Glad You Asked | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals

Glad You Asked | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals

David how often do
you cry? Umm… Questions drive our show What is that one question
that everyone wants to know but no one has
the answer to? I’m gonna need some
help to explain this. Are you ready? Yeah. I have been on a
journey and it’s taken me to a lot of
interesting places. To start a conversation
on an image board, you have to post
a picture. My picture looks kind of
out of place on this board. It does,
and it would. I have enlisted the help
of a stop-motion animator. I’m on my way to meet
an orthopedic surgeon who was struck by
lightning. We are at
the offices of Know Your Meme. The Internet is supposed
to happen in the cloud but here that is
clearly not the case. I am on my way to meet
a clinical psychologist. We’re about to head out
into that desert. And we’re gonna
ride those ATVs. Go on get some gloves on we’re gonna do some
science here. Is there a reason that memes
look the way they do? How do video game
economies work? Would you consider yourself someone who cries less
often than most people? The thornier question is how do we survive
on Mars? If death is
a process at what point do we truly die? Everything is fair
game here So let’s see
what happens. [ Music ]

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  1. That does look fairly interesting. Is YouTube doing more of these originals? Where you can binge it on Premium but also see everything without the subscription, just a little later? I kinda like this model, pay Premium for Premium treatment, not for exclusive content not available to everybody.

  2. OK, being a Vox show I'm picturing – Episode #1: Why haven't we cured cancer yet?
    Episode #2 What legal grounds do we currently have to impeach Donald Trump?
    Ep: #3 Why is every single police officer a power starved racist looking for any excuse to ShOoT uN-aRmEd MiNoRiTieS iN tHe bAcK
    Ep: #4 Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Vox…. come on man, you guys should know better that those memes have been dead since the bush administration. It's not hard to find a modern meme, just look for like a second and you'll find one.

  4. This doesn't look that great, I prefer your Netflix explained series because that's actually informative while this looks a bit cheesy

  5. I can't wait for the day you have an in-depth story on the ousting of the most corrupt administration in the USA's history. VOTE

  6. 'let's make people pay for answers already free with that quality of production on youtube since every other network denied us (for good reasons maybe ?), it's gonna be great ! Yay"

  7. Vox Media has two seasons on Netflix for a show about how neanderthals brains work. Now, a Youtube series which explains the same!

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