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  1. there does seem to be a problem though recently we follow your instructions exactly but at the very end where you save your emblem it will display cannot save emblem if you try this again it will say the same thing until you tried too many times and then it will say you have been rate limited. Any suggestions?

  2. Same thing has happened to me I have the logo I want but will not allow me to save and just like Alex if I try to many times it says I have been rate limited is there something I missed?

  3. i created two emblems yesterday n it worked fine but today i cant save it and also i cant set my already created emblems back to as crew emblem… so i think its patched or fixed on rockstar website.

  4. it's patched you can't do it anymore if you had more pictures uploaded you can't even choose those anymore to put as a crew emblem the on you've got if it's not a naked one or so it won't get banned you can keep it but you can't change it into a picture you uploaded before Rockstar is taking everything away silly..

  5. i did my research and apparently rockstar has patched this exploit the svg method no longer works. rockstar scans your image and if it has the svg method exploit rockstar will notify you that you are using another method other than the emblem creator shapes ect. and will say if you continue to upload or attempt to upload unauthorized content rockstar will take action so to people who are waching this this DOES NOT WORK. sombody needs to find another way to do this type of exploit

  6. I think I might have found a bypass 🙂 (not sure yet)
    1. Pick any random shape on the creator 
    2. Do the same method
    3. Save
    with me it just saves for ages (I just tried it and I am waiting for a response)

  7. Try asking Rockstar to unpatch it. They'll ignore you. I tried and got nothing. -_- This is literally the only thing that I care about them patching. I mean, If they unpatched air stunting with the motorcycles, why couldn't they have unpatched this?  Like, Seriously? -_-

  8. Can somebody do mines for me, i tried and tried but it still isn't working. If someone will i will give you my rock star info! pls&thx

  9. To the people complaing about it being patched, think about this: 
    1) they don't want to get sued by people for giving their customers the ability to upload content they weren't given permission to.
    2) if you owned a multi-million dollar business, you most likely would do that; unless you intentionally wanted to get sued. 

  10. yepp same here, just found this today, and tried, "if I continue to upload inappropriate or copyrighted material I will be suspended or banned." what bull shit, the video is still good though and you should add that if they don't use the desktop version then when you save it as a vector it puts all kinds of stupid watermarks all over, I had to purchase it just so it didn't ruin my image.

  11. I done everything that you done in the video but apparently I'm using stuff that isn't allowed in the rockstar social club, yet it allows YOU to do it… Help

  12. You fucking kunt it doesnt work now cause u cant save the image using this method. Rockstar are even looking at either suspendisuspending me or even banning me for uploading an image off the net. They only now allow u to use the tools they give to make one. Which is shit. Even tried a different image. all worked fine. Soon as I went to save. A big fucking message from rockstar comes up. 

  13. When I try to save it, it says it breaks the T&C's of Rockstar. Anyone can help, I'd be grateful.
    I have the code from Notepad++ Thx.

  14. i did eveything u said it work just fine but now its telling me that its a violation to use any emblem thats not made on their website it wont let me save the picture i uploaded please help

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