Gowtam SSC Telugu Full Movie | Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma

Gowtam SSC Telugu Full Movie | Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma

Hey Buddies, road is closed Friends it is time for bet. Do you want to know the thrilling
episode today? Car race. Today will be riskier than
the previous weeks. But to we have two dynamic participants. One is Mr Prabhu and the other one, Is Mr Gautham. So lets bet. 2000,3000, 4000,1000 2000, 80 53.5 Twenty rupees Yea yes Oh, this is a big bet Yes man, This is how it will be Like your father, we haven’t used
bribe money for betting. Where did your father worked? He worked in different office. Now we call Mr Prahul Prahul, Prahul
Prahul, Prahul I bet 10,000 Now let’s call the second participant
Mr. Gautham. 2000 rs is less
How it is now? Hey why are telling
it less man Remaining 8000 also spend it My bet 10,000 I can’t believe you
I have to count Means 2000 is less If I win I will give double count So do you know the race rules Participants will keep their
two legs on two cars and stand Car will go in 60 km speed In the middle there will be
3 speed breakers In which ever situation participant
should not touch the ground Either he should be air or in the car Is it clear guys? Yeah,Yeah
So friends give big hands to Prahul Prahul, Prahul
Prahul, laka laka laka Idiots
Thank you It’s a lucky day for Mr. Prahul Now it’s the turn of Mr. Gautham Amma After seeing what happened to him and then
also to participate I am not a fool Jump
laka laka laka So you taught I will go away
I won’t go Cha Oh baby, it is nothing Hey need to collect money Hey fat fellow Take this and keep there Uncle came, where? Seven Hills Yes Sir, Note those vehicle numbers.
Ok Sir. You come with me Stop man, Stop Where are you guys going?
Do you think it is your father road? Every week you block and perform
Programme here Move, Move to station
Sir No need for station Mine is respected family If you want take these guys They don’t have that respect Whom to take and whom not to take
We know that very well So who’s son are you? Hey you have any
shame, dignity, respect? Growing up like tree is
not enough Idiot Till now even my father has
not scolded me You are scolding me? Means Since my father started scolding me
I am not using his name out Is it so babu? If you tell your house number We both will talk through phone Full morning he works hard and come If we disturb him this time
it won’t be good Ya ito do so much in office
Is your dad a collector? Yes he is collector Pandian
Pandian. What mam? Do you know what is encyclopaedia? Ya I know encyclopaedia means Keep my cycle Pandian knows nothing.
We will ask our grandfather come I have spoke to him.
Grandfather, what is encyclopaedia? Right now I am very busy
dont disturb me. Go to grandmother go. I am sorry children Grandmother is busy.
Go to your dad. Ask your teacher in school,
we are paying fees right. Sleeping Uncle is in bathroom We will ask Suma aunty
Okay, come. Hello don’t worry bye. Hello Uncle, me Shubbu
What? Night police have arrested Gautham Gautham
Police What?
Police arrest. What? Oh He would have been done something Not like that uncle Then what now? Should I call to the police station
and asks him to release? I will not do that. Hey man
Come here, come. You have claimed that
you are collector son This is collector house
see there Sri. A SAMBHU PRASAD. I.A.S
District collector Very good person Not only that Sir. See the Madam plate at the bottom
Smt. A.CHAYA RANI, M.A, M.Phil
Prof. OSMANIA UNIVERSITY If you think like that
all in this house are big persons Dr. A.MANOJ KUMAR, M.D, M.S
M.E. Automobile Engineer Smt. A.RENU M.C.A, M.F.T FASHION DESIGNER Sri has been stricked out
A. GOUTHAM KUMAR SSC? That person in down Gautham sir.
We are not aware of him. Standing nearby you,
How can you say that you don’t know me?
Who? Myself
You? Listen babu. Dad woke up long time back Abba Why are looking so shocked?
Oh For last night
keeping me in station? Not like that. Keept your name plate in middle of
their name plates along with your degree I can understand
your position in this house How? Like keeping the local alcohol
between scotch wishkey bottles. Take your hand Okay Shanmu my friends are
coming for lunch today I will send you the carrier to office ok Bye neeraj Bye meera Bye. What sir? Somebody will see understand. We saw What did you see? When you came down to our place and
landed in opposite house We saw you putting papers alone
break inspector Mr Kondarao When we were in school itself we loved her Is it did they give response? No It is true Your dad is a specialist
Ha ha ha ha ha But Bawa its 10 years that you are married
Is it not boring with the sister? Hey all of you get out No man daily she appears newly to him
and make him in love Ohhh please be quite What guys morning you have climbed the wall
is tiffan over? No sister that’s why we climbed on the wall
if you give we will eat. Hey subu, yes What tiffian did your mom make today? Upma which remained last night and
Idli dough which was made in the morning She made idli upma with them Let my dad eat that and I came off here That is OK I have made more dough with your
brother in laws hand It is getting late
Anu, anu darling come and wipe my hair Ya coming Sister need not come you only wipe Haa madam will you at least come
and comb my hair Coming dear You wait sister if you comb also Its going to remain the same Heyyy,
yaaa What mangal konda do you want dosa? Its since three years that
I have got transferred to this place Till now i am single only Heyy between husband and wife there are
few feelings When she is wiping the hair my both hands Hugging her, haha while leaving for the office wantedly
removing one button And when and comes and puts the button
on her lips muahhh Haaa, then Then what my fate Rather than doing all this I have to watch
all these in TV serials Sister for kondal rao its getting
for office he is leaving This is for babu school fees This is for papa fixed deposit Bye banu darling Bye kondal rao We will ask sister and know it Hey its getting late for hospital When you go lock the house and
keep the keys in the flower pot Sister I have a small doubt Generally one doctor gets married
to another doctor One engineer gets married
to another engineer But you being a doctor Our crack inspector kondal roa Ohh sorry Our break inspector Kondal roa how did you
marry? can you tell me Correctly 12 years back When i was doing my house surgeon In one accident case this crack inspector
kondal haa, its getting late for hospital
will you go Thanks Send this file to the revenue department Will do it sir Daddy I have brought your carrier Why you have brought it?
is pandian not there? Mummy’s colleagues are coming for lunch
it seems for that work, she sent me You don’t have college? Today history lecturer died Why Day before yesterday economics lecturer
dided by pricking the pin Ohh this is true daddy heart attack Sad I will serve babu You wait I am keeping right Daddy you know what is special today? hmmm It is brinjal Enjoy and hog it nicely Heyy idiot what is this? Hog it enjoy them What language? Listen try to speak properly What did I say now?
brinjal is nice asked to hog it For this do you have to beat by your talks? Enough get out and wait outside I will serve myself Ok don’t show my anger on rice and
hog it fully Listen to my talks people Collector sir’s third son has come When he comes here this person will become
mood out Hey Katam My name is Kanta reddy Tats ok My wife also is also not pinched
on my cheeks Hello sir Hello hello hello hello He asked to show this file to the collector He gave this cover also sir Now itself i will go and show it Do you see if you give money
all the work will be done What is your work sir? From the day our company is locked out
we did not get our shares If he gives the order they will give it sir Means its very difficult for you to survive Yes babu seeing our lives If sir shows some concern Give here i will get it and come What katam? On this file he had doubts man
but me Katam dad has put the signature keep
the stamp and send them Take it, thank you sir Take it man Namaste babu
ok ok ok Babu Yes,from convent in everything first rank
why you have doubt? From small you are signing dads signature
in progress report But now i have doubt on his original sign Its like everybody is giving cover for you Now I remember today my mega star
andhra release My cinema ma Hey I asked you cover one dupata and asked
you to stand in line right I did stand like that till they
gave I did not move Stupid now see house full Hey if you would have called from your
dad’s office the manager will give ticket Ya like taring the ticket my dad
will tare me But now from tickets till brandy shop
all black market only lets try in black 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 Corner seats corner seats corner seats Will you sit near me near me near me will beat in slipper will beat in slipper 50 100 50 100 What is this? Tickets Is it black tickets? What you students also
came into black market? Hey officer what do you think about me If you see me is it like I am
selling tickets in black Do you who am I? Shall I call the CM?Ahh
no need no need This is CM is one person? City wise area wise street wise he is given
the phone number to everyone They say shall we call shall we call and
black mail us Its all our fate sir
if we catch them under the act also They will say we know them and
black mail us sir The entire city is like that only sir Lady it is wrong You brought tickets and waiting for your
friends, we took it wrong You can go please go 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 Hello how many are there? Five, give all the five Baby is there no discount? It is there if you get four tickets
one ticket is free But one ticket is 150 Bawa it is a good offer Idiot what for us now if its llike that We are strong in maths know Hello ahh I will come off there Sunday 70MM right I will come off Ohhh thief girl She is selling here and going there i guess She only told me to come at the
back of her, see there In black tickets form how she is going
like a rocket there, see Zindabad Tiger bun is not at home means still
he did not come Then we can make upma from pandian’s hand Like your mother in the kitchen right
50*2=100 50*3=150 Haa its like I have heard this 50s voice See there man upma 50*5=250 Same to same 50*7 Hi manga what you are seeing like that?
how we know your name? Now only we saw your sister
in theatre and came See man how fate is so different If their purpose is also the same
their character is different Is she is mass here she has class Hello Whom you are telling ganga manga both
are me only My name is janaki Inspite of selling tickets in black
taking tuitions is your side business ah No no me and my classmates planned
to go to cinema By the time they come if it becomes
house full I got tickets in black But they bought tickets in sandhya and
was waiting for me But like really selling tickets in black 50 100 50 100 50 100
you were giving expression The person who sold to me in black
gave expressions like that So i taught black should be sold like this
and i also gave the same looks Hmmm but you here
Uncle she is our new tution teacher Ohh is it But without Gautam interviewing
how did you select? If you had selected myself like you itself Each class I should have
studied for four years Hey you should not talk in front
of small kids at home Reduce little Hello This is Stevens from California can I
speak to Mr Neeraj please What brothers name from California
cant understand anything Yeah Yeah me me me me the grear grand small
brother of Neeraj speaking Yeah I could or would or should He inside the house I think Yeah i got in cordless phone Yeah sending the servant inside
yeah hanging Hello signal cutting ya califla Ohh oh silly califla keep hanging you will
reach him Hang yourself ok hello One minute within one minute
hang yourself Now the phone is going inside ya This is only English oh crazy Pandian, what? Take it Give it to brother Ok I will give it
don’t do it That only I said Come guys Excuse me Mr Gautham Ya are you busy the whole day? Ohh ya of course 25 hours For me evening 6 to 7
can you spend one hour? But why? Your language is so horrible From you English and to save other people
from your English Ok take No no took Come Take in Today night fully like a lorry without
break I will go speedily Banu papa why this time bell is ringing? I think some patient Tats why Doctors police people we should not
marry them If we do then urgent case will come home Ohhh you Where is sister, where is sister,
where is sister Urgent work is there bawa
what work man? Many works are there should I tell you?
say where is sister? But for me and her there is only one work Please please try to understand Will you tell where is sister or not? She is at home only,
but she is not in bedroom alone Sunday Sunday with out knowing
what programme you are having uncle? No today is our wedding anniversary Ohhh wedding anniversary You should have told us before right
if I say? Will you bring sweets We will get from you and go But uncle Without you knowing itself there is
romantic kamal hasan is there What is your problem?
you know right sister He is loving sunitha Yes, that girl gave green signal to him Not only for him for another boy Suresh
also she gave signal Now what that girl is saying
she is given a notice Who ever goes first in these two
she will go with them it seems Ohhh what a good girl she is Tats why to plan means banu sister To make her accept Gautham
tell something sister Ok Now this is sunitha What this not sunitha sisters it is capsule Think like that Hello It is so Congratulations I will tell them What? by the time we plan that suresh
and sunitha got married Who told you? That sunitha called up and asked to say
you sorry Ayooo Hmmm drink fast and get ready
and go to school Mother Get my juice Hello Gautham I am Sudhri from Delhi give
the phone to dad once Hey uncle how did you find it is
me after saying hello? In that house being empty and
attending all the phones is you right Ohh oh thank you uncle
what else? Your father got an award from
President of India For his meretricious service What? Your dad is got Rashtrapathi award,
Is it? Brother Big brother Open the door brother What? come with me i will tell Hello, Big brother come Hello Suma come everybody come
come i will tell you Daddy daddy Tell What? What all are together? What naughty? Sudhir uncle What happened to Sudhir? Hello hello hello I spoke to him two days back
what happened to him? Hello hello what happened to Sudhir? Oh Oh Sudhir Ohhh Ohh thank you thank you I will catch up later Idiot Don’t you know how to convey
a message properly? What did i do?
What happened? Chaya I got the prestigious
President award for my services How did you covey that?Sudhir said How did you say it?
Ohh take it easy dad. Congratulations Ohh thank you thank you my son
Chaya Father in law congratulations Daddy Congratulations dad
daddy Thank you thank you Daddy
Congratulations daddy congratulations Congratulations and all the best Did you see even the servant people
know culture except you Its ok cool Pandian get sweets for everyone
Ok madam Come come Come Come come come on
lets enjoy lets celebrate Hey Panthra mother how is my style? It is nice
congrats You have got dressed like that you
have got the award Hey it is same for dad and same for me You don’t waste my time, ohh
they are waiting for my interview down Move, please
Ohh thank you Everybody has come shall we start sir This is my family
go ahead Roll the cameras My dad deserves it He is genius I am feeling proud He is not my uncle,
he is my dad He is a gem of a person Daddy I love you My grandpa is great Thank you
grandpa grandpa What dears? they did not interview
Gautam uncle Its ok its ok ok sir you carry on what way should I introduce? My big son doctor Second son engineer To introduce them each of them
have a designation How to introduce you sir? My third son name Gautham is a free bird
in the air should I introduce like that If you have any shame and respect For being born as a human Ask him achieve something Come children You don’t feel Gautham babu Your dad got angry and scolded you You came late know,
No Pandian Nothing is wrong in what he said Being born like a human he asked me to
achieve something that’s all right? To achieve something energy is needed To have energy we have to drink boost Means get boost You born in collectors house it is ok If you were born in my house i would
have killed you Nirmala mother What is your grand son saying? Mother and baby both are safe In your blessings both are good You should only keep name for him What name should I keep?
Keep Gautam as name sister Automatically he will become like me What everybody have come to my hospital? Sisiter few truths will be happy to hear
but the fact is We all were walking in the road Suddenly for everybody in heart We heard a sound We were shocked what is happening
and opposite is your hospital To see you banu sister only heart Do you want car?
you are genius sister All doctors see the veins and tell
what is the disease? But you listening to out talks itself Its getting echoed
Leave the place Sister what did you about my matter? What is your matter? Will you tell my love matter? I am a doctor but what’s
love for you with that girl? If both of you sit together it will be like
pumkin and bottle guard I thought till now for love beauty money
property only is important But even height and weight matters
came to know only But sister i am loving this girl If my hand and legs breaks also I will love What language is this? not only
malayalam doctor Means I will break my hands and legs also
to get admitted here and bring her in line You need not break it From kerala they will come and break it I think you can use that shade ok ok mam Girls come on your costumes are ready Why you girls are sitting like this? Neha this is yours Wow and preethi you can wear this Raghav brush your hair back
little more yes exactly Oh gosh I forgot my design book Hello Pandian Ohh Gautam In my room reading table there is
design book Can you get it soon its very urgent It should go like this ok mam ok, sister in law Here your’s books Ya I got my book Hold on, Hi Hi Take it Its ok sister in law Its ok when you do works like this
you get commission right , take it Bye Ya girls, actually Vivek, ya Can you just check with the monitor Oh sure Renu Hey record it Anil sir,
zoom to Renu Ok sir Go to her tight lips Wow If i see that lips it feels like biting it
and saying welcome Zoom it back lightly and bring it down In black and black saree
she is like black cobra More till down Excuse me sir Yes, some one of your friend Mr Mano
is waiting for you at the lobby The one who called you is not Mano
Myself Gautam Renu’s brother in law So what?Hey You asked to zoom in lips right Where else to do? where? Tell man Wait I know what you wanted to ask? Did you beat vivek? is it so? Not simply I broke him Close your mouth Inspite of beating him you are saying
so causally, why did you beat? Why are you asking him?
I know what happened there He was passing some bad comments
on my models Then Vivek came and asked him
to leave the place Gosh he gave him left and right You must have seen viveks face He was feeling very bad
Sister sister sister In whatever you said i understood
one thing bad comments But who did on whom
What? Sir has done some good thing and came But if you hear the news that i brought
you will feel happier than this Today his tutorial college principal came
for inviting for a function Did not wanted to ask but i asked How is my Gautam studying? You know what did he tell for that Shri maan maharaja Gautam did not go to
college for past six months Six months How i wanted to see him My guru my eye deck Kalolivachigaru,Kalolivachigaru means who? In 1950’s in India IIS top rank
candidate from Andhra After that like me many people wanted
to get rank like him Nobody was able to do it But I taught through my son
I will fulfill my wish But this fellow Only 10th class he passed in first attempt Others he keeps studying them full year That why kept his standard as
SSC in name plate Without shame to the people who asked him SSC means, that is something Scientist at satellite center He tells it in style it seems , idiot
Hmm Suma what are you studying? BSC final year Because I dint study BSC is
anything loss for you in the future? No daddy, but sir He wont study what I said
Polytechnic only he will study it seems See his face
Chaya tell him Telling him to study is not to earn for us For his life to be useful What Gautham what’s wrong with you? See how dad is getting worried Mom is also telling Please dear concentrate on your studies Ok mom Mummy,Economy is
classified into agriculture Mummy mummy I passed mummy I passed mummy What? It is this Suma passed i passed Suma first rank I third class mummy Congrats mam you son got in third class
keep it up Che Che what a shame what a shame As if he did a big thing shouting mummy
he came in the campus He passed in third class but build up
was like as if he passed in first class In front of my students you brought
down my dignity idiot If you don’t to say in English you can
say in Telugu know I pass you pass what is this? Hey in college also they dint say much Stop it guys We wont stop it man
Leaving us you alone will go in the campus Hello Abba what from your cell you do
outgoing calls also What? What happened bawa? Where? Hey Hey say what happened to bawa?
why did you bring me here? Hey see there banu sister Bawa heyy Hey you gave build up
saying some thing urgent This is and all bawa plan Like tis country plan he gives nicely
Kondal rao Tat is ok now you cut the cake
why sister? What is written on the cake see it first Congratulations to the winner You passed the degree know so only But third class only know Gautam only one mother before exam your mom
was with you to study that’s why third class Is it was done before three years
State rank would have come You have that talent Why you dint born at my house sister? She was born in your opposite house know Tats why today to enjoy so much your
sister planned First cut the cake Everybody come on come come come Congratulations celebrations
congratulations Manoj, dad I heard that doctor Markus from london
you take this Is visiting your hospital
Have some more yar Please listen to me
I don’t want Hey for repairing that i asked to bring the
mechanic but you are roaming here When I went Gautham sir asked me not go
and he is repairing it sir why he is repairing? hey range Now it is super after keeping the key
itself it will start Gautham what is this? Instead of doing his work he will do
all the other works Even mechanic work too His gang that mechanic only Thats there, what today?Hey Wash your hands
wash your hands Ok Hello Shastigaru tell me I told no need auditing today Yes My sister is coming today from US Have to go to the airport to pick her up Dont say reasons i am coming Manoj will you go to pick her up Sorry Gayathri,
today I have to attend 4 surgeries I have Board of directors meeting Sorry sister I have rehearsals Ayo I have practicals Then who else will go? Gautam What sister in law?
Today Brahma is coming You know Brahma right? Braham I know very well That is waste it wont come for work Hey brahma, what bawa? Toi Dead fellow Means Brahma is become big now,
yes Then will you go pick her up
ya definitely But if all of you take car and go It wont look good picking a person
in auto who is coming from America No no why auto?
book some car Hey careful don’t stand
Gautam I am fine Oh ok Brahma Cool buddy Sorry speed breaker came in the middle Are you ok? I am aright, no problem, I am OK No problem Relax Hi everybody Hi Brahma Hi sister How are you? i am fine
How are you? i am good You have put on weight i think,
not excatly Come ma come ma I am coming What is this? In life first time i saw a telegu dictnoray And wrote in english love letter Ohhh ohh I fall and die for you
Means? I will fall and die for you Haa ha You are echo of my heart beat You are only my heart beat We are both in milk and honey
living together Waah waah waah What is the meaning for this? You and me like milk and honey should live
together Ohhhh You hate me and hit me But always i love you If you scold me or shout at me
i will love only you I will kill you
Do that work banu Then what
is this love letter? Love letter means expressing the love If that Brahma reads this letter means She wont love you She will push in usen sagar She will go fall and die usan sagar Why are you telling faults sister I have not seen a good love letter like
this in my kife Ahh, Hey cylinder close it What man? In todays world girls go with
internet and emails You are still in letters
do something different It should be different only he wrote this Hey you should not write love letter
heart beat liver enlargement If you want to deal with a girl you shoud
get ideas from another girl Thats why we came to sister Your sister is not a girl,
aunty aunty Konda Sorry dear i told the truth Coming to the point What i am comin to tell is
you can ask this feamale right Me no way Yes you are only correct
can you help me Please please Please i will catch your leg Please help me you only have to do
please listen to my words Ok ok Hi Brahma Hi Janaki Do you swim daily? Ya it is my routinue Like you swimming there is one person in
this house who likes swimming Who? who else Your Gautham bawa Daily he dives from there swims Oh really Oh my god If she asks me to swin from there? By the way which game do you like? In US i only play volley ball Wow what a coincidence Naturally for both of them In one thing tatste will be same But for you both in two thigs you
have the same taste Gautham also likes volley ball you know Really?
I will do one thing Eveing for both of you
i will arrange hand to hand game Ok, Ok I am ready Ready? I am ready from morning Ok Where is Brahma?
She left half an hour back. Stop madam enough of laughing Reaction which has to get
it came for you Like 1000 walts shock beat Means being so close to a girl
is the first time know It doesnt look like that if i see your
batch and you We are good people
tell the truth you are a virgin? Che che haa Virgin virgin 100percent pure Thats ok tell some other good idea This is a lesson or what to see in my
text book and tell Give some time to think
i will make a super plan this time Hello its getting late for me
I will go bye Bye Why 6 guys are beating one guy brother? You came as second guy. Oh, is it like that? But it is not my usual thing. For me three rounds First round, second round and third round You decide how much round you want Why that much round for you? Then it is my count. Go man Go Can you drop me?
Ok Thanks Hey Hey Hi Gautham
Who is he? Hi PA I am PA to your father,
not to you Then you should go camp with him,
Why you came to me? I stayed back to do small work.
What? Come this side, I will tell you.
Oh personal. Come this side first. See here This person is my flat watch man’s son. Hi
Hello Sir To open telephone both in handicapped quota To fill applications time got over. Today last day We dont have a time get signature with all. If your dad sign then it will be complete. But he is not in hometown That’s the reason I have come to you So if I do my dad’s signature
then he will get job Not only that He will keep you dad photo
and do daily pooja. Then ok Give me the file
Give file Come on, Come on What’s today date? 3rd September Have you took cover from him? Not like that, I am also Human You are nicely telling lies. Catch it When Banu will come? She didn’t went to school She will kiss the kid until get satisfied
and then will come Ah ha, Here my dream girl came. Madam, was the function good? Very nicely happened. Oh I will also get jealous on him. He looks small, chubby and very cute baby. Always you talk about others,
When you will have kids. Why so quick? Why quick? You dont have, but I have. No milk, No fruit No Idea when you will have kid,
But saving money in the box. Atleast you tell this When you will have kids? Tell us, tell us
Tell us Stop your nonsense Kids Kids Kids No kids for me Hello Let them know,
How long you can keep secret We cant have kids She dont have that option We cant have kids She is thing that I shouldn’t be worry
I thing that she shouldn’t be worry We became kids for each other The money which I keep Every month we are giving to orphanage You are an angel, sister. We will like the thing
which we don’t have and others has. You dont have that thing But you are helping many kids And you are seeng happinies in
some other mothers eye You are so great sister. Hey, why I don’t have kids? Even if you are all calling me as sister.
I hear mother in that. Now tell me,
you are all my son’s right? Then me My daughter in law Stop sister, you are making your
own decision. I have to inform to my parents also. Oh Oh
This guy have many things Beat him man, beat. He is innocent,
Dont do anything for him. Naughty boys God, your idea has to be succes. Yes If we project like this,
even Kalpana will fall for this. Sorry wrong quotation Bramara is in aunty room While she switch on
she is not lighting the lamp, lighting my love,
I will setup like that. R E M O Remo Remo, Oh R E M O
Remo, Remo, eco Remo Remo Oh she is in bathroom I have to set it quickly Oh she is coming Hey
She what is it? See that Not like that Ya that’s it.
I kept here. Who opened the door? Gautham Daya by day,
Why are you behave like this? Without knowing,
why you are all pointing me? Why you really went to her room? To off the lights in her room to show. If I didn’t come you would have been done this. Not like that, while she was in bathroom. Che Che,
By thinging itself I am getting afraid. While I was in bathroom,
How many times he would have been seen? What sister in law?
Why you are speaking like this? You should be happy that
we are only speaking If it is others
they will beat you with footwear. She thought stay with her sister for 4 days
you did great for that Immediatly you go to mom’s house Listen here Bramarama Till now in my life
I am proud that I have not did any mistake But after became father to him
I realise that I did mistake For the mistake he did
I am asking for sorry. I am Sorry, Really sorry I am sorry Gautham,
it all happened because of me. I am only the bad,
I am really sorry Gautham Gautham
control yourself What you are not crying? For what? For what?
That much fight happened. That many people scolded you. For scolding, I will cry!! I wont cry, when I do mistake. Then how can I cry for the mistake
I havent done Can you do one more help
without hesitation? What is that? You are taking tuiton
in Ram Mohan house right Yes For his first daughter Bindu, Can you give this love letter? You wont change. Why they are boarding the luggage’s? May be they are going to Kasi, Rameshwaram In your house
they will take all the luggage’s? Yeas man, my uncle will take all
to avoid theft. Yours fool family Hold it Hold it
careful Why you are taking luggage’s?
Are you changing house? No, we are changing the place itself. Means? Your brother in law got transfer to
Vijayawada We came to know before 10 days Then If we tell early
then you guys will feel You have told now.
Are we look happy? Not like that Then what sister? Who is there for me after you leave? Where I am going now?
If you need me urgently Get on to terrace and shout as
Bhanu sister, I will hear that Then if we get bus
in 4 hours she will be before you But I am also feeling bad for leaving you We too miss you Ok Ok
Bhanu times up Hey, help us guys. Hey Subbu careful Hey Babu get it I will be back ok While I leave Gautham
He will really became alone. Atleast I feel you are there for him Careful Hey you can lock it Leaving.
Happy journey sister. Gautham I will be back Bye
Bye Bye, take care of yourself Bye Ok bye, Dont come to office sir Why? ACP visited our office for raid and
searching in your room. ACP raid in my office How? Hello Hello I am Prasad here. May I know sir,
What is happening in my office? RAID For what? What? No no no no way no way sir
Please listen to me You can always come to my house and search I don’t have any objection. Anytime
Anytime Ok What happen daddy? Information went to ACP office
that i have took 10 lakhs bribe and approved a Gov project Why? Why?
Why should I do that? Why will I do it? How can ACP RAID collector’s house? 3rd September, I was not here in Hydrabad. Yes, you have went to camp. All this is so funny. What is the date today?
3rd September. We are very sorry sir. Search warrent. Ok, go ahead. Please go ahead, move So what happened? Did you recover any money? We didn’t get money.But we a evidence
that you have misused your power. Is this your signature? This is my signature. But I didn’t sign in this paper. Also on that day I was in Hydrabad.
Sorry sir. Furthur arguement in court.
Arrest him. Who took the bribe? tell them. Sorry sir. I liked the bribe money 10Lakhs.
So I have forgery the collector sign. I have approved that site for them. Mr.Reddy. Mr.Reddy
How could you do this to me? Who have put his sign? That..!! Some professional helped. Sir, we are extremely sorry sir. Take him into custody Stop Come here. Come These many years he worked under me,
I didn’t get doubt on him. How did you know that
he did this fraud? Means Daddy..!!
That..!! What is your share in that 10 Lakhs? I don’t have any link with that money.
Then what? Handicap will get telephone booth. He will thank you. This signature.. Me..!! You have not made your fathers signature
Its this district collector signature You try to assassinate my character He tried to kill me. Daddy Then what? These many years no blame on me.
Tomorrow I am going to get award. If today they would have been tied my hand. I would have been hung and died. Is he not tried to kill?
Tell me, is he not tried to kill? Daddy I done it unknowingly Sorry, I won’t repeat it daddy. Don’t tell like that please daddy. You have did many mistakes.
But I have allowed you. Finally you have done mistake with a girl. I have been polite as a father. But now, you tried to kill me. Hereafter don’t have place in this house. He shouldn’t be
in this house. Hey come man Please daddy
Sambu Daddy Daddy
Get lost, get lost Daddy Hey If you make a step as not a Sambu prasad son
then this is your place. Out What? Come inside. He tried to kill me I would have been hung and died. Hereafter don’t have place in this house. I done it unknowingly
Sorry, I won’t repeat it daddy. What master?
You are sitting here Hi Pandulama
Hi The news what I heard i right?
You have been get out from house. Hey they didn’t say get out Love became more on me.
I can’t bear it, so came out. So what is our address now? It is not like here and there. In summer season Ooty
and in winter season koti I am thing
where I should be in raining season? Enaough on your acting, stop.
You are not saying from your heart. Janu, that mistake I didn’t done knowingly Its ok.
I know about you. In that Ooty and Koti are in very distance. Nearby in bala nagar
Janaki has small house Will you stay there? You are staying. Come What?
Your doubt is “who is he?” From today I am keeping him
You have any objection Come Hey what is that words? What is wrong in that? Today If we are not telling the reason Tomorrow we will not have answer
for their Questions. My daughter will do everything correct. Not that
Amma Amma First let her introduce him Daddy, I have told about Gautham.
He is. From now he will be in your house
for few days. Gautham he is my dad.
Captain Harish X army.
Hello Sir Welcome to our home young man.
Thanks sir. This is my darling.
Sushila. Unfortunatly she born as my mother. Working in exports garments. Hello aunty Hello babu She is this area Aishwarya rai.
My sister. She is your type.
First in studies. Then
One and only Nagarathnamma My grandmother This factory MD. Sometimes she want to
became competitor to Ramoji rao What sometimes? Now itself all are using my product. Janaki told about you. What’s your name?
Gautham Looks like fine mango. Then keep distance with my grnadmother. She cut you and make pickle. Come here
Hey We will be always like this. Daily we will eat together We will sleep together Like this not only we are happy together We will share our worries also Every month 1st along with daddy pension money
we will also give our earnings to him. Hey
Stupidity, madness Magical, truthless Hey
Son don’t have rights to make fathers signature For this reason,
made him to get out. Hey bawa come to my house
I will take care ofyou Your personality is big
So you can take care him from heart Hey come to my house
I will take care of you But you don’t have that option
in your houses They think feeding you itself is waste What Gautham?
You have concern to stay in my home? Hey
No Janu. Otherwise,
my family is not taking care of you They are taking care of me then you Then what is your problem? That Philips Hey come quickly, my vehice is on repair
come quicly Hey who is that? Me babu
Babu? Which Babu? Jagapathi Babu? Mohan Babu?
Or Chandra Babu? Whoever you are, I will see in night. Hey yesterday night you have repaired this
Again it is not starting. If yesterday night repaired then
it should work till tonight. I will worship you, I have a inspection in office
I will worship you Philips come man, have to go office What happen sir? Bike not starting. This drunkard is the only mechanic
in this area I am getting late to office Shall I see See if you know. Now give one kick and see Sure Amma Earlier even for 30 kick it won’t start. Now it is started in single kick You know the work, take this money Hey Just like that you have helped,
But he have given money to you Janu, earlier you have asked me
about what is the problem to stay in your house Problem solved. Can you do one help to me?
What? That mechanic is not working right? If you get me the garage
I will work it out for now. Gautham Hey Hey
You are mechanic what? Please Janu Who is that? Who is showing sun infront of me? Who is it?..!! Me uncle
Janaki Janaki Which Janaki?
Sowkar Janaki? Oh Sowkar
I am your fan in your young age After my age become more You came to my shed Janaki.
Uncle I am captain daugther Janaki I am major son Philips Wake up uncle.
Hey Janaki. you What madam?
Why you came along wth these peopel? He is Gautham my friend Oh, nice meeting Gautham.
Nice meetingn Uncle
stop uncle What madam? He knows mechanism
oh Anyway you are not working
Yes That’s why your garage he can maintain Monthly he will give some money to you
Money No cash business
Only liquid Then every two days once
I will give you half No daily give me a quarter enaugh Ok
Soda You are here na cylinder Mummy enaugh babu
enaugh Thanks Janu One danger in this If he drinks, he will forget persons Rama first for you Philips uncle No no
no need sweet If spicy means
I will use it in evening drinks Like that only How are you?
Hi Sambu Hello Sir
Hello Madam Hello Sir I thought to call you For what?…!! Gautham is your younger son right? Why is he having mechanic shop
in Bala nagar road side? What collector son is mechanic? As you thought your 2 elder sons Made one as doctor and one as engineer Very nice Why left your younger son? Whatever it is collector son
mechanic is bad right? Ramesh excuse us Hey Like this hit What chitti come here, come here What kid?
Why are you crying? Mummy instead of telling story
she beat me. Achi cho
Is it? What story you want? Rajakumaran and horses. Chitti Now I will tell one Rajakumaran story But that Rajakumaran has
no horse and no teritory. But have good heart Can I tell that story?
Yes, tell me. 67, 68, 69…. See this Pandiyan.
This month my earning is 6755 rupees In house got scold from dad Theft money from your brothers pocket Spends thousands of rupees Gautham Now there is a happiness in your eyes Then I have worked hard for this money
Pondian Very happy In house are they talking about me? Hey what you asked like that? Daily they are thinking about you. Your mischievous Your mom and dad are talking more about you You are telling lie,
because I will feel bad Tell me truth,
are they remembering me? No man The day you left house
I am noticing. Not even one time
Where he lives Timely eating food or not
Nobody bothers They are Forgotten you Then what?
They would have been killed me. Asked me to go out with respect. Why should they remember me? This is what I like from you. Having pain in heart But smiles in face Leaving Why all these now? I can share my happiness only with you You deserve to take this Because garage name is your name I am feeling very happy Ifyou get that nice shirt
of course you will be happy Don’t be jealous
Why you didn’t get nice items? He bought
But I can’t tell outside What is it?
Underwear. No No That is too much to you Sister sweet is too good.
But you became thin. What to do?
Your uncle is not not cooking properly We will do one thing
We will change uncle Coorect
Hey It is ok man.
Atleast he is washin clothes. Hey you are earning only to eat and live
or you have analysed future Sister, you thing he is doing only repair He is combining all the
net and bolt to make new part Soon multinational company will
contact him to buy that Joke? not getting laugh
getting shy If you take life as joke
Life will make you joker Then everyone will laugh at you In this age youth will have two paths First to changethe life into correct path Second not taking life into serious and
spoiling it I belive my brother is in first path If you take life as joke
Life will make you joke changethe life into correct path not taking life into serious and
spoiling it I belive my brother is in first path Yes Go
Ok Ya Hey bawa
You not ordinary person I am proved first time as
your friend My gives 60KMPH Now it giving 40 40? Hey bawa I worship you
please change my corporator I will try one last time, please Listen here
Already 60 became 40 Again if you try
40 will became 20 Big engineers and automobile engineers
can’t achive this How can you do? leave it
shut up Are you friends? Instead of encouraging
Why are you discouraging? Everything cannot happen just like that In first attempt
everyone can’t make success Lost as council member Abraham lincon then became
America president Still there is time You will win Whoever belives you or not I believe you.
Definitely you will get success Ha Ha Hey
Ha Ha Hey Who are you all?
Good morning uncle Uncle? Pincle?
Who are you? What you doing in my shed? Mummy Oh Janu told right He will forget once he wake up Urgently need alchacol Keep this What man?
What are you speaking? Get up get up
go go What are you doing? Go Go Why are you hiding?
Go Go out Philips will not wake up
so that you think to take my shed? We are waiting till you wake up
Why? To finish you
tell me How you want to die? With beating With bomb blast With gun What man?
Upma pesarat Asking like you want idly, sambar.
What i did that much? Hey
You have troubled our brother. Brother
Which brother? Partali dera brother Partali dera brother?
I told? Hey
In middle Hari In middle hari? Yes man You have troubled and
killed my brother. Hey dishum.
Mummy I know neelakandam from Cinema
but I don’t know murder Dhura kandan Hey murder means
you will change matter. You I live my meter
I don’t know matter Rey Rey
Rey If you tell you don’t know anything
means we will leave you Come on tell me tell me
tell me about your background Background? or frontground? I have made this shed with small ground
I don’t more than this I know You two guys played in Channapalli jail
and planned this In Rajamandri jail planned
with beating rock See here babu, I don’t know anything
I am alone and don’t have anybody Hey see here We lost God like Kiran
We are sorry people Sorry people
So you killed brother Brother Why are you beating me
Babu Medicine Now I will tell your work Gautham, Su Subhu What?
Why are you standing? Go and do your work
Go Go man If I drink… Wont forget If I forget I can’t drink
Won’t forget Mummy, always work only this much Hello Good morning sir
Good morning
Good morning sir Hello Sir
Hello Good morning sir
Ya Good morning Have a seat Manoj, 3years agreement with us
is geeting complet today. Why you did not extend for another 2 years? I am extremely sorry sir Until my hospital construction get over
I work here, I told you Already 3 months back my hospital got ready
by considering you I extended here What I am trying to say is? I will double the amount what I am
paying now. No sir, Its not about money That hospital is because of my father Ok Manoj Even peaople are much advanced,
but always they will belive doctor Take it All the operation you performed
in my hospital is success, infact My hospital reputation also
grown because of you, no exaggeration So along with you taking my patients also Not like that,
everybody have their own identity Ok doctor carry on for your
last surgery I mean
In my hospital Thank you sir Operation success After shifting to ICU
you can go and see Thank you sir
Thank you very much Right article
Sir Doctor Manoj
Yes Check that he took
Alcohol or not What nonsense are you talking? Patient you operated has died. No way
Operation is success Because he died your management
complained us Check him Blow air He took alcohol What the hell?
I took alcohol? My god All these done by that chairman
I doubt him It is not me doctor
It is you I have not given the amount you requested
to develop your hospital To spoil my hospital reputation
you did this right? You
you bleady Enaugh arrest him You seen this
Your brother’s murder case To spil you and your father
and you entire family Media is creaing problem
How is it? Because we have blood relationship with
are we consider as criminals? Also its a private matter But ours is not private company
it is public company Not only company matters our private matters also will be observed For my brother murder case
what is the relationship with our company? It is
Soon we are going to announce public share To buy a murders brother MD company share
people won’t show interest So
So what? Sell your share to company and
leave your MD job. Otherwise, you can buy all our
partners share, we will leave company. Hey So you have only one choice Neeraj, your dad came.
If he knows then he will feel bad. Go inside Why you are all here? That..
What is this luggage? Are you going on vacation? I wanted to get seperate from this house
daddy To tell you and leave Seperatly going Why? You know this daddy. In Manoj case
our family reputation got damage. Because of that my company partners
asking me to withdraw. To tell in single work
They asked me to go out Already I have came out of the company If still I am here,
then I will be in roads. Hey neeraj
What is this Neeraj? Issue raised on me. For that why you should leave? If I leave,
you won’t have any problem Gayathri Gayathri Mummy Gayathri What is this?
what? I am leaving
I am leaving You two will take decision? As a father
Is this the respect you are giving me? One son is useless Atleast I thought
you guys are there for me. By listening others blame on us and
leaving a home Instead we will only go Forget others, we should also
know the truth Also you guys no need to go out
We are only going For others sympothy
we are still not came to road To avoid that we are leaving now Renu, Gayathri
What ladies your also behaving like this? I am sorry dad. Hey
Hey Hey
Neeraj, Neeraj Renu Daddy You believed me and
bailed be out today and brought to home. Because of me what brother faced
tomorrow It should not affect you Leaving from here is good Hey big babu
Hey Manoj Come Gayathri Manoj
Hey Manpj Hey stop
Hey stop Stop
Hey stop Hey
Is sir there? No sir
Get out Stop
Hey Hey where is Chandrasekar? Sir is not here
went to London When he will come?
We dont know. By seeing him, I am remembering Chiranjeevi How much it gave? 60 man How much it was before the same now. Gautham babu
Hey Gautham What Pandiyan? Gautham likes Biriyani
and kongura. Thats why
He is in Garage. I am coming from there
He is not there Ok, while he come back
give this to him I am leaving Daily in this time he is not in
garage Not coming to home also
Where he is going? You
Cool baby cool I have given lift to you
is not to became driver To enjoy tonight with you
nearby I have a form house Call home and tell them
Show is getting late I will come morning You bleady
I am not that kind Gautham Mahesh, kill this bastard Gautham Hey sister-in-law
What is this? That day if you would have been liste to my words
then you were not in this situation today Sister-in-law, you are equal to my mother Without knowing I was there in Rama room
I didn’t mind what other told I am not like that sister in law I am sorry Gautham I am really sorry Its ok sister in law
Go inside What man?
How much it is given? you see Yes Yes Yes How much? 120 given WOW Yes Yes
Yes I am so proud of you If your sister knows this news
she won’t be stand on earth Have you tool patent rights What is patent rights? Patent rights means that his corborate
technology everything belongs to him
given by government If we not getting that Now some are claiming cinema story is mine,
no mine like that Not only that
after you take this rights Multinational companies
will fight for that rights Your life will be changed Gautham after all one mechanic
small mechanic Invented 120 KMPL carborate Shame on us Sir actually Please no explainations Accept your failure first Some how convinence Gautham Make sure
That carborate technology will be ours For that Money
not only crore Because of that our company will grow Before Gautham know that value
we should get that technology Buy him at any cost Mr.Gautham For selling you technology to our company 2 crore and 5 % on sales loyalty by agreeing that sign this document Janu, how many zeros to crore? seven That means for 2 crores
14 zeros right? Sign this Brother
Sister in law How are you?
Fine I am fine
Come come Give chair Its ok
Can you please get up? Please sir
don’t want Get tea Harlics for sister in law We dont want all those
We have small work with you Work with me
what brother Nothing Gautham
your brother is not in that company Had differences with partner
So left We thought what to do further
in automobile field You have created this much sensation
by creating carborator Your brother came here to ask you For this small matter
why came until here If you would have send some one
I will come there But you seems like signing an agreement I haven’t sign yet no agreement yet One minute It is yours
brother Tell me how much they were ready to give
How much you want from me? What is that brother?
You have pulled me down in one word. Why you will give money to me brother? If I come to that point
to see cinema or party with friends I have taken money from your purse or
sister in law purse For this
that money is more But you have give me a word What is that?
First promise Big brother not done that
You know that by heart In that situation
you have came out of house For daddy I am just his son
But you both are his eyes After you both came out
he is not happy, very minute he is worrying Please you both go back to home Please Grand pa
Grand pa Hey Kavya
Grand pa Come all
How are you? Daddy I am extremely sorry Feeling shy for what I did Hey why do you feel like that Hey Hey
I have told you right Within no time
my two sons will come back to house I know about my children For rejoining I am really very happy Daddy You told we rejoined Along with us Gautham alo
Manoj I am so happy now Don’t speak about dead person and
please do not spoil my happy mood Come children
les play, lets play Hello Hey idiot
How much time to receive call? Are you seeing house lice in your
employe head? Who are you?
What are you speaking? Not only speaking
I want to beat you I didn’t thought
that you are this worst Chiranjeevi 5th class Means your own grand son For your own grand son in your own hospital
open heart surgery is happening Without worry you are in home What operation for my grand son? Ya in few minutes it is going to start Hey I will tell you one thrilling news This operation is not performing my surgen One mechanic and his friends Ashok
Ashok I Ashok came?
Sir I went to school,
But already someone took him. What you want? Hey first come here
then we can negotiate If you inform to police
then we will cut him here Babu Don’t do anything Leave hin leave
I will give as much money you want. By mistake if someone comes to
corporate hospital you wont leave You will suck their blood right Hey
We dont need your money Then what you want
Truth About what? You did the murder and
passed that name to Dr.Manoj. regarding that You have to tell to all Otherwise I will kill him Actually
means Hey he is not going to tell
Doctors Lets start the operation No
No please stop it No No
Leave. Stop it Will tell
Yes I will tell truth This is what happened.
Stop Sir Arrest him Friend you can wake up now But you have told If you like my acting
then give me chocolate. Take it Thank you Bye grand pa Namastey, you are seeing TV9
My name is Padma In Dr.Manoj case new twist You are monkey
No you are monkey, stop and listen Come quickly and see this
What Pandiya? what? See this
Being Doctor how can you do this? I have asked Dr.Manoj to extend
2 more years in my hospital But he didn’t agree If he opens his hospital
My hospital will be in loss, so I did this Oh god Being a doctor I done this
I am feeling shy Some god is helped our family Case is in court
but he himself agreed the truth I can’t believe it To play in Australia
Ranji layer R.Kiran got selected Kiran
Suma Uncle Collector Shambu Prasad I will call you back Come Namastey Namastey
come come Congrats Kiran
All the best Thank you Please To wish my son you have came directly
we all happy for that Actually we have not only came to wish Today only I came to know
our Suma and Kiran loves each other You are Sumas 2nd brother Yes Because they both are roaaming
you have arranged a person to beat him I am really sorry for what happened Good and bad whatever happens is
belongs to entire family If boy and girl roam together, you guys
thought bad and beat them Our family is not like that Sir I do accept
Whatever happened is worng Sorry, we are not ready to accept
a person from your family Please Uncle Engineer went to site? Brother Suma Hey Hey
You can go after eating. My sister came Hello Ms. Suma kiram
come come I thought to congrats you
but for me no entry in home Suma What?
Kiran dad not accepted for my marriage. Why?
Small brother beat him earlier What you want? Consider about my sister one more time sir. I have told everything to your father right Ya he told But my dad is not in the position
to learn from other Shambu Prasad means not only dignity Also being good in his position My bother did mistake in emotional
for that don’t spoil my sister life If you think your decision is correct That day your son would have
not meet my sister But daily they are meeting everyday Because they thought one day
you will understand their love daddy me Hey you That day I have told you someone saved me He is that guy Beating and helping is not the only things That’s why I haven’t told you this news Now it is upto you sir Daddy What happen? Oh my god What happened?
Somany people we have to meet. Che I can’t understand Hey careful
see it Nearby no car garage There seems to be a bike shed Hey babu You only
come here Daddy Only bike or you how to repair car? I know both,
Then see what happen Hello
Yes tell me …. Sir do you have tool kit
One minute Its in dicky What happen to that matter Suma Start one sir
ya This mechanic seems good mechanic No Good mechanic and bad mechanic Mechanic is mechanic How much you want? Its okay sir
small work Means free service With some people will do work and
take money With some people will do work and earn name I can’t understand
Sir got the point Ya Ya What is this? Why you brought sweet? Again have you found carbonder Instead you can give one quarter Hey see new bride came. Oh that is the news Suma is new bride. New bride come come Enough go man Oh
that much shy You know her husband
The great cricketer Kiran Kiran So we can do match fixing now. What sister in law
you came here to invite me for marriage We were on the way to invite
sumathi wants to meet you We have suggested to put your name
as first in the wedding card But Uncle Shut up I don’t wan’t to hear the name
How many times I have told you? If we invite him to marriage
again he comes to home rascal He said that right He himself thought to invite me
personally Why he will asks you to invite me? Morning a car stopped here
I saw it is daddy Seen him after long time I thought to run and hug him But I am not wearing good dress
ad got afraid But he,
Why you stopped there? Haven’t seen you for many days.
Then he hugged me. I can’t bear it
and got sweet What you became thin?
That is it Hey your sister marriage
You have do everything What?
you are not believing Hey
see Dad himself written in this invitation card Yes Brother
I know your writing You have written this right I got in writing Means dad came that’s true But not to see me
to that house I have seen him While standing near to dad
he saw me that I don’t have any value He came to invite someone
but he didn’t consider me as someone also If he would have been thrown the card
from car, that is also enough for me. But he seen that I don’t have
any relationship with this marriage I may be done mistake
But I am also his son and human being right Hey Gautham come
come Hello Mr
See who came here Who is that? Hare Hare
Come on come on Come on brother
Why you became thin? You thought to see us Today Suma marriage
sister Suma marriage
Then you Any brother will think to do
daughter marriage by himself But I don’t have option to wish her But I don’t mind not going to marriage Suma getting married to her lover That’s is enough, happy
but we got that I thought while you kicking you bike
your journey will be directly here You tell us one word before leaving How much I felt you know? Ok, journey distance was more.
Go and get ready What Janu,
When you will tell your love to Gautham. Not like that Its ok tell me Really no I and you brother also did love marriage. After knowing I can’t give birth
his family asked him to divorce me But he didn’t accept, so we came out After they have not invited us
for any happy functions He used feel bad By seeing his feelings
I get tears in my eyes Today I seen same tears in your eyes Why to tell lie to you? Really I love him For not loving we can say many reason But I can’t say reasons to love him His innocence Good heart Ever smiling,
these all I liked in him First time itself when I saw Gautham
I liked him Then you can tell him right. No But he is collector son I am middle class Even if I am not in his heart Then I will spoil our friendship also So I haven’t told this to you
you are also not heard Ok All lovers like you do the same mistake You can’t bother after,
your wish Why she is running like this Janaki
What happened? Gautham Good morning Janu You have hided even from me Hided what? Janu
I thought to tell you That
I am studying IAS Everyone will thing that I can’t do
That’s why Janu Gautham Gautham Hey Gautham
Gautham Gold mountain
You have made me proud These many days you were with us
Is pride to us Congrats collector sir Chaya
Manoj What daddy?
What is What? Have you seen today paper You know what that scoundrel did? The great Ramoji roa photo nearby his photo He is trying to put me to shit He did this to create a bad name to me Stop it dad
He didn’t make you bad name. H made you proud Yes he got top rank in IAS
True IAS pass Our family again rejoined
reason is not someone He told us not to tell you
because I didn’t came out to prove
with this carporator If I became IAS office
then he will be really happy I am getting ready for IAS While achieving that
With proud Dad will tell proudly that I am his son
until don’t tell him We did mistake in his matter Come we will go and invite him to home No No Till now I haven’t given space to him as
my son Today he became IAS
with which face I will see him I can say as his father To look into his eyes
that courage For me
That courage Dad Your marriage reception also should
happen this grand, correct Bhanu where is my wife? Gautham IAS is my brother He is like my own brother
Happy for that Gautham IAS is my brother Like you own brother
you have already told that Oh I have told already Come Come If Gautham knows that you have came
he will be very happy Hey see this
Mr they came Come Come
sit here Gautham My mother and bother
everyone came sir Hello to dais people Today entire Andra pradesh is proud In IAS top ranker Sri Gautham kumar IAS
request to give his speech Mr.Gautham Kumar IAS Namestey to everyone Sorry
I didn’t believe that they are calling me Gautham Kumar IAS is
not a usual name for me Gautham SSC is known one When my dad get angry
he calls me like that He always tell me to study study
I thought he is stooping from other things But today Infront of these many people To make me to this position
he told that, I am realising now Reason for me to stand here is partially
My sister is reason and Ramaji roa sir I am thankful to them is a
very small word Every master get happy when he gets salary,
promotion More than that if his student gets more
mark he will be very happy Very big thing Now I am in that stage Few days before he was a
normal mechanic He came to me and said that
I want to became IAS, I need help I got laugh,
I asked, Why you want to became IAS? It is my dad dream
I want to prove that somehow Anybody can have dream
but to achieve you need involvement From that movement
I have seen fire in him That is not only to became IAS To get into his dad heart He want to became IAS to make his dad proud Before that he created one corroborator and
made history Shambu Prasad IAS
Somany he achieved in his life More than that he got a
son like Gautham Every house has kids,
but everyone should be like Gautham That is what children
can give it to parents In same way even we should
understand our children and help them Your excellency If you are not denying then
he likes take it from fathers hand With your permission Oh it is a great thing
Let him give Thank you sir Mr.Sambu Prasad IAS
Wherever you are come to dais please. My dad have been definitely came He is here in this auditorium,
I can feel it. I know At least you are here to see
Gautham has pass IAS Daddy I know you are here
I know please come daddy Daddy There he is I am sorry my son Dad Hey I am sorry Good afternoon collector sir You know the today’s special Onion mummy made good onion curry Beat, beat I say

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  1. Plz… Post Gopichandh Golimar full movie… Plzzzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. ఏన్ని సార్లు చూసినా బొరు కోట్టని సినిమా ఇది

  3. extrodinary movie!!! simply superb! very inspiring the youth!!! emotional, how many times I watch gautam SSC movie, I won't feel bore!!!

  4. This one film is enough to know about Navdeep's acting skills. I wish he had more hits.. versatile actor..

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