Graham Norton Compares His Show With Stephen’s

Graham Norton Compares His Show With Stephen’s

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  1. 3.42sec "If one of thems a Chatty Kathy and you get to Nuthin' " Great to see Graham Norton resort to Deep Southern United States Dialect

  2. 6.59 AH SO the upper-class Talk Show host with Sky Scraper Salaires do have some limitations placed on them in the country of England. See… thats why it's O.K to feely sympathy for them after all. See, I just knew there was a point to my watching this!

  3. 4:48 Well that's not true. It's simply false. The US has an extremely limited/limiting democratic structure that can only be accessed via huge amounts of money. The US is as close to being an undemocratic country as a democratic country can get.

  4. Just to clarify for the yanks, no one can advertise on the BBC, it's not just a ban against Norton, it's a government funded channel

  5. I like Grahams show because I like seeing guests like Tom Cruise chatting to Johnny Vegas. When else would that ever happen?

  6. Desperate mr colbert, its really desperate that ur trying so hard to convince us graham norton great in 'uk'. Graham International Norton is massive in india, china, japan, europe, australia and the middle east too. Is that 'international' enough for you? Pathetic. And sad. Thats all it comes out to after all what uv said. He IS a giant in the world of talk shows. A true international treasure from ireland. U say ur name in our parts of the world, their eyebrows would wriggle, not graham norton! He is a mountain.

  7. Disliked the snarky comment by Stephen about the Eurovision Song Contest. That job was previously hosted by actual national treasure (and fellow Irishman) Terry Wogan, so Graham getting that gig was a huge honour for him. For someone who never fails to declare his 'Irishness' Stephen seems quite ignorant of what Irish people (and their neighbours in the UK) watch and like on TV, such as the Eurovision.

  8. I love Colbert, but this interview made me like him less, it was obvious he was being a bit passive aggressive and condescending saying he is "only famous" in England lol

  9. Norton is a far more accomplished and skilful interviewer than him and actually more likeable but leave politics out of it or you'll alienate some viewers

  10. I love Graham’s show, however I do like Kimmel more. I’ve been to Kimmel’s show about 6 times. I plan to go many more times.

  11. I clicked this because I was intrigued to see Graham Norton in an American environment. So far so good, but then Colbert could not help but bring up Trump. Really? Can we just not? Just once?

  12. Great interview until the Trump stuff – Stephen Colbert has such contempt for this country and the voters he just can't help but throw us under the bus with a foreign guest. Not a good man nor a smart man – based on his evaluation of why people stick with Trump. It's not sunk cost – he is not bombing, he is doing better than I could have every hoped and still thank god Hillary is home crying into her pointy witch hat. Colbert could learn a few things from this very funny British interviewer.

  13. My jaw dropped when colbert made that remark. I'm from Florida and have know for a long time the Graham is much more popular world wide. That was like a football player thinking they had more world wide fame than a soccer player. Graham is better at getting a guest to talk..about funny things…not politics. His show is better a long shot. Graham should have just reached over and bitched slapped that twat.

  14. I only watched this video because there was the name graham norton on it.who is this colbert guy?And iam from india….seriously guys,no fun intended.

  15. The Graham Norton Show is BY FAR the GREATEST talk show EVER! I catch it on YouTube as often as possible. If my personal life or health is in the dumps, his show ALWAYS buoys my spirits and brings out of whatever funk I'm in.

  16. Graham lets his guests finish their stories he just helps elevate the story line by a witty comment from his genius comedic brain.
    American talk shows tho… A cringe

  17. NORTON has the best talk show in the planet he's funny witty and humble and intelligent and he's the only 1 that can bring his guests together on the couch and it's a laugh a minute

  18. Stephen really underplayed just how famous & popular Graham Norton is worldwide, of course it’s a very American thing to do believing they’re the center of the universe, ppft!

  19. There's no comparison…
    Graham Is Way Better than so called American talk show host.
    Greetings from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    P.S I love Conan & Craig Ferguson.

  20. Graham is honestly the best host! He never asks questions that are uncomfortable for guests and he knows how to make sure they and the audience are having a good time

  21. Absolutely love Graham Norton. He's the master of all things entertainment. I only sort of like Stephen Colbert. Go figure. Nice interview however…

  22. Norton's stuff is terribly formulaic. He habitually cracks up laughing at mildly amusing anecdotes from guests who never reveal anything of themselves.

  23. I love Graham Norton. My favorite host EVER! And he has such an easy-going positive personality. You cannot NOT love him.

  24. I usually like Stephen but he came across as an ass here, he barely let Graham speak at all. I prefer Jimmy Fallon over any other American Talk show, but i will be watching more Graham Norton Show, it is a better set up for guests

  25. Graham Norton is the best talk show host come on. Im from India. Almost all these american hosts are borderline obnoxious. But Graham is always polite even when he pulls someone's leg.

  26. Can't stand Stephen….I'm only here to watch Graham. I'm an American and I think his show is a thousand times better than any chat shows in the US.

  27. I really recommend you guys to watch an analysis of graham's friendly character in this video,just search this: 4 Steps To Make People Instantly Like You (by channel charisma on command)

  28. Stephen Colbert, not even Johnny Carson could ever hold a candle to Graham Norton; and I'm American. Stephen Colbert is so full of himself.

  29. Seriously though Trump actually saved Americans from wars with North Korea and Iran. Credit should be given where it's due.

  30. Ive noticed that all the best chat show hosts are either first generation Irish like Graham or Irish American like Stephen , Conan , Jimmy Fallon, and even Jimmy Kimmel has some Irish roots!.
    Irish people are natural story tellers , good listeners, most are educated/value education, and are used to having to be diplomatic, quick witted and humourous as Ireland while independent and inmovative, is not a great military colonial power in the world.

  31. No, no, no.. he is not just super famous in England.. he is famous worldwide.❤️ A great interviewer indeed. Well researched, lighthearted, funny, and makes all his guests feel so at ease. Never seen so many stars feel so relaxed truly enjoying themselves nor laugh as much. He is absolutely brilliant.
    And of course, we love you too Stephen❤️ and especially your hilarious Trump monologues lately😄
    I enjoy watching both of your shows tremendously.

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