Great Food & Romance! “Let’s Shake On It” – New Movie – Watch Now

Great Food & Romance! “Let’s Shake On It” – New Movie – Watch Now

(upbeat tempo) – [Voiceover] I’m just saying
though, why you playin? ♫ Come on now why you talkin like that ♫ Got me on home like a baseball bat ♫ Mangoes fat (mumbling) ♫ Catch it on your back
like badat dat dat dat ♫ Go rata tat tat I
ain’t talkin to producers ♫ You up in that skirt
got me singin like Luther ♫ Never too much too strange too blunt ♫ I don’t listen to excuses
but I’ll take two butts ♫ I’m tryna make you cream
call it makin cool whip ♫ Take you by the pool
quick baby I can do trips ♫ Sweep you no broom stick
can you do full split ♫ Light it up baby go
ahead take a full hit ♫ I got that fire ain’t
talkin bout a zippo ♫ That look up in yo eye
coming off like nympho ♫ Take it low baby like
you practicin a limbo ♫ Don’t need no game if this be my intro ♫ I wanna see if you can move ♫ – So you not gonna cook? – No I’m not gonna cook. I’m a leave that up to you. – How you figure you don’t have to cook? – Because your food always
taste better than mine. – Man, that’s true. But I mean the least you can do is cook for me before you leave to L.A. – What you mean L.A.? – I bought your tickets.
– What? You got my ticket?
– Come on. (both laughing) – L.A. here I come baby! – ♫ You goin to L.A. ♫ – What you want me to cook? Imma cook now. Imma cook us somethin good. I’m going to L.A.
(woman laughing) That’s whats’ up baby. – Talking about you don’t wanna cook. – What you want? Imma have to go back to the store and get somethin extravagant or somethin. – [Woman] Well, what I want you
ain’t gone get at the store. – [Man] Oh okay.
(woman laughing) – Did you call them people
about that fax machine? – Yeah man, they gonna
be here this afternoon. – You see the honey that
left here a hour ago? – She was nice.
– Hey Louis. Let me see you over in
the conference room. – Oh okay. Don’t drop the ball. So what’s this meeting about? Am I getting a raise? – [Man in orange shirt]
Wouldn’t that be nice? We can all use one. – [Louis] Yeah, a brother
sure can use some extra money. Especially with all these high gas prices. – Yeah, they are high. I did bring you in here to talk money. Unfortunately it’s not about a raise. – So what, am I getting
a bonus or something? – Well we got our
quarterly earnings report and we lost profits again. Half our our losses came
from your department. – Well how is that? I closed a lot of deals this year. – Yeah, but your deals’
net worth were fugal. Your average closings were 2100 dollars. And we got new employees bringing
in three times that much. – Well I can only close deals
that are available to me. I can’t make people spend
more than what they have. – Yeah, but you can’t be content with low level clients either, Louis. I mean, there was a time where your average gross closings
were tops in the company. – Yeah okay, well I’ll do better research to get better clients. – Unfortunately, it’s too late for that. – What do you mean? – I gotta let you go.
– You firing me?! – Ooh.
– Awe. – The president is bringing the heat down on me cuz I hired you. So it’s either you or me. – But give me another chance man. I know I can do better. – It’s the third time this year Louis. And with new prospects on deck, you’re affecting our revenue stream. – I can’t believe this! All this time I put into this company and this how you pay me! – It’s not me, it’s the company. And if you need a letter
of recommendation– – Man you think I want a letter?! Man you can take that letter
and shove it up yo ass! Now tell the company I said that! – Come on man.
– You know what? It’s about time that I do
what I really wanna do anyway. Thanks a lot man. – You might wanna slow down. What are you trying to do, kill yourself? – I might as well. I know you said you and Madi was gone be at your
mother’s for the weekend, but this is my fourth time calling you and I really wanted to talk
to you about something. I ain’t gone call no more though. – Man bruh, got fired today huh? – Yeah, man. – Me too. – Word?
– Word. – Here man. You might as well join the club man. – Awe bruh. Imma gone and get up out of here. You be easy on them drinks.
– Alright man. – Looks like you’re having a hard day. – Words couldn’t even describe. – That’s no reason to be
drinking your sorrows away. – You got any other suggestions? – Well, I can show you
better than I can tell you. – You ain’t nuthin but trouble. – I can make trouble feel so good though. – Oh yeah? Let’s get out of here girl. ♫ Maybe it’s the scene
maybe it’s the drinks ♫ Lookin in your eyes I
know you on the same thing ♫ Grabbin on my head
I’m rubbin on your leg ♫ She said please don’t make me beg ♫ Keep this up and I can bet that ♫ We won’t make it to the bed ♫ Make it to the bed ♫ Make it to the bed ♫ Make make make it to the bed ♫ We won’t make it to the bed ♫ Make it to the bed ♫ Make make make it to the bed ♫ Keep this up and I can bet that ♫ We won’t make it to the bed ♫ (slow tempo music) – Do you want some?
– No. – You sure?
– I’m sure. – It’s good, tasty. – It’s got a video maker.
– Video maker? – Mm hmm. – You uh, (clearing throat)you uh… You um… How you doin?
– I’m fine. – Yes you are. What you here for?
– Just a regular check up. – So am I. – Yeah, we all need to get
checked out from time to time. – Ooh you sound so sexy when you say that. You know, you can check
me out anytime you want. – Yeah, I think it’ll be better
if the doctor do that, yeah. – You got some muscle. – Mr. Baker.
– Huh, that’s me. – I’ll be out here if
you wanna check me out. – Come on in. – [Woman with candy] Damn
you got some (mumbling). – So how are you doing today Mr. Baker? – I’m doing pretty good. – Okay, I have your test result. – Is everything okay.
– Mmm. I have good news and bad news. Which one you wanna hear first? – Um, give me the bad news.
– Imma give you the good news. It’s curable.
– What’s curable? – Chlamydia. – What?! I got Chlamydia?
– Stage six. – What’s that mean? Is it gonna fall off? – If you don’t start using condoms. – But I did. I used two. I ran out so I used one twice. – Ewe, you be messing
with them nasty girls. – Doc tell me what I can do to stop this. – One, stop messing with the dirty girls. – But she smelled good, like
she bathed in Oil of Olay. – She should of washed up with bleach. Second, you can’t have sex for 30 days. Third, Imma give you a
antibiotic to take right now. – Okay. – And Imma also write you a prescription to take it for at least a week. If you don’t take this your
pee will feel like a blowtorch. So, I’m going to write you a prescription and I’ll be right back.
– Okay. – Hey, you clean or (mumbling)? – Yeah I’m clean. You the one probably ain’t clean, the way you suckin on that sausage. – Don’t tell nobody. You sure you don’t want some? – I’m good. – I’m about to finish this. It’s so good. Damn that boy is so fine. – Hell, what you been doing all day? – What you mean what I been doing all day? I been chillin. What’s good?
– Chillin? I mean if you been chillin all day the least you could of
did was wash some dishes or clean up around here. And why are you chilling? You supposed to be looking for a job? – Look, you got my money? – Who the hell you think you talking to? – I need this money for
my pictures and stuff. You gone still get my pictures, right? – I can’t be taking care
of no grown ass man. – Look Selene, don’t be acting brand new. You been supporting me. You been doing this. Come on now, just keep it up.
– I’m not actin brand new. And your pictures is the last thing you need to be worried about, okay? I’m not about to be
slaving, working everyday, and worried about your
pictures and your career. I’m not about to be doing that. You are a grown ass man Louis. You need to be helping me out around here and if you don’t, you better
get your shit together or you can get out. Cuz here is supposed to be 50/50. Not just Selene all the damn time. – Yeah, run my money though. That’s all you need to be
worried about all the damn time. – [Selene] You watch me walk in and out of this house every day. Taking care of all three of us. Paying the rent, the cable bill, the light bill, the gas
bill, our phone bill. You haven’t helped me with anything Louis. What are you doing all day?
– I’m going online. I mean, I’m filling out applications. I am doing– – That’s not good enough anymore! That’s not good enough anymore! On top of that, I’m paying
for your tickets to L.A. And your whole trip. I done paid for your
pictures and everything! – Well you supposed to be supporting me. You know this is what I wanna do. – Supporting you costs money! It costs money! I know this is what you wanna do but I can’t do this by myself anymore. – So I mean, what you sayin?
– You gotta go. – Excuse, I gotta go?
– Just go Louise, bye! – Just like that? – [Selene] Just like that. – [Louis] Alright Selene, I’m gone then. (slow piano and violin) ♫ I noticed that you
like to play these games ♫ But just know that your
boy don’t do the same ♫ You gettin on my nerves girl
so Imma enter your world ♫ – [Voiceover] Yeah man, we
gone go check that out though. – [Voiceover] They say
it was three hours long. – Three hours?
– [Voiceover] Three hours. – But you know, I heard it
got some really good reviews. – Oh yeah.
– [Woman] Yes. – We’ll go check it out. Matter of fact, soon as we leave here we can go shoot over there.
– Okay cool. – [Man] That’s cool?
– I am starvin, I can… This shrimp scampi is
about to taste so good. – [Man] Actually I heard they got some good pasta dishes too though. – They do? So why didn’t you get one? – You know me. You know I like to eat that
fish girl, quit playing. Look look at you, look. Long as it ain’t all fishy and all that. – My goodness. – I’m here wit mine you know. That’s what I do.
– Anyway. You know they’re about to have another music festival downtown in a couple weeks. – Oh they bringin that back?
– Yes. – They probably gone
have the same acts huh? – [Woman] No, they actually gone have some comedy and music this time. – That’s cool, cuz I remember last time we was in there how we was doin it. – [Woman] Gettin it in (laughing). – We was gettin it, look look. – Oh, that is so sweet. – [Man] That’s real sweet. Should of bought something
a little stronger than this. Alright, we back over here.
– Did you see him? – I seen them. We here though. – Shrimp scampi.
– [Woman] Thank you. – [Waitress] Salmon and potatoes. – [Man] Thank you. – [Waitress] Anything else you need? – [Woman] This is good. Thank you. Oh my goodness, I am so hungry. – It’s good?
– [Woman] Mm hmm. Now this… How your salmon tasting? – The salmon good but these potatoes ain’t talkin bout nothing. I’m talking about ain’t
no seasoning, no flavor. Here taste it. Nothing. See?
– They ain’t that bad baby. – They ain’t that good either. I mean, you would think a
restaurant making all this money have a little money to put
some seasoning on the food. You know what I’m saying? – Why don’t you just ask her to put a little more seasoning on there? – Uh uh nope, then they
gone put too much on there. I ain’t having that. Plus we gotta get to the movie. It start in a hour. – Well I don’t know what to tell you. – Man, I could of made a better meal than this at the crib by myself. (laughing) You know what I’m sayin? You feel me?
– You trippin now. – I’m trippin?
– Yes. – You trying to say I can’t cook? – I don’t know Brian. You ain’t never cooked nothing for me so how I’m supposed to know? – Excuse me. I mean, you don’t gotta get
all sarcastic and all that. – What? – Look, I’ll make a bet wit you alright? – Okay. – Imma cook a meal and if it’s good you pay my way to the music festival. And if it’s nasty I’ll pay your way. – You for real too huh?
– Oh you damn skippy. 100. – What you gone cook? – Imma do a little soul food, you know. (laughing) Oh it’s funny? – Greens and dressing soul food? – Cholesterol and all. I’m talking bout one of
them know what I’m saying. – Okay well the way this scampi tasting you got yourself a deal. – Hey, it ain’t a deal
unless we shake on it. Ain’t that how it go? – Wait, hold up. If you burn any of the food I win. You gotta cook it, nobody else okay? – Okay. – If you making any
meats, I like ’em tender so you gotta some (mumbling) seasonings. Sunday 7:00pm is the deal. – You done? – Yes. – Got dog, feel like I’m on Iron Chef up in this piece man dang. – Deal?
– Alright. – Alright.
– You got yourself a deal. – Now we can shake on it. (jazz music) (Brian mumbling) (upbeat music) – Live live must see event. Live live must see event. Awe man, you ain’t coming?
– Naw, I’m good go ahead. – We don’t want you to come anyway. You’ll probably shoot the whole place up. Know what I’m sayin? Hey hey. Here you go bro. Here you go man (mumbling). Dang man you just jumped out of bed? Alright alright. Here you go, you go. You might wanna put some
lotion on them legs. – [One of women that passed]
Why you always tryna be funny? – Put some lotion on there girl. You look like you been kickin and playing in a ashtray or something. Come shorty, you got the
Run DMC Addidas on boy. I’ll tell you boy. He got it going on right there. Here you go miss. Here you go, here you go. What you got a built in air
conditioner in your leg? Oh wow, what you got a
(mumbling) or something? Must see event music festival. Fliers fliers, must see event. Here you go man. What you think you is, little boy blue. Alright alright alright. Here you go sista, happy birthday. – It’s not my birthday. – Yes it is cuz you got
that cake cake cake cake. Here you go, here you go. Here you go baby. Are you on a soccer team? You on a soccer team?
– No. – I wanna sock it to ya,
sock it to ya, sock it to ya. Here you go, here you go. Thug passion, here you go. What you wanna be thug? Here you go. Damn baby, what you got a BMW? Body made wrong. Fliers fliers, must see event. Here you go, here you go. What you just came from church? You tatoos, what you a gospel thug? Know what I’m saying? May god be my witness. Lord have mercy. Ooh Charlie. (upbeat synthesizer music) – How much longer do you
think this is gonna take because we have itinerary (mumbling)? And we have to be in
Chicago in three hours. – Oh wow, I mean, I’m half way, but I got like another 200 pictures. (woman mumbling)
– Probably two– – It ain’t gone take three hours. – Okay well we need to get going. Give him that L.A. look so
we can get out of here baby. – What time you gotta go?
– We gotta be out of here. We gotta catch a flight in three hours. – Three hours. Okay, well we’ll see. We’ll try to make it work.
– Okay come on, come on. – There you go (mumbling) here we go. Nice, nice. How much time we got? – [Woman with black shirt]
We don’t have much time. We have to get out of here. Are you guys about done?
– We gettin in, we gettin in. Just give me how much time. Tell me uh, I need to kinda know. – [Woman in black shirt] Okay well I
can give you maybe another 30 minutes. – 30 minutes?
– Come take a picture with me. Sit in my lap. (upbeat music) – Right there. Get one sideways like this. Yeah, that’s good dude, right there. A little bit one away. (smooth hip hop jazzy beat) – Thank you for getting me
to the airport early too because they went through
my bags everything. I wouldn’t even have
caught my flight on time. Yeah. Thank you for being my manager. Thank you for always taking
care of the business. Okay. Yeah, I’m just waiting
to get a ride right now and then Imma just go back home. But, I’ll see you when
I get back out that way. Okay. Alright. (upbeat music) ♫ Ain’t nothing like summer nights ♫ In the air let it ease your mind ♫ (people talking inaudibly) – [Louis] Toast to the brothers though. – [Voiceover] Straight up.
– For sho. – [Voiceover] Ain’t nuthin
to it but to do it man. We ain’t kicked it like
this in a minute huh? – It has been man. Aye, I got the next round. It’s on me. – Word?
– Oh my god. What you a baller now bruh? – Well you know, I got a
little somethin somethin. Try it too sometime man, you know. – I’m sayin, I ain’t broke but uh, (mumbling) if I buy the bar. You hear me? – Come on man, you couldn’t
even buy the barbecue last week. Man you talkin about buying the bar fam. – Are you serious, what? I stay guaped up, I stay guaped up. Money, money. – Hey, you know what fam,
you talkin all this stuff. Why don’t you go over there
and buy shorty a drink man? – Her right there?
– Yeah. And I ain’t talkin about a beer fam. I’m talking about a drank drank drank. – I’m sayin, but you talkin
like I ain’t got game. I don’t give these girls pimpin 101. – What’s that about?
– Pimpin 101. Giving ’em mind excitement. All in they head. Tell ’em what they wanna here, you know. Lie. Hold on. – Man.
– I got this. – Go handle that then man. – Aye aye, give me one minute. You the man, when I do it baby. Watch me do me. – Aye, I bet you he catch
a drink to the face man. – He ain’t even got no ink pen. – He gone get her number though. – Excuse me, how you doing?
– Good. – Order what you want baby. It’s on me man. – It’s like that huh?
– Yeah, it’s like that. Bartender (speaking gibberish). (woman laughing)
– Yeah. – What up man, what is it like living out in sunny California? – Awe man, like living in another country. The night life off the chain in L.A. – I bet man. I guess them acting
classes paying off huh? – Oh yes sir. I’m saving for a house now.
– For a crib? Aye now that’s what’s up. Aye, I’ll toast to that. You know what I’m saying.
– For sho, for sho. – That’s what’s up. You speak to Selene lately?
– Naw man. – Naw? – What made you ask that? – I figured, before you
left ya’ll was real tight. Ya’ll was like a hand in glove,
you know what I’m saying. That’s all. – Well you know, we
kept in contact a little when I first got out there, but in order to move on you gotta let go of the past. – That’s real talk though. Aye, but I know you got a couple of them lil dime pieces
lined up out there don’t you? – Awe man, you know me.
– I know you do. – I got a few of ’em I can call. – That’s my dude. – But real talk man, I’m
mostly on set or at auditions. So I ain’t really got all
that much time to be– – That’s alright, that’s cool too. Well at least I know you got
a couple of them lined up for ya boy when I get our
there though, don’t you? – Man please, you ain’t coming out there. – What? – Naw man look, I done been out there almost two years and
you still ain’t made it. – It is been two years ain’t it? – Two years. – Alright, Imma be out there though bruh. Straight up, real talk Imma be out there. – Yeah, if your girl let you. – Jokes.
– For real man. – Here you go. – Them flights ain’t all
that expensive though. – Aye, but right now
man, money real tight. Plus we trying to move in
together and you know how that go. – What? See, ya’ll finna be living together? – Yeah. – Awe man, soon you gone be
calling me to be your best man. Yup she got you. She (grunting).
– I’m whipped? She got me?
– She got him whipped. – Ya’ll some fools man.
– For real. – Yeah so, where you… – That was good. I could use another one. – Hold on, wait a minute. You throwin a dinner together? You?
– Yeah. Awe man why you trying to torture me? – Man I can cook man. Come on now bruh.
– What you gone cook? – Little soul food Sunday
little shindig type thang. Know what I mean? – Now I know you trying to kill me. Soul food B? Man I ain’t never seen you cook nothing close to greens and dressing. Look, the last time you cooked something you burnt grilled cheese sandwiches. Remember that?
(both laughing) – That was back in the summer wasn’t it? – Man. What’s the bet for anyway? – Well we made a little bet that uh, I cook a little good meal and if I do she gotta pay my way to the music fest. And if I lose then I gotta foot the bill. – Yup, uh huh, she molding you real good. – She molding me huh?
– [Voiceover] Playdoh. – Ya’ll some fools man. – You got half on it? – You ain’t no baller. – And you ain’t no dime piece neither. – I mean, how you gone
pull that off though? – Well, I figure Imma
do it just like this. Imma go ahead and get great
grandma’s secret recipe, throw that in the mix, I’m
in there like swimwear. I’m there.
– Oh, so you gone cheat. That’s what you gone do.
– Oh naw. Ya boy don’t cheat, not ya boy B. Imma just got to the blood line. Go to the root. You know what I mean?
– Go on back, take it back. – I got to from where
it was originated at. – That’s what’s up. – For real?
– Yeah for real. Go on somewhere with that.
– [Woman] Alright. To a Jonas Brother concert or something. Flop. Is that weave? Mexicans don’t even wear weave. I’m sayin, you got braces. I don’t even like that. Too much eyes shadow. Makeup falling everywhere. Look like a wrestling belt. Is that a wrestling belt? What kind of bracelet is that, oysters? You bogus. You bogus, where ya friend at? Anyways, look like a little elf, Keebler. Bogus. You got socks with heels on? – He trippin man, but look man. Dinner Sunday 7:30, come on through. Make sure you on time if you tryna get it while it’s hot though. – Sunday 7:30?
– Yeah. – Alright.
– Alright. – I’m outta here man. – Alright man, good seeing you. – Ya’ll done set me up. What I owe man? (woman mumbling and laughing)
– What happened? – [Woman from table] Fade to
black, that’s what happened. – [Brian] I bet Trina I
can make a real good meal. – You can’t cook. You make grits like concrete. – Look first of all,
don’t talk about my grits. Cuz I gets it in on the grits. Second of all, I can
cook just not that good. And I figure you know, that’s
where you come into play. – What are you talking about? – You know, I was wondering if I can get uh, great grandma’s
secret Sunday recipe? – What about it? – Well I mean, I figure
it’s time for me to learn the secrets and who better
to teach me than big sis. – No. – Oh my goodness, it ain’t like I’m trying to sell the
recipe or something. – Yeah, but you wanna use it and you not being righteous about it. You wanna impress some girl. – Just like you when you use it. – Just like when I use it?
– Yeah. – Momma taught me them recipes. Grandma and them created
them recipes for the family. Not to be used. – I mean, that’s bogus. I’m trying to use it one time and this how you come at me like this? No, no is no. No is no? You for real too ain’t you? And this the thing that’s
getting me, you for real. – Don’t ask me again. – You know what, I’ll
be in the living room. – Gone crying Brian. – That’s alright, I’ll be alright. – Since don’t nobody call you anyway. Imma call you now. Call ya and tell ya no. Ask me for some recipes wit yo cheap ass. (sighing) (playful music) (mumbling) – [Brian’s sister] Brian.
– Huh? – What are you doing?
– Nothing. I was looking at the photo album. I mean what, you spying on me now? That’s what it is? You know what, look I’m outta here for real this time alright. I’ll holla at you later man, for real. Love. ♫ My chick bad lookin like a bag of money ♫ She always count it for me ♫ She bad bad bad ♫ Ooh ♫ – I had a hard time trying to find what I was gone wear
to the club last night. – You went to the club last
night and didn’t call me? – I didn’t call you
girl cuz you know I had to take somebody that just
wasn’t lookin too good. To make me look good.
– Who you take? – Girl I took Trish and Nell.
– You took Trish? You know that girl is dusted, disgusted, and her face busted
like a pack of hot dogs. – [Lady with black hair]
Girl it wasn’t jukin at all. It was more like not a thirsty Thursday, it was a thirsty hurt day. Music was jacked up. – [Lady’s with brown hair] Girl you crazy. – [Lady with black hair] I
said “You know what, I’m done”. – Chicken or beef. There we go. (mumbling) – So girl I seen this fine brother last night was checkin me out. Girl he winked, I winked back girl. Girl that’s him. That’s the dude from the club last night. Hey.
– He is fine. – How ya’ll doing?
– I’m good. You ain’t get them digits last night. What happened? – Oh that was you?
– Oh you done forgot. – [Woman with black hair]
And gone keep on going. Well keep on going, ain’t nobody trying to find Waldo anyway. – Uh uh uh.
– What he thank this was? Go on down there and get your Life cereal. Make sure you get your
groceries, feed ya baby boo boo. I’m glad you kept going. I can’t believe these guys these days. He was acting like he was
all interested last night, but now all of sudden
I get the “What’s up”. – [Woman with brown hair] I
guess he done sobered up girl. You see he up in the cereal aisle. – You trying to say he was drunk and that’s the only reason
why he wanted to holler? – Ain’t that the only time– – Now see that’s why I left you at home. That’s why I didn’t call
you to go to the club cuz you always talking about somebody. – Keepin it real you know. But you know the next time next weekend if you wanna, you know, I’m for that. – We can get it in in in. – Brian. What’s going on?
– Selene. Awe man, how you doing?
– I’m doing good. I knew I recognized that head of yours. – Awe see, you still be joking huh? Well I can tell you been
in here for a long time. You starting to smell
like chicken gizzards. – That was mean, that was mean. – You know I be jokin
and jokety joke joke. I ain’t seen you in a while. How you been doing though?
– I’m doing good. I’m doing good. You know, still doing my little business and working at the daycare
still with them bad ass kids. – Yeah? Hey ain’t nothing wrong with that. It’s just getting you ready
for some more of your own. You know, rug rats.
– No. No, one is enough for me. Monay is a handful.
– Yeah, I hear that. But it’s funny I bumped into you though. I was just wit Louis. You know, Louis.
– My ex Louis? – Yeah, he in town for a few days. And you know how we get
when we get together. Know what I’m sayin.
– He didn’t tell me. See that’s just like him. – Ya’ll still cool and all though right? – Um, the last time I spoke to Louis, he promised to help me pay some bills and that was months ago. And then he changed his cell number on me. – Selene, Selene, girl you
looking good in them jeans. – See and if you haven’t forgotten, I’m still your girlfriend’s friend. So, get that together.
– You right, you right. Look aye, my apology. Aye, it’s the dog in me.
– Whatever. And it look like she gone be throwing down in the kitchen too. – Naw naw, that ain’t even what that is. You just think she just the top chef huh? That’s what that is? Uh uh, naw.
– Oh pardon me. What, you cooking? – Shit, you know these restaurants now a days ain’t up to par. – Wait, you really cook? – Yeah, you thought I was lying? – No, I just think she
put it on you that’s all. – Thought she put it on me? Not ya boy. No, I lays it down.
– Whatever. – I’m talkin about takin
her down, Chris Brown. – Whatever, how she doing anyway? – You know, same old Trina. Same old stubborn, always
fussin bout something. Love to spend money,
especially if it’s mines. – If she heard you say that
too, you’d be gettin cussed out. – And that’s exactly why
I’m saying it right now. You know what I’m
saying, she ain’t around. I’m putting a dinner together. Why don’t you slide
through and check it out. – What I look like coming to yo crib and she didn’t invite me? – That ain’t never stopped you before. All in the ice box.
– Uh uh. – Come on through and check it out. – Uh uh good friends don’t do that. Besides, I know she can cook. I don’t know about you. – Louis gone be there. Yeah look at you. – You said that like that’s supposed to make a difference or something. No. – Well look I mean, maybe
ya’ll can work ya’ll thang out. – I don’t know about all that. – No? At least come through and see how I get down with the spatula. You know I’m here wit it. I’m left wit it right, left wit it, right. You know.
– Why you cooking? – Oh I made a little bet with Trina that I gotta cook a good meal. If it’s good, then she gotta pay my way to the music festival. But if it’s nasty I gotta
pay her way to the festival. So that’s just what that is. – Oh, and I’ll be one of the judges? – That’s what I was getting to. So look, if you gone be a judge, Sunday night 7:30 come to my crib and then we can get it in it you want to. – I’ll come if I wanna gag.
– You with the jokes. Hey Imma let that one slide though. Cuz you might as well call me Mohammed Ali cuz Imma knock this one out.
– Mm hmm whatever. Start a fire. I’ll make sure I bring
the fire extinguisher. – You know what, you
with the jokes again huh? You just make sure you be there. – I will.
– Lil Debbie. Alright. (slow piano) (humming) ♫ Get my chef on ♫ Top chef ♫ – I knew I smelled something.
– Awe yeah yeah yeah. It smell good too don’t it?
– It smell alright. – Yeah, whatever. Just think, this only breakfast. You just wait till that dinner pop off. You better grab you a seat, pull it up, and get ready for that show. What you better do. – The bet was for dinner, not breakfast. – Yeah, I know what it was. Don’t worry bout it though. – You might wanna put
some water in that rice. – Rice? Girl, these grits.
– [Trina] Oh (laughing). – They southern though. They southern. Aye look, when it’s your turn to be chef, they the kitchen’s all yours okay? But until then, you better
watch your boy make it hot. I’m in here. – Uh, I can show you how to
make it hot in the kitchen. – Oh yeah?
– Mm hmm. – I know you… You know what? Go on baby I’m tryna cook. You tryna get in a boy head. That’s what you trying to do. – I see something’s rising
like buttermilk biscuits. – Like it always is. Aye but Imma tell you one thing though, you go get some of that
syrup that you like and Imma turn you right
into Mrs. Butterworth. You like that don’t you?
(Trina laughing) I know you like when I
act like that, don’t you? – You so silly.
– Sop you all up. I’m tryna tell you girl! – Cause all I got is jelly. – That’s definitely jam cuz
jelly don’t shake like that. Jelly don’t shake like that. Girl you bout burn my meat over here girl. Aye, and the breakfast patties. At the same damn time.
– You play too much. Oh, you know what, I gotta go. I gotta get out of here. – I gotta go shower and
meet Christy, remember? – Awe, so you just gone
drive by and stop through. Talk about the biscuits,
the butter, and syrup, and all that, and get
me hot and just leave? That’s how we do? – Put some water in them grits. – Put some water in them grits. She must not know I’m ranked
top 10 in the whole mid-west. Best cheese grits in the whole region. I’m regional wit mines. You better ask somebody.
(Trina laughing) – Now I know Imma win.
– You gone win alright. Soon as I get these grits out this pot. I’m good. (mumbling) I been cooking grits for years. That boy bad, boy. (upbeat music) – Hey bay, how I look in these pants? – Huh, say what?
– What you here doing? – Oh just you know,
writing some notes down. – Notes for what? – Just some stuff I wanted to remember. No biggie. – Look like you hiding something to me. – Naw naw, just you know,
writing some ideas down. Stuff like that.
– Ideas for what? – Uh, they just came out
with some new clippers, you know down at the shop. The ones I had, they yeah,
it’s some shop stuff. Yeah, that’s how that go. – Okay anyway, how I look? – Oh yeah, you lookin real
sweet like grape juice. Fine like wine.
– That’s it? – Yeah. – Whatever happened to
dazzling, stunning, phenomenal. – You all of that. I goes deep wit mines. The long way, you know.
– You go deep huh? – You might as well
call me Clarence Carter. You all hot now huh? I be strokin.
– Aye. (Trina giggling) Whatever. Anyway, I’ll see you later. – I know you will. (mumbling) Finish doing what I was doing. Walkin up on me like you bout to stab a brother or something. I got to food cook. Get this recipe back to my sister. Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip and
mayonnaise the same thing? It say Miracle Whip. (knocking on door) – Dang, can a sister
have a moment of quiet? – What up?
– Won’t you call first? I might want to be alone. I don’t wanna be bothered.
– You gone let me in? – Messing up my quiet time. – I smell it, let me inhale it. – Inhale yo ass, it’s in the air. – You still a little mad and I understand. Tell you what, a brother kind of thirsty. What you got to drink?
– You look thirsty. – Imma give you that one. Imma give you that one. But can I get something to drink please? – You can get some water. – You ain’t got no juice, Kool
Aid, tea, lemonade, Gatorade? – Water. – It’s cool, I’ll settle for some water. Let me go in here and grab some. – I’m bout to get my phone. (playful music) – Hey bruh.
– Huh? – What is you doing? – Uh, just you know, I was looking for um, that what’s a name that was over there. – No. You was lookin to put the recipe back. – Alright look, it’s in the same condition it’s always been in. Alright? – You forgot what I told you yesterday? – Why is you actin so
uptight about this recipe? – Let me tell you something Mr. Wilson. – Man, you can’t tell me nothing man! – I can’t tell you nothing Mr. Wilson. – Straight up. – Look Mr. Brian Wilson,
this is not yo house. My daddy married yo mamma. Them are my recipes. So why you going through all my stuff looking for stuff that don’t belong to you I’ll knuckle up boy! – I’m out man. You know what, I apologize I was bogus. I’ll say that, but I really
need your help on this one. – Help you? – I mean, just please. I need you to help me with a few pointers or something to get me started at least. – I thought you didn’t
need no help Mr. Wilson. – That’s how it is? I mean, I need your
help on this one Nu Nu. I just need something to
get me started, that’s it. That’s all I need. Come on now. Can you please help me?
– I ain’t helping you. – Can you please help me get it started? – I ain’t helping you do nothing. – Nu Nu, come on now. I was wrong for coming at you. I was wrong for stealing the recipe. I know that. – Man, yeah I’ll help you. But let me tell you this. I’m not cutting nothing, chopping nothing, prepping nothing, watching nothing. I damn sure ain’t cleaning no kitchen. This all you bruh. This all you.
– That’s all I ask sis. That’s all I ask. I don’t care what happen between us you still gone be my big sister alright? I just want you to know
that and I love you okay? And I apologize once again. Give me a hug. (soft music) I love you girl. Thanks once again. I apologize sis. (upbeat music) ♫ I won’t make it alone ♫ – Id. No. – My Id say right–
– No! – [Man with fake Id] I see how it is man. – It don’t even matter
which one I put down first. Now you wanna pick one? – If you knock down one
of my balls Imma win so you better be concentrating
on your own balls. – Alright. Eleven, corner pocket man, right there. – Naw, you ain’t got it in you, uh uh. – What you bet then? – This cran and vodka sure taste good. – I don’t know about no cran and vodka man but you know if you wanna
go ahead and throw down a scotch on the rocks, I’ll take that. – Since when you start drinking scotch? – You know, a lot of things have changed since you been gone man. – [Louis] Is that right?
– Yeah, that’s right. Ain’t no more swap shot
clothes, straight up. Aye, all my women is dimes bruh. Got they own bread man. You remember them Hungry Man dinners? – Yeah, that we used to eat all the time? – Yeah back in the day. Ain’t no more of that.
– [Louis] No? – Naw brother. Ain’t nothing but the finer cuisines man. Shrimp in all my noodles bruh. Ain’t no more Top Ramen over here man. – You know what man, you just lying. I seen the Micky Dee’s bag in yo car. – What?
(Louis chuckling) You know that’s little Ray Ray’s man, don’t try to play me like that. You know he always get the number four. Extra cheese and the Mac sauce. That’s how he do it man. Don’t try to play me like that. Come on man. (women talking and laughing) – Man, where my premium
scotch on the rocks brother? Yo, aye man, what’s up? What you lookin at man? I see that look up in yo eye brother. What’s good? – See shorty over there
with the gold and blue on? – [Man with mustache] Oh shorty… Fam, shorty got some
knockers up on her brother. I could just (mumbling). All up in it man. Aye yo, them lips. Damn man she look like she could just– – Hold on bruh. Man chill out, chill out,
that’s Selene over there. – Oh. Oh Selene from back in the day? – [Louis] Yeah.
– [Man with mustache] Man. Fam shorty looking good. I don’t remember all that man. – She is looking good. Aye, I think Imma go say hi to her. – Whoa whoa whoa, aye man. Don’t do that brother. Yo, you da man now. Plus, she the one that kicked you out. – I mean, that’s true but man the least I can do is go speak to her. I mean, she was there
for me when I was down. – I mean, you still love her don’t you? – Come on man, I ain’t say all that now. – You know you still love her man. Thinking bout that good good she done put down on you back in the day. – Come on man, please. I used to lay it down. Look, why you think she moved me in, knowing I ain’t have no job? – Hmm, babysit. You know, babysit maybe.
– Come on man. – Aye look man, you in L.A. now man. You surrounded by some of the
baddest females in the world. You don’t need that man. They got they own bread out there bruh. The own cars.
– Naw, bruh forget that. You know what, check her out. Man I miss that fiestyness
and that attitude. – Look man, last thing you wanna do, she over there drinking,
you know you don’t wanna mix up alcohol and emotions man. I’d hate to see you get pulled
outta her by Big Greasy. You know what I’m sayin, he just waiting for something to go down bruh. Look at him. – [Louis] Yeah, but I’m only
here for a few days though man. I might as well just go
speak to her you know. – Look, do what you do man. Just check your emotions bro, straight up. – Alright cool. Imma just go say hi. Hold that for me.
– You say you don’t need me. You know I done taught you
everything you knew man. – I got this man, chill. – You alright bruh? – Yeah I’m cool brother gone head. – Girl he ain’t gone come over here. – I took the liberty of
ordering you a Amaretto Sour. I hope you like it.
– Thank you. – You like Amaretto Sours?
– Yes I do. Thank you, I appreciate that.
– My name is Master Major. – Okay, my name is Selene.
– Selene? – Yes.
– That’s alright. So what are you doing in
a awful place like this? – I’m chillin with my girls.
– Your girls? – Yeah, we hanging out a little bit. – Come on let’s take a walk. Sexy lady. That’s what I’m talking about. We gone make it happen captain. Can you handle that?
– Mm hmm. – [Man in gray] I know you can. I know you can. You a little cutie pie too. It’s something about
the dress you wearing. – Yo, don’t even trip on that man. You know what I mean. Straight up bruh. You can’t rush something
that’s already waiting. You feel me?
– Yeah man. – Aye, come over here and
rack up man, let’s do this. You still owe me that scotch.
– I got you, I got you. – Straight up. (upbeat music) – Hey what’s up?
– What’s up? BMW huh? – I’m just saying, after we get outta here lets got to a all you can eat buffet. – Speaking of buffet, you smell like stale chicken and moth balls. – I’m fresh, I got my
Right Guard on today. – Yeah, you missing a
couple underarm hairs. It look kinda gay.
– Awe gay? Awe baby trust me, when I get wit you ♫ I’m gonna dive in it ♫ (mumbling) Yo body ♫ – You can’t uh, dive in
nobody, lookin like a prune. – What? How dare you talk to me like that? – I just did, bye. – You sure I’m ready?
– You got this. – Okay, well let me get my power first. Get my hands right. Get my hands right to
make sure it don’t slip. Wooo. – Put your hands right here.
– They even? – They even.
– You got me? – I got you.
– You sho? – I got you.
– Okay. Count me down.
– On three. – On four, no. – Three.
– Okay three. Woo.
– Ready? – Okay, wait a second. Okay you gone count me?
– Yeah. – Three?
– Yeah. – Alright, ready.
– One, two, three. Whoo!
– You got it baby. Go ahead. You got it.
– Whoo! – Push man. I got you, I got you. – Push man, come on, push it. There you go, come on baby, come on. (yelling) My man, good look! You getting stronger.
– Think I’m strong like you? – Yeah.
– A lot stronger? – A little stronger. – What about Bobby Brown strong? – Naw I don’t think you there yet. – Alright, you know I ain’t
coming back after this right? – Yeah I know.
– Alright. – Just leave your money at the door. – No problem. – We ain’t gained? Let me jack my slacks around
here on my sweatpants. Cuz I’m gone sweat it out. ♫ Sweat it out sweat it out sweat it out ♫ Me and you? Me and you, what? – Me and you? No.
– Man, that’s bogus. You gone pass me up?
– Yes. – I was just you know… Man, I like your freckles. I like your whole demeanor. – Girl, we was in that thang last night. – Lots of brothers. – That’s why I had to
come here this morning cuz I’m just getting all thick and stuff. And I gotta keep this under wraps. Look at this, I know
that ain’t Louis Baker. – I don’t know who else you think it is. – What’s up? It’s been a long time.
– I know, I know. How you been?
– I been good. Is that Derick Wilcock?
– Yup. – Boy, how you been? You know you done really grown. – I been good.
– Alright now. Ya’ll remember Christy.
– Hey how you doing? – You used to date my cousin Selene right? – Yeah, I did. – Uh huh, that’s the heart breaker. That’s the one, mm hmm.
– Heart breaker? What ya’ll been talkin about? – Anyway boy, you done went to Cali and turned a whole new leaf. Done filled out a little bit. Clean cut, rocking the
little wrist piece shorty. – Girl you trippin now,
you the show stopper. – Come on now.
– Stop that now. How long you in town?
– For the next couple of days. Trying to spend as much time
with family as possible. – Alright now. – I hung out with Brian
and the guys last night. – Really?
– Uh huh. – Cuz he didn’t mention nothing
about you being in town. – But he did mention something
about a bet you two had. – Now ain’t that funny. I don’t know when he thought
he became Chef Garvett. – Right
– Okay. – Aye he invited me over, but I don’t know about his cooking. – What? Boy you better come on now. We all taking a risk. Don’t let me be the only guinea pig. – I guess I can find time to stop by, but I don’t know about eating. – You should come on. Um, Selene will be there.
– Mm hmm. – Selene?
– Mm hmm. – Come on Trina, you know we can’t be in the same room with each other without going at each other’s throat. – That’s not necessarily true. She has changed since you been to Cali. – Naw, ain’t nothing can change that girl. But hey, I could be wrong. – And that’s exactly why
you need to come on out and find out for yourself. – You know, she can be
a little bit feisty, but lay that thang right there
down on her like you used to. She’ll act right, okay.
– That’s right girl. You should come on. Bring your brother.
– Naw, I’ll pass. – What?
– What you bailing out on me? – I got some studying to do.
– Okay look. He got some studying to do. I’m not trying to ruin your
family time and all that but I really do think
it would be a good idea if you just came on out and see her. – Alright, okay I guess I can stop by. What time?
– About 7:30. Now look, we are talking about Brian. Cooking was supposed to
be a soul food dinner. – I hear you. I’ll be through there around that time. – Don’t send me off.
– I got you, I got you. I’ll be there.
– Alright. – I will.
– Okay. Bye Derick.
– Alright ya’ll. – It was good seeing you.
– Good seeing ya’ll. – Don’t forget your Tums for dinner okay. – [Louis] Okay, see ya’ll. – Girl you think he gone come? – He should. When he get so fine.
– I don’t know what happened. Done went to Cali, came back lookin like– – Talk about California love.
– Girl let me stop it. Cuz my man friends could
be around the corner. – Cuz Selena my cousin, let me (mumbling). – You see me burning the fat. – I feel damp.
I don’t like it. – We should go.
– We should. – Okay. – [Man on treadmill]
What about yellow yellow, can I be your fellow? Huh? You don’t hear me though? (fast piano) ♫ oh yeah ♫ Hey ♫ Little black dress get your dust off ♫ Red bottom heels Mac lip gloss ♫ Fresh no chip french pedi ♫ One last look I’m ready ♫ Cuz I’m through wit you ♫ I’m done two fingers ♫ I keep the middle one in case you ever ♫ Think you can come back my way ♫ Get your 2:30 in the
mother fucking get in ♫ Not answering the
calls or the text wit ya ♫ 3:30 in the mother fuckin evening ♫ On the couch tryna see
what’s on next wit ya ♫ Dub borrowing give it back tomorrow ♫ When you know that don’t ever come ♫ But hell neither do I
how could I be so dumb ♫ Cuz I hate waking up to a cold left side ♫ And I hate waking up
still mad from last night ♫ And I hate waking up
to a house and not a home ♫ So I’m gone wake up alone ♫ Yeah uh huh ♫ Oooh hoo ♫ Order three shots me and two friends ♫ On the lookout for a new man ♫ And I Bee like me need honey ♫ So the bling better not be funny uh huh ♫ I swear I through wit
you I’m done two fingers ♫ And this new man is catching my eye ♫ And he makes it so easy
for me to say goodbye ♫ Get ya ooh baby don’t leave I’m sorry ♫ You’re the the only
one that got my heart ooh ♫ Get ya I can’t live without you ♫ Oooh yeah yeah ♫ Get your dub borrowing
give it back tomorrow ♫ When that was two weeks ago ♫ So hey I’d rather be on my own ♫ Ooh ♫ See this house ain’t a home ♫ And I’d rather be all alone ♫ See I’m waking up to a cold left side ♫ I’m crying baby don’t you see me crying ♫ I hate waking up ♫ Said I hate waking up ♫ And I hate waking up ♫ Ooh baby I’d rather be alone ♫ – [Trina] Downtown as in downtown here? – [Selena] Downtown here.
– [Trina] I’m for real… – [Selena] I’m serious.
– [Trina] Really, today? – [Selena] The grand opening
starts at 3:00 till 3:00am. – [Trina] 3:00 this afternoon? – [Selena] Yeah, 15 dollars for unlimited hookah, wine tasting. It’s gone be a DJ.
– [Trina] Okay. – I gotta go home and clean up my crib. I don’t like going nowhere
with my crib a mess. – [Trina] Cuz then when you come home you coming back to the mess.
– I wanna chill. – [Trina] Mm hmm. – [Selena] Tearing up my
crib just to get ready cuz I gotta get the little one together. – [Trina] So what’s up?
– [Selena] Nothing. You saw Louis at the
store the other day huh? – Mm hmm. He was looking good to girl. Put on a few pounds, got his money right. – Yeah I know. I saw him at the pool
hall the other night. – Did you you? You speak to him?
– No. But he kept staring at me like he wanted to say something though. – He probably wanted to cuss you out like you did when you kicked him out. – Yeah, it’s a wonder he’d
ever wanna speak to me again. – Lord knows how crazy you can be. – Anyways, he probably
got a girlfriend in L.A. – You let a good one go girl. I mean, he had his little
faults, but we all do. – Trina he kept talking
to me like he was my pimp. Talkin about I wanna see my
money when you come home. I said, “Who the hell you
think you talking to?” And he wasn’t even working then. – See, you let him get too comfortable. – Okay, that might be, but respect me. Especially when I was
helping him get on his feet. – You still miss him don’t you? – I mean, I think about how determined he was to be somebody. He might be a little arrogant,
but at least he ain’t like these good for
nothing men around here. – Yeah you do. – It ain’t like I’m head
sprung or something. – Girl bye, head sprung? You still sprung. It’s been what, two years since he left? – He did used to put it on me though girl. Had me screaming and hollering– – See that’s, that’s,
anyway did you ever think he ever cheated on you
when ya’ll was together? – I mean, I wondered that sometimes. And after he left to L.A.,
I found what looked to be like a piece of condom
wrapper in the crib. – Oh. Dang. – I don’t know and I don’t care. He ain’t mine anymore. – Well why you so worried about if he got a girlfriend or not? – Okay, I miss him Trina.
– Mm hmm. – But he just never gave like I gave and that bothers me sometime you know. Now he all the way in
Cali while I’m stuck here working my ass off just to get by. – Girl, see first off you making it seem like you stuck somewhere. You need to be happy you got a job. Second off, you ain’t stuck nowhere. You choose to be here. Lastly, while you sitting here
thinking like he used you, he only did what you let him
do till he got on his feet. – Trina, what you forget I
got a daughter and no career? Traveling to another state is pointless. – Okay, but sitting around here thinking that he owe you something is
only gone make you more bitter. – Well sometimes I think about
if he would of sacrificed the way I sacrificed for him. – Now that’s something you need to ask him next time you see him. But you gotta be cool though. Cuz all that snapping and getting mad is only gone make it worse. – Yeah, alright. – You promise you ain’t gone snap? – I’m not making any promises Trina cuz the moment he say something wrong– – Selene.
– You know me already. – I know that, so you
promise you ain’t gone snap? – Yeah, yeah I promise.
– Alright. Come here girl, go on
back on this little walk. I got thangs to do today. – Beating on my door man. – What’s good son? Hope you made enough mac and cheese. – Who invited you bruh? – You know I was gone
find out wit my big self. Look like I get it fresh out the oven. – Yeah you would show up,
you a soup kitchen regular. – Boy you know me, I’m starving too. – [Brian] That’s what I mean.
(Guest mumbling) – [Brian’s friend] Now you
know I was gone find out. – [Brian] Yeah, you would show up. You a soup kitchen regular. – Even know my mama name.
– Yeah, I bet they do. They ain’t the only ones
that know yo mama name. – Man–
– You all up in the yams man. Get back. What you tryna say yo girl
can’t cook or something? – Man, can’t cook, won’t cook, don’t cook. She might as well not even have hands. – Look, Imma tell you like this, it’s 2012, you need to learn how to cook. Nowadays women ain’t got the food waiting for you when you come home from work. They want you to have the food waiting on them when they get home from work. The independent woman. Beyonce got ’em all messed up. – True true. I don’t know about all that. I ain’t wit that sucka stuff. But I’ll tell you this, I damn sure have something else waiting
for when I get to the crib. Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.
– You crazy man. But look, check this out. While you here uninvited,
why don’t you go ahead and dry some of them dishes for ya boy. We here. Why don’t you dry some of
them dishes for ya boy? – I ain’t come here to dry no dishes bruh. – Look, if you come here to eat you gone work for ya meal, free Willy. Imma tell you that right now. – I guess man. Aye, you beginning to sound
like somebody grandma B. – You beginning to look
like Hungry Hungry Hippo. All up in here, up in here.
– Cuz I’m a big guy. You already know how I do, Imma eat. Man look, I hope everybody else ate cuz I ain’t saving nothing. – Boy, you ain’t changed a bit. – You know how I do bruh, I’m sorry. – You got a little bugger on your nose. You good.
– It’s off B? B, it’s off?
– [Brian] Let me see. Uh huh. – Got the mole like Jim Jones wife. That ain’t her is it?
– Naw that ain’t her. That’s Chrissy.
– So who the other girl? The other dark one?
– [Brian] Christy. – Who the other one though? The other one look like she dark skinned. – [Brian] Grace Jones?
(both laughing) – Them spoon and napkins fancy
like they do in England B. – What you think cuz you
swallow English muffins like skittles that you know
something about England? – I don’t know what you be thinking about. I don’t know about all that. I saw it on t.v. They was talking about royalty and stuff. Which way would you like
your napkin turned sir? – Boy, you need some
help, some serious help. – Yeah, just like you had help
making that food over there. – Say what now?
– You heard me. You can’t convince me that you ain’t had no help making all that
food over there boy. – I cooked all that by myself bruh. That’s for real.
– You cooked all that? – Ain’t nobody been here but me for the last few hours cooking man. – B, you the same dude in the 5th grade that bribed little Zoey Humphrey wit candy just to win the science fair. – 5th grade, really?
– 5th grade, yeah. – Man. – I was gone bribe her with candy. – You beat me to the punch. I know you, you’ll do anything to win. – Alright look man, between me and you I had a little help with the recipes. – I knew it.
– Just a little bit. But I mean, that’s it though. Everything else was me. Everything else was me. – Between me and you, who was it? – Who else? My big sister. – Man, I been knowing you for years man. I seen you burn grilled
cheese before bruh. – Everybody wit this
(knocking on door) grilled cheese sandwich story man. Give me this, go get the door man. Make yourself useful. – Who is it? Police (speaking inaudibly). – We got a lot of company. Damn, how you doing baby?
– Is Brian here? – He here, but I’m here too.
– Excuse me. – Damn, Imma buy you some leggings. Shit. – What up B?
– Christy, what it is? – You got it smelling good in here. What’s going on? – You know, I do what I do
when I do, know what I’m sayin. – That’s right. What’s goin on! So uh, how long is it gone
be until we eat Brian? – About another 20 minutes.
– Okay okay, that’s cool. So, who else is coming through tonight? – Well I’m still waiting
on Trina to come back from getting her hair done, again. Waiting on Selene to come
through and my homie Louis supposed to be dropping through too. So I’m waiting on him.
– Oh, Louis… Why are you here? – I’m big daddy. – So Louis is really coming, huh? – Yeah he’ll be here for a couple more days so he dropping through. – Okay okay, I saw him the other day while I was at the gym
working out with Trina. Him and Selene in the same room? Man, that’s like a
argument waiting to happen. – I know but I mean,
hopefully the good vibe that my food bring to the situation, hopefully that squash the beef. Cuz you know, Imma throw down. – Brian, that’s wishful thinking for real. – I know.
– Really. – Wishful thinking and everything, but– – All that aside though,
what possessed you to cook this lavish meal for real? – Well we went out to eat
one night, me and Trina. The food didn’t have no flavor and I– – (Christy sighing) You’re like a wart. Can we get some ice? Can we freeze him away?
– We here, this me and you. We ain’t worried bout him.
– She’ll grow on me. – So anyway, we went out to eat. The food ain’t have no flavor so I figured I could cook a better meal. I can cook something
better than some dry salmon or garlic potatoes that
ain’t have no flavor to ’em. So we made the little
bet and then here we are. – That sound fancy.
– Yeah real fancy. When you take into consideration that Trina ordered the shrimp scampi. Know what I saying? Coming out the pocket.
– Listen though. It ain’t nothing wrong
with when a man can cook. That’s a good thing. – Yeah, when a man can cook. – Ugh, you’re still here.
– Anyways. We been living together
for almost a year now and I ain’t cooked for her yet. So I figure I’m kind of
overdue, you know what I mean. – You know you a little bit overdue on some other things too sir? – What you talkin bout Christy? – Yall been living together for a year. Ya’ll been dating just about what, two, two and a half years? – Okay, you’re saying what?
– Hmm. – Oh hear you go man. Oh my god. – I’m saying though B,
like you love her right? – Oh no doubt, no doubt. But I mean, I’m just letting
nature take it’s course. That’s what I’m doing.
– That’s cool. I respect that you know, but
don’t let nature take too long. Cuz she will be gone. – You talking like you know
something that I don’t know. Put me on. – I’m saying, if you love
her why you taking so long? – Man, she ain’t going no where. And plus, why rush something
that’s already waiting on you? You know what I’m sayin, big dog. – You done got the cow, you ain’t even worried bout the milk huh? – Don’t need no milk.
– Uh huh. I don’t like him.
– He cool. He like to bug around. He be playing. – Why did you invite Biz
Markie though, really? – He family, you can’t
take him too serious. If you take him too serious
you end up wit a headache. – I got crackhead auntie, I
don’t invite her to my house. – Yeah, that’s yo problem not mine. – I’m just saying, ugh. – Have a seat, make yourself at home. Trina and them will be her in a minute. – Alright boo, I’ll get it together. (knocking on door) – Hey hey, what’s good Chef Boyarbee. – Man you know I got the good eats like grandma used to do it. – Yeah, I’ll believe it when I taste it. – Right, come on. (upbeat music) – [Trina] Give me a piece
of that egg right there. – Girl you know you
want all this chocolate. – Boy bye, don’t nobody want you. – Sometimes the one that’s mean for you is right under your nose. – Oh I couldn’t agree more honey. What’s meant for you is some Altoids. Please back up, you’re
burning my nose hairs. – It was good seeing you.
– Likewise. – So what are you doing now days? – Same thing I was doing when you left. Working and taking care of my baby. – How is she doing? – Same way she was doing when you left. Getting older, asks a million questions, and eat up all the food. So how often do you go to that pool hall? – What is this, 21 questions? – I mean, yeah, since you never answered any of my phone calls. – Well at least now you know how it feels to be disrespected. – What are you talking about? – You think you all that
just cuz you live in L.A.? – What? You just jealous.
– Hold on bruh. Hey man look, ya’ll gone have to calm that arguing down up in here. We trying to get together
and have a good time. If ya’ll can’t be in here without arguing ya’ll got to take it outside man. That’s straight up. Ya’ll need to chill wit that. – Let’s get some of that
whiskey Tim brought. It’ll calm you down. – [Louis] Man will you shut up? – I’m tryin to help bruh. A little bit more of that.. Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Tim] Thank you lord for allowing us to come together on today. I wanna please please bless us. Lord please bless us and the
hands that prepared this meal. With the spirit of love and togetherness. And I also wanna ask that
you bring us all together. Closer as friends. Don’t allow anybody to get the BGs. (record scratch sound) I’m begging you please. – Alright ya’ll real quick,
forks down forks down. – Oh boy.
– Forks and spoons for you. Okay, now I just wanna remind everybody why we all came together tonight. Me and my baby went out… Hey girl, that’s my baby. We went out to eat the other
night we made a bet right. That I could cook a good meal. So I brought ya’ll here to be the judges. So ya’ll gone determine whether
the meal is good or not. I got some checklists for ya’ll. Imma pass ’em out and ya’ll right down whether the food is good or
whether the food is nasty. But it won’t be. Okay? So we gone make that happen like that. Alright, so on your plate you got turkey. Turkey can’t be too dry. You got candied yams. Got to be sweet if you gone try to eat. Got a potato salad. Got to have a respectable and reasonable amount of seasoning on it. Got mac and cheese. Got to be cheesy baby. Potato salad, dressing,
everything got to be proper. Now let’s get it on. – Wait a minute, there’s six of us. So what happens if three of us like it and three of us don’t? – Oh it’s six of us. Six, three, carry the one, multiply two… Imma add it up. Hold on man this… – It went through his pants
and the plastic on the couch? I gotta go, I gotta go. It’s serious. – Can we have yo food?
– Naw, this all me. Peace out ya’ll.
– Alright bruh. – [Brian] What I just miss man? Well look, I’ll tell you this since he gone that’s gone make it easier. Whoever vote for the most
then that’s what’s gone win. – Can we eat?
– Can I eat? – [Brian] Let’s get it on.
– Thank you, praise god. Alright, now that everybody done eating we all finished up, food was delicious pass forward your ballots so
we can see what it tally up to. Wait a minute now. Ya’ll just throw it all up in there huh? Alright here we go. Selene, you liked the yams,
the turkey, the potato salad. But you thought the dressing didn’t have enough seasoning on it. And the mac and cheese
wasn’t cheesy enough. Really?
– [Selene] You said be honest. – So you just went ahead
and was honest wit it huh? Okay. Imma leave that right here,
just don’t jump the gun. Alright, my homeboy Louis, L Boogie. – Yes sir. – You ain’t uh, you
ain’t like the dressing? But you thought everything else was cool. Why you hatin on my dressing bruh? – Well it didn’t have enough flavor. Give it a little bit more swag
next time and you’ll be good. – What you know about swag
boy, you learned it from me. – Aye, I’m just keeping it 100. – Christy Chrissy poo. I know you showed some love. I know you did. Alright so you liked the turkey, the yams, but you wasn’t feeling the dressing or the potato salad or the turkey? It smelled good though for real. – [Brian] It smelled good?
– It did. – It smelled good.
– [Christy] Sorry Brian. – Devon, uh, bruh did you
use the card as a napkin? (Devon mumbling) So that’s good or bad fam? – Everything was good. Macaroni was hitting,
potato salad was fine, the dressing was just like
my grandma used to make it. – That’s my dog. That’s why I invited you. Didn’t invite you for
real, but that’s alright. Now, got one more ya’ll. Last but not least,
the queen of the house. My lady, my baby thang,
know what I’m saying. Mm girl you gone get it after this. Uh, uh, wait a minute, hold on. The only thing that you liked
was the yams and potato salad? – Well, the turkey, it could of used a little gravy or something. It was just a little dry. And the macaroni and cheese was decent. The um, the dressing
though, let’s just say I thought I was eating cornbread. – [Brian] Damn, in front of my people huh? In front of my people? You will stoop that low to win huh? You know what, Imma go
ahead and tally that on up. (Brian mumbling) – [Christy] You gone get it tonight girl. – Okay I got three yeses and two no’s. Well you know what that mean don’t you? – [Devon] Oh that, wait a minute. Hold on, wait a minute. Let me get ’em real quick. Oh boom. That mean I win dog. Aye, aye, looks like you gone be buying me a ticket to the festival. – [Trina] You know what–
– Look like it. Let me come around to you. Did I win?
– You know what… – Can I get a ticket?
(Trina chuckling) – You won, you got it, you win. But hold up, hold up. you still need to work on your overall performance. – My performance?
– Yeah. – Well Imma tell you this. meet me upstairs and I got a recipe for African American sausage. – Oh my goodnes, they are so nasty. – Sure to bring the special sauce. – You bring that sauce, just
don’t bring no silverware. Cuz we eatin with our hands tonight girl. – Alright.
– Ask somebody bout me. – [Christy] They dinner is over
they about to have dessert. – So they stuck you
with the the dishes huh? – Girl yes, I figured I’ll
help out a little bit. Only Trina and Brian can come up with something this ridiculous. – Well let me give you a hand girl. – I appreciate it. Where’s the baby at?
– With my mom. – Oh you free?
– Mm hmm. – What you doing tonight child? – I don’t know. I was thinking about going
with my girls to the soiree. – Hold on, your mama got
the baby, you got the house to yourself, and you
tryna go out to the club. – Girl ain’t nothing else to do. – It’s plenty for you to do, honey. And I know the perfect thing.
– What? – He’s fine, he’s tall, he’s real handsome, his name is Louis. – Yeah, and I’m through
wit him cuz he’s my past. – Looky here, I need you to stop being bitter and be a woman okay? You can’t do nothing about your past. And that man right there is a good man. You a good woman. Ya’ll got ya’ll thang. You know what you need to do. Go on now. – That make you thug?
– Yes. Holy water everywhere. – Dang, boy you wild. – [Serene] Excuse me, can
I speak to Louis alone? – Good luck. Better get a referee. – Look, whatever bad
blood you got towards me– – Stop. I didn’t come over here to argue with you. I came over here to make peace and figure out where things went wrong. – Oh. Well you the one that put me out knowing I did’t have a place to stay. – That’s because you thought
you were running everything when I was bringing home the bacon. – I never thought, I never thought that. All I needed was your help
until I got on my feet. – Yeah, and in the process
got ahead of yourself while trying to act like my pimp. Like I’m supposed to
do everything you say. – Okay, maybe I was a
little disrespectful. I’m sorry I came off that way. – You know, I gave you everything. I gave you a place to lay your head, I cooked you dinner, I even gave you money to help start your career. Now what do I have to show for my efforts. – I would of done more,
but I didn’t have much. You know that. All I had was you. – And I was the only one?
– Yeah. – Don’t lie, be honest Louis. Did you ever cheat on me? – I mean, I might of messed
around a little bit– – What, are you serious?! While I was busting my
ass working 10 hours a damn day you was sleeping around on me! Louis, how could you? – Well you the one that
was gone all the time. And when you came home you
did’t wanna be bothered. You hardly ever wanted
to be intimate with me. Hell, I thought you was cheating on me. – I see what went wrong. The one person I cared about
take my kindness for weakness. – It wasn’t even like that, I promise. – Naw, no no, it’s alright. Cuz I brought it on myself
not paying attention to you. At least I did a good deed right? – Right, and I’m so thankful for you. Look, it’s because of you
I’ve achieved my dream. Look, I’m sorry for what I did and if you never wanna talk
to me again I understand but I still love you. – You don’t love me, you love yourself. – Look, you can say what you wanna say but I, I would like to start over and try to make this thing work. – Hmm, no cuz what’s done is done. You moved on and so have I. – Wait wait wait, do you still love me? – You doing too much.
– Come wit me to L.A. – What makes you think I
wanna go with you to L.A.? – Because you still love me and you want what’s
best for your daughter. – Well I got a life here. – But there’s plenty of
opportunities in L.A. – That’s because you
have a career already. It might take me forever to find a job. – Look, the agency I work for, they need an associate director. You have plenty of management experience. – That’s no guarantee.
– Nothing’s guaranteed. What do you have to lose? Look, you don’t know what
god has planned for you and you’ll never know if you
continue to limit yourself. At least come visit Selene. – I don’t know, that’s a big step. – Those steps are much easier
when someone walks with you. – I have to think about it.
– You promise? – I said I’ll think about it.
– Okay okay. So um, what are you doing
when you leave here? – I was thinking about going
out with my girls, why? – I got a better idea.
– What’s that? – We haven’t eaten desert yet and you know how much I like chocolate
and whipped cream. Especially when it’s on you. – Yeah, what I look like, a Dairy Queen? – Well you do know how
to make a good shake. – Well maybe that can
be the midnight special. – Yeah, cuz I sure got a sweet tooth. Give me a hug. – Man. (upbeat synthesizer music) ♫ Some day ♫ Some day (inaudible singing) ♫ And thank you for your saving grace ♫ I got to see ♫ ♫ We share there won’t be no one else – [Man in hat] Cut the music
ya’ll, do it one more time. ♫ There won’t be no (inaudible singing) ♫ – That’s alright?
(crowd applauding) ♫ Red bottom heels Mac lip gloss ♫ Fresh no chip french pedi
one last look I’m ready ♫ Cuz I’m through wit
you I’m done two fingers ♫ Keep the middle one in case ♫ You ever think you gone come back my way ♫ Yeah ♫ Get your 2:30 in the morning
not answering my calls text ♫ Get ya 3:30 in the evening ♫ On my couch tryna see what’s on next ♫ Get ya dub borrowing
give it back tomorrow ♫ When you know that don’t ever come ♫ Neither do I how could I be so dumb ♫ Cuz I hate wakin up to a cold left side ♫ And I hate wakin up
still mad from last night ♫ And I hate wakin up to
a house and not a home ♫ So I will wake up alone ♫ Uh huh ♫ Whoo ♫ Yeah ♫ (upbeat music) – Hey, it turned out to be
a pretty nice day though. Didn’t it?
– Real nice. – Yeah.
– The music was real good too. – Oh yeah, the music was off the chain. It wasn’t as good as my food though. – Okay. – You know I put my
foot in that, didn’t I? You got to give me the props on that one. – You just happy you
won, but you got lucky. – I mean hey, I might have got lucky, but uh, not as lucky as
I was the day I met you. And that’s real talk.
– So sweet babe. – It might be sweet and
all but I’m serious. I’m serious with that. The last two years of my life has honestly been the
best years of my life. And I owe that all to you. I mean, the way you stuck in
there through all my fault. And you supported all my accomplishments and I would rather spend
the rest of my life wit you. I mean, making all the macaroni
and cheese that you want. – Okay.
– You know what I’m saying. But all jokes aside, I guess what I’m really trying to say is uh… – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. – I guess what I’m
really trying to say is, Trina Norwood will you marry me? – Oh my god, yes.
– I gotta know. Will you marry me?
– Yes, oh my gosh! – (mumbling) I really
don’t wanna lose you. – Oh my god.
– Hold up, wipe your tears. – Okay, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Oh my god this just…
– Come here, come here. I love you girl. You love me? Do you love me? ♫ Ooh ♫ Here I am getting ready
for my wedding to my baby ♫ I have so many butterflies ♫ But I know everything’s gonna be alright ♫ Got up early this morning ♫ Got my hair done and my makeup too ♫ Looked at my dress one last time ♫ Wanted to make sure
everything was just right ♫ Can’t believe this day is finally here ♫ I’ll be sharing it with my
family and all of my peers ♫ But the most important thing ♫ I’m bout to marry a
man who truly loves me ♫ ♫ Yeah ♫ Ordered three shots me and two friends ♫ On the lookout for a new man ♫ And a bee like me need honey ♫ So the green better not be funny ♫ I swear I’m through wit
you I’m done two fingers ♫ And what’s his name is catching my eye ♫ And he makes it so easy
for me to say goodbye ♫ Get ya ooh baby don’t leave I’m sorry ♫ You’re the only one
that got my heart ooh ♫ Get ya I can’t live without you ♫ Get ya dub borrowing
get it back tomorrow ♫ Baby that was two weeks ago so hey ♫ I’d rather be on my own ♫ Ooh ♫ See this house ♫ This house ain’t a home ♫ And I’d rather be all alone ♫ See I’m wakin up to a cold left side ♫ I’m crying ooh baby
don’t you see me cryin ♫ I hate wakin up ♫ Said I hate wakin up ♫ And I hate wakin up ♫ Ooh ♫
Ooh baby

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