Gully Boy | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | Zoya Akhtar |14th February

This ain’t your block party,
you don’t get to roll up here! You have a lot to learn,
so come along Your girl hears my beat
and twerks to my song! Your t-shirt is fake This hood is mine,
run back to your street! You think he’s got a comeback? Homie, I thought you really
like rap music? You call this rap? “Yo check out my ride, my shoes,
my liquor, my chicks” Safeena, can you cook? No but if all goes well, I could
transplant your liver one day. If she coochie-coos with my boyfriend,
of course I’ll whack her. Oh, you’re a big thug now? Okay, Sorry.
It won’t happen again. Swear on me. You’ll die. If you suddenly have a big desire,
is it worth chasing? You do whatever you want. Your father is a driver. A servant’s son is naturally
a servant. I have sunk so much money
into his education. Not for him to be
doing this bullshit! If I catch you again… that’ll be it. My time will come. The greatest artists were
all once broke and hungry. So starved they’d eat anything. They stole beats and
turned that hunger into stories. Then they got somewhere. All you need is your truth and that lava within,
just let it erupt! No, don’t you dare hit her! Who are you?
What are you worth? Someone else is going to
tell me who I am? Bow down! Take a knee!
Tuck your tail in and run. Coz I buy my own shirts
while your father still pays for his son.

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