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  1. Порой поэзия романтика любовь и Дюрекс а порой просто слезовыжималка)

  2. Gwen you are pretty I love your music when I’m feeling down I listen to it I’m your biggest fan 👍❤️😘

  3. I'm going to see my ex tomorrow for the first time since we split up. I guess I can't really call him my ex, we were never official but we were seeing each other regularly for a few months and I cared about him a lot.
    The entire time I spent talking to him, he stressed that he wasn't trying to start a relationship and I accepted that. Then he had a girlfriend two months after we stopped talking.
    So, that hurt..
    I guess what he really meant was that he didn't want to start a relationship with me.
    But now I'm laying in my current boyfriend's bed, listening to this song and talking to him about his new chameleon he just got. He's helping me change my oil in my car tomorrow.
    It hurt not being the one he chose but things didn't work out with us so that we could find the people it was supposed to work out with.
    I never told him that I loved him but I did. And seeing the way that he didn't hesitate to help when I asked for it, only reassured me that I was right in doing so.
    I'm nervous to see him tomorrow.
    I know it's over.
    I know we're okay.
    But I know I'm going to get butterflies when I see him. I know my heart is going to ache for him just a little bit.
    This song is going to be playing in my head the entire time.

  4. if your partner has broken up with you. take a long walk alone at the sunset, it will help. if it doesn't help, then walk alone around the houses where you live. after 2-3 times you will be free of love between your two.. but, once you made up your mind. so, you'll never have feelings for him again. Your Choise😄

  5. I remember when I was with my ex at the time. He cheated on me with my sis and I was hurt so bad. I was trying to accept him because he was a family friend too.

  6. Notice how they gazed at each other as they both took a sip from the cup with flashbacks of them kissing. The sip of the cup was a sign of a kiss from one another.

  7. K but what I need is the first part along with the whole song to be released on like Apple Music or sum cause the merge from the instrumental into the song is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard

  8. Wait, so she and he were in love before? And now they meet together again but he is not with she anymore, but he is with another she now? Awww man 😢

  9. Ironically, the new girlfriend in the video is Erin Lokitz. She is married to Tony Kanal, the guitarist from No Doubt whom Stefani was dating at one point. They went through a really rough break up, and from what I read it was really hard on Stefani. Nice choice to have Tony Kanals wife play the new girlfriend.

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