GOOD BOYS Final Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Jacob Tremblay Teen Comedy Movie HD

As you know I am one of the producers on your movie good boys Those were vases anyway you guys cannot watch the trailer for your own movie what You’re too young but we’ve seen their movies like super bad. You saw that movie it is not aged Well guess you filmed it before black people existed, huh? I’m from Canada. We’ve also seen sausage party You saw sausage party. You made a cartoon that’s on you dude. Did you like it? Yeah, it was okay. I fell asleep Well, you know what? I was gonna make some calls and see what I could do, but now fuck y’all We’re in sixth grade now we start doing sixth grade things. I know what cocaine s About get the fuck out of your pee bag boys only a little shit Anipals been watching Dateline. She now knows what cocaine is Hi Let me be a beanbag boy, I’ll grow tiny penis like Thor’s Tonight is our first middle school party. There’s a big girls there. You know, that means drama. No kissing. I’m out I’m guessing you’re not the popular kids in school you Do not want to go to Sora’s party not knowing how to kiss. Hey stranger things go fuck yourself. I Have an idea I’m kissing. Are you 18 year old? The guy didn’t even know what a kiss he was just licking that woman’s asshole wanna kiss an asshole Mack No, y’all from the future. Oh, we could spy on my neighbor. She told him then for Mia. She starts fires. No, she’s a nymphomaniac Someone who has sex on land and sea This is how we get the drone back you took my bag. Oh my god, there’s Molly in there In the forest, it’s a sex trip. What if a fox eats it and tries to fuck a squirrel. It’ll kill them littler no time to burn everything You don’t get to that party Oh God I’m fine. I’ll just live here You guys are little badasses pitting us like kids for tweens we know how things work and endorsing Why are you doing that swing is for sexing people do sex on Doesn’t know a lot of kids he heard some CPR dough we can practice kissing on that snap You should never kiss someone without their permission. Yeah, I kiss you. What do you like about me? Your sweet smell good You’re really pretty CPR doll I can send You

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