Growing Natural Black Hair Long Fast/ 4c Natural Hair Journey w/Pictures (A DECADE OF HAIR GROWTH)

Growing Natural Black Hair Long Fast/ 4c Natural Hair Journey w/Pictures (A DECADE OF HAIR GROWTH)

What’s a hair video without a length check? I hope the camera can get this. Okay, I am going to have to get on the bed. Alright. So there we go, right on the booty.
(laughs) Hi, my name is Chinwe Juliet, welcome to my
channel Igbocurls and today you are watching, a Decade of my Hair Growth Journey. Alright so, the first photo here is from 2010
and I remember this photo from when my friend and I, Hadiza, went to have this photoshoot
done and it was our first time wearing full makeup, professionally done and I had fixed
this weave that had a fringe with wavy hair and I liked my weaves between 12 to 16 inches
long so that was what I used to wear a lot. This is also a photo of me with a weave as
well. My hair was absolutely relaxed here. I had not begun my natural hair journey. I
did not even know what natural hair was at the time. Moving on, I loved to part my hair in the
middle but in this photo, it is a side part. In this photo, I was really feeling my relaxed
hair. “I thought my hair was long” but yes, we know what long hair is now, this is not
long hair. I loved how my hair looked. Soon after, my hair began to super break off
as you can see in the photos, this was the same year in 2010 and you can see it began
to really, really, grow shorter and shorter in length. After this my most popular photo that everyone
knows of me online, this was how bad my hair got. So my hair began to change colour, it
was uneven and I was tired and I wanted to know what my hair would feel like and look
like if I stopped with the chemicals and relaxers. Because I was at university in the UK at that
point and I did not know what natural hair was at the time. I did not know I had curls
so you can imagine my joy when I began to transition and I was like, “oh my gosh, my
hair is curly.” I never knew my hair was curly! So, before that, these are shots of my nape
hair. it was such a mess. My hair was bad but my nape was worse. Thankfully I never
lost my edges apart from during postpartum but that is way forward in the future. This is 2011 and my hair was super breaking.
I began to transition. So I completely stopped relaxing but I didn’t know what to do with
my hair so I thought it would be cool to see what was going to happen. This is a photo of my transitioning hair. I began to watch lots of Youtube videos and
I sort of learnt how to twist and I tried to may it look okay. So even if I was not totally comfortable with
wearing my natural hair to lectures or to classes or seminars. I tried to transition
using headwraps. At that time, I was self-conscious so this
is me. I will be honest, I was self-conscious. So I used to wear headwraps and braids. I
also loved to wear my hair in different coloured braids. It was not just black. I actually
dislike wearing my braids in black so I would wear brown, I would wear white braids and
other different colours to stand out. As my hair grew out, this is another photo
of my hair in braids. This was wash day for me. I used to pamper my hair so much in the first
few years. Year 1 to Year 3, between 2011 and 2014, I
pampered my hair so so much. I took my time on washdays. I made out time to make sure
that my hair had all the love. This was after I learnt what my hair was which was the LCO
method. Leave in conditioner, Cream and Oil and I knew that I needed to deep condition
every time I washed. My hair was always shiny and, my curls were always popping! I loved it but at that point when my hair
was short, I actually did not know that I could wash my hair in braids and twists. Instead,
I would part my hair into four and wash it loosely which gave me LOTS of single strand
knots and they used to piss me off. I loved my curls but I hated that my curls
will curl upon themselves. It was annoying but fun. These are more photos and this is me at 2years.
I had my full-on fro at that point, I had just taken off my braids and my hair was popping! Funny enough, this photo was the same day
that I took my first volume check. I remember I was trying to show how much volume
I had because I knew my hair was massive and ( I thought my hair was massive then) I wanted
to show it and I did not know how to so I just thought, why not just bend down? Let
people see and that was the beginning of volume checks. There was nothing like it in the natural
hair community and when I released it, people were like, “Is that real?” “Is that normal?”
and I’m like, “yes, it is my hair.” So, this was the first day of volume check
that I had so I continuously proceeded to put my hair in protective styles just to make
sure my hair was protected all the time. At this point, I was taking holidays. I always
used to come back to Nigeria to see my family and the weather really does affect natural
hair. So whenever I stressed that in my hair growth videos people are always like, “yeah,
whatever” but they do. The weather here in Nigeria is hot sometimes,
it’s humid sometimes, it is dry sometimes and with that, I always have to adjust my
natural hair routine. But then in the UK, when it is winter it is cold and humid. It is humid sometimes and then in summer,
it is not as dry as it is here Nigeria so there is a lot of adjustments that have to
be done with my hair routine and that’s the thing you learn when you grow with your hair
and you grow to love your hair. That’s another thing because people always
ask how do you embrace your natural hair? It took me a whole year to love my natural
hair so I wouldn’t be one of those girls that will tell you, “oh, when you big chop or when
you completely transition, you will love your hair immediately.” No, I didn’t. It took me a while to get used to the curls,
to know how to style my hair, to know how to wear my hair and to walk confidently with
my hair to lectures, to seminars, it took a while. So I would always say that you have to stick
to it. You have to look yourself in the mirror, give yourself those affirmations. You have
to know that you are beautiful. Your hair is also beautiful and you are complete as
you are. With that, you are able to love your hair and love yourself more too. So moving on, going back to the photos, this
was my first absolutely awesome twist out. I was feeling it so much, every moment that
I could take photos, I did. Because I was so shocked that my hair was able to be defined
all the way. I can’t remember what product I used, it’s been years but this was my first
twist out that I actually wore outside. I used to twist my hair and I used to try to
do twist outs but this was the first that had my hair shiny. Actually, I remember the product. The product
was by Anita Grant. It is a UK company. I remember her products used to leave my hair
looking really shiny. That was that. By year 3, I always used to keep my hair in
updos. I tried. You can see, I was not always good at doing Updos and hairstyles. This was
a struggle. I used to love experimenting with styles to do updos, to play with my hair in
different ways and as they say, practice makes perfect. I got way better at it and as you can see
in these photos, a year later. Gosh, people loved these photos on Instagram when I began
to upload them and you can see that I had gone from 0 to 100! So it really all takes
practice. Just keep at it. It’s your hair, It’s on your
head. It’s your real hair so keep at it. This was my first wash and go. I loved it. I loved how my curls were defined, I loved
how voluminous my hair was even with a wash and go. I didn’t really like the shrinkage
but I did like it. It’s a love and hate relationship, like with me, shrinkage is a love and hate
relationship. Sometimes, like now, I want you loves to see that my hair is big and long
but then it just shrinks up. If you don’t know, my hair is currently 8years
natural. I started the hair journey in 2011. Transitioned in 2012 and then I did my big
chop in 2012 so I cut my hair then and I have been natural ever since, and I am never going
back by the Grace of God. By year 3 and 4 I was binge-watching on YouTube
videos and I tried Flexi rod sets as you can see here. Sometimes I would mix it up and
do Bantu on one side, Flexi rods on another side and then put everything in an updo afterwards
because it was always a mess and I never could figure out why my styes never came out right
like the girls on YouTube, now that is obvious because there were not enough Youtubers with
4c hair then. So I literally used to watch people with 4a, 4b hair and 3c curls and I
would try to manipulate my hair to the way their hair was but it just never worked. So now you have me. Now you have Youtubers
like me that you can watch and actually replicate and the tutorials will work. I have skipped a lot but this is a voluminous
photo of my hair by year 4. When people ask me, I always say that I actually reached my
desired hair length that is about 24-25 inches long natural hair by year 5 and ever since
then I have made sure to trim it, to play with it, to have fun with it because I am
at my goal. This was what I always wanted and now that I have gotten it, it is just
up to me to maintain it as it is and to love it and enjoy it most importantly. Right now
that I have gotten to the length. So will I cut my hair in future? Who knows?
Will I keep growing out my hair, who knows? But right now, I’m just at the phase where
I am enjoying it completely. So back to the photo that went viral. The
photo that caused some cyberbullying that people loved to hate. This was from 4years
ago. People were hating on the fact that I had the same robe on and I love keeping my
clothes. I don’t know about you but I have clothes from a decade ago like this video.
I still have the dress from the first photo that I showed you guys and it’s not a case
that I obviously can’t afford it, I just love keeping clothes. It’s not a case that
I don’t want to give my clothes away either but I just still have them. I am the kind
of girl that I keep things. I don’t keep clutter. I don’t keep clutter
but with clothes, I like to buy good quality clothes and they last a very long time. I don’t see the reason why I need to throw
things away if they are still good. Funny enough is, I thought that people would not
believe it was me if I wore something else and then I found my robe and I put it back
on and I took a photo and people were like, “hell no, that’s a lie!” People were literally on my case like insulting,
“oh, that’s all shit, one robe after 5 years blah, blah, blah” and it just had me. The bitterness was so much that it got me
a bit sad. I wouldn’t say it didn’t get to me, it did get to me because people were entirely
missing the point of the whole video which was to see the hair transformation and to
also prove to them that your hair can be damaged, can be discoloured, can be uneven, can be
messed up and you can still take care of it properly as a black woman and grow it out
and have super curly, kinky, coily beautiful long hair. Healthy hair. My hair journey over this decade has been
amazing. It has led me to be in front of you guys. I never for once in my life thought
that I would make a Youtube channel and I would grow as a blogger and now an influencer
and it has just been amazing and I hope to keep inspiring you not just with natural hair
but with lifestyle and motherhood content as well. I hope you all enjoyed this video
as I enjoyed making it. If you want to see more videos like this showing growth then
let me know and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you all
so much for watching. I loved making this video, you have no idea and I also love sharing
all these photos with you all so don’t forget to hit the bell button to receive a notification
every time I upload. Thank you so much for watching. Take care now, bye! One more thing, what’s a hair video without
a length check? Let me just do that quickly. This is the hair. My hair is really dirty
by the way. It’s been 3 weeks since I washed my hair but yeah, that’s just me being honest.
I’m going to wash my hair tonight and this is a quick length for you loves. I hope the camera can get this. I’m going
to have to get on the bed. Alright. So there we go. Right on the booty. So it’s right here where my shirt is. That’s
about 24-26 inches. It’s tailbone length I guess. So yeah, I think I have been doing
a good job at maintaining my hair length and this is 4c hair. This is 4c natural hair and
if you are wondering, I am Nigerian and yes I live in Nigeria right now and yes it is
possible to recover from damaged hair if you do the work. So listen to my hair tips, watch
my videos, let’s enjoy this journey together. Take care now, bye!

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