Guests — Fall-Winter 2020/21 Ready-to-Wear collection — CHANEL Shows

Guests — Fall-Winter 2020/21 Ready-to-Wear collection — CHANEL Shows

The whole set is really dreamy
and enchanting, with lots of clouds and mist… I think the set really
helped the collection to shine because it was so reduced.
So you could really look at the models and at their clothes. I loved the pants, the silhouettes, the uniformity, the brooches… I was able to really zone in
on those small details because it was minimalist. I loved the blacks and whites, the little incursions of gold… What I love in this collection is its timeless strength,
and thus, its modernity. Some of the ones that stood out to me
so much were the big collars. And I loved
all the classic black-and-white with the strong collars
and the riding boots. And how the trousers were flaring out was a very strong look. The music made me feel great. I love movie scores.
They give me shivers. The show was as poetic
as the collection. It transported me far, far away. They were having a nice time. They were talking to each other,
and really casual and laid back. It’s a kind of a love letter
to female friendship.

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  1. VIrginie you never cease to disappoint me thus far. Horrid ballooned sleeves. Get back to classic Chanel. It has lasted over a 100 years for a reason.

  2. Bonjour a toutes et tous. N'hésitez pas a visiter notre boutique en ligne et également notre chaine Youtube. Merci

  3. totally agree with the guests! I loved the casual vibe mixed with the enchanted atmosphere🎵

  4. Je suis une fan de Chanel! Pour moi Chanel est une marque qui symbolise l élégance !Cette video à tout d'un rêve !Super vidéo,toujours dans un univers très élégant et sophistiqué !

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