Google Keep Picture to Text Tutorial 2017

Google Keep Picture to Text Tutorial 2017

Google Keep. I love it. And every week, it seems I find something else to love about it. For example, I was at the library last weekend. I took a picture of a book. Okay, it was a recipe book. I found a recipe that I liked. I’m going to a potluck. And I thought, yeah, this might be neat, so I took the picture. As you do. But when I get back home, I found something I can do in Google Keep with that picture. Which is Google Keep will take that picture and turn it into text for me. It’s really cool. I think it’s a secret hidden feature. Let me show you how it’s done. I’m gonna hop at my desk and show you on my desktop, how I did it. but it’s a whole lot easier for me to show you on the desktop. So let me go. Here we are in Google Keep and as we can see we are in my groceries label because everything here is labeled Groceries what I’m going to do is create a new label though, and I’m going to click edit and then simply type in my label recipes, and then click done. As we can see, I have a new label here called “Recipes” I’m going to click on it, and we can see I have no notes with this label yet, because I [just] created it, but I’m going to create a new note It’s not going to be a list note. It’s not going to be a note with a drawing. It’s going to be this middle one. A new note with an image. I’m going to click on that and what I’m going to do is pick the recipe that I took a picture of from a book at the library. I’m going to click on it and then click open. We can see that Google Keep is thinking about it. I’ve got the little spinning thing up there and voila here it is Chipotle Chili Sloppy Joes! And I’m going to click or excuse me scroll on down and we can see those three little dots here that says More we’re going to click on that and I am going to select this it says grab image Text now watch the Magic that happens Voila! Everything that I took a picture of up here Is now translated into text that I can easily edit down here Which means I can do things like, “hey. I’m gonna copy that cut it out and make it my title!” if there’s anything here that I really don’t want — like that for example. I can simply delete it. But wait my friends. There’s more! I click on those three dots once again. It says more, and there’s another wonderful thing that I can do. I can copy this directly to Google Docs. I use Google Docs a lot. And we can see that it’s thinking about it. It’s copied it to Google Docs now let me open that Doc and If you work in Google Docs a lot like I do What a great treat to have any notes that you might happen to take for work or for Lectures or anything else recipes and have everything that you’ve done Converted right over where you can edit it and do with it. Whatever you wish and as long as I’m here in Google Docs There’s one other thing I want to show you and this is something new that got added last month that I personally think is terrific. If you go up to tools you’ll notice that Keep notepad has been added here So let’s see what happens when we click on that Your Keep notepad will come up right to the side of your Google document. I find this is really handy for a lot of different reasons. Let me show you one You can actually do a little review I just deleted the picture and now I can see that This really translate as well as I think it did and do a back and forth check on how well it did. There are other uses for this of course and maybe I’ll get around to showing them to you in a video in the future so stay tuned Please subscribe hit that subscribe button, and we’ll continue the conversation. Thank you for watching

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  1. Google Keep, my friends. It looks lightweight, but it's got some depths to plumb. Look beneath the glossy surface. You'll find its power lies in the depth of its connections with the other Google products you use.

  2. I've gone a step further by creating labels for: Recipes-starter, Recipes-main, Recipes-dessert, Recipes-baking, etc.
    Also, this works best with grabbing text from a single column, otherwise like where you scanned the two column ingredients at the top, the result is mixed up lines. This takes patience and a lot of cut and pasting to undo.

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