GTA V Movie – OVERHEAT [Part 2]

GTA V Movie – OVERHEAT [Part 2]

thanks Mike always here to help not when you’re drunk a lot of scratches but since she’ll stay here don’t wanna rush you guys but may I ask when will it all be fixed I would say probably by tomorrow yeah, around 1pm impressive hey Jack come I wanna show you something see you alter Jack what a beastly! off-roader, I assume this project car I made had a goal the goal is to have a good balance between offroad and asphalt performance nearly every part was taken from my junkyard but as you can see, It’s not completely done just need to find a hood, rear bumper and few other things and then, the beast will be done wanna see how she goes?! how was it? It was great amazing I’m still speechless how cars can be that capable offroad yeap, I didn’t know too you have any wheels to get me home? that should do it still better than a taxi remember this is a dirt bike you can freely try it offroad It’s meant for that kind of terrain you got it? I owe you a lot finally you answered! I’m so worried you didn’t answer my calls! honey I’m sorry, It’s a long story but I’m fine now, don’t worry I’ll explain once I get home okay? I’m just half an hour away I love you where were you?! The whole day! were you watching TV?! Was I on the news? I was ambushed but no need to worry I’m all find now I’ll make us coffee and explain everything alright? come on, just you and me I’m ready to listen where’s your car even? In a safe place do you remember Kaito? he is out from prison and he saw me… nearly killed me but… one guy helped me from both him and the cops his name is Tom are cops after you? do we need to move out? lets just keep a low profile for now and stay out of the city can I go with you? you stay here, alright? sure! yo Jack! morning David what’s up Carlos, is my car done? I don’t know I worked on your car I think It’s in the painting section now where’s the painting section? alright listen to me… exit there and go right then keep walking till you see it, you can’t miss it right on time is this my car? oh yeah… we made some slight offroad modifications because your car was too low it can’t cope with our terrain here what did you do to my car! hey! calm down! It’s in there I hate you (sigh) you and your car… so how much do I owe you nothing, this one is on me I installed new tires aswell as adjustable suspension in case you need to fly again you shouldn’t have to, but thanks thing is, I had to when I was fixing you car I saw oil leaks, suspension cracks, poor engine cooling… luckily your engine didn’t blow up your dad would be disappointed in you Jack if my car is a beast, your car is just beauty hey Tom! lets race then… and see who is actually who you sure you got this? on asphalt he doesn’t stand a chance alright, good luck ready! go! where are you going?! where are you?! can you teach me that? okay what exactly? your driving style… that just beat me seconds ago this is the view of the road for most drivers just a straight line of their fancy GPS what I see, aren’t just the roads ahead there’s a wider perspective with unlimited choices and paths lets go get my truck I’ll show you what I mean so you’ll maybe realize wohoo, we made it! I’ve never even explored this part of the country It’s like I entered a whole new world couldn’t have said better glad you realized how offroad vehicles are giving you the freedom to go anywhere one day, I’ll try to build one myself wanna come to my place? why not you up for a beach fire? sure, nice house though wow, It’s beautiful here especially at night with relaxing wave sounds It sure is but I have a question how did you afford this place? I’m just curious because you lost everything after leaving your dad of course except your car but the properties here are over a million dollars, so is there something you don’t want to tell me? the guy I raced the other night was Kaito we became best friends shortly after I left my dad and because both of us were poor, we started doing robbery he was the robber, I was the getaway driver we were a great team until a year later Kaito started arguing about my role being much safer Also saying he’s a better driver cause of that our friendship got weak so during one robbery he got caught I barely managed to escape 15 years of his jail time passed reason he wanted to race me that night is to prove that he is a better driver before killing me hey where’re you going? you lied to me you knew he was dangerous yet you continue to get me involved I trusted you I’m sorry I wanted to tell you, I should’ve I even asked you if you knew him and you lied to my face! come on Tom… I never should’ve helped you! hey come back! I’m sorry!

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  1. -First of all thanks for supporting my Overheat Movie and wanting the story to continue, so here's the Part 2! Enjoy and please share this movie to others. Seeing views grow fast gives me more energy to work on the next part! 😀
    -Lastly English subtitles are added and available to use. Other languages will be available soon aswell.

  2. My only complaint was the engine sounds. The blue car went from a rotary to an American v8. And the. The dirt bike went from a super bike to a kx450f

  3. Please make part 3, it was a good ending we need to see the rest,i have been waiting since first week of part 2, checking every day to see it has been released, please dont make me lose hope, please

  4. I absolutely love what you did and I bet we all can't wait for part 3… excellent job champ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. This is the first time in months I've seen such quality content on my youtube recommended section. Keep up the great work and effort my friend. Will be looking forward to part 3. P.S part 1 was wicked.

  6. bro, you are very fucking, a whore of an imagination, beautiful production, editing, history, soundtrack among others … I'm waiting for the third part, I thought if video out of nothing, just appeared on the YouTube timeline, congratulations, keep it up you have an amazing gift. I am Brazilian and I loved your work

  7. 8:40 man this part was damn good and the music thats put just fits perfectly💯💯💯

    man vucko U make good stuff

  8. Come on make a part 3 we all wanna see it plz vucko plz love the two parts i love you vucko/ we all wanna see a part 3 were jack and tom geting to be friends agin plz

  9. i should also say the voice acting is superior. gives you those movie kinda chills. not cheesy like the usual bunch

  10. 13:40 Avis aux amateurs qui connaisse le moment dans Transporter 2 ou 3 quand la audi passe au dessus d'un sdf !

  11. This was really great…I think we all want to see part 3 and I think it will be a killer chapter…Keep up the good work and can't wait for part 3👍

  12. 본인 방금 이거보고 gta5로 멋진 영화 만드는거 상상함.
    하지만 어림도 없지. 저렇게 만드는걸 떠나서 어떻게 하는건지 모름.

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