Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

[ instrumental
“Over the Rainbow” playing ]
– What we are witnessing here..is the return of Titans.[ screeches ]– How many of these things are?– Seventeen and counting.[ roaring ] – That’s messed up. [ roars ] [ gasps, laughs ]– Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah.– Oh, my.– They’re moving like a pack.
They’re hunting.
They all respond directly to a.[ screeching ] [ snarling ]– We stop this Ghidorah,
we stop them all.
[ vibrating ]– Is there another creature tht
stand a chance against him?
[ vibrating grows louder ] – My God. – Zilla.
– [ low rumble ]– Our planet will perish.And so will we.– [ echoing ] Hang on, kid! [ screaming ] – Unless we set Godzilla free… [ snarling ] [ roaring ] – Oh, yeah, sure.
Let’s bring him in for a beer. – No, this time we join the fig.– Run.[ roaring ] [ screaming ] [ cries out ] – [ shrieking ] No!– This is Godzilla’s world.
We just live in it.
– Damn right. [ roaring ] [ screeching ]

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  1. I never saw Godzilla as a gay icon but two limp wrists and some were over the rainbow it's obvious now

  2. Godzilla king of monsters was the best movie I have seen in years thank you for bringing him back and keep up the good work

    It may look like Godzilla, but due to international copyright laws, it's not.
    But it isn't.

  4. King of the monsters might not have earth shattering box office numbers but it packs of hell of a kaiju punching action ♡♡♡♡ plus godzilla is pretty much a known kaiju thanks to toho ♡♡♡

  5. It is a fucking shit movie.. it would be nicer if that fucking "bitch emma" is tortured , crucified and killed.. instead of crysing for that stupid bitch…

  6. “ Is there another monster that will stand against Zilla?”
    Me: ELEVENNNN!!!!! 😂😂😂

    (Only stranger things will understand)

  7. "unless we release Godzilla" – wow, as far as i can remember she said "Unless we restore the balance" this trailer is misleading lol

  8. Just got back from reading reviews from IMDB…I mean I like the movie and I can't help but to understand some of the dislike for the movie, but for fuck sake, there's just too much hate and troll reviews that doesn't even involve the movie plot itself.

    "This movie has "God" in the title, this goes against Christianity and an insult to one and only God. 1 star"
    "Giant lizard? Giant pterodactyl? giant butterfly? Three headed dragons? I wish Hollywood would stop making movies about fake monsters in the U.S, Imma give it 1 star"
    "I hate this actor, 1 star"

    "As a proud American, I just hate Japan and anything they make, including Godzilla, so this deserves 1 star and less if I could…"

    "Not a Marvel or Disney movie, 1 star…"

  9. Twyin lannsiter told the false 3 head king that any monster who calls themself king is no king at all. Godzilla meanwhile was found to the heir the the monster throne and won the game of monsters.

  10. I really Love this Movie Already watch this love it Excellent 100% Rating 5 🌟 I hope KONG AND GODZILLA WILL BE FRIENDS…

  11. Trailer did what it's suppose to do, get people hyped over the movie. However, I'm 45 mins in and it's the most boring pos I've seen in a while.. Don't get me wrong, the monster fights are great! but the so called "acting" is beyong horrible.

  12. I'm so so disapointed. First time that I have no words for a bad movie. Less is more should be message for director.

  13. So, I just watched the new Godzilla movie and they just had to go f….ck it up with a little white girl and f…cked up parents. Who cares if she wants to run away? Leave Godzilla to the Japanese.

  14. That part where King ghidora bites godzillah 3 times the best part entire trailer 😇 because the music behind that paet was also superb

  15. Watched the movie and it was the greatest Godzilla movie I have ever seen in years and it restored my love for giant monsters. Especially Big G.

  16. If anyone wanna see the godzilla movie I will be uploading it on my channel tonight's in English and completely full hd

  17. Phenomenal movie. Its one of the few movies that managed to raise my heartbeat. The combination of use of CGI, the audio (the monster screams omg), the music and the overall design of the monsters was amazing. It almost felt as if the story was too large to put into a 2 hour movie so they had to cut corners. You hardly get to see some of the other titans as a result. I also love how they're getting better at capturing the grand scale at which everything is happening, because in most movies it still feels like a CGI town being torn down, not a real one.

    Still, as a point of improvement that I also notice in other movies is that they need to do some more research on how to mimic gravity when it comes to large scale monsters. When they fall it still feels like a rubber toy drops onto a fake building and casually cuts through them like butter. We're talking bricks, concrete, and harsh forces of nature here, like a meteor crushing the crust of the earth. As a human you don't just protect yourself from that from putting your arm in front of your face.

    Otherwise, my vote for best movie of the year (and yes that includes Avengers Endgame).

  18. I watched this last night and I felt like this movie became corny and boring. It imitates the animated movie How to train your dragon where toothless becomes the alpha with blue lighting at the back. No clear visions of the monsters, all dark scenes and raining. I watched it because of eleven.

  19. Tbh most of us are watching bc of Millie Bobbie Brown

    It seems really good but cmon y’all know I’m right

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