Dear audience. I Gumball 2011 to the amazing world
since its premiere on Cartoon Network One of the most important cartoons and worldwide
popular. This wonderful series begins about nine years
were. 6 great season with memorable characters and
our spirit was excavated. And Hello Berk Yuksel and that I have
now in the Gumball i year Exchange. To subscribe before our video and
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access. Let’s start. Drawing style
with Gumbalde drawing style is always a zero He could be in this series, still unique and
one of the features that make these drawings It was the style. But the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional animation style
does not spend a single set of Gumball against us. All these different animation styles included
not really brave decision and a decision He deserves praise. Their different styles in the last season to try
it also try to find the best. Boulder Media, the first season of 2D – Animation
wanted to be his type. Alien Vonder’s second season in charge of
the animation studio. Disney XD series, also bi-Dizier published. Hasbro companies to Ireland, after the government
gave its support bi offer. However, the original production problems are due to
one-tenth of the 40 chapters of the unfinished Ireland After the government cut off funding one of the season. If the results of the aliens Vonder Animation
2nd Studio Soi season, with Ihor Transport Cartoon
You robust network established relationships with. Studio Soi 6 and still. Season until he publishes cartoons. If you have seen the first season of Gumball, then
you know gözüküyo Waterston was a little different. No, it was blue cat or aging design
was literally completely replaced. Season 1 Gumball eyes I really
was long, it was also the Season 2 it is more oval. Season 3 dayse Gumball eyes that I completely
took the form of circular we know it. We do not know why they have made this change,
but if we would predict with humor Directory together style also changes. Now let’s get back to it. Big eyes incredibly attractive,
but limits. Eyes half Gumball is the face
takes more and some facial expressions and Answers may be more difficult to draw. However, small eyes bi Gumball
the opportunity to make funny faces e given. Waterson same idea with the rest of the family
has also been used. Directory of tone and humor
good news is that by then season The Amazing World of Gumball is still incredible. Array just manages to still be funny. But the index of humor bi part of the plan
was varied. Son but new bi-Start sezo
was made and to be funny from the first season Read they occur. If only the Gumball A love since the first season,
new materials together, while the series You have some important changes noticed
you can. Index of slapstick and humor of the situation
to further strengthen. Jokes and humor Ihor physical than ever
be more, moved to a new level looks. The reaction of some sort, while the faces
may be instantiated. Gumball and Darwin’s face is nice, but
sometimes it can absolutely disgusting. This event became the basis of the index of humor. one. Gumball and Darwin were surprised when the season
was the case faces .. Funny and cute, but as the time series goes
on to push the limits. 3. For the season, the viewers with a face like that
she encounters. I do not know about but Cold Fire bi way do
funny forgotten between being and his offensive E-Damm Photo Excellent balance the catches. Bi humor to be part of this event
began. From this experience with these types of changes
unaware of the audience were surprised. Illustrators of the fun part of this job
to draw your fun unique chapter faces that they said. To have fun, while this series of cartoonist makes
really great. If I am to myself animated in small
, d put some little Easter Eggler. Scenario
changes in the series with only humor of the series Do not stop. Scenario was also something changes. This does not mean that there is less confusion. But today, more creative risks in this series
seems to be taking. Part of the story, when it comes to
looks like for adults. Season 1 Episode Gumball and his hand
can break the fourth wall and Darwin He could blinking into the camera. But the fourth DUğUmUzdAysA season came to almost everyone
they knew, that they are bi-TV – series were. And often compared with the department
justify bi example. For example, the fourth Anger season section entirely an anime
-inspired’ve got a fight section. Also on the side of the true bi-anime studio
that created it. To ensure that this is true
come Ara Valley, because I’m sure of it on the Internet. Let’s look. Gumball Anime Studio, Via degrees Celsius
was made by the anime studio I remember, and yes, this Anime Studio
by. Also in the fifth season of the puppet sections until
we bakbil. Gumball and Darwin puppeteers with their
scenes in which they appear as physical Doll It is. Or a part in the JRPG inspiration from
taken there and a part of Final Fantasy and There seems to be a parody of other games. If 1. If you are used to the old scenario in the season, this
may seem strange, you feel a little references. But what can I say such a Gumball. This series inspired and referenced
below bi-Humor basket. If you do not believe this issue, relevant video is,
I intend to do is to come. I love the Gumball .. Characters
characters in the series, especially Gumball Series of the stable in the same manner in the history
remains . Design – changes, as well as
in terms of temperament and personality of the characters They did not change too much bi. For example, Penny,
Penny the most important changes in this series She was attacked. If one of Elmore class. If you see in the season on the photo and sixth Compared to the season for yourself
Penny can not find where is he to ask. For when I first time with Penny Fitzgerald met
the humanoid form with horns b were peanuts. But the third Penny season peanut shells under
its shape change fairies, that bi We learnt. Penny Gumball years of separation from the shell, and
convinced that that to live their form because it seems to be different. Penny can make emotional in all kinds of things. I seem bi Penny, as Gremlin. Bi-as dragons and Medusa. Oh also as an official Gumball and Penny
I should also mention of that. This is that. Gumball and Penny relationship to earlier in this series
is not only the romantic relationship. Waterson family was more pronounced, and some
have seen their family members throughout the season , For example, the third Directions grandmother Louise was coming season with Jojo. And fourth They were married in the season. Lois now Gumball and Darwin’s step-grandfather. In this way, the new home are comic scenes
added bi-drama. In Section B Louise, children $ 5,000
bi-shooting are judges and their families b Chaos It happens. Anyone who decides whether to take the money
in the attempt to chaos occurs. This chaos is only within the decimal Louise
did not realize that you forgot to put on a number It expires. In fact, that for $ 50. 4 Richard, s biological father. It emerged from the first appearance of the season and
we have the show, as the Bi-signs seen It was. Airports Seslendirm
Cartoon Network popular series of other Unlike Adventure Time, Ihor section Gumbalde
may be different ages. But in this series in English now,
when you see the first of Gumball and Darwin in Audio It differs from the audio – section
you will see. Do not worry, you heard wrong. Gumball and Darwin voice is different, because
different actors sing now. S amazing world of Gumball, the main character of
thinking received regular series on. but Gumball’s beautiful clothing style
is still the same. Logan Grove Gumball and Darwin to Kwesi Boakye and
expressed by each. Gumball and Darwin bi section of audio
realized that changed. But they grow. In fact, this section seslendirm by the
exchange as a way to bi to impose They had seen. Of course, we know that we follow Turkish. They begin to youth one. The votes were cracked. Gumball and Darwin and those parts of the end seslendirm
Jacob and Terrell Ransom Jr. Hopkins. It was. It may come as shocking to foreigners following
the changes b. Seslendirm because those are usually used. And it continues so for two seasons. Later, Gumball and Darwin in the bi section
explains that they are irreplaceable. And then there was a sudden sound younger. Again stopped at the B-adolescent tragedy. Cantu and Nicolas Donielle T. Hansley JR. Gumball and Darwin was a new sound. Season 6 voice still remains the same in the Gumball
Darwin in the tone has changed again. Darwin bi cleared his throat cut me
has to Christian the next voice J. war Simon. Airports seslendirm has in changing the course of the season,
but we have an impact on us, because we see Turkish. Responsible for array
array of arrays in the United States responsible for the day You are responsible for the operation. Number of important changes in the context of responsible bi
happened . However, this comparison video bi- is
creator of the index I Boucle he would resign after the sixth season
, we have learned. The future of Gumball excellent, but-no-Boucle
hopes to continue to be successful. Probably presented more responsible for the series
have speculated. Since the beginning of the series of bi-ton section also
directed. It would remain useful. What kind of effect is a series of bi this change generates
still a mystery, but the index of humor still large. We will wait and see. Background Analysis
as we speak Gumball’s Cartoon Network is one of the most popular series,
which does not come as a surprise. If you have data and evidence that
you are one of a kind people. Do not worry. Gumball abroad only for children
not Programmer top grade field but the most votes in America, when the children
sequences. This line directory of season 6 mass its
forward bi notes achieved that success. Additional non-bi, the number of Gumball, s view
, it seems to be declining. one. To buy Season 2.1 million viewers DVD
, while the sixth this number to 1.2 million in the fall season. But the number of those who have purchased. But the Gumball continue to dominate the market
are. Every year the British Academy award for his children at the
shown b least was ATAG and for 6 years Awards. Everywhere fallen further izliyici
is. This is not something amazing for us. Gumball so popular that knock in China
, there is a series of bile. The directory name Miracle-star, and exactly
the same Gumball is that. They tried to announce to make and yes
Gumball she pointed in one place. Screenwriters do to the Sino – directory of ads
they ask me want. Again Gumball Berk Yuksel and this I
was the change, that I in years. What do you think the interessantesten changes of rates was
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