Haider Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Drama Movie HD

Haider Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Drama Movie HD

Haider Avenge me My brother. Place bullets in the two eyes he lecherously placed on your mother. Otherwise you will disappear too like your father My own brother hasn’t been found for months! Wives of the disappeared are called half-widows here. Do we exist or do we not? I have loved you more than my life. Mothers don’t look good when they lie. Should i listen to the heart, it’s there. Should I listen to the brain, it’s not. Do I take a life or give a life? Should I exist or should I not? Revenge Do you understand? You have betrayed me. Will you go or not? Hello, hello, 1, 2, 3, mic testing, hello. Can you guys hear me? Hello, hello, hello

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  1. well, this one's not Vishal Bharadwaj's best. Watch Maqbool ( Adaptation of Macbeth) and Omkara (Adaptation of Othello) This is one is the third one in the list also quality wise.

  2. Stupid Film. The most stupid film in the world.
    So funny
    I thought this will be great film but after watch half of film i can't stop laughing. Do you know i'm Big fun of Bollywood, you shouldn't do that.

  3. 1 of the finest classics to have ever made in the history of our cinemas. 👌❤
    All the actors were extraordinary in it, leading a faultless Shahid. 🙏

  4. The house that was blown away just yesterday here in Kashmir replicated the same scene at d beginning of the trailer.. True.. Just graves for kashmiris.. Nothing more

  5. English captions kisne likhe hain? "Main rahun ya main nahin" ka caption Hona chahiye "To be or not to be.." Ye Hamlet hai. Foreign audience ke liye kuch toh content rakhiye taaki wo log film ki DVD buy karein.

  6. SHAHID IS another level and no bollywood actor of current era can match him or do any kind of work that he’s displayed in this timeless movie 💯

  7. One of the best movies Bollywood has ever made…It was just director and Lead actor's film while other were just puppets,Shahid Kapoor literally overshadowed each n every actor in this delusional film… This is real Cinema 😘😘😘
    For padmavat shahid could have played Allahudin Khilji's better than ranveer singh…✌

  8. I just watched this movie on Netflix and I am completely amazed on how it was executed. Shahid Kapoor reminds me of Christian Bale, he has this dark, brooding depth in acting which is mesmerizing to watch. His Plaza scene was astounding! Sending all my love from the Philippines to all the cast and crew of Haider! 😍😘💖💖💖

  9. Bollywood Movie Sucks,They try to promote terrorism,they shows Pakistan better,they don't show our Indian Culture properly,they use only Islamic words as title,So I am saying stop seeing this Bollywood movies,South Indian film industry is far far better than this garbage industry,Go to hell this this islamic film industry,we will only promote South Indian movies.

  10. Shahid Kapoor's best performance, and, one of bollywood's best movie. You need a background of Shakespeare to understand this even better. This movie is for intelligent people only.

  11. I can see Indians can only notice the acting of actors but not the philosophy and message behind the movie. RIP Producer.

  12. This movie was Muslim point of view on Kashmir.They didn't show the genocide, plight of Hindus in Kashmir.They not even mentioned the word Hindu or Pandit more than once.This bloody bastard
    Vishal Bhardwaj shown apathy, indifference towards the plight of aboriginal people of the Kashmir, the Hindu people of Valley.Shame on u traitor

  13. My my, Shahid Kapoor is obviously the most underrated actor in Bollywood and Vishal Bharadwaaj who is a genius is always pulls the monster that posses somewhere in Shahid Kapoor like he played double part in Kaminney Udta Punjab and Haider.

  14. Tabu always overshadow others…no one can match her talent…her haunting beauty n mysterious facial expressions 1:30 r priceless.

  15. Genius Vishal bhardwaj is reason how shahid became a outstanding actor from an ordinary lover boy , he nurtured him the way a jeweller nurture diamond , that's why talented director is key for success of movie …

  16. To the people who still havent watched this movie. You must go and see this masterpiece. This is one of the best movies shahid ever done. Before kabir singh and udta punjab this movie made me realise that how perfect and versatile actor shahid is.

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