Grindr Profile Picture Day

Grindr Profile Picture Day

– Okay we’ll get you
standing right over here. I gotta tell you, I’m so excited to finally take some
pictures for some gay people. – [Man] Oh yeah? – Yes, straights always
want these crazy pictures where you can’t tell what they uh– – Do you mind just going a little lower? – Okay. Well I don’t know what I was expecting. – So I can just write anything I want? – Yes, but you want to
get people’s attention, so put your best foot forward as they say. (snapping) Yeah I mean, yeah that’ll do it. Oh cool, you work out? – I have worked out. – What gym do you use? – Let’s just go with Equinox. That’s the hot one right? – Yeah, okay. (grunting) (snapping) – [Man] Feel the burn. – Listen, I’ll be honest. The picture’s really more important than the profile, so
whatever you say is fine. – Uh yeah, cool. (snapping) – Unless you say that. – Do you mind just going a little lower? – See people won’t know who you are then. – Right, yeah. Little lower. – Okay. – All right, I’m ready. – Hey, why don’t you
take your sunglasses off and you know, smile a little bit? – Don’t you see I’m better than this app? – Then why are you doing this? – Because I’m lonely. No taps! (snapping) – Can you frame this up for me? – Is that you? – At one point, yes. (snapping) Did you get it? – Oo, what are you fellas doing here? – We’re taking profile
pictures for Grindr. – Oh wow, could we take a look? We’ve always been so curious? – Yeah, just you know,
it can be kind of a lot. – We get it, we’ve seen a lot. – I’ve been abroad. – Then face me when you’re ready. (snapping) – Huh, I don’t think
you get what Grindr is. (snapping) I don’t think you know what Grindr is. – No I do. – Oh. (snapping) – [Man] So is that like better, or? – You can’t say something shitty and excuse it by saying just a preference. Old, racist shop owners
with no Irish signs in their window just had a preference too. – Gotcha. (snapping) – Oh, so it’s just like Tinder. – Not really. – What is that? Hun? What is that? – Is that just a.. Oh my god, it’s an asshole. That’s just a huge hard
closeup of an asshole. – What goes on here? – [Man] Come on, a little lower. – Go ahead and face me when you’re ready. (snapping) Okay so we’re just, we’re all saying eight and a half inches, that’s
just what we’re doing now? (snapping) (soft music) Cool, that’s cool. – [Man] Yeah, just a little lower. – Okay, why even have a
profile picture at all? – Good idea. (snapping) – What am I even doing here? (snapping) Two of you, huh? – Yeah, do you think you
could get us both in? – Oh, I can get you both in. (snapping) – Okay.

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  2. The implication that not finding other races attractive makes you racist is just idiotic.

    What, are you going to yell at women who only date tall men next?

  3. No fats, no fems, no blacks, no asians, no old, no young, no hairy, no short, no whites, no Canadian, no left handed, no skinny, no gym bros, no vegetarians, no vegans, no pets, no religion, no motorcycles and no physiologists.

    Other than that I’m not picky 😁

  4. Not Grindr but literally met someone who reminds me of the lonely guy who’s better than the app and man was he annoyingly sad

  5. We've been over this already, CH. Unless someone's preference is a preference because they believe that other race(s) is in someway inferior to their own for whatever reason it's not racism, even if you reaaallly want it to be…Let's review now. Guy only dates white guys because he likes white guys just a preference. Guy only dates white guys because he thinks other races are all fill in random negative adjective – da racisms. Let me get specific and erase white there, because, well, I'm sure that's a problem word for you. Girl only dates Asians because she likes Asians, cool just a preference. Girl refuses to date black males because she thinks they're all dumb, or ugly or whatever, racism. Get it yet? No, no I really doubt it… Just let people do what they want, including be with who they want, as long as it's not hurting anyone…

  6. I had to freeze at that last joke and when my last braincell processed it I literally let out the ugliest laugh

  7. I mean dating is the only place where you get to be as picky as you want your sharing your most personal parts theres nothing wrong with having a type

  8. I may be disliked for this, but if someone has a sexual preference towards a race, why shame them because they only like a specific type of person

  9. Wait is that a young micheal from the good place?
    because he doesn't look like a young ted danson, but he does look like micheal.

  10. Now for fetlife… I guess. are there profile pics on there? I'm a bit too young to know… noone really talks about it and I can't look

  11. One thing I learned, always subtract 3 inches for the real size, unless they're Colombian. Add 0.5 to 1 inch if they're Colombian.

  12. This shit is hilarious! If I've learned anything, it's that I'm a great size for gay guys😕😆🤣

  13. That end had me screaming "No! Just No!"
    You Can't have someone that's 6 foot 9 saying they have the same length as my short 5 foot 11 self!!! That makes no sense!

  14. What is Grindr?

    literally goes to Google play to search


    That's any there're no women in this video, kinda

  15. I was 15. I was going through a masc phase. I said I was 18. He was 25 (?). that's the story of how I touched my very first diclkk

  16. I don't understand why "no blacks, no asians, no fems, no mascs" etc is racist or sexist. Not being attracted to a certain race or femininity does not mean you don't want to socialise interact with those people and that you think you're superior to them. I like guys with blue eyes and rarely almost never guys with brown eyes does that make me racist? Come on people, that's like saying I'm sexist for finding men sexually attractive and not women…

  17. unfortunately in the meeting app, if you're not objectively beautiful, nobody will look at you, but even in real life, not being good-looking people treat you like a lot of garbage.

  18. Why do dating apps attract perverts just wanting to hookup lol. I don’t know if it’s worse for ladies or gay men

  19. You know what, I don't event think Grant is gay. I think it's a running gag. I bet he's just playing gay for laughs.

    But either way he's a great role model and ambassador for gay men.

  20. Did this video really shame people if they happen to not be attracted to other races.
    Attraction isn't a choice; if a black guy only is attracted to black women he's not "shitty". Just a normal person. You don't choose who you are attracted to.

  21. This whole comment section is gay people, and yet here I am, the one dude that can half relate with the “Straightest Dude Ever” video

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