GTN 2019 Ironman World Championship Review | The GTN Show Ep. 114

GTN 2019 Ironman World Championship Review | The GTN Show Ep. 114

Welcome back to the GTN show,
brought to you by Zwift. Well this week it’s going
to be a show of two parts We’re going to be getting some inside info of what went down in Kona about the Ironman World Championships from the boys who are still out there. And then I’m going to
be bringing you Tri news sharing some of your photos as well as discussing
some rather huge records that got broken over the weekend. (upbeat music) – And hello from Kona, we
have been really fortunate to be out here once again for the Ironman World
Championships in Hawaii It was incredible to see the
racing unfold this weekend. But to give us a real insight into how the racing actually happened in it itself, we’re going to be chatting to a couple of the pros
that were really in the mix. – Yeah, but not to forget, Mark, we’re also going to have an update on how the Zwift Triathlon Academy team members got on with their racing, and we’re going to have a give away between Ventum and Fizik. – So to kick things off,
I’ve got Sarah Crowley here. So she’s going to give
us a bit of a run through as to how the women’s race unfolded, because you were right in the mix, finished third overall, which is an amazing front, So congratulations on that. How did it play out? From the minute you started the swim, through to the end? – Yeah, so um, the swim
starts a little different now with the wave starts
where the age group is, and they actually corralled the women a little earlier as well. So, we headed into the water and usually what everyone is doing is
sussing out who they’re going to try and start with. Um, we kind of had the line
sorted out and then maybe, 30 seconds before there was
a whole bit of a reshuffle. Um, it didn’t suit me but I was confident that my swimming’s been okay and that I’d sort of be able to get out, and then make a reasonable pack, but it meant that I didn’t actually see Lauren and Lucy get away. So they, Lucy was on the far right, and Lauren had shifted,
I think from sort of three or four spots to my right, all the way across I think, well I don’t know, I
didn’t see, so, um, yeah, – You managed to make
small pack, didn’t you? Quite early on, on the bike. – Yeah! – So it was, Joslyn,
Imogen Simmonds, Anne Haug, – Myself. – Yourself, and, well Daniela kind of, – Carrie Lestor as well, yeah! Through transition it’s go! Very hard, and myself and Annie, definitely Imogen, so it was a bit of a street race, that first section, which I know happens in the mens, but is definitely now
happening in the womens. Particularly just to break a few people off the back of that group, so, once we settled in out on the road, Joslyn sort of sat up
and Annie decided, she was going to – [Mark] It was her time. – [Sarah] It was her time, so she actually gave it to herself and pushed pretty hard up to
the top of that street. – [Mark] Some of us could see um, it was a surprise for a lot of us to see Daniela, sort of move
back through the pack. So she was, well from what I saw, hanging on to the back of your group for a little bit of time. Um, how long did it take
for you guys to drop her, was that a surprise? – I don’t feel like we dropped her, I don’t know if she
actually was in the group. So I think when I saw her
at the turn at Kawaii High she wasn’t actually on the group, So, we, that move through transition, and just that swift um, she wasn’t going,
she wasn’t there, yeah. – Meanwhile you obviously
probably keeping time checks to Lucy who was up the road, so and that time seemed to be yo-yoing. So it like got down to
four, five minutes I think and it came back out to
I think eight minutes by the time you came into T two. Um, so when you came off the bike, Um, obviously Annie was just on one, did you try and go with that stuff? Or was it just quite
clear, you just let her go and settled into your pace? – Yeah, look I was just running to, really the point at which
it still kind of felt easy and without really pushing it, so, rather than pushing harder, just making it easier and more efficient and sort of more relaxed. Last year I had a lot of
trouble in the energy lab, I just hit a bit of a wall and
I didn’t want to repeat that. So I wasn’t intending
on, it wasn’t the intent, I mean of course it’s the
intention to catch Lucy, but it wasn’t what I set out to do, it was more just, let’s get through this and try and perform well on the runway. In the energy lab though I had seen Annie had just passed Lucy, and she said you can do this as well kind of thing, and I was like, Aw cool! Cause I said to her as
we got off the bike, like “great ride!” It was good that everyone that was fair and she ran off. (laughs) But she was running so well,
and then she said this to me, and I was like, “yeah I think
I actually can do this now.” Cause it’s quite a long ways back in. Yeah, I mean, you can’t
want for anything more you know you need to
run under three hours, it’s like insane now, to be
able to get on the podium, it’s pretty crazy. – You ran a 2.59, amazing performance – Very pleased! Yes, first time under three hours! It’s a nice place to do it! Tough course. – Swim, good start, but bunched up behind. I speculate who’s there. Probably not worth. Going as planned. Stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe. Rough calculations pin
900 times more repetition. 900 forms of distraction required. Finally, body, glove, boat,
can smell a bacon cookout. Firm distraction found. Current pier arrives, no
attempted maneuvers made fileted at glory. No one gets hurt, win, win. First onto bike. Jig around town, done. On to Queen K. I tongue my mustache. Frodo requests assistance. Nul, cancel that boy. Clavel takes lead. Clavel’s super tucks. Clavel super tuck pedals. Clavel super what the (beeps) You’re going to die mate. Kawaii High? Kawaii bye. Up to Harvey we go. Hoffman back in the group. Pace harder than Bob
Babbitts chair during a six hour breakfast in Kona. Ali Flats, some unexpected company. Ali passes with sonic boom effect. Ali gone, never liked his
company anyway. Toodaloo Catching a fast failing Clavel, finally someone with more
inflated confidence than me. Wurf pain train catching. Pain train becomes the slain train. Spun out, I tongue my mustache. Overhang is definitely on the move. Christ, Ironman is long. Run, off to a good start. Still some life left. On 2.50 marathon pace. Pilaney minces the legs to salami. Pace slowing on Queen K. Stomach is in knots, need to (beeps) Do I stop? Yeah, keep it clean. Last time was pretty nasty, Almost lost race about down a dark well of
pestilence and malador. Breaking three becomes breaking
two plus two equals four. Any longer and they’ll be
bringing me glow sticks. Contemplate sag home. Guts in severe pain. Evaluate the chances of finishing, equal to Patrick Lange. Spotted a sedentary Patrik Nilsson. Invitation to run, declined
on account of withdraw. Disgusted. I pledged to finish. Post after party is where
the real suffering begins. This is nothing. Self talk positivity reverberates with generic American accent. “You got this!” Sticky hot asphalt, making
funny noises on my shoes. I’m sure that’s where I
(beep) myself on the way out. Finish line here. Get shoo’d away quickly
before Annie Houg crosses. A single shred of dignity remaining. Could be worse, last time I
finished with (beep) in my suit. This time I’m finishing as
just a metaphorical (beep). Mahalo. – Well aside from the
excitement in the pro ranks, we also have some notable interest in the age group race as well. Because we have the Zwift
Academy Triathlon team racing they had eight athletes that qualified for the Ironman World
Championships this year. Now I’m going to actually
start on the mens side with the youngest first and we had Justin Lippert, who’s just 23 years old, from the U.S.A, So he’s racing in the
18-24 age group category. Now I believe he may not
have had the performance he was hoping for so he
finished back in 29th place. At a time of 10 hours and 41 minutes, but in the 30-34 age group category, we had quite a show down
between two team members. Levi Hauwert and Philipp Herber. Now this is a notoriously hard
and fast age group actually Now Philipp actually finished
in fourth place in a time of eight hours and 55 minutes, whilst Levi finished in sixth, just a couple of places behind
at eight hours and 57 minutes and I saw footage of him
crossing the finish line and it looks like he gave it his all. – He was a bit wobbly. – He was, definitely And then on to the oldest
of the male contingents, and that was Paul Lunn from the U.K. 46 years old and a grandad. And now he actually was
on the podium last year, and again, maybe not the performance he was hoping for this year, he finished 11th in a
time of nine hours and 33. But it is worth mentioning,
he was in a super tough age group category. Actually, the top three in his
age group are all ex pro’s. – Yeah, so I’m not quite
sure how you cope with that, so good effort Paul! And moving on to the
womens section of the team, cause we got four women on
the Zwift Academy team as well and they did, I’m going
to say it’s a competition, but they did a little bit
better than the men did, that’s for sure! They were all on fire! All of them getting put into
positions of Vegas color, So I’ll start with the
youngest like Mark did, So, Natia Van Heerden, from South Africa, she had a fantastic race, she was third in her age group overall, on the day, she was the winner
of the female 25-29 age group and her time was nine
hours and 39 minutes. – Brilliant time! – It is a brilliant time,
you’d think you’d be the best on your team if
you did a time like that. Unfortunately for Natia, she doesn’t mind, but Ruth Purbrook from the U.K had an absolutely outstanding
day yesterday in Kona. So she was the overall
age group winner here by quite some margin, she was some 14 minutes
clear of the next athlete. Her winning time of nine hours and 20. Which I gather would’ve
put her fairly high up the professional ranks if
we were going to compare but anyway, fantastic results from Ruth, and she was also the age
group winner obviously, in her age group, which was females 30-34. And then we had the next youngest, should we say, we had
Maggie Walsh from the U.S.A. Now she was 10.03 as a finish time and second overall in her age group. And then finally Yvonne Timewell, who is 51 from Canada, and she was third in her age group of females 50-54. So, basically, they did brilliant! Right, so now we’re going
to move on to our poll. And for this weeks edition, we’re actually going to
mix things up a little bit. And rather than giving
you a list of options to submit and answer from, we’re actually going
to throw it back to you and get you guys to drop down there in the comments section
below, your thought, and what we want to know is, Who would you like to see win this race, back on the island, in 2020? – Yeah, is it going to be Lucy this year? Can Patrick make a comeback? Will Cam progress further
as he has done this year and maybe get on to the podium? Or could we see a wild card
winning it, or getting onto the podium, such as maybe, Imogen Simmons? Let us know in the comment section below. This one is totally open to you, and we’ll pick out the winners from that, in next week’s show. But now for last weeks
poll where we asked you, “Will any records be
broken in Kona this year? And it was 32% of you that said no and 68% of you that said yes. – You were right! Crystal Ball. – How many records did we have? – The overall male record obviously. – Just the one this year. Yeah that was it, so
obviously last year we had numerous records, I mean
it was an incredible year. And I’m not sure we expected
that record on the mens to be broken any time soon. But yeah, phenomenal
performance by Jan. – And you were actually
saying that the only record that’s now been, the
most long standing record that’s left now is Mirinda Carfrae’s run record from 2014. – That’s right, yeah. – Two hours and 50. Motoring. – And now on to, a very enticing giveaway. Now this is the collaboration
between Fizik and Ventum that we have been discussing on the show for the last couple of weeks, and also in our tech show, now Fizik and Ventum have come together and they have brought the
shoes, saddle, a bike, and even a helmet all
in the same colorway. And also it’s evolved from
their Fizik Transiro shoe, which has very nice fancy
blue and red collating on it and if you use that blue
and red collating design onto the frame, onto the saddle,
and even, onto the helmet. – So on that note we’re
actually going to be giving away some of this rather cool Fizik
and Ventum collaborated kit. And we’ve got a set of shoes and a saddle, three sets of those to give
away to three lucky winners! – Yeah, and if you’d like
to get involved you can find the link in the description below. But now back to Heather in the set. – Whilst the boys are out in Kona, the GTN show from two weeks ago, they announced the give away for the Canyon X Ryzon Myth Tri Suit. Well I’m delighted to say that we now have a winner to announce! And that lucky person
is…Jan-Mika Weibrecht, from Germany, congratulations, yeah! Of course most of the
triathlon world their eyes firmly fixed on the big island in Hawaii, where records were broken. But none quite as significant as we saw in marathon running over the weekend. While the first big one was the INEOS 159. And that was Eliud Kipchoge big break, that two hour marathon world record. Well this was set up to be
held in Vienna in Austria and there was no stone left unturned as a team of 150 have been
working on this project, they found an area that was
going to be as flat as possible with perfect conditions. A team of 41 pace makers
who were rotated, in and out so he could hold the pace
of 250 per kilometer. And if you had a lazer
beam from the car in front beaming onto the road so
they knew exactly where they had to position themselves, and drinks were handed
directly to Kipchoge. So all of those conditions
that could be controlled, were. On top of that technology
played a big part, cause he was running in this new specifically designed
shoe, by Nike, for him with a carbon fiber plate that maximizes that energy return on every foot strike. Well all of this combined
set up that perfect recipe, Eliud Kipchoge was on track and with a final 100 meters to go, he broke away from his pace
makers and crossed the line in an incredible time of one
hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds So 20 seconds to spare. The previous record attempt to beat at two hours and 26 seconds. So it just shows with that extra planning, and that extra science behind it, how much they were
actually able to take off. And this is an unofficial record, as it wasn’t actually in a
race, and he had pacemakers, but I think it has
opened that opportunity, just to say look what the
human body is capable of, and I think definitely in our life time, and hopefully even in the next 10 years we will see that two hour marathon record officially get broken. And the next day their were
more records to be broken, and it might’ve slipped under the radar with all of the press was
still looking at that 1:59. But the women’s marathon world
record got smashed as well by Brigid Kosgei from Kenya broke the 16 year old record, held previously by Paula Radcliffe, back from the London
Marathon back in 2003. And she absolutely smashed
it by over a minute by clocking in at a time
of two hours 14 minutes and four seconds. So it’s just an incredibly exciting time for distance running
and marathon running in particular at the moment. Well back to Ironman now,
and less than a month ahead of the World Championships. There’s a new partnership been announced with Aleve who are an
American pain relief company. Well it’s actually ruffled a few feathers, and the DTU, the German Travel Federation, have publicly come out and said that they don’t approve of this. If Christoff Simsch who’s the head of the anti-doping program there, has said that both
medically and ethically, they can’t approve it. It’s a tricky one and I do understand that obviously in travel,
especially the Ironman we are pushing out bodies to the limit and we’re going to experience pain especially afterwards, but promoting it is actually a method to maybe help with your training doesn’t sit comfortably with me, and we have pain for a reason, our bodies need to know
what’s hurting so we can sometimes, yes, need to push through it, but you also need to make sure you’re not going to injure
yourself further down the line. And finishing a race, or
winning a medal is great, but not if it’s going to
detriment you later in life. So it’s an interesting relationship
that they’ve got there, and I’m sure that there’s quite
a few athletes who are still hobbling around after Kona, who maybe want a little bit of pain relief to ease their legs, but then, you can see it as a
shuffle of pride as well. We do seem to be seeing
more and more swim sections of a triathlon canceled. Quite often for bad
weather but sadly sometimes due to water quality. And it’s always going to be
a challenge for organizers to know if the water is good enough, and they probably have to
ere on the side of caution. Well we saw problems in
Tokyo at the test event, the year ahead of the Olympics. Well the ITU obviously
concerned about this, and they’ve now teamed up with TECTA TDS, a company who can actually test the water, within just 12 hours. So they can go and get the results back in a very short period of time. So hopefully in the future that means that if any events are unsure they can, A. Make sure the athletes are safe and test that water properly, but also don’t have to actually
ere on the side of caution and so maybe some more events
will go ahead after all. Well now it’s time to have
look at some of your photos. A little bit of Kona
inspiration in this first one, Iza Pancaid, sent in by Tim, and it says, BMC Team machine 0-1, and
he’s based in Poznan, Poland. Says, “just added a new tv
and stand to his pain cave, fits perfectly into the corner
next to his Ironman medals and a painted picture by his son.” Is that a dolphin or a shark? Not quite sure which it is, but great combination
there of the GTN big screen with the Kona flowers, I like that, and Zwift as well, so I’m intrigued to know what video you’re just about to watch for
inspiration on that one but nice very clean
pain cave set up there. Our next one comes in from Adam, and this one’s a little
bit more improvised. But I like it! It says, “giant TCR advance disc two.” Which is his main ride but
that’s actually in the background and it’s his 22 year old,
that he’s keen to point out, fond rice which is actually on the turbo, that’s impressive, I’m sure
that’s done a lot of miles. Says, “Hack or Podge, perfecting
my Zwift set up on a budget so, looks like the iPad is
on top of the step ladder, and then I think there’s an
iPhone attached to the ladder. Not quite sure you need both there, then maybe there’s, is that a,
I think it’s attached with a some sort of Go Pro attachment
onto the ladder as well. So all sorts going on,
and oh and some books to use just to keep the
um, to lift up the front, um what else is hack or podgy in there? I can’t see it, there’s a
fair amount of weights as well looks like a very, you
know, good use of space, squeezing it in. Nice one! And our final one comes from
Yand and this is outside it is gorgeous, you can see the low
light of the shadow here. He’s on his Cervelo P4. And um, an underrated classic, he put. And this is from southern
Ontario, in Canada, and he says he’s running multiple, organizers a month ETT
on a fixed 12 K course, this provides us with
friendly competition, and allows us to track our
fitness over the summer. Well that looks like it’s
going to be a fast course, cause I can’t see any hills, in sight, but maybe a bit of wind. A lovely selection of photos
that you guys have sent in. But we want to see more! Mark, myself, and Fraser
are all pretty nosy, so make sure you carry
on sharing your pictures. You can do that by
copying the link that you can see on the screen right now, or just checking it in
the description below. It’s time for this weeks
GTN caption competition, and from the picture of last week, it does look as though Mark and Fraser, are having a ball out in Kona, and they’re just leaping
in the air with joy. Well there’s quite a few
suggestions that along the lines, that maybe it’s pretty
cool to be out in Kona, I do agree. This one comes from Something Odd says, Free trip to Hawaii, yah!” Another one along those lines, Stefan Howe says, “did
someone say I can be at Kona and not have to compete?
‘Oh what a feeling’.” I think that was probably
more aimed at Fraser, who obviously has been there
and competed, in the past. I like this one from Mitch Asheed, “Mark and Fraser doing their
best Heather impression!” I mean I’m not sure how
often I jump up and down with excitement but, you know. Doesn’t take that much to get me excited. But the winner this
week is Adrian Rosales, with a caption, “Me when I finally win
a caption competition.” So well done Adrian, get
in touch and we’ll send this GTN cap over to you! Well now for your chance to
win a caption competition, win a GTN cap I should say. This weeks picture is from Kona, there was enough of a selection there and it’s this one of Lucy Charles trying to cool herself down with I think a little bit of a squeezer water bottle down the back of the neck, and it just shows how
fast she was cycling. Do give us your suggestions,
leave them in the caption, in the comment section below! Well thank you to the boys
for their pieces from Kona I think they’re dashing off
to catch a flight back home. As we’re going to be all
reunited next week, but still plenty of stuff to come from Kona, there’s the Kona Vlog to look out for, also a video on how to run, step up from running 5k up to 10k, that the boys filmed out
when they were in Hawaii. And if you want to stay
in that Kona spirit, well head over to the GTN shop, cause you can find one of
those special edition T-shirts, that the boys have been wearing. And if you want to see
something that’s already come out from Kona, there’s been plenty of tech on display and they’ve made some
videos with Kona tech, just down here. And if you want to see a race recap, of the detail that went on at the Ironman World Championships you can find that one, just down here.

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