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(lively music) (spacey wooshing) – So Peter, do you miss Gamora? – What are you talking about? – Drax told me, you two
have got something going on. – Drax, can’t you keep a secret? – Yeah, of course I can keep a secret, it’s the people I tell them to that can’t. – Anyway, we’ll be
picking her up tomorrow. She’s helping Nebula move house. (beeping) – [Robotic Voice] Receiving
incoming transmission. – Guardians, it is time
for you to make amends to the sovereign and we
will let bygones be bygones. You stole our batteries. Now we need you to steal something for us. – Oh stealing’s fun, so I suppose we can. – Rocket, quiet a minute. It’ll be good to make
peace with the sovereign after the mess you caused last time. – It wasn’t my fault. – I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I’m blaming you. – Ha ha ha, I remember he stole that gold-faced woman’s batteries. That was funny. – Excuse me, I am here. And I can hear you. – Drax, be quiet What can we do for you? – Have you heard of fidget spinners? – No we haven’t. – Yes we have. – Have you? – Yes, she just said it, fidget spinners. – Drax, be quiet! – Don’t tell me to be
quiet, you little weasel. – Don’t you dare call me a weasel. – Okay, weasel, ha ha ha. (crunching) (yelling) – Guys, stop it, we need
some type of professionalism, while we’re being offered a job. – Thank you Star Lord. I need you to go to planet Earth and get us some fidget spinners. – Planet Earth? No problem. Team this will be epic. – I am Groot. (upbeat funky music) (spacey whooshing) – Guys, we’re here. – So this is Earth? – It sure is. Where is he going? – Who knows? (unlatching door) – Hey punk, give me that fidget spinner. (yells) – What are you? Are you a talking rat? – I’m not a rat. I’m a raccoon. Now give me that fidget spinner. – I’m not giving it to a talking animal. I must be in some kind of dream. – I am Groot. – Wow, who are you? – I am Groot. – What is a groot? – Nevermind about Groot, just give me the spinner thing, before I get nasty. – Calm down raccoon. – I am Groot. – I am Groot. That is so cool. (yells) (yelling) – Ah, get off me! (yelling) _ I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot. (unlatches door) – Rocket, where have you been? – I’ve been working. Look, we’ve got the fidget spinner. – That’s not the fidget spinner. – Isn’t it? – No, the one we have to get
is in a special location. Where did you get that from? – Some little earthling over there. – Did you take that from a kid? – Uh well, uh. – I am Groot. – Ha ha, you’ve reached
a new low now, Rocket, stealing toys from a child. – Well, he was bigger than me. – Everyone’s bigger than you, Rocket. Now listen guys, we need
to contact the sovereign, to find out where we need to go. (spacey buzzing) – According to our research,
the golden fidget spinner is being held at Buckingham Palace. – Buckingham Palace? We can’t steal from there. – There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just some old lady
that has the fidget spinner. – That’s not just some old lady. That would be the Queen of England. – Just get the fidget spinner Star Lord. – I’d love to be a queen. – You’d be a big queen. – I’ve always thought
of Drax as a big queen. – I am Groot. (lively classical music) – Guys, we need to find a way to get in, avoiding all the police. – Why? – Because if the police see
you and the talking raccoon, they’re going to get suspicious. – What’s wrong with me? Is it because I’m so big and muscly. – Yes Drax. – Ha ha ha ha ha ha. – I’ve got an idea. (upbeat music) ♫ Under your wing ♫ Everything is alright (yells) ♫ Nothing ever will be quite the same ♫ I wouldn’t say (yells) – Are you ready little fella? – I am Groot. – Don’t worry, it’s not that far. – I am Groot. – Woops. ♫ I could wait a long long time ♫ To prove that I am true – I am Groot. – How am I supposed to get there? ♫ I will stay and never go away (yells) (dramatic suspenseful music) (beeping) – I thought the inside
of Buckingham Palace would be a bit posher. (buzzing and beeping) This is not the time to be messing about with your mask. – I think it’s broken. (beeping) – What do you even need it for anyway? – I don’t know. It looks cool. Howdy. – Hey, who are you and
how did you get in here? – I’m Prince Peter, and I’m here to see my Aunt Elizabeth. – Seriously? You expect me to believe that? – Uh no, but it gave my friend
Rocket a few vital seconds to get his gun out. (funky upbeat music) – Uh, what are you? – I’m a raccoon. (suspenseful music) – Look, there it is. (snoring) – What is? – The fidget spinner,
that’s why we’re here. (alarm wails) – My goodness, is it a false alarm again? – Your Highness, the clue is
the fact that there’s three of us stood around you bed. It’s not a false alarm. – Oh marvellous, a
wonderful bit of excitement. – Deadpool, why are you here? – The Queen of England
asked me to protect her. I’ve been working here for
about three months now. You guys are the first
bit of action I’ve had. – Put your hands up Deadpool. (yelling) (dramatic music intensifies) (groans) (yelling) (punch) (choking) (whizzing) – You missed rat face. – Nobody calls me rat face. – Rocket, he just did. – You stupid people, stupid stupid. (groans) And I thought you were
here for my fidget spinner. – Well yes, but shouldn’t you just call some guards or something? (laughs) – I just wanted to see
the of the Guardians of the Galaxy up close
and here in my palace. – Really? – Oh yes, and that’s why
I invited you in Deadpool. – What, to entertain you? – Oh yes, and it’s been marvellous. – What about the fidget spinner? (classical music) – Oh here you go, have one each. – I thought there was only one. (laughs) – That’s what the sovereign think. A bunch of idiotic aliens. – Okay, we won’t tell them if you don’t. (upbeat music) (laughs) ♫ Under your wing ♫ Everything is alright – Drax are you okay? – I am Groot. ♫ Nothing ever will be quite the same – Drax what happened to you? – I couldn’t work out
how to catapult myself to you with this wooden device, so I tried a few things,
but it didn’t work. (bashing) – Are you okay Groot? – I am Groot. – Come on guys, let’s
get these fidget spinners to the sovereign. ♫ I hope you believe me ♫ I will stay and never go away

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