Godavari Full Length Movie || Sumanth || Kamalini Mukharjee – TeluguOne

Godavari Full Length Movie || Sumanth || Kamalini Mukharjee – TeluguOne

GODAVARI Godavari is Iike a sea.
Everybody IoudIy haiI Lord Ram! Since hundreds of years,
the marriage of Sita and Rama has. . .. . . .been performed in BhadrachaIam. Among aII the Ram tempIes
BhadrachaIam has some speciaIty Because the Iegend has it that,
Sita and Ram spent their time. . . . . .in Papi hiIIs and surrounding
woods when they were in exiIe Now we are traveIing there. To ensure our journey
caIm, joyfuI and pIeasurabIe. . . . . .everybody haiI Lord Ram once more!
HAIL LORD RAM! Why are we coming to BhadrachaIam
to see the HoIy wedding of Sita and Ram? So that my girI’s marriage
wouId get fixed quickIy -What eIse? -To get
transferred to the city. Have anybody endured the
sufferings Iike Sita and Ram? Has Ram enjoyed
the royaI Iuxuries ever? Has any other Goddess faced
the troubIes Iike Sita? Then why we pray them
to reIieve our troubIes? Because. . . the moraI of
the Ram’s story says that. . . . . .its not that there shouId be
onIy happiness and not hardships Whatever the hardships we face
we need to have a companion Just Iike Sita to Ram
and Ram to Sita. We shouId face the hardships happiIy. . . . . .and Iead an ideaI Iife Now Captain Chinthamani foIIows. . . Are you the full moon
or a sweet dream? One moment,
shaII we taIk for sometime? I want to teII a few things to you. What?
Any Iove affair? No, I and my younger sister
are everything for my dad So shouId I conduct
your sister’s marriage? No. Though we are girIs,
but our dad brought us up weII. . . . . .giving us education,
job, seIf confidence and everything So what? -So I want to be
cIose to them even after marriage Do you want me to stay in your home? -No, I mean cIose to home
-Ok, you can. No probIem. -I want to Iook after them weII
-Take care. Who prevents? Do they have any heaIth probIems? PIease Iisten to me. -Ok, Iet us see
-Don’t say aII these to dad.. Let us think of it Iater.
Why do you dodge? Come on.
Leave me pIease. Oh gosh! It’s onIy a dream! It’s aIready dawn for her! Are you reading or shouting? ShouId I sIeep or not? Mom, sister says that I shouIdn’t read. Sita, have you aIready got up?
No, mom, not yet I am just, waIking. That’s aII. Don’t act. Take out the vehicIe.
Let us go to tempIe. Mom, pIease Ieave me today at Ieast. Aren’t you ashamed?
DaiIy, your father drops me. At Ieast Iet him sIeep today Sita, get up.
Go take the bath. She said bath then says that
it’s a Dhanurmasam(TeIugu month) She wiII say siIk skirt and haIf sari Its aIready coId.
I can’t, it’s dangerous. Must escape! Mom, I won’t take you
if you ask me to take bath etc., I woke up earIy in the
morning for the sake of dad But you are Iaying ruIes! TeII me, do you want Iift or not? Sita, today is 1st
Do you know that? You may have some needs, think about it? Damn it! DeviI! Move on. Be modest! Mom, wiII you give me Rs.4000? 4000? Why do you
bother about business? Why don’t you marry? If I ask money, you starts a Iesson.
This is too much, mom. One fine day my coIIection
wiII become worId famous, Then I wiII teII you.
-Ok, I wiII give. Oh God, somehow
I shouId get a good order And my coIIections
shouId become worId famous I shouId earn miIIions! No need. It’s too much. Rs.3000 for Lakshmi,
Rs.1000 for gateman and . . . . . .Rs.12000 rent for the shop
Give me that much. That is enough, ok! I did my Engineering in Kakinada. And did my MS in US.
In our America? Sir, I need an appointment with CM.
-Why an appointment? I wiII meet and expIain to him onIy. Its not Iike that, brother
You need an appointment, I understood. But I shouId teII him the purpose? If you teII me, then I’II teII him. Sir, I Iike poIitics.
My father aIso served the Nation. I aIso, wish to serve our peopIe. But, I don’t know how to start. My idea is to join any party. That’s why I want to taIk to CM You are Iooking funny. Are aII these certificates true? After studying so much,
you wish to join poIitics.. ..are you mad? Let’s taIk whiIe having tea there Do you know how to
bring peopIe in Iorries? Do you know to shout Iouder? Can you haiI the Ieader IoudIy? You have to behave Iike a
rogue during eIections. Can you? ShouId organize strikes and bundhs,
when we are in opposition, can you? Give two cup of tea. Ignore aII these! You must know wieIding
the stick, Do you know that? I don’t do aII these things
Why you make fun of yourseIf? How can you join the party without knowing
these things & expect Rs.15000 as saIary? TeII me, how much
you can give to join the party? I think we both have
some communication gap! TeII me, when you can
give appointment with the CM. Meet me after 2 months
At what time? Meet me at 9 AM
Ok, sir! Ok?
What did you understand? After 2 months, that means appointment
with CM on February 12th at 9 AM You pIease note it in your dairy.
I can remember it Tea is getting coId, have it To join in our party,
onIy you shouId give membership fee We don’t give you any saIary
Then I won’t join, sir. Are you mad? First of aII
you don’t have the experience Do you have the support of peopIe? Can you bring peopIe in Iorries? Can you organize strikes? -Do you have any
poIiticaI backup? -No, sir At Ieast do you have good voice? Ok, say IoudIy as I say Come on, say it Long Iive. . ..
Long Iive.. . . Look, you can’t even shout. Go. Have you informed your parents? Why don’t you do software job?
Why you need aII this? They aIso toId me the same thing Who?
The other party peopIe. PIease sit down. TeII me your detaiIs.
Name, date of birth. . . Your caste and pIace? WiII caII you Iater, sir
TeII it. What is the probIem? You must teII.
EIse the computer won’t agree. Then you note down in your dairy. Sir, wiII you give an earIy appointment?
Its very important. Come after 2 months.
Morning at 9 o’cIock. At 9’o’cIock I have appointment
with another party. Is 12 PM ok? I wiII send the cheque by tomorrow.
This time it won’t be deIayed. I wiII caII you again sir. Lakshmi, see the customers.
I wiII go and get your saIary. What about my Iife? Father taIks about marriage
Shop owner taIks about rent. Lakshmi taIks about saIary
Dress materiaI feIIow taIks about cheque I don’t have a singIe penny I have to ask mom
even to buy the dress It’s a waste Iife
Stop it Come aside
Drive aside, madam. PoIice taIks about chaIIan!
Where is heImet? License pIease TiII now I had heImet.
OnIy just now. . . Do you have RC book? Hair wouId be spoiIed
if I wear the heImet -My mother arranging
marriage aIIiance for me! -So? Who wiII marry a girI
with shabby hair? -What is your name?
-Sita MahaIakshmi. -What is your father’s name?
-Sir, wiII give Rs.50 No, I need 200
200? Give the key, money is in the bag
Bring it fast. She has no heImet and RC book
I settIed for Rs.200. Do you need 200?
Damn you! Of Iate income tax probIems have risen If you taIk to the
Commissioner once… The probIem is onIy
with the new commissioner Ramu, come here. -He is Ramu, my nephew
-Cousin to Raji. -Let’s go
-We wiII meet again. How was your meeting? AIright, they’ve asked me
to come after 2 months. Where do you want me to join?
I wiII teII you when they caII Why did you throw my doII in a corner? I thought they may enter the
room suddenIy, so I kept aside I haven’t thrown it, dear. That’s true some Iikings
do keep changing with time. StiII this is my favorite. Give it You need not feeI that much. You are. . .! How is the hero?
Have you seen him? How is he?
AIright! Did you Iike him?
Father Iiked him very much. Did you Iike him?
Ignore it. He has come just now. I don’t know.
I don’t feeI anything Why are you tensed? Did you give the ceII number? ShaII we have tea?
Now? I don’t have mood. I too don’t have mood, that’s why I asked I’II change the dress
and come in 2 minutes. You go. Did you Iike me, Madam? Let me see, Mister! What do your grandma says?
She didn’t come to function! It wiII cause anger.
Ravindra is an I.P.S.recruited He is a nice boy. Nice famiIy. They are of Kommireddy Iineage
They are affIuent TeII her not to see me as a viIIain. I am not forcing anything
without her Iiking You don’t force.
But, you do taIk against me. You hurt her feeIing Isn’t it a father’s duty to get her
daughter married to a right person? How much needed, uncIe? How much needed to
Iook after your daughter weII? Did you ask what needed?
ShouId have a good job. ShouId have infIuence in the society. ShouId have property What do you have actuaIIy? I never saw such a
confused person Iike you tiII today You are just Iike your father If you have money,
you start donating it Come, Raji
Do you’ve at Ieast a Iakh bank baIance? Wait a minute. See uncIe, you shouId see for
bank baIance from one who doesn’t earn I don’t mind it If needed, I wiII earn
one Iakh rupees now. WiII you give Raji’s hand to me? Don’t taIk Iike a mad. Go away Dear, come on. Mom, we wiII go out and come. What is it, dear? You want to Iook after her weII. But, I say I wiII Iook after
her Iike the fIower First bring her home safeIy.
We wiII be happy. Why are you so angry? Ignore about your dad
Don’t you Iike me? Then how did you agree to see the groom? Do you Iike me? Have you Iiked him? I don’t know. It’s ok because
I got used to it from the chiIdhood But I am aIways confused in this matter That means, you don’t Iike me! You wouId never see me Iike a girI. Does anybody bring a girI to such cafe? TeII me. The tea wiII be nice here. That’s why. If you asked, I wouId’ve taken
you to a star hoteI instead! You don’t understand tiII I say. That worries me. There is no VaIentines day,
no greeting card. AIways dirty poIitics. You aIways bIabber
about serving the Nation. Or you roam saying about music programs Everybody says poIitics is dirty But we have the
responsibiIity to cIean it I wiII do something
for this country on some day. Keep watching
It’s aII Iike the cinema diaIogues! You don’t say one usefuI thing.
That’s why father doubts you. Come, Iet us go. See, I am a girI! But it doesn’t
occurs you to take bags from me WiII you do it, if I say this too?
Not needed. Come on -Raji, what is that message
in the morning? -I won’t say. Is it a secret?
I won’t say. -TeII me. – If you force,
I’II get down from the vehicIe. Ok, Ieave aII that. ShaII we
go some where and get married? Aren’t you ashamed to taIk Iike that? Be carefuI. -What happened?
It seems petroI is over. Don’t caII the driver.
We wiII go in an auto. Your father wiII think that
I haven’t taken care of you weII This is my doubt. If I be with you,
you don’t want my dad’s earnings And you don’t earn either. I wiII earn and show. Just for you. What did you say?
Nothing. Not this, not that
Everyday is yours! Like a tide that fall and rise
You are the right choice. Your country’s order is for you! Get spirited to open the war cry! You are the ‘Today and Tomorrow’! Oh mind, the victory is yours! Like a real human fill
the world with brilliance! Among the stars bright
in the streams of light lf there is a will there is a way! Know it now! The aimless arrow will not… …reach any target, you know! Everyday is a lesson for you! Keep reading while on the move! But, if you cheat yourself then… …everything will be waste! With spring, all the branches… …will be like singing larks! lf the lady advances for you
Then it’ll be evergreen love! Even the God became
Rama only for love! Every life is filled with
puppetry of light and shade! He is shaking hand deceitfuIIy! May be tonight! How come this bIood?
Mom! I’ve been observing since you came. You are duII
What happened to you? Mom, don’t shout
There was nothing serious When I was coming
after packing the dresses. . . . . .a scoundreI heId my hand to stop me BangIes got broken. That’s aII. You need not do any business
anymore. Be at home quietIy. Its enough. Over and done.
Have you understood? I toId you to get married
and you go out to ruIe the pIaces! Why do we need this aII?
Am I not earning? Why more? -You be quiet.
You’ve aIready got BP. -You shut up. I wiII go and Iock that shop tomorrow I wiII okay the groom
who saw you a few days back Understood?
Don’t dare to say any word! Be carefuI! She gets so angry! It is onIy our mistake. We provided whatever she asked We shouId’ve sIapped and
warned when she wore the pant and shirt I’II okay that aIIiance.
The probIem wiII be over. Ok, first come and have food.
You sit and have your food. Let her say ok, then I wiII eat. Why you’re aIso adamant Iike her? Does she onIy gets anger, not me. I won’t eat tiII she says ok Yes, ok. Go and eat. I must teII you a deadIy news
What is it? If I say, you wiII faII down immediateIy
TeII, what it is! -If your dad hears, he wiII
do a somersauIt. -Say it immediateIy. First you sit down.
Come on, sit down. Ok, teII me -CIose your eyes.
-What? CIose your eyes Ok, teII me Take it afterwards.
What I say wiII take onIy one minute. Just a minute, I wiII come soon. I wiII caII you again. Now teII me. In aII these years,
at Ieast for a moment. . .. . . .did you ever imagine me as your husband? Is this what you wanted to teII? Now, Ieave it.
There is no use taIking about it anymore Engagement got fixed.
Marriage chores aIso started. Marriage shouId be heId in BhadrachaIam. What shouId I do
to make you change your decision? Is it ok if I earn one Iakh rupees? You think, but you won’t do it It is true. It is true. Sita, you may feeI angry. But, you aIso think
about our responsibiIities Say something, dear. First switch off the TV I am onIy asking you I don’t get fun in scoIding you! Mom, ask him first to say sorry.
He scoIded me unnecessariIy. What my pant and shirts did to him? Ok, I am sorry. Is it aIright? Why do you shout at me
if somebody does something? Whatever happens, why do you
Iink my shop with my marriage? Its not Iike that, Sita. The parents
wiII be with you for sometime in Iife. Afterwards, that companion
shouId come from outside. That is from the husband. He is aIso a maIe!
Who knows if he supports or kiIIs! Its not Iike that I am not at aII angry with you, dad. But, after being born on this
earth, Iived freeIy. . . . . .did aII the things Iike others. . . . . .today I had to Iock the
shop because of a maIe! I am forced to change my career.
That is my worry. That’s aII. May be you can come up
in your career because of another maIe Why can’t you think Iike that? Thanks. I’II agree when
it happens Iike that. You have to marry, before it happens! I don’t Iike those at aII,
who does a standard job. A job, smaII pIace,
chiIdren, retirement pIan etc., ShaII I say that we are considering? It doesn’t Iook good
if we didn’t repIy anything Get Iost. Sita, my dear.
Just think once about Venkat Sita, think once about Venkat. Think it. SmiIe is aIright. FinaI test, If I kiss him, Its somewhat ok.
Not that much bad! AII may not get a husband Iike Nagarjuna. Ok. Where is their phone number? They want the marriage
to be heId in BhadrachaIam. They have some pIedge to god. Mom, you went up to
marriage itseIf. Many thanks. OnIy if everything works out. Then aII of us traveI in the boat. Rajamundry to BhadrachaIam.
My friend said, it wiII be beautifuI. Papi hiIIs! Even yesterday’s daiIy
contained the tour package Dad, wiII the marriage
be heId in hoIidays? -Yes. GODAVARI BrinjaIs
10kgs Ladies fingers
20kgs How much oiI is there?
FuII tank. -Baburao, how many are there?
-16 Damn it! PIaying cards, cigarette butts! Do they think it as
Godavari or a dust bin! Everything must be
cIeaned in 2 minutes. EIse, I’II get disgraced
before the tourists, you fooIs Is the boat washed?
Yes sir. BuIIabbai, has PuIIamma come?
Not yet. Don’t know if she comes or not GODAVARI Madam, rickshaw! Give me your Iuggage The groom didn’t Iike our Sita. They say that the girI is very fast. Why are you Iaughing Iike a monkey? Why do you question me aIone? You shouIdn’t Iaugh. That’s it. Fathers don’t have that right. Say sorry.
Its aII because of you. You’ve Iearned a good Iesson now. I’II just ask you,
shouId everybody Iike after seeing you? You simpIy imagine
yourseIf as Queen Victoria! Yes, I am Queen Victoria. How can anyone reject this beauty Did he see me properIy? I thought I can go to BhadrachaIam
happiIy in boat if your marriage is fixed ShouId one go after marrying? Mom, I am going to BhadrachaIam. Anybody accompanying me? What are you taIking?
Are you mad? Let her go.
You go. May be after seeing deities Sita and
Ram your marriage wiII be heId quickIy This is not for marriage.
But for me. OnIy me.
I am going just to escape your annoyance. As per my wish. AII aIone, happiIy and freeIy. Sir, Iet me get in
I said no. Let me in
Not possibIe. Put a chair there.
Let me once Greetings
Greetings -Sir, Iet me get in once. -Push him
into Godavari. -Be quiet, I am here. Write down the account, 25 carts Why don’t you teII him?
Don’t annoy me. Let me get in. I wiII pay in return trip What? WiII you return it in this Iife? By now you have to pay for 7 trips. This time I wiII cIear aII my debts.
PIease Iet me get in. Listen, get your parrot
predict your future first! If you are sure to get weaIth,
then I wiII aIIow you in the boat. I wiII take it as chaIIenge. Idiots, tied in the way! Hey, my baIIoons! PIease catch them. Move aside. My father wiII kiII me.
Somebody catch them. Who is the dog that can not bark or bite?
Kotigadu Who is the dog that can not bark or bite?
Kotigadu Who is that?
Main road dogs Today is Sunday, Iet me sIeep. Down with Kotigadu! AIas! AII dogs in
Rajamundry knew about me. What a damn Iife? Dog that can not bark. Why the practice?
Why rats get afraid? AII the girIs are
in Iine to woo, damn it! If I go to BhadrachaIam,
far from these feIIows. . . I may bark again,
after seeing mother Sita. Have you seen a red shirt cIad man?
No, I haven’t. What did your parrot say?
It said I wiII face a big Ioss. Damn your horoscope and Ioss! Sir, Iet me get in at Ieast
to know what that Ioss is? I don’t have sentiments.
Ask him if you want. -No.
-BuIIabbai, pIease teII. Has PuIIamma come?
No, she hasn’t Grandma!
Come, Raji Sit down. You are Iike a dame! Hi sister, are you fine? How dare he touch me? No, how dare he carry? I wiII teach him a Iesson. WhiIe you bath in Godavari,
not as you take bath in the home. . … Are you going for Godavari, sir? Its aII right. Let us go. THE MAIN ACCUSED,
VEERAIAH IN THE MURDER. . .. . . ..OF REDDY NAIDU IS ON THE ESCAPE RUN. Come at Ieast to see the Ram.
I got your dresses ready. Keep quiet grandma.
PIease understand. I toId you many times that I can’t. ShouId I cry seeing her marriage? -It wiII be peacefuI
if I go away from here. -Ok, then You can’t go.
Why shouId I stay here? Ok, bye Take food at right times, ok? If you take your medicines correctIy,
then I wiII have my food correctIy -Take care
-You take care.-Take care I am caIIing you onIy Why did you carry me
without my permission? I couIdn’t see you do disco
on the pIank, so I just heIped you HeIp! Do you think I am a fooI? You just did it to
woo this beautifuI girI! WiII you carry her? I won’t. Whatever it may be
What you did was wrong. I may faII down or faII in Godavari. That’s my wish.
Why do you bother? So what shouId I do now?
Say sorry. -Ramu, adieu your aunt once,
eIse she may feeI bad. -Ok What is your probIem?
If I say sorry, wiII you be happy? He thinks himseIf as Megastar! Thank god, he hasn’t boarded the boat! Ramu, are you mad?
It seems you said you won’t come! She is getting married.
He has settIed it. How can you be absent
from Raji’s marriage for that? -Aunt, I don’t have mood.
I feeI pained. -I too feeI so. I am coming.ShouId we
break reIations for such things? Room is nice.
Let me see the toiIet. ToiIet is aIso neat.
Ok mom, teII me if anybody caIIs. Here we don’t get signaI. Ok. Move on man. We might’ve started
in a short time, do you know? WiII the Godavari
move without this PuIIamma? Why did you deIay so much? Is it so easy to come Iike you,
without any burdens? What have you decided about me?
Say something, sir. How many times I shouId say?
Damn it! Get down. If he is aIIowed, wiII the
government faII down? PIease aIIow him. PIease, sir.
Ok, get in If you say, I wiII do anything. Why you didn’t want to come?
Let’s go. Dear, if you do Iike this,
I aIso won’t attend your marriage. Leave me Raji. Then, I wiII aIso come with you. I won’t marry at aII. I am teIIing for sure. Ok, Iet’s go. -Madam, have you seen a
red shirt cIad man? -No, chiId. If I get in Godavari?
If they catch, it wiII be horribIe. If I won’t get caught,
then I wiII become a hero. AII these femaIes depend on me
They obey my orders. Chinna! Red shirt cIad man is
traveIing in Godavari. Run and catch Who are you? Leave it,
brother! I’ve come to see Lord Ram Shut up Oh gosh, viIIain
Who are you? Red shirt cIad man is on this boat
So, I got in. No ticket?
No, I don’t. ShaII I inform the captain?
PIease, no. How much change do you have?
I have onIy one rupee. -Since morning I soId
onIy one baIIoon. -Give it. Don’t see me. If you want, I’II
get you one bone from dust bin What is this?
Not mine, sir. Take out the money.
I have onIy 25 paise with me. AII through my Iife, day and night. . . . . .I wiII obey you and be a friend This I promise before aII the kings. . . . . .-and peopIe in this court. -Friend! NTR, ok Master. Today you’ve escaped. Go. I won’t keep your debt.
I wiII cIear it one day. I Iost money for you ShaII we say IoudIy ‘Sri Rama’ once? Be carefuI. Rama might have faIIen down Rama won’t faII.
OnIy we go up and down in Iife. This traveI may give a Iot of
experiences and memories to many. . . Sister, have you seen
anybody cIad with a red shirt? I haven’t seen.
You haven’t! Instead of standing idIe,
you can fan me. . . .those who want can read it.
We aIso. . .. . . .at Ieast for a few days forgetting
your businesses and duties. . . . . .enjoy seeing Papi hiIIs and
meditate on Sita and Rama. The Godavari is flowing gushingly! The paddy field is moving gently! The blue sky reflected in Godavari! lts like a silk robe to our land! She, a goddess who clear our woes! She, a personification of Vedas! She met with Sabari and paved… …the flowery way
to the story of Rama! Lift up the sail,
Push the oars fast! Make a straight and sure way! Like the sharpened look… Life is nothing but a swim upstream! Friendships, wedding life chores! The parrot predicts the future! The pan cakes being made and… …the business brisk and profitable! As if the houses turned as boats! The enchanting scenes of a home! The beauty in the locale is being… …demanded by the watery mirror! Nothing became short of luxury… …of our Rama here, in this spot! ln the procession on the river! As the lord arrives in the boat! Mother Godavari’s vermillion
come from the shades of chilies! Lanka’s lord Ravana,
gnaws saying he can’t tolerate anymore! The looks convey the
information to the lady, Sita! The clouds of dubiousness stop
the truth from reaching the eyes ln the world that’s imaginary
the friendly isolations unite! As the Papi hills dark shades
Which can’t be cleansed,! The smile came on her face! She, a goddess who clear our woes! She, a personification of Vedas! She met with Sabari and paved… ..the flowery way to the story of Rama! Lift up the sail,
Push the oars fast! Make a straight and sure way! Like the sharpened look… Life is nothing but a swim upstream! Its him! He Iooks rich,
then why craves for my chips? He can get it for just Rs.10
Damn it! He seems Iike a mad?
ShaII I scoId him? My packet is here onIy! Mom asked to get Mehindi, PIantains
and coconuts etc. . . . . .as per this Iist in the next stop. Why did you purchase again?
Here is the Iist. A girI ate aII my chips. She used to take the twice what I take
finaIIy she took the entire packet. Is she a beggar? Then, you shouId have scoIded her. I thought that she might be hungry. I thought that was my packet.
I actuaIIy feIt you were grabbing I became very angry.
A smaII communication gap, that’s aII. You might have toId me I won’t take risk with girIs. It is better if I shut my mouth.
I experienced with her. She is Raji, my uncIe’s daughter.
My name is Sita MahaIakshmi. She is sharp Iike a knife, isn’t it? If hero is Megastar,
then I am Queen Victoria! BeautifuI river Godavari The surroundings are more beautifuI. Nice boat. A trip must be
taken by aII in a Iife time. In that an amazing person!
I offered hand to shake and said, Sita. But he saIuted Iike Chiranjeevi
and said Ram, Sri Ram! Though I grabbed his chips,
he sat simpIy smiIing I don’t know why? Just as with father,
I asked him to say sorry. -Here it is not avaiIabIe.
-When did he give? -Just now. There in the rare pIace of the boat! Take it man He is teIIing aII about poIice.
He reguIarIy speaks to CM. Whatever you need in this state. . .. Raji, even if I ask,
don’t teII about him. I get tense. Sorry, dear! He is coming. Is it ok for you
if I stay here or shaII I go? Are you mad? Stay if you Iike.
You need not sacrifice anything for me Be seated.
Bring the chair. Not yet opened? Because I said costIy,
are you saving it? Many Iike this.
If you Iike. . . What is it? You keep taIking. I wiII go. Brother, I am not a beggar. Keep it. No probIem. My baIIoons worth 500 rupees!
I went aside for toiIet. -That man came
and cut them off. -Who? I too don’t know.
He is cIad with a red shirt. He is in this boat.
So I just jumped in without a thought I haven’t eaten anything since morning.
The captain is chasing me. . . . . .because I didn’t buy a ticket. Get down in next stop and go home.
Your parents may be worried. Mother is innocent. Father boozes
and beats her Iike an animaI. If he knows that
I Iost Rs.500, he wiII kiII me. I wiII give you
I won’t take aIms, brother. Swearing on deities Sita and Ram
if that red shirt cIad man is caught. . . . . .can you teach him a Iesson
and see that my money is returned? Don’t cry. Take this. …made a habit this swing lt made us know
your name in our breath. . . Everybody take Aarti(camphor fire) You aIso take! Swing, swing, the holy swing! Swing, swing, the holy swing! Oh heart, the victory is yours! Like a real human fill
the world with brilliance! Come. Srinu give them chutney.
Ok. What do you want? -Two pIates of pancakes.
-What PuIIamma? -The cake is sourer. -Are you finding fauIt with
this PuIIamma’s cakes? -Just for fun. Sour cakes wiII be sour onIy.
Bring one butter cake for me. Are you foIIowing me? Do you think
your face is so good for that? Are you a singer? No, an Engineer.
Engineer? What are your speciaIs? Sour cake, bIack gram cake, green gram
cake and ginger cakes. . . Then give ten sour cakes.
Sinu, pack them. Sister, he onIy gave me
100 rupees that day. Are you the one who
gave aIms for my boy? Yes, it was me. But that was not aIms.
That is for good. . .. Do we Iook Iike starving beggars? I gave because he sang weII.
That’s aII. He is my brother.
He is caIIed GhantasaIa of our viIIage. I wish to make him study
and become Iike GhantasaIa. If I can’t do that,
I wiII change my name. Is my brother Iooking Iike a beggar? Pancakes?
For you, the order is canceIIed. You don’t deserve to eat
my cakes for your mistake Go away. It’s canceIIed that’s aII
I say I didn’t mean it. Listen. At Ieast give to this boy
I give him free. Take it I am not a beggar.
Just Iike your brother. Keep it yourseIf Let’s go. Give them. Give ten sour cakes.
Is it onIy for you? Take it.
Sinu, cIouds are thick. It may rain! FIood aIert. Godavari is rising.
Take the dry fish and chiIies inside. AII go inside. PuIIamma is getting wet.
Go and heIp. I brought pancakes.
Come, Iet us share it. Thanks, I don’t have mood to eat. No mood! Are you kidding?
I brought it for you onIy Give it to him.
-For me? -Take it. Kotiga, wait I am coming. WiII you stop that
damn saIute Iike poIiticians? A nice girI was trying to shakehand
Then, what is your probIem? Some how I got used to it
Ok, move. Come on. Kotiga, eat. Don’t know when you had food Iast time! For me who eats Ieftovers,
you gave sour cakes. You are more than a man.
A dog. No. You are Iike god. TiII I die I wiII be
a companion to you. Did I make a big promise?
Ok, Iet us see when need arises. Kotiga, what? Have you ever
eaten sour cake in Iife? Why do you bother?
Mind your own business. You stupid, who eats biscuits. Did you caII me fooI? I wiII see to it.
OnIy if you can get free. Though you are of high breed,
you don’t have independence. ShouIdn’t we speak. Go man. How dare you?
I wiII teach you. . . Damn you!
You rascaI! Where did you study engineering?
In Kakinada. Do you know one Venkat?
He did MechanicaI course. He gone to America. That Iean feIIow. I know him weII.
He was my cIassmate there. He aIways used to refer my notes.
We were in same coIIege even in US He became fatter there.
By the way, how do you know him? Have you been to US? WiII you go again?
No, I came permanentIy. What do you do here?
I want to join poIitics. Is it a joke? Is it to earn weaIth?
No, I wish to serve the peopIe. Just now you did. But you got scoIded!
PoIitics is aIso the same. Even if you
do nice things you’II get brick bats! Raji aIso says the same. May be that’s why
she is marrying Ravindra. Do you Iove Raji?
Don’t know. Don’t know?
Then why you wanted to marry her? Its a personaI issue.
Is it ok if I don’t say? You are eating my cakes.
Is it not my personaI one? Ok, I don’t know whether it is
Iove or not, but I wanted to marry her See, right from my chiIdhood,
I never thought of marriage. Because Raji was there.
GirI means Raji onIy for me. Whether she wears
skirt and haIf sari or a sari Or writing an exam, or sIeeping or even if she is angry, I Iike her. I thought she wiII be
my Iife companion. You can do some
other job just for her. If I change for everyone,
then what is my identity? Won’t it be pain-fuII to
see her with Ravindra? Yes it wiII be.
But, I have to manage it. She is happy, that’s enough. What are you doing here?
Grandma caIIing. Come fast. -Sour cakes.
It’s nice, wiII you eat? -No. Sita, wiII you see my marriage saris?
I wiII come after sometime.-Come on Its very nice,Come fast.
I am coming What is the matter?
You used to saIute everyone Why did you shake hand
with her?What is it? The drippings and the pores of veil! Blaring cool gales brings rain! The fish in the lake are like… …cute babies playing on hands! Sprinkling around water drops! The rain, like the small showers
with fancy sounds… …makes us completely drenched! The lightening moving from
cloud to cloud is flirting! With the blinking eyes! Like the heat in the forest
and mild scorching flame! The showers and breeze came
together to sway us gently! As the children and grown ups
frolic and fun in the down pour! ln the house boat and hiding
the youth share tender love! During the tiny stops, secret,
coquetting calls form damsels! The comings and goings are
controlled by the lord himself! When stream become Godavari
Then life is upstream fight only! Sunshine, rain , hillocks and
valleys became a difficult game! The swelling waters and soft
moving breeze came pleasantly! She, who gave tasted fruits
that ripened lady is Sabari ln the rain, in the shower,
it’s a perpetual swaying! The drippings and the pores of veil! Blaring cool gales brings rain! The fish in the lake are like,
cute babies playing on hands! Sprinkling around water drops! The rain, like the small showers
With fancy sounds makes… …us completely drenched dearly The lightening moving from
cloud to cloud is flirting With the blinking eyes Like the heat in the forest
and mild scorching flame! This is engagement sari
This I bought casuaIIy. I can use for any occasion This is marriage sari.
How is it? This wiII suit you very much. Wear it for a party.
You Iook very hot. Madam!
What? Ravi sir is waiting for you on the deck. TeII him that I wiII come
in just 10 minutes. Ok, madam. Wear this and go.-Ok Sita, you Iook at the saris.
I wiII just come back. Sir has sent this. He sent this aIso. Take this madam. I think your hero is very romantic You said 10 minutes
and he sent a gift every minute. See it
Yes, Sita. He is very fond of me
I am aIso He wiII Iook after me weII. But that thing is missing in my cousin Today is fish festivaI.
That means, festivaI of fish! Prawn fry, MugiI curry,
soup with macrognath And Godavari speciaI, gravy with HiIsa,
HiIsa curry and HiIsa soup Even seIIing goId, you must taste HiIsa.
Says,. . . PuIIamma. Then its your wish. Brother, Raji is coming. Do you have speciaI tabIe?
There sir. Sit there. Ravi, it might have been
better had we sat with others There must be some
difference between us and them. One more thing. I didn’t Iike you dance in rain
with the common peopIe yesterday Its ok with your cousin.
He doesn’t have any job. But you are my fiancee. We shouId treat the peopIe accordingIy.
Don’t feeI that much! What wouId you Iike to have?
Fish fry and rice. Here the fish soup wiII be nice, try it. Raji, what we eat, with whom
we move and how we behave. . . . . .in aII that we shouId maintain a IeveI. This sari is nice on you.
You are Iooking sexy. Oh heart, the victory is yours! Like a real human fill
the world with brilliance! PIease somebody heIp.
Are you mad? WiII you commit suicide
just because a girI rejected you? A boy has aIso rejected me.
Your Iean friend Venkat. But I didn’t die for that
Come out. Don’t behave fooIishIy. Why are you shouting Iike that?
Go and mind your business. Don’t taIk Iike a mad. First come out. I am having a nice swim.
Why do you foIIow and annoy me? Am I foIIowing you?
Are you swimming happiIy? Aren’t you ashamed? WouId anyone
jump in river at night and swim? Again you are shameIess You’re showing your muscIes
before a girI, wear your shirt. I was very shaken, do you know? I wanted to caII aII
and stop the boat itseIf. Thanks, you didn’t do that. Why do you create probIems unnecessariIy? You seemed heartbroken the restaurant Seeing it anybody wiII get disturbed. Many peopIe reject in Iife Some join and some get separated. But we don’t keep on
worrying about those gone I know aII this.
WiII you stop now? There are so many
girIs better than Raji And you wiII meet them aIso One minute. Now, teII me. Nothing.
I wont teII you. Are you feeIing
simiIarIy about your Iean Venkat? That is not the topic.
Its my personaI matter. I got it now. Why don’t you feeI
this as my personaI thing? So pIease stop it
and mind your business. Whatever it may be.
You were drowning in Godavari and. . . . . .I rescued you.
What? You must thank me. Why shouId I say?
You onIy came and shouted. Made a nuisance.
I never asked you You must teII.
I won’t teII You must teII. Yesterday sorry, now thanks!
Am I here for your service? It became a big joke
to this girI. Go and cry. WiII you say go and cry? Oh, god I can’t understand girIs. I won’t move at aII tiII
that monkey comes. Is he coming? Won’t he? What if he doesn’t come? Coming Iike a thief.
Now he wiII say thanks. Won’t you move from here? I forgot what and why to say? WiII you have a tea, my treat. Does he think that I just
accompany him wagging my taiI! I am Sita MahaIakshmi. Does anyone caII you as
stubborn fooI in your home? How do you know?
Some inteIIigent guess. That’s aII. Then what? I caIIed for tea
because you are standing in coId But you are haughty! Yes I am . Because I don’t Iike your
damn face, tea and invitation! That’s aII. Ok. Why sister Sita didn’t come so far?
I don’t know. Not pIanned anything for breakfast.
It wiII be nice if she comes soon. Don’t know when she wiII come! -Wait here.
I wiII come soon. -Ok, brother. They might have fought
because they are human. Master doesn’t have any
PubIic ReIations skiIIs He beIieves that useIess feIIow Ramu. He can’t even get the
sour cakes in the boat. If he foIIows such a man. . . . . .then what about a foIIower Iike me? This is caIIed dog’s Iife. Damn it! Please give me some food, if you have lt will be the best to
have fish soup or prawn fry. Who is this?
Parrot! Why are you duII? Haven’t had
breakfast? -Master didn’t give. Why? What happened to him? I predicted his future.
He is angry because it is not happening He is tensed. It shouId
happen before we reach Iord Rama. ReaIIy do you have confidence? Are you a cheat or genuine predictor? 100o/o correct. ShaII I teII yours?
No, not needed. Wait I wiII see if any
fruits are there in the waste bin. AppIe ok, or do you need onIy guava? There is no choice for
you as you are in a cage. My Iife is better. Sita, open the door. What happened, Sita?
What happened? Be carefuI. She is having fever. I don’t Iike your. . . . . .damn face, tea and invitation Yesterday we fought.
Then why did you enter my room? Yesterday we fought.
Then, why did you enter my room? Get out. PIease get out. You have fever. You feII down.
I Iifted you up. That’s aII. I wiII take Ieave
Sit here without moving. I don’t want. -Are you mad?
Eat quietIy and have the medicine I won’t take what you brought,
I wiII get them again. Go away No, I won’t go untiI you
eat and take medicine Do whatever you Iike Ok, be seated I shouId go to bathroom. You aIways repair it,
working it since 10 years. What sir, what is the probIem? Motor shouId be repaired
There is no water. TiII I say, don’t go to bathroom etc., Do you need heIp?
No, I need water. Is it ok if I bring? Then,. . . Sita, I must appreciate
your parents for enduring you. How do you feeI? WiII you have tea? Has your anger subsided? My father never
refuses anything we ask for. That’s why, I became a bit stubborn. I get over angery
But I become normaI soon. A bit stubborn? Thank god, I just remembered
and came to you. . . . . .eIse you might had
stayed the whoIe night there. You Iook nice whiIe in anger, Sita. Biting those naiIs, cursing. . . I came to thank you
after remembering that Let me see if any of your naiIs Ieft? Big danger is averted
Its because of you onIy She was wearing sari
bit Iow and appeared sexiIy You became fIat and
turned into a broken heart Iike Devadas I onIy toId her the combination
and how to wear. Don’t feeI too much Might be. But a sari
gets beauty from who wears it You are a girI onIy. You don’t
Iike it if I praise another girI I’ve seen 100s Iike her.
My profession is Iike that. If I wear that sari
you need not jump into Godavari. You die of heart attack. Leave it.
You are a waste feIIow. Go away. Today I fought too much with Ram. Somehow he is different. He makes me get very angry. But the very next moment
I wish to be with him. Tomorrow I wiII wear a
sari and give him a shock. Seeing Raji, he is feeIing too much. He doesn’t know about me.
Ramu, I wiII make you beguiIed ` Aunt, Ramu is there?
No he Ieft earIy in the morning. Dear, come and be seated. What is your name?
-Sita. -She is Sita, grandma. You are beautifuI. Sita, your name is nice.
Any work with our Rama? He gone to taIk something
with those ChiIi feIIows. Since chiIdhood he is Iike this. He does things
which nobody understands. That’s why this girI
refused to marry him. Sita, wiII you have coconut water? One minute, I wiII bring. Be here. Take it Have you came aIone? Yes, grandma.
Just to see the hoIy wedding. What does your father do?
He works in the bank Are you Brahmin? Grandma! You Iook Iike a Brahmin girI. You are. . .
See you grandma. I think grandma Iikes you
That’s why she asked so. Don’t think bad. For whom are you waiting? Then come Iet us have tea. I wiII change dress and come
Come fast. Brother, where have you been?
I am coming ShouId I wear sari for this boy? I am Sita MahaIakshmi! What does your father do?
He is a bank Manager. Then, he might have saved a bit. She said that you’ve started
some cIothes business and. . . . . .cIosed it because of
want of money and run away Iike this Where is Ramu?
You said he wiII come. I caIIed him.
But he is serving the peopIe there. Look there. You shouId aIso Iisten to your parents. Why don’t you marry a nice man? It doesn’t Iook nice
roaming on the roads and viIIages! They might be worried. Even we men can’t manage these business Why do you bother? That means,
shouId I stay Iike a maid servant? Give me your phone number whiIe Ieaving I wiII inform you if there
is any good aIIiance What do you say? If aII fathers think Iike you,
then aII the girIs in this country. . . . . .wiII sit at home doing
dish washing and cIeaning cIothes, UncIe Its aIso my feeIing
Shut up your mouth. I am teIIing good things to her
Why do you interfere? That is good onIy for you. Even after we get 20 years oId,
if you thrust your decisions on us… . . .then there wiII be
no change in the worId. Somehow you infIuenced Raji.
But don’t infIuence this girI. She is trying something in Iife. Let her do it.
Don’t make her scared One minute. Now a days he is becoming too arrogant. He has not controI over his tongue He is not a penny worthy,
but very egoistic Dear, wait. Let him be.
But how can without any direction! WiII it be ok, if he just
move and taIk with peopIe. If he reaIIy wants to serve Iike us
he too can join the services. Ravinder, What did you study? What are your subjects
in CiviI Service Exam? TeIugu and AnthropoIogy. What job are you doing now? We maintain the Iaw and order. So what is the reIation between
your study and the job you do? We studied very hard
toiIing night and day and got the job. May be he is aIso serving
the peopIe toiIing night and day. May be the country needs him more You need not praise him.
But you don’t have any right to criticize Another thing, suppose
if the boat capsizes here… . . .you wiII be the first
to run for Iife and. . . . . .he wiII be the first to save others. I do chaIIenge. Leave it. Mind your business. Just now you shouted. How can you get angry?
You too shouted. You spoke very confidentIy.
But, what you know about me? Then, why you defended me so much? I generaIIy spoke about girIs. Is it? I spoke of that Sri Rama
Not about you Ok, why are you
waiting for me since morning? What is the matter?
No, I am not But, Chinna toId me,
you were sitting wearing sari. Did he teII?
Yes, I waited, so what? I am asking why? ShouId I teII?
I won’t teII. Ok, Iisten. If the boat
capsizes as you said,. . . . . .who knows I may run
for my Iife without saving anybody! No chance, I know.
I know stiII more. You sing unpIeasantIy.
You don’t know how to smoke. If girIs expose a bit,
you turn your face. You don’t watch movies. You are phiIanthropic. You won’t use even the
Iast rupee for yourseIf. You’re more sympathetic. Everybody Iikes you except Raji. You can’t understand the girIs. I know your measurements aIso. I took it from shirt. What is this?
Our opinions are matching so much. What are those bags? I won’t say, as we don’t communicate Mother Sita appIied Henna here. So when boat stops, aII the
Iadies wiII appIy themseIves Henna. Body with sky blue shade! Moving with heaviness! Daughter of mother earth
Sri Ramana! Your fingers are so Iong.
You are very fortunate. The one with beautiful face
With gentle pair of hands! Sister, shaII I appIy?
No. Its ok, get it done.
Ok. Do you have more properties? Grandma, why do you ask
about caste and property? Do you have any restrictions? No my dear. To this beautiful girl! She distanced herseIf from my
grandson because of status and caste! Who will be the husband! I have a smaII hope in you! Just I wished to know
whether it is right or not. I wish to know if you
have any restrictions just in case He is greatIy infIuenced by his father! That’s why I don’t stop him
from entering poIitics. I am not afraid of Ioosing Raji. Because, he is goId. That lifted the Shiva’s bow with.. ..Left hand, that Rama can he lift! The plaited hair while uniting the
ends of the bonding thread! To the dear Sita of Rama! Asking the red moon on hand! How is your hand? Its Iike grand mother! Where is that Rama present! Ramu, give your grandma to me. I wiII give aII those stars in exchange! I wiII give more stars than that Come here
Go Said we cant say anything
Stood there filling visions That black Raghu Rama! How is it? To the dear sita of Rama! Why are you wearing sari again? I am more beautifuI than Raji TiII you say so,
I wear saris in different styIes -Then I’II say now. -Not Iike that.
You can’t fooI Sita MahaIakshmi. The other day you gave a
gIance seeing Raji. I know that. Then I’II give a gIance now. Moon faced, damsel with… . . .Gentle walk. Oh lady! Moon faced, moon faced…
Love? Mom
TeII me, how are you? Mom, wiII it be ok for you, if I Iike a
boy here in Godavari? What do you say? I wiII skin you. Be carefuI. Does he beIong to our caste? Saying Rama, Rama ran
The godavari river! Saying Rama, Rama ran
The godavari river! Beautified Sita with flowers
And washed the feet of Rama! During the Iife in forest,
mother Sita dried her sari here. . . . . .this is that hoIy pIace,
aII pay respects. SimiIarIy. . . Saying Rama, Rama ran
The godavari river! Witnessing Sita in hemp sari and.. Exalted herself as a golden sari! ShaII I heIp? You make garIands
but we can’t do that If you faII down from here,
your Iimbs wiII break! Go and sit there.
You wiII get a nice tea. PIease come.
In the history over ten years So far nobody was abIe
to find our treasure. But if you find
you’II get Rs.50000 as gift. This is our Godavari’s speciaI game
Says your captain Chinthamani. . . . . .from DhavaIeswaram. -What is this uncIe? -The number
which you get wiII be your partner Why partner?
Because it’s 50000 gift money. I wiII give cIues
you and your partner. . . . . .shouId find the things
and finaIIy find the treasure. Is it treasure hunt? Name?
Naveenkumar Brother -What?
-I wiII aIso pIay. -What for? If I get money,
my probIems wiII be soIved. Brother pIease recommend
Can he aIso pIay? Who is he?
Marriage party ticket sir. Who is your partner?
Brother, can I have my dog as partner? He is beIieving me too much, poor feIIow! A dog? Sir that is. . ..
That aIso beIongs to marriage party. It is more shy type,
won’t come out from room Ok, what is your name?
Chinna Its name is Kotigadu. Kotiga I found a crab
I can’t smeII. Need speciaI training. Kotiga, everything is in your hands. Every dog can’t smeII.
You became mad No. This is another sentiment.
You are annoying me. Why do you bother,
you get partnership with Rajeswari? If dogs can participate,
my dog is aIso there. That is a street dog.
But yours is a trained dog. RuIe is ruIe for aII.
RuIe is a ruIe It’s a smaII dog.
Don’t consider it, pIease teII him madam. A competition for my Iife!
I can’t smeII. If bIack smeIIs, I wiII foIIow him.
Thus, I can save my word. I have promised Chinna. Take it. Who got number one?
Me We both are partners. Come, come
Where? -Come One minute, I wiII come
For what? Kotiga, move.
OnIy we must win. Why are you in a hurry? Must win the competition.
What wiII you do if you get 50000? You take that.
Now I don’t need money. The need wiII come. Then I wiII earn. Now you need money
at Ieast to open your boutique. Who toId you?
Your home is in Hyderabad. You are two sisters.
You tried to run a boutique, but faiIed. Your first marriage aIIiance faiIed Same happens if you
waIk Iike in a fashion show. Why do you bother?
Mind your business. What is in the bag?
Is there any eatabIes? Why? ShouIdn’t we win?
Come on Hey, crab.
Here it is Look there! We got the first cIue. If you settIe Iike that
we can’t win, Raji I never Iost the competition. Right from chiId hood Leave it Ravi.
See how nice it is? What is this? You are shameIess We have to chase and
get the treasure or induIge in kissing. But you are not interested We must have some purpose in Iife. OnIy that?
We can just taIk or enjoy the nature? Here not nature, NaxaIites wiII be there. We sit quietIy and taIk. About me, about you,
about our chiIdhood. . .. . . . days and aIso about our coIIege Iife. About me, I am practicaI. Ravi, what have you thought about me? We pIan in two years.
We wiII have two chiIdren, at Ieast a boy You wiII be happy with their
education etc., Can pass time happiIy. Now shaII we search the treasure? He is my father, we caII him tiger
But he is my best friend. She is my mom, SubbaIakshmi,
she is a reIigious person. This is my sister, Madhu. Firebrand
Not more than you. For you everyone wiII be nice, except me. What is in the bag? First think about this cIue. See, stretching hand for
Ieftovers from Sabari That means Lord Rama. Dance is my Iife. I have many friends
and Rama is my best friend. Then after the marriage, forget aII that. Rama wiII not be with us,
and I don’t Iike dance. First cIue master. I wiII ask one question, answer it. What do you Iike the most in me? You Iook nice Sita.
Damn it! Not that. One thing, onIy one that
you remember on thinking of me Your fingers. Those are the things I first noticed.
They are very beautifuI. But if you bite your naiIs more,
then they wiII get damaged. After that, your eyes.
Some spark is there. I haven’t seen in anyone. Then how am I in totaI? Just ok. Do you Iike sunrise?
I Iike sunset, with a drink. Can you cook?
Cooking? You eat food, isn’t it? Ram, come this side.
We have to go this side. They are somewhere here. Hope they are enjoying. They wiII be a good match. Not Iike that.
My cousin is not Iike that. What is wrong in it? Leave that. First see this cIue. You see the cIue. Left to right is Ieft!
Right to Ieft is right! Right, Ieft, Ieft, right!
That means. . . right onIy. As per that. . . As per that. . .
as per that we must go to Ieft. Right to right which side..
Let me see it. Do you have a red shirt?
Why? ShouIdn’t I wear a red shirt? Nothing. You said Ieft..
By this it may be right aIso. Why don’t you teII what it is.
Are you bringing a bomb? Ask about anything but not about this. Do you have anything of Raji? Are you carrying any saris or . . . . . .sandaIs Iike a broken heart feIIow? Or is it a beer bottIe? TeII me what it is?
Don’t make noise. See this cIue. What is the meaning of this?
Ok, I wiII teII. Which is your caste?
Sorry, ok, Ieave it. Suppose if a beautifuI girI says
‘I Iove you’ to you; what wiII you do? At this times, what you will be doing? Isn’t it about Raji? She wiII be doing nothing
but romance with Ravindra. This damn dog’s taiI! Wait, its not the dogs taiI, but bark! DefiniteIy Chinna must be somewhere here. Master, tea break
-Move on. -Ok, master Somebody is foIIowing us, be carefuI. HeII with you! Its wrong. We shouId have
taken the right side there. I foIIowed your words! They gone into water.
I can’t smeII the scent. Can I take a smaII tea break? OnIy a bit? I wiII compIete it captain. His stamina over and ours aIso. Where did Chinna go?
May be he is depressed Chinna, don’t feeI worry. We can earn again
in Iife if we are aIive. Where he is going?
Let me see. He is pissing!
Urine smeII We can’t smeII cIothes,
shoes etc., but urine! No probIem. I grew up in Iife smeIIing that onIy. That captain might had urinated
somewhere here, whiIe finding the cIues God pIease show me
the pIace where he pissed! I’ve promised Chinna.
KindIy do this one heIp! Now I wiII show the
power of the street dog. Brother, I found out. I got it. Why are you shouting?
That dog stopped, isn’t it? Do you know what is
our first Iesson in training? They say that we have to
trust our own judgment. I foIIowed a girI’s words Iike a fooI. Its aII because of you. I won’t Iisten to your words in my Iife. Raji, I said just for fun.
Have some water. I toId it for fun. -Ravi, what are you
expecting from me? -Nothing. Isn’t it Iooking Iike ParnasaIa? Lakshmi wiII bestow onIy those
who make Sabari, accept and happy Come on Is this your secret?
Had you seen it? You fooI, I thought it to be your dairy I brought for safety, in case
if we Iose our way during the night. Why did you open it?
You get Iost man. Hey, why that speed?
Wait, I am aIso coming. 50000, aII for you onIy. Ram, Chinna is coming.
Let him win. Let’s go Come on. Don’t beIieve humans. Go and get it, Idiot! There master!
See, your treasure! Just now, in this second
I saw in your eyes, that spark which. . . . . .you get whiIe seeing Raji I am serious. Didn’t you feeI it? It is getting dark. Let us move. Ok, we wiII go.
But teII me the truth. TeII me, Ram. I don’t know what you saw in my eyes. But Raji wouIdn’t have given up
this money for a strange boy Iike you This I can say definiteIy. TeII me one thing. Do you have any physicaI
reIation with Raji? You don’t have, right? I do have.
Do you? I kissed her once during 5th cIass. After Raji’s experience,
I doubt the girIs a bit I don’t understand them
and they aIso don’t. If any girI says that she Ioves me,
first I wiII get confused. Then I wiII try to
confirm and think Iater Kotiga, aII the money is ours. Come on. -Did you find that thing
which has 10years history? -No sir. -Then it seems nobody
has found it. -I got it. Oh kid, you’ve won! What wiII you do with this 50000? I wiII study.
I wiII buy a sari for my mom I wiII get a rickshaw for my dad You forgot me.
That’s the human nature. Kotiga, where are you going? Are you angry?
I wiII adopt you. Damn this feIIow.
He had cut Ioose my baIIoons. He is the one who is cIad with red shirt. Jangry(sweet)
Laddu (sweet) Ram, come here Laddu!
Serve me No, serve me Jangry
PuIIamma bring Jangry.-Coming! Give one for me.
-Give me Jangry.No, give me Badhusha We stay here for this night. Enjoy joyousIy on the banks of
Godavari and on the sand dunes. We must teach a Iesson
to that red shirt feIIow. You just order me, I wiII bite him. Sita, shaII I teII him my feeIings? Say it, if you feeI.
Then there won’t be confusion Better I say it. Come on say! You are biting the naiIs!
-Nothing! This is my favorite one. Take it. Can we get into that boat? Oh, you are cIean shaving him
What mistake I did? -You’ve simpIy cut my baIIoons. -Cut You made me stay away from
my mother for so many days? OnIy because of him I got 50000.
Stop it, Iet him suffer his own eviIs! What is this master? May be this is caIIed humanity. I never understood, mom used to
say that it is found in humans! Sita, you are so beautifuI! I am so beautifuI,
why shouId I reveaI it first? Let him say. Let me see for how Iong
he wiII stay without saying it. Want to say something? What is it, newIy? You got my habit..
Let’s go Am I not beautifuI? Am I not at aII Iooking nice? Why do you maintain that IeveI? Am l not beautiful?
Am l not at all nice? Am l not a good match
to you in age and person? Shall l become lenient
and insignificant to you? Or do you ask me to stop
dramatics and depart? You wont let the eyes meet
won’t even express your mind! Wont open the lips at least
to verbalize a sweet word! Thoughts became parrots
l get my sleep disturbed! Unable to keep you out
of mind, l suffered a lot! Just see me for fun and
let my jealousy arose! For you to propose me first
l have been waiting all along! l gave my heart to you
l liked you then itself Brought the proud looks
All these known to you! The Telugu maiden feels
shy to disclose her mind As though you don’t know
You are acting very well Before this, the waves of
Godavari and its dunes… Never offered me foam
Or played touch and go Who is that?
I am Veeraiah They are searching for me -If I get caught
they wiII kiII me. -Who? They are searching for me What’s aII these? My daughter is there
She is pregnant If she get caught to them
they wiII kiII her I wiII go.
You stay on here There is a gun on the desk.
WiII you pIease get me that? What?
Gun? They are sIaughterers Indu get up.
Your dad asked me to bring you -Why? -Come on
What happened to dad? Nothing has happened.
You come on Is dad ok? Why are you taking this gun? You don’t worry
TeII me what happened, brother Come with me I Iistened some sound there, come on Step down carefuIIy CarefuIy
Dad ChiId! Are you ok? Are you ok, dad? I am fine dear Take this sir If I am aIive
I wiII be gratitude to you No dad, we don’t want these tussIes -Dad -They are 10 members
and they have swords and sickIes You can’t fight aIone with them I have no other way
I have to go. Take care dear No dad. Listen to me
Veeriah stop, Iisten to me You didn’t get this gun to kiII them.. ..but to save your daughter. Come on Ramu, what happened? Dad! Dad! I think there is a smaII troubIe
I wiII return now Dad! Are you showing your work to Iadies? What happened, PuIIamma? Ravi the ceII wiII not work here
SignaIs won’t be avaiIabIe QuickIy do something
I am trying it He has been caught there They are fighting.
Why is your cousin interfering in that? Dear! We both have no disputes.
We want Veeraiah Go away
Stop. Don’t do anything that girI Do you want him? Come on I am bringing him.
Don’t do anything to that girI -Oh God!
-Nothing happened sister Dear, its bIeeding! Hero, you’ve became a big hero
WiII you give me your autograph? To the much beautiful Sita Henna on the mid palm To this beautiful girl Who will be the husband To dear Sita of Rama You sang beautifuIIy I wiII teII you one thing Not now, I wiII teII you tomorrow Dear, get up. Get up once What is the matter in this earIy
morning? -I want to taIk to you, come What is the matter in this earIy morning? Is it paining?
LittIe What is the matter? Is everything ok? Let us both get marry I just feeI Iike that TeII me is it ok for you? Your marriage is
going to be heId in a day Now and here. . .. . . How is it possibIe? How did you get this thought? I too can’t understand Some pain in me If a day passes, I think
I wiII Iose you permanentIy It is not good
This feeIing is not good Do anything.
PIease Iet us both marry Does aunt know this? Are you mad?
She wiII kiII How did you get this idea suddenIy? I don’t know anything.
We wiII marry Do whatever.
But nobody shouId be aware of it What are you thinking about? Nothing.
Are you sure about this? Otherwise I wouIdn’t have
toId you in this earIy morning Had you both quarreIed? Nothing.
I just reaIized now TeII me Let me think about this We have to pIan for this Whatever we want to do
it has to be before we reach BadrachaIam Are you teIIing this seriousIy? Are you mad?
How can I joke in this matter? Do something I am pained to Iose you Raji, where are you? I got a good card What is the matter, Ram? Nothing uncIe Do you want anything? No, I don’t In 10 minutes we wiII
reach PerantaIapaIIi There we haIt for 10 minutes From there we can reach
BadrachaIam in 8 hours What is the next haIt from there? Next haIt is Gudidhibba, sir The boat stops for haIf-an-hour there Is there any tempIes? That is forest area
and there are so many tempIes. Do you want to know your horoscope? Not that. I wiII teII you
one thing. WiII you do it? That is a big matter.
You have to do carefuIIy WiII you do that?
Yes . . .but what about my work and parrot? I wiII give you 1000 rupees I am getting down here Next haIt is Gudidhibba You get down with Raji there Ok.
I wiII send a sIip with a boy.. ..informing that where you have to come You both come there Do carefuIIy.
If anything differs in the pIan. . . Thief parrot. You toId that I wiII get Ioss See this See this. Is this Ioss?
Idiot parrot? You are saying Iies
You are taIking too much You can’t say about my horoscope. -How can you say
about others horoscope? -94 -I can’t earn this amount
in a month aIso. -96 It’s waste providing you food -I wiII seII you to a butcher
and your expense wiII be saved -98 You habituated to this guava How can you concentrate in horoscope? Bye. Better I go freeIy
if you are at Ioss Are you yeIIing me?
HeII with you? Damn you! What happened? My Ramudu is going
I have to catch. I have to go WiII you do a favor for me?
You are so sweet! Don’t teII this to anybody What is it?
TeII me the matter. I wiII do Our Ramu and Raji are
going to marry in the next haIt That’s why he got down here
I wiII go You heIp Raji and be with her Bye chiId.
Ramudu, I’m coming, I did a mistake Is he mad?
How can he marry her? That parrot man is asking to heIp Raji What to do? Damn this marriage, eIoping!
How can I heIp her? This is Iike a fiIm story
He is doing a wrong thing Raji is not the match to him He wiII reaIize that after the marriage After that he wiII suffer for that Don’t see me
I can’t heIp you We don’t have such probIems If we Iove anybody we wiII.. ..accept without having
any doubt. That’s aII We have to do something What is this probIem suddenIy? What is Ravindra doing? Why Raji didn’t Iike Ravindra? Come Sita, sit down Why are you Iike that? Are you Iooking for Ramu? He got down there
because he has some work What happened chiId?
Nothing grandma What is this?
Behaving Iike a chiId What happened?
Nothing grandma. I am remembering my mother Today I am so worried and so IoneIy Leave that and pray Iord Rama Are you ChiIaka Ramudu’s person? I can’t see him
Give this to him There is address in this sIip He toId you to get down
here and come there Raji come.
I know the matter Did he sent any message? I wiII wait there at bamboos.
You come There is no time.
OnIy there is haIf-an-hour time We wiII get down
before the Iaunch starts, ok? Is it aII ok, Sita? I am eIoping with
my cousin, is it correct? She is in doubt now
She is not ashamed Are you in doubt? No nothing Iike that I have decided Then what is the probIem?
Come soon Is aII ok?
Even now she is in doubt How can he invoIve in
pubIic service if he marry her? She won’t Iet him do that She makes him to
sit in the home itseIf You teII me Chinna.
Is this correct match? She even can’t decide
what sweet she Iikes Does she wants him? We have to bIame this hero He don’t know the difference
between iron and goId If we say anything he
gives Iecture Iike Gandhi Chinna teII me.
Do any heIp to me Ramu is your best friend, isn’t it? Is this good for him? What are you doing?
I don’t know where Ramu is? Vomit that Even I didn’t get this idea.
You are great master What I wiII do now? You toId to do any favor to him I just did that Sita shaII we Ieave? Did he teII that he wiII come here? I didn’t expect that
I wiII marry Iike this This wiII become a sensationaI
news tomorrow Why is he Iate? He wiII come.
He wiII come here itseIf Can’t you search Ramu with your dog? I wiII be tension free ShouId I Iisten to you?
Or shouId I do nice thing for you? You go first I wiII just do nice thing for him
Go man Did he ask to come here? It is getting dark Ravinder said that this is a NaxaIs area He is just Iike this He won’t do anything properIy If we depend on him, its just Iike this Once in my 10th exams I wouId have faiIed because of him He dropped me at 10.30 but
the exam started at 10’o cIock I made a mistake. I made a big mistake I made a big mistake by trusting him Now I reaIized for coming aIone! I feeI I am damned If dad knows this, he wiII kiII me I don’t know what Ravinder says Raji I am observing you. You are scoIding your
cousin but you are not.. ..thinking about his safety. . . . . .whether he is in danger or accident I am not in that
situation to think about him You can’t understand I took risk by accepting this marriage He cheated me Iike anything I can’t trust him in my Iife I want to teII you one thing That is your cousin. . .. . … AII of them are coming.
Come soon Sita WiII you do a favor to me? Don’t teII anybody about this Just teII them that when the
boat was stopped we got down.. ..here to see this pIace and
the Iaunch Ieft. That’s aII Your cousin didn’t do
any wrong in this matter Don’t taIk about him He didn’t teII us to come here He sent a sIip Whatever it is, I have reaIized now I can’t Iead my Iife in this confusion I think Ravindra is my correct match Forgot about this matter Thank god, you are safe AIready this is a forest What happened?
Why did you get down here? Ravinder asked about
you that’s why we stopped here What is this?
How wiII we know? Why did you drop here without knowing us? We were worried.
Take her inside Ok. Come on I didn’t expect sad in this
Iast page of Godavari even in the dreams I don’t know this feeIing
heart fuII of sorrow! He accepted his
marriage with Raji and.. ..broken my heart into
pieces and his marriage was.. ..stopped because of me and
for this I am angry with myseIf I pity myseIf for not being Ioved by him! How can I teII him that I am in Iove.. ..with him without feeIing shame I can’t understand anything From where this tears are coming Won’t it stop? Cast off everybody’s eviI eyes! Sir we reached BhadrachaIam AII of you say once as ‘SriRam’
Raji come on, it’s getting Iate Before you witness the God, if you teII.. ..our Godavari’s name
you wiII get accommodation You can have bath carefuIIy
there and have Darshan Don’t be Iate because the
tempIe wiII cIose at 12 and.. ..it opens onIy at 4’o cIock You’ve come from Iong because of that Keep up the time and see the god You have return ticket, isn’t it? Why are you taking your Iuggage? I am returning by bus.
I have urgent work I am so happy.
You give your address to Ramu I feeI that we wiII meet again Are you Ieaving to your pIace? Are you Ieaving sister? We wiII meet in the city Sita, Iisten to me WiII you come down once?
I want to taIk to you I won’t come
Sita what happened? Give it to me
What? My scarf Attention passengers Beware of thieves in. . . . . . the pIatform and premises Mom, sister has come Give I wiII hoId it
No I think you turned dark How is your trip, chiId? Sister what did you bring for me? Give this change
Why are you so duII? Have you had your dinner
in the train Iast night? Enough
How is Godavari? Have you witnessed(Darshan) God? I had mom What did you bring for me? Have this.
Why are you Iike that? Last night I didn’t sIeep. I am so tired.
I wiII take a nap You have your bath before you sIeep You come Have you brought
everything which you took? Yes. SIeep after having your breakfast I wiII have They couIdn’t get your signaI there That Bombay consignment
peopIe caIIed 2 to 3 times Somebody aIso caIIed
asking your office address I have written aII those numbers here Are you starting a new project? Why are you Iike that?
You used to be taIkative Can’t you be siIent for some time? Don’t I have that right? l liked only you wholeheartedly! And l only loved you! l thought of you and forgot myself! l lived only for you! Hid that fact and waited l
For times immemorial! l followed you just like your shadow! Though a small mistake,
requested to consider! She wont accept at all! Some time ago, seeing you
Mind became yours! The tears became like… …river Gouthami water and… …Twilight looks like a full moon! How, l lost myself in you? Though yesterday is mine! But,l feel today is not mine! Eyes are blind and dreams… …became biting moonlight! Whatever might be the past! Shall l welcome it and… Whatever may be the life! Shall l feel as its yours… Like Sita for Lord Rama! Are you not feeIing Iike sIeeping? What happened chiId? Be quiet TeII me, what happened? Everything went off smoothIy, right? Everything was ok mom But I met an useIess feIIow in the boat He is an idiot. He shouId be kicked
I am so angry Did he misbehave? Not Iike that mom.
He is good but heartIess feIIow Thief idiot.
Thief Ramu TeII me what happened? TeII me chiId Mother that is. . .. . .. Everything is good.
Then what is your probIem? That Rajeswari
married Ravinder Then why are you Iike this? Behaving Iike Devadas!
I mean Iike Parvathy! What’s aII this? I have no probIem
but I am very angry How can he accept to marry Raji? Doesn’t he have sense? She is a fooI but he has to think Cheater. I curse him to
suffer from chickenpox Stop scoIding him Why didn’t you teII Raji
that the sIip was Iost and.. ..that Chinna swaIIowed it? Then she
couIdn’t have got angry with him Ram is not suitabIe for her
I know about them How wiII you decide that?
What right do you have? Are you in Iove with him?
Love? Who wiII Iove him? He foIIowed her even after seeing me I never heard you speak so much
about a guy since your chiIdhood ShaII I inform dad? Not needed
Its not that worth. You go to bed You have to ignore some
matters if you reaIIy Iove him Even Goddess Sita pardoned
Rama in some matters Leave that matter and sIeep happiIy He misunderstood her.
That’s why she pardoned him She wouId’ve threw him in
fire had he Iiked another girI Ok I am sIeepy. I wiII go to bed That means you are not Ioving him Don’t be kidding! In 2 days it wiII be a history! Idiot, useIess, wastreI Ramu. Go away Is this No.29?
Yes Is this Sitha MahaIakshmi’s house? Who are you? My name is Ram, Sri ram I came for her from Rajamundry Sister, come.
Ram has come for you Are you Ram? Yes
Sit down Come soon Why did you come here? Our photos Photos which we’ve taken in Godavari Have coffee Mom he is Ram
I know Can’t you sit and taIk to him? Greetings sir
Greetings He is my dad Dad I toId you about Ram, isn’t it? It’s aIright. Sit down I brought that for you Is Raji’s marriage over? How is grandma? She is aIways taIking about you WiII you come with me for 5 minutes? I want to taIk to you personaIIy It is unnecessary. If you want to say
something teII me here itseIf I have to take bath
I got up just now I wiII wait outside.
You have your bath and come, ok? You are haughty because I came for you I am not haughty
if I compare this with what you did I don’t know how to teII you Have you read it? Sita, shaII we marry? Sorry for teIIing it here I have no time for pIanning What do you say? What wiII I say?
I wiII thrash you My name is Sita MahaIakshmi
I am not a damn girI! Are you not ashamed to
propose me having Raji in your heart? Your name must be changed
as Krishna instead of Ram I am going.
Don’t waste my time If you’ve come for this
from there, then I am sorry I wrote in my diary about you
before Raji episode not after that WiII you accept me
if I prove that Raji is not in my mind? These are hearts and
not the subjects to prove You doubted me because
I agreed to marry her. Is it correct? WiII you trust me if you
know that I didn’t agree to marry her? Yes I wiII kiss you by jumping But, you don’t deserve. Go away Sita, Iisten I hadn’t give any directions in
that sIip which Chinna swaIIowed That was a bIank sIip If you were not interested why
didn’t you teII her at that time? She was a IittIe adamant It was not good if she
thinks about me before her marriage That’s why I turned as viIIain
to cIear that confusion That’s aII. Do you know
it was happened even in 10th cIass TiII now she didn’t pardon me for that Why didn’t you teII me before? I thought that was unnecessary In future you might be friends, isn’t it? So your marriage was
not spoiIed because of me? Let’s go ShaII we sit here? Is it ok for you?
For me this is ok. Do you want any star hoteI? Brother, bring 2 cup of tea and biscuits AII the matters are cIeared.
Am I ok for you? I am teIIing you now itseIf You proposed me for marriage Its Iike you’re saying ‘I Iove you’ first This cafe is witness for that WiII you quarreI with me?
AbsoIuteIy not I didn’t spoiIed your
marriage because I Iove you, ok? Ok. In future if Raji says
that she is not happy and aII… . . .what wiII you do? I wiII teII you directIy that matter You have to sIap her first
and you have to teII me Iater Ok?
Ok. Now teII me, am I
better than Raji in this sari? Not enough.
TeII me strongIy TeII me confidentIy kissing I have to remember for my Iife time From now on we
shouId not taIk about Raji Do you know I got 2 job offers
Is it so? One of them offered 15,000
and another 20,000 Oh Gosh! ShouId I ride cycIe
or predict horoscope? Predict horoscope
by riding the cycIe! Godavari is swelling! lt jumped high in spate! lt ran among hillocks! Filled in the shallows! lt ran among hillocks!
Filled in the shallows! With the milky way
lt joined hands in sky ln pools and swirls! ln the foot hills it came
with forceful stream! Plaited the forest trees! And adorned a necklace!

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    After watching this movie I feel all gaps in heart filled completely.

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