding a
new muggle to become a Were-Cacher The Night I Became A Were Cacher Finding our family’s lost monument through Geocaching rolfdenver
USA Where we going Ben? We’re going to find our great-great grandfather’s um, his… Monument? Monument! He carved “Mother and Father” in it. Cool. These two
young geocachers were looking for a monument carved by this man, Albert Sanford, in 1916. Albert owned the Northstar mine, a gold mine near Central City, Colorado Albert never made much money from the
mine, but when his pioneer parents Byron North Sanford and Molly Dorsey Sanford died in 1914 and 1915 he found a large boulder near his mine and chiseled into it the words “Mother and Father” Plus his parents’ birth and death years. On top of the boulder he stacked a large pile of quartz. Albert kept a few cryptic notes about the monument, but over the decades, the mine and the monument became lost to his family, a hidden mystery in the Colorado forests. In 2011 our family discovered Geocaching. One day, on a hunch, we searched on the website for hides near Central City, Colorado. We found one called “Mother and Father” Our family’s long-lost monument had been found. Now we left on a journey to find the geocache. Right now we’re looking for a monument made by our great, great, great grandfather— No great, great grandfather— And the monument has been lost to our family for several decades and so we have been on a mission to find it. What have we done so far? Not accomplished much! You’ve gotten way up into the woods buddy. Yeah way up into the woods, but, um … How far away are we from
the monument now? A mile. About a mile. Right. OK. So far, this is just the beginning of an adventure waiting to happen. Right. Mother 1838 to 1915. Father 1826 to 1914. It looks fresh. It looks fresh. Put here by Albert Sanford to his parents in 1916, his parents who were Molly Dorsey Sanford… …and Byron North Sanford If it hadn’t been for Geocaching we wouldn’t have found this. Um, people in Geocaching, there’s a lot of fun things that you can find in there, in the caches. Some of them range, Geocaches can range from these tiny little canisters that are magnetic, and the, and some can be the size of little, you know, flashlight batteries, up to the size of huge ammunition cans like this one. Thank you, Geocaching community!
-the Sanford family descendants Geo ZippyZipperZoo
USA GEO Pipeline Road East off South Fruitland
Left at Sewer Grate Within the tunnel
You’ll find the clue The darkness here
Will help you through Sphinx of black quartz
Judge my vow Nearby
Under Twentyeight, twentynine, thirty. The darkness here will help you through… through… through! Ah! *gasps* The darkness here will help you through! I pledge my life both here and now Nearby
Under Water
Plate Geocaching documentary:
Winter caching in Finland weellu & Harjus
Finland Geocaching Documentary
Winter Caching in Finland Do you need a light? Okay, now that we got the fire started, could you introduce yourself? Yes, my name is Raija Ilves. We heard that you are an experienced geocacher. Is that true? Yes it’s true. I have been geocaching now two weeks and I have already twelve finds so it’s almost one per day. That’s amazing! I know! Yeah, so what we are going to do next? Well, ah, I will show you geocaching in Finland and we will search .. a couple of geocaches around this area. We came here now to a little bit easier geocache, you don’t need to shovel it under snow or ice with it under ice. It’s, it’s just there, you have to just reach it and here is a geocache. Yeah, I have now tried to find the cache here, but not yet lucky, not yet lucky… but, uh, I have made quite many holes. Now I think I found the cache because this is much heavier and feels different than when there’s fish. Yay, it’s a fish and a cache also. I think I found it! Bryan, what are you going to do with the cache? I, there was a logbook and I marked my name there. My nickname is Braijan. And now I have to place this back exactly where I found it, like this. I have walked now almost five kilometers to the cache and my GPS says it’s only 25 meters. My battery died from my phone and, it said something about 10 meters to the cache and, now I have to dig in. It’s under the rock and it might be hard to find but, I think I will do it. Unfortunately I forgot to take my gloves so my hands are very cold. It’s—I found the cache, it’s, it’s here, but it feels like solid rock so I think it’s frozen. Don’t worry, we have warm water in thermos and we will pour this on the cache and the ice will melt and then we can log the cache. I knew it would work. Now we just log the cache and continue to the next one. Oh, I forgot a pen. I need to come back later, another day. I went back to my home and bring the pen there. So now I can log the cache. Hey Bryan, what is that? Oh, this is a geocoin. Can you believe you can buy these from shops in Finland, also? This was quite expensive. I will drop this to the cache and then it will go to the next cache. Somebody takes it from this cache. I saw the geocoin drop somewhere here. Well, maybe the next geocacher finds it in the summertime. I am Geocache Skimbosh
USA I Am Geocache Thanks for doing this. Hey, thanks for having me here. Well, let’s just get right to it then. You’ve been a geocache for how long now? Since 2007. Yeah, almost, uh, 10 years. And before that you were…? I was in the armed forces. I gave them my all. I would do anything for them, and they would do anything for me. It was a strong bond we all had. Is that when you became a geocache? Yeah, I was taken from the base, cleaned up and made part of the game. I met my wife that way. She’s a geocache too. Is she here now? Nah, she’s out. Needs Maintenance, know what I am saying? Just kidding. Don’t, don’t put that in there. She already thinks I’m a few stages short of a multi, if you catch my drift. So it wasn’t love at first sight? She would tell you that, but as I remember it, it wasn’t too long before she opened up to me. And now I see you have some children? Yes, our two boys, Stash and BYOP. And an infant girl as well? Ah yes, our little angel. What’s her name? Difficulty 4 So, what do you think of all these gadget caches these days? Sometimes it seems like it’s all sparkle and no substance, you know? We all end up doing the same thing. Too many moving parts, there’s a greater chance you break, and then you are out of the game. It’s just me though, yeah? I guess I’m just a very traditional cache. Have you ever considered trying out to be the mascot of How am I supposed to compete against Signal? I mean he’s part frog and part GPS. What’s that all about? I played poker with him a few times, too. Signal has a great poker face. He just, stares at you. But, no, I don’t have any designs on his empire. So, what would you say is the best thing about being a geocache? It has to be the look on a kid’s face when they find me. The wonder, the joy…just a real feel-good moment. And what would you say is the worst thing about being a geocache? Ah, well, the worst thing, huh? Hey, you take the good with the bad, yeah? Do you have any advice for geocachers out there? Yeah, wash your hands, would ya? I Am Geocache
By Skimbosh All you need is CACHE slynie
France All You Need Is Cache What is Geocaching? And you, how did you discover Geocaching? Credits Thanks to all those who attended the event and to all the amazing people who made this project possible. Justice GIFF League Team AlboGIFF
Spain Republic of Albogiff Albogiff’s president *phone rings* Hi? Oh my god! It’s the Geoker! Plundered! Plundered! Plundered! We need the best heroes! Justice GIFF League Final geocache Stop! Geocache published Publish! Now! A new geocache has been published. Published now! Let’s go! Ouchh!!! You are…disabled! *evil laughter* Be careful This is not the end. You will need maintenance! *evil laughter* The end? Cast Geocaching in the Change of Time Team GC-Therapiegruppe
Germany GC-Therapiegruppe Presents Geocaching in the Change of Time New geocache was published New geocache was published Muggle TFTC *grunting* Muggles *excited grunting* *dinosaur roar* *screaming* Cast Geocaching is Awesome Bretonv
Canada Geocaching is Awesome Original song by Wiseman Geocaching is the best thing If you wanna discover places you never been to Look at the beauty of Mother Nature Enjoy the fresh air during summer. And no matter the weather You will take time to find every geocache even a Letterbox We don’t care if it’s under rocks or in a parking lot You will also try new sports like snowshoes During the cold season They will prevent you from having bruises You won’t fall in holes and you will stay whole You might also wanna try to float On a river you can’t use big boats Take a kayak or a canoe Are you in for a rough day it depends on you You will make new friends Humans and animals We are all sharing the same planet And deep in the woods the wildlife You’re going to respect Geocaching is so fun It is best when you are with friends Geocaching is awesome Especially when you don’t have plans You wanna go outside be the FTF But you’re not sure which way to take is it right or left Geocaching is so fun It is best when you are with friends Geocaching is awesome Especially when you don’t have plans STEALTH, it’s a big deal We don’t want a geocache to be muggled Let’s get REAL Look around before you start Don’t make a sound gotta be smart You don’t want eyes on you Sign this log, you will do But just not today And you know this hobby Will bring you out of your comfort zone Yeah you can be CLIMBING You will be CRAWLING Also RUNNING, maybe JUMPING There’s a big chance you’re gonna be SWIMMING But at the end of the day I’m sure you will be smiling Let’s talk about cleaning C. I. T. O. I am certain that you know You cache in you trash out This is where you take your bags out Everywhere in the world The community gathers To pick filth – left by others Undesired – yes we matter Like Earth doctors – and together It is way better Geocaching is so fun It is best when you are with friends Geocaching is awesome Especially when you don’t have plans You wanna go outside be the FTF But you’re not sure which way to take is it right or left Geocaching is so fun It is best when you are with friends Geocaching is awesome Especially when you don’t have plans Let’s go geocaching! Music Director Technical support Thanks to San Gabriel geocacheur for the idea: That’s not trash, it’s a geocache. Also thanks to Geocacheurs de Quebec for the scene of the CITO shooting One day Team URNA
Czechia One Day in geocacher’s life 1 cache 93 caches | 2 caches 169 caches | 3 caches 219 caches | 5 caches 297 caches | 7 caches 368 caches | 8 caches Statistics of the day: What do you like? Which way do you choose? Cast Why I Geocache TeamScortney
USA Hi My name is Scott Schlee and I am a
stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor and geocacher. Scott Schlee – Dallas, TX
Geocacher since May 2017 In February of 2013 I found out I had
pancreatic cancer stage 4 pancreatic cancer which if you know anything about
pancreatic cancer it is one of the most deadly cancers in the world. I was 37 years old and the doctor came in and told me, “You have pancreatic cancer.” and I thought that was it. Luckily I had a very rare case of
pancreatic cancer that was not aggressive, and I recovered. But it’s very important for me to keep my mind and body active as well and that’s where geocaching came in. Because, when you have cancer and you’re going through it, you have a tendency to get depressed stagnant and that’s not a good thing. So, I started caching. I found caches all over my immediate area all over Texas, in different states and I’ve even live-streamed several searches from time to time. I’ve gotten several of my friends and family involved, including my girlfriend, who is always game to go with me at a moment’s notice, to go caching Geocaching has become such an integral part of my life. I celebrated my 5-year anniversary of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer by doing a few geocache bucket list items. I found my 100th cache I did 24 caches in 24 hours and five years to the day of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I completed the JFK 50 challenge here in Dallas Fort-Worth. That’s 14 different caches, some being multi’s, and all in one day. And it was all worth it just to get this. On August 21st of this year I’m going to
turn 43 and after you’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer you have a tendency to celebrate every milestone. And celebrate them big. So I’ll be completing a couple more of my geocache bucket list items. This time I’m going to break 200
finds and I’m gonna do at least 50 finds in 24 hours. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll cache you outside. Much love. Pour out a 40 for them. Later. Alright guys have a good one. Bye! Six techniques geocaching F1ndmycache
France Six techniques geocaching *clock alarm sound* Alert! Technique 1: The gas *passing gas sound* Technique 2: The stick Technique 3: The jogger Technique 4: The diversion Technique 5: The smoker Technique 6: The driver Six Techniques Geocaching Geocache Mojo jellyfishumbrella
USA What happened to me? How long has it been? There was never a cache that could escape me. Not a single cache that could fool me. No Mystery Cache too puzzling. No Multi-Cache could confuse my trail. Not a single EarthCache unseen. Until that one New Geocache First to find! Oh, yeah, hey, hey, Thursday works. It’s no use. Yes! The— The geocache! Dang it someone found it already! Geocache Mojo No real geocaches were hurt in the making of this film. Little Helpers from Outer Space Team Cassiopeia
Germany Little Helpers From Outer Space Signal’s Hotel Submit for review Sorry
Cache distance

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  1. If I made just one person think twice about sticking their unwashed hands in an ammo can, then my effort was well worth it, win or lose. Honored to have been chosen as a finalist again; well done to my fellow finalists. My favorite is Geocaching is Awesome. Catchy!

  2. Thanks for posting this. We had a fun event this year in a movie theater, watching these films, but halfway through (right when "Geocaching is Awesome" started), the Blu Ray disc messed up and the song / film got stuck! It took us 30 minutes of trying to fix the player, fix the disc, trying another player, skipping past the particular film, going back before the film, before someone ran home and put the film reel on a thumb drive, which worked! Thankfully all my attendees were really cool about this and had a lot of fun geo-chatting during the unplanned intermission. I had several jokes about it, including someone pondering if the event could have a "Needs Maintenance" log. Thanks to the 16 filmmakers for providing a fun hour of geocaching entertainment.

  3. Being a geocacher who is also interested in family history, I loved the one with the Sanford family finding their ancestors' monument – how wonderful! Ok, going to go on and watch the other films now. 🙂

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Very happy to have been selected among the finalists this year (58:16) and also for the feedback received. It's been such a great experience!

  5. I like "One day". 368 vs 8… 🙂 And I know I belong to the right side of that spectrum. (Never logged a PT, always look for D/T higher than 2/2 plus FPs etc.) The only thing I was missing is statistic on the D/T ratings. I bet that the 8 have more variation than all the 368!

  6. Everyone did such a great job! I'm so glad my entry "Geo" was chosen to be in this fesival. I can't wait to participate again next year!

  7. Ok, I just found my first two geocaches today. How about please put out a video explaining all the geo-lingo and acronyms being used on the logs. I could use a translator lol. Thanks! I love this fun hobby.

  8. You might be able to glitch into there with trespasser. paper was very damp. not a good geo. 1/10 would not recommend.

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