Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Trailer (HD)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Trailer (HD)

Dr. Grey? Is this some sort
of volunteer thing? Something like that.Thursday, September 26th…Get back to work before I tell
the court your in contempt!…orange is the new Grey.You really a doctor? I might be.
It’s still undecided. Due to criminal activity,
Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, and Richard Webber
no longer work here. What?One relationship cools down…[ Baby crying ] Come home with me. No, I am not going
back home.…another goes
full steamy ahead…
I like you…a lot. Maybe we could have sex
with more than one person. Um……in a season that will have
you saying, “Seriously?”
Catherine made me
god of this place, so I’m your boss. [ Bell dings, door opens ] Oh, oh, no. After me. I’m checking in my wife.
at a treatment center. Alex, we’re not even
legally married. You have an out, and I understand if
you want to take it. This isn’t a walk-in
clinic, Grey! [ Siren wails ] Jackson! He’s down there! Is he alive?
Jackson?! -I have incoming trauma.
-What the hell happened? It is not the time
to give up on him.The “Grey’s Anatomy”
season premier,
Thursday, September 26th
on ABC.

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  1. All we need is yang to call grey and tell her to get her and alex's ass to europe, i'd kill to see the three of them become roommates again.

  2. You do realize that is the same plot over and over again, right?

    I mean, I still gonna watch it but they really need to change their script writers

  3. I was I was the only one that was shocked that they were to season 16 every time when I searched up was season 15 The last season of Grey’s Anatomy always pops up yes the finale it’s over

  4. Before I get into more pressing topics i just wanna say Jackson and Maggie never really was 100% for me because they are step siblings and that's creepy.

    OKAY SO onto Alex I'm really tired of this. His mom was crazy and he had to grow up with that, Izzy up and left him after he stuck by her side as well throughout her cancer, now Jo is being a whiney little bitch and once again Alex is affected by some crazy female.
    Anybody else's favorite character is Karev and you're tired of seeing him suffer? He's literally changed so much since season 1 and he deserves some stability now. Like he's literally so sweet now and really on the right path and I don't feel like watching him go through something bad again

  5. Im just gonna watch this season because of Alex Karev tbh. I hate Maggie and Bailey is getting in my nerves. It seems like everyone is so committed to find "Love" rather then focusing on the patients/medical cases like they used to do at the beginning

  6. Opinions:

    1. Dont care much about Jackson and Maggie.
    2. Dont really like Meredith with DeLuca. Yep, he's gorgeous af and has a great personality, but it's still weird to see.
    3. PLEASE BRING RIGGS BACK. I've been watching season 15 again and, seriously, Meredith and Riggs had an amazing storyline. Honestly, neither Thorpe nor DeLuca make me feel the McDreamy feeling (sounds weird, I know). But Riggs chemistry with Meredith was as compelling as it was with Derek.

  7. 1. I just hope that both Amelia and Alex ends up happy in this season. They've both just been through too much.

    2. i hope Jo figures things out and makes a healthy return. I've really enjoyed watching her character development throughout the seasons. Although i didn't like her in the begining she has an interesting storyline now and i want Alex to be happy so don't make her leave.

    3. lowkey shipping the Amelia and Link thing. I feel like they'd be a good match.

    4. i don't even want to talk about the deluca and merideth situation.

    5. Fuck the Maggie and Jackson thing. They have no chemistry and it feels so forced. It's not gonna work. Japril for life.

    5. at this point the show is just going nowhere. I feel like it's been running around in circles for a little too long now. Nothing interesting is happening. Either things work out and fall apart again or someone just dies/leaves. Our favourite characters are gone and maybe it's better to call it quits on a good note, before things completely fall apart and everyone ends up hating the show.


  9. Jackson's top priority once he wakes up from the coma is :
    1- Break up with Maggie.
    2- Break up with Maggie.
    3- Break up with Maggie.
    4- Never come back together again.

  10. Why didnt you end Meredith off with early onset Alzheimer's? Wtf is this shit? 😒😩 They had so many story lines they could have used.

  11. Why didnt you end Meredith off with early onset Alzheimer's? Wtf is this shit? 😒😩 They had so many story lines they could have used.

  12. What if Mer and Karev are the end game? I mean if that's why they keep messing with Karev's relationships and with Derek dead…I know it's weird but what do y'all think?

  13. Didn’t even know this show is still on. Why don’t they just do it like scrubs and finally have an ending? So we can keep the good moments and don’t have to deal with the bad ones

  14. Will we get Levi and Nico? You know a little bit background information about Nico because until now his only characteristic is being gay and s doctor. You cant say you re not homophobic because you have a gay couple if he is so far from being a 3 dimensional character.

  15. I used to love this show so much but the latest seasons have been so boring. This one doesn't look much better. They should've ended it long ago.

  16. They have turned this into a full blown "soap" haven they? They keep doing idiotic things and getting away with them. And the romance part? Yikes!

  17. Everyone blaming Bailey! Stop! She is only doing what should be done! Her HiV thing was unethical but it was because the kids parents were being stupid. They were no different even after the thing worked! So yeah she is wrong but if she didn't the kid would have died .. she would still be a hero…she saved a kid. While these 3 idiots have no idea what to do even after all these seasons. Webber what is wrong with him? You are oldest there! Act your age with wisdom and stuff! Couldn't any of you have paid for the kid? Couldn't you all pool 100 bucks and ask all hospital staff for the same? Couldn't you have taken a loan for that kid and paid it off?? So many options! But yeah it's not drama remember? That would be boring. Like Owen losing his mind! Why is he still going after women? Just forgot about them and focus on your kids! Be a dick to Tom but please just be a single dad! Commit to celibacy ..I m so sick of romance onthis show… pornography has better romance…

  18. Can we get April, Callie, Arizona, and Christina back?! The rest are dead so not happening but please bring these 4 back!!! Greys is just not good anymore!

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