God’s Big Picture: The Course Explained

God’s Big Picture: The Course Explained

In God’s Big Picture, our aim is to help you
see how the whole Bible fits together from Genesis to Revelation, telling of God’s wonderful
plan to save the world through Jesus Christ. We will be tracing the entire story of the
Bible in this 9-unit course. Each session has a 10-minute
video with me Vaughan Roberts and an accompanying Bible study with leaders notes. You could
use the course for example in a group at church or on your own at home. The whole course,
videos and printable studies are available to download for free at clayton.tv and godsbigpicture.co.uk

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  1. Any chance of an advert suitable for showing in church? This is great for the vicar, but the church doesn't need to know we're downloading it for free and printing the worksheets (although we will) 😀

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