Haircut  | Short Film | By Anand Tiwari & Sumeet Vyas

Haircut | Short Film | By Anand Tiwari & Sumeet Vyas

Ok, See you..Bye Excuse me.. yes Can I help you. yes Hmm? Haircutting Ok. Do yo have an appointment? No madam, Don’t want a job. Haircutting. Tomorrow marriage. Special day. Oh wow! Ok ok, let me see if somebody is free ok Becky is free right now ok. It will be Rs. 800. The charge is Rs. 800. Yes! Money. Yes. No No. Its ok. You can sit over there. Wold you like some coffee or tea? I tea Ice tea? Ice tea. I will get it for you ok. You can sit over there. Becky will be with you shortly.
Send one ice tea. Sir What is this sir? Ice tea maybe we can give you a nice
little tatoo on your toes Hi! Are you the lucky groom? I am Becky,
I am gonna be your stylist today. So I’m just gonna look at your hair a little bit. Look you don’t have much volume. But I think we can work with it don’t worry about it. I can give you copper and bronze high lights. No wait I think I am gonna keep it salt and pepper.
I think it looks really good.I can give you some character, I can just spike your hair here and give you
a buzz on the side and moussing it nicely at the back ya. What Shampoo do you use? What shampoo do you apply to your hair? Lifeboy Soap? Soap! Soap. Soap No! No. Please a big No no to soap in the hair.ok Only Shampoo or conditioner. Otherwise, your hair will fall off.come off. You will become bald. Ok your hair is quiet greasy so we are gonna get it washed. Ok. Sweety will do it for you. Sweety… Hello Hello Nice! Nice isn’t it?
You are looking different Yes. Different. So are you ready for your big day Mr Bridegroom Sir. It,s done But I also need a Shave We don’t shave here How could he do this? Hi, Here’s your bill. Rs. 950. But madam, you had said it would be Rs. 800 Plus taxes. Rs 950 What is going on here! This is a hair cut? Is this a haircut? My hair is exactly the way it was. You have taken Rs. 950. 950! Do you know how hard
I had to work to earn that money! Is this some kind of a joke for you? You have all gone mad! Yes? It’s 950 Madam Thank you. Come again ya. Very nice he is lookin.
Please come again after your wedding Bring your wife also Bye Shave Haircut?

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  1. Haha same experience in Mumbai at enrich,cost me 1600 bucks,and I got a membership too,just that I didn't use it much and settled for a home package instead …

  2. Ek baar ek shadi k time parler gye the .vha koi baal katvane aayi or usne bola ki face k according cut kr dena. Unhone kuch khas baal kaate bhi ni . Just kombi g ki or der saari tarif. Or ho gya haircut 😂

  3. reality.. do alg duniya ki… Pesa… Pesa…. pesa.. pesa.. he say majak udar he ho gribo ka…😂😂😂.. super thought.. layboy… And osm acting…last Song.. is so. For to all bne baderiya… Hua

  4. Same thing to me I went some salon um very good to see I was like aaj mein hair straightning karake ghar jaavungi😍 but that lady told me 900for temparory straightning I was like wtf I sat there for few minutes like a stupid then I went off from der 😤yakk

  5. Damnn crazy vedio based on true reality , well done with the music and last the barber asking for haircut , seriously hats off

  6. the simple expectation of a middle-class man….corporate tricks…..dream becomes dust in a minute. The exact portrayal of middle-class people who stuck between need and extravagance.

  7. It reminded me my first time visit to a 5 star restaurant. After the food, they gave us lemon bowl & I thought it's lemon juice but fortunately my friend put his hand in it and I realised why it is so!

  8. Actually this video about that how poor peoples treated in fake status shows places it's totally unfair🤔🤔

  9. Can somebody tell me about the song in background .. only thing what is liked , I want this song channel creator help me .

  10. इसमें गीत बडा सुंदर है ॥ क्या कोई बता सकता है गीत के बारे में ! काफी ढूँढा मगर मिला नहीं

  11. А film about a stupid Barber shop visitor. He knew how much it cost, realized that it was a large amount of money, but still paid. You could have turned around and gone somewhere cheaper. Why didn't you do it? Stupid man.

  12. This short film gives a big message;
    1) don't get attracted to the fancy things or something that is shining from outside..all tht shines is not gold. There is no harm in being little desi or old school. 2) everyone has a different kind of life & financial status, upbringing etc, don't try to copy lifestyle of others. Live in REALITY. REALITY is if a rich person is spending 1000/-rs a day it's nothing for him..but for a poor person it's a big thing..he cud have used tht 1000rs in so many other ways to make him happy. He was not even getting respect at this salon. He ended up being frustrated. That's the reality.

  13. Ha Ha Ha … really nice super movie .. along with a Big message… How these so called low educated more stylish cheap & clever slut make money incorrectly (full robbing) irrespective of profession. I also felt bad about that guy. … This is really kalyuga… but I am sure these clever are also not getting peace of mind with such karma.

    दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके देख सकते हैं
    खूबसूरत जवान साली ने जवानी के जोश में अपने जीजा के साथ……………..कर दिया

    दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके देख सकते हैं
    खूबसूरत जवान साली ने जवानी के जोश में अपने जीजा के साथ……………..कर दिया

    दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके देख सकते हैं
    खूबसूरत जवान साली ने जवानी के जोश में अपने जीजा के साथ……………..कर दिया

  17. hahahaha….muje bhi ek parlor wale ne isi tarah bewkoof banya tha facial k ini tarif ki ke mene use 1500 pay kia bad me bahut afsos hua k yeto sirf bato me expert hai baki facial much khas nahi tha ordinary parlor me who 300 se 500 mr ho jata mere 1500 waste ho gaye🙄

  18. I always shave, color and groom at home but I wish I could hair cut at home too, it's so frustrating to go through this type of interaction

  19. Loved the story…. Feeling sad for the Guy.. The 950 Rs he spent was valuable for him but because of his unreal happiness he went for it and got robbed by them.. 😐😑And it is a sad Reality that poor man always have to face

  20. Very very nice……. agar aapko knowledge nhi h to ye duniya aapko bebkoof bnayegi or lootegi……… don't believe in showing just try to understand the reality

  21. Omg😁
    I went for a haircut at Bina Punjani in south goa, my hair was long and they told me at the reception it will cost 900 rupees. I was excited to see a new me and guess what I did the hair stylist was a fresher. He chopped off all my hair I wanted a long Bob but I am waking up looking like a road side Bhikari. 😠😖😵😱.
    I can't believe that I actually paid for this look. Haramkhor ne mujee Kisiko moo dikhane layak nahi chodaa.

  22. Me subway me order nahi kar sakti itne flow me jese baki kar sakte hain, but agar 10 se 12 baar jaugi to 13 th time kar paaugi, (example),everbody thinks and feels in the same way, hume lagta hai ek hum hi hain bus, but esa nahi hai, har koi awkward chizen karta hai, bus exposure aur experience ki baat hoti hai, so guys just enjoy khulke, you don’t owe anything to anybody

  23. Well this is the reality but…another challenge is most of the people are running behind the branded saloons with poor quality and the talented non-branded once are no able to survive.

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