God’s Power is Coming! (The Two Witnesses Movie)

God’s Power is Coming! (The Two Witnesses Movie)

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  1. The Two Witnesses Movie Part 2 is now out! In this film, we explore more specifically the identity of The Two Lampstands out of the Seven Lampstands mentioned. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/qRJ-ncor52A

  2. Hi. I looked into the Hebrew words of fire in the scenarios of Elijah, Solomon and Acts 2 together with Revelation 11. the fires clearly indicate that they meant different things. it connects well with you description

  3. i can not express in words how thankful i am that you explained these things!thank you so much for helping me with my journey!!!sorry for my bad english

  4. I agree with you dear brother 100% that the 2 witnesses are Elijah and Moses because of the miracles they have performed and that they will do before Jesus return. Also for them appearing with our Lord in the mountain when the appearance of Jesus s face change.
    About Moses death, in Jude 1: 9 it says "But even the archangel Michael, when he disputed with the devil over the body of Moses, did not presume to bring a slanderous judgment against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”
    Thank you so much and God bless you. No doubt the Holy Spirit is working within you.

  5. Sorry, as I follow your interpretation further, I see that the olive trees and the lampstand are the faithful servants of God. You have a great point according to the verses you have referred. Thank you, I will also look at the link you have provided. Thank you dearly.

  6. I think they will come once trump gets out of office I really believe trump is the last I had 3 dreams about people saying it was all trump fault trump did it and we shouldn't have listened to him.

  7. my friend, I am sure you are a wonderful human being in Christ but when they ask John if he were Elijah he said no. I do not think he lied.

  8. God will use the two voices crying out from the wilderness. If we die to ourself constantly we too shall ascend

  9. The creation of Israel by the Rothschilds and its population of Askenazi "Jews" can hardly, reliably be called The Jewish people " they are those who have the Satanic Hexagram as there sign and are those who say they are Jews, yet they are of the synagogue of Satan.
    The Caucasians, came over the Caucous mountains, they fled the extermination, they populated Europe, and the Islands of the world including Australia yet they would have you say we a the Gentiles.
    This is typical Masonic preaching from Masonic preachers who inhabit and rule all governments and control all Churches including the so called "Gentile, Protestant churches.

  10. My handset won't allow me to edit my comments, so please except,…
    You do know the "Jews" openly say their "Messiah" is Mortal,… Jesus said "another will come in his own name, him you will except" talking to the Jewish Rabbis.
    They will/may be grafted in, but you can expect that those who own Kabbalistic Jerusalem, where they have many masonic Temples will war against The true Jews.

  11. Absolutely bang on. This is my exact thinking. Almost word for word. Bless you and the great (correct) studies you are in.

  12. Hear, you peoples, all of you,
        listen, earth and all who live in it,
    that the Sovereign Lord may bear witness against you,
        the Lord from his holy temple.

    Judgment Against Samaria and Jerusalem

    3 Look! The Lord is coming from his dwelling place;
        he comes down and treads on the heights of the earth.
    4 The mountains melt beneath him
        and the valleys split apart,
    like wax before the fire,
        like water rushing down a slope.

  13. The two witnesses are two "persons" one with the spirit of Elijah and one with the spirit of Moses. One gentile and one Jew. Together they will minister for 3 & a half years. That is more then enough time for two men to open the world's eyes

  14. I don't know who you are but I just found you yesterday. This video kept popping up so I decided to watch it. And my friend, I think you have something here. The anointing. You have been woke and as I listened to you at work I am crying ♥️

  15. Thinking is not believing, but obeying is believing. To think is not doing but when a man hears and does it, he is a true believer

  16. Powerful video, that’s an amazing breakdown of scripture. I wrote down all the scriptures as I went along with video, to study later, and I did notice a small pattern. Almost all scripture referring to the two olive trees were in chapter 11, in each of the different scriptures. Just found that interesting. Great video, so exciting!

  17. Two witnesses….reuniting the 12 lost tribes of Israel. All come together and sing our song.
    I love you all shiny ones xoxo

  18. When the Bible says that those who harm the two witnesses, the two witnesses will have fire come out of their mouth and devour their enemies, what if it means during the wrath of God? What if what it's saying is that those who behead the Christians of the tribulation, will be killed by the Christians they beheaded? In Ezekiel, it is written, "a sword, a sword, sharpened and polished. Sharpened for the slaughter and polished to strike like lightening."
    the scripture say iron sharpens iron in the same way one man sharpens another. Our bodies will be polished during the resurrection. Christ said, who lives by the sword will die by the sword. In the book of Revelation a sword comes out of the mouth of Christ.after Christ takes on the Antichrist, the Bible says that he kills the rest of the nations with the sword that comes out of his mouth

  19. This is a great video, very informative. The research aspect of how you came to your conclusion is pretty astounding. Good work sir, hats off to you!

    Stay Blessed,

  20. I am satisfied with your words and with the mystery that you have revealed. Since I support the Pre-tribulation Rapture this video contradicts to my belief. But I am satisfied, that, with the help of typology you have spoken the truth. So is there any answer how it won't contradict with Pre-tribulation rapture because if believers are raptured, then how can this two olive trees be present as God won't take someone and leave the other. What do you think? Do you support Post-tribulation view???

  21. I totally concur with your naming of the two olive trees – aka: the two remaining true churches of God: Jews & Gentile worshippers of
    the one True God, via Jesus – He who's name is above all other names!!

  22. But isn’t the Word saying that we were from a wild olive tree – the Jews are from a cultivated (home grown) olive tree – and if we, being of the wild branches could be grafted into the cultivated tree – how much more (easier) would the the natural (original branches of the cultivated tree) be grafted into their own (the one they fell off from, originally) tree?

    I don’t see two trees in this – I see one.

    One that Bc of Jesus we (wild branches) were grafted into – and then also Bc of Jesus (stumbling block) some natural (Jews) branches broke off – and also have a promise to be grafted back in.

    But the whole time – one tree.

    I love this video but I can’t get passed my logic on the above mentioned – Im very willing to hear other perspectives.

    God bless 🙂

  23. Daniel chap, 7. The first beast is the British empire,(rule of law)the Eagles wings is America. (Political power, democracy). The second beast is Russia, lifted up on one side, (socialism) the ribs are races, (Mongol, Arabs Europeans.)between the teeth means control by laws. Third beast is Nato , Leopard, wings of a foul. France and turkey,( Secularism ) fourth beast is also the seventh beast of revalation, mouth a lion, (rule of law) body of Leopard, (Secularism ) feet of a bear (socialism). With seven major religions and ten dynastic kingdoms.

  24. Just before the beast is voted into power by the world, (the UN is ratified,) the two olive trees will begin their 1260 days. this not far of. We are already seeing the movement of nations into economic blocks, (the ten dynastic kingdoms)

  25. It's good to meet others that understands. Finally! I thought I was the only one. The last 14 years begins when Turkey and it's allies attack Israel, 7 years will that war be. And then the peace agreement with many, then the ratification of the UN will begin. Then the persecution because of the two olive trees.

  26. Thank you so much fellow witness of Our coming King and Lord, King Jesus… Whooo awesome!! Only the Holy Spirit could have opened your eyes to such a revelation. Thank you Holy spirit ! Thank you, dear Brother in Christ, for sharing

  27. Thank thanks thanks what a blessing this video is to me God bless you and your ministry I've been enlightened today. Halleluyah.

  28. Who appeared on mount of transfugration with Lord Jesus Christ there is your answer and Lord said I change not…❤

  29. Those wearing sackcloth – bag of grain (to understand this we need to understand the festivals). The sackcloth has holes in it – to be sifted. Wheat from chaff (Ps 1). The root of the word refers to hands rubbing together up and down – Father sifting.

  30. The two witnesses – yes Jew/Gentile but much more. The promise of the Father in Jere 31:31-34 is to the House of Israel and to the House of Judah – 2 kingdoms divided. One divorced for unfaithfulness (House of Israel). The other put away out of sight (House of Judah/Jews). All unrighteous before Yah. The Jew – House of Judah. The Gentile – 10 lost tribes of House of Israel. God calls them – only He knows His children. They become one with Him and through Him. The physical & the spiritual. Jew & Gentile / 12 tribes face to face. No longer Jew & Gentile but ISRAEL.

  31. The two olive trees – Tree of knowledge of good and evil. Tree of Life. Adam – man & woman (1st – tree of knowledge) Adam – Yeshua (first and last – man & Yah) – a new creation – resurrected from dead – (tree of knowledge & tree of life) – together as ONE.

  32. I believe the two witnessess have to be the gentiles and jews alike who come to God under the same faith(Christianity). The NLT version of the bible says this in Revelation 11:7 "when they complete their testimony,the beast that comes up from the bottomless pit will declare war against them, and they will conquer them and kill them." My belief on this is why would they need to declare war against 2 people alone. It is said that Satan along with the anti-christ will have believers in God(christians) killed. This is why i believe that the two witnesses are the jews and the gentiles.

  33. Scientists wonder why people don't live forever. If science could figure out how to stop the changes that lead to aging, they would have the fountain of youth. I believe that we humans were definitely designed that way and God himself did indeed stop that with the disobedience of of the first on this earth. If all of the systems in our bodies were to work as they were designed, all bad plagues, diseases and cancer wouldn't stand a chance! Glory be to the Father! The one who created us.
    And I do believe that Jesus told a couple of followers that they would not taste death! Possible? Oh Ya!
    You will know who they are, they are coming as well as Jesus!

  34. Moses and Elijah were examples of two groups, the Jews and Gentiles, that at the end of days would be witnessing the word of God!! These two groups will be seperated for a short time,.. One group will die for the truth, and the other group will still be alive when Jesus returnes,.. But both groups will go up to met with the Lord in the air, when he comes to call them up to him!!

  35. I love your kanell is awesome you explain so much to May and in makes me feel closer to God thank you my name is and I live in Arkansas

  36. If i die for believe in Jesus will i go to Babylon? I am try to learn and understand Christ. Please let me know. Thank you and God bless you.

  37. What do you think about the Garabandal Warning, Solar flash. Then the Garabandal Miracle, the Miracle at the grove .

  38. Thank you and thank God for your teaching. I really, really appreciate it and every day I am so excited to listen and study from your channel.

  39. Well, you may not see my massage, but authority has been granted to whom ever believes in him to be called a child of God, thus consider 2 raptures….. Because when the rapture takes place…. Before the beginning of the 7 years…. No one with authority will be left….. Consider this, would you give authority to someone who is a judge to be a judge…… No…..
    Barnabas k mulenga
    Africa, zambia, copperbelt province, ndola
    Love the video, would love to get in touch

  40. Jesus Christ is truly amazing to me . I just want to get closer and your video really just opened my eyes to the symbolism of it all! Thank you for your help.

  41. even though I am small and not great base and not wise yet God has shown me things and wright many supernatural things in my converted life Jesus said a prophet is not without goner except among his own brethren and kinfolk. Brethren lets strengthen one another and expect miracles in the Body of Christ

  42. I know this reveal is guide by holy spirit i can feel it when the holy spirit overwhelming in me all the time when i watch this video.. May god bless u

  43. witness is see what they due when I Jesus tell people to due. what I say and prove. unfaithful people there are common. judies. factors

  44. God would never leave us without truth ( manifest through Jesus Christ ) and the rules of the game of life ( The Bible ).
    You cannot have the Old Testament without the New Testament, since prophesy from Old is fulfilled in the New.
    The New Testament is the 2nd covenant, promised by God in the Old Testament.
    They go hand in hand and are so perfectly intertwined that therein is evidence of the miracle of God's Word.
    If you do not believe that the Bible is the Word of God ..I urge you to please investigate by at least reading it ( without the biased algorithms of other info forms ) and when you do, you will see not only truth, but your story in there.
    You will also find that we are living in the last chapter of the New Testament = Proof that God's Words is Timeless and True.
    Jesus said: " Seek ye first the kingdom God, then all these things shall be added unto you ".

    Most importantly, Jesus said: " I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE "
    No other claimed this. Jesus was the only one. This is because he truly was the Word made flesh, just as God foretold to the prophets.
    Listen to the words of Jesus from the KJV Bible. Then you shall know the nature of God, and His love of us.
    And the truth shall set you free, indeed.
    God bless and keep you in your journey to truth. x

  45. The two witnesses are the only two countries that survive the next world war perhaps a male and female from each of them a marriage making one people hear we go the birth of a new plagiarized religion the ananaki are coming back when the sea of Galilee is no more it is finished

  46. Aw that was amazing.just before the movie finished I lost internet connection,but eventually got it back.and finished watching the bit about sack cloth ..thanks so much for the encouragement ..we all need that sooo much ..so many of us believe we arent good enough ..but 1 thing Ive learnt as well as in this video..is that if we are questioning if we are good enough ..well we are because if we arent then we wouldnt even be worried about it in the first place.

  47. I enjoyed your teaching on the 2 witnesses, it all came together and made sense, especially with you showing and verifying it with scriptures. It was great!!! It's a blessing how GOD opens our eyes to his truth, through his holy scriptures. Thank you & GOD Bless

  48. I really enjoyed your teaching on the 2 witnesses, it all came together, as you verified and compared everything you said with scriptures. It all made sense. It's a true blessing the way GOD opens our eyes when he reveals himself through his holy scriptures. Thank you & GOD Bless.

  49. You nailed this one. This is exactly how Preacher Eli Soriano explained it and its crystal clear how you and him explained it. Thanks for letting the bible explain the bible. You truely have the spirit of God.

  50. this channel is great but if u can add an arabic subtitel in ur video and thnx !peace and love and hope always god bless you

  51. Babylon the Great according to David Wilkerson is in reference to America. I do think this to be true, but need to know what you say it is, too! I plan on writing a book that will reference Babylon the Great. Thanks!

  52. Jerrenllewis GOD BLESS YOU my brother , just here to tell you your a blessing and inspiration to look up 'too. keep up the good work brother, just a heads up help¿ you should

  53. Maybe you can answer me this question. I've been asking but no one has an answer. Exactly who is "my people Israel?" The state of Israel?

  54. (Cant start a sentence with a preposition) So… I was watching/listening to this outstanding piece of documentary/research propaganda that brotha main be cool put together while "I" was/am/are consuming bud light and dipping grizzly long cut winter green. In other words I/I'm think/pretty sure I have yet to put on my sack cloth… My comment is intended for the humor factor. But all that aside, hopefully one day I will be "saved by grace, through faith, and not of works"… Because I aint got none… Ya feel me? Keep up the good work AoC Network. I have enjoyed this program. Now lets see how long my comment stays up or/before I get banned for exercising my freedom of speech. This comment was posted while listening to Fortunate Son with the added Huey effect. No I'm not a Vietnam vet… Have a lovely evening. This auto spell is phenomenal, makes me look or read half way intelligent. Hahaha, lol, rofl, hehehe. P.S. Some one should do a remix of the Weezer song and instead of using hash pipe, sack cloth should be implemented… I so could have used Grammarly on that last sentence. Oh well lets see how it goes…

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