Halloween Kids Movie – The Witches

Come on Daniel, Rohan’s going to be here soon. What time is he due? He was supposed to be here by now. Why is he taking so long? I don’t know. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed
to come Trick or Treating. How old is he – 5? Some parents are really strict you know. Hi guys! Hey Rohan, what took you so long? I was getting ready. But you’re not even wearing a costume! I could’t find anything to wear. Come on guys, let’s go get some sweets! Alright, but I need to be back by midnight. This house looks a bit spooky. They’re just getting into the spirit. Harry,
it’s your turn to knock. Ahhhhh, not me! Harry, are you scared? Ahhh, no. ~knock knock~ Why are they knocking? ~knock knock~ Who’s there? Ivanna Ivanna who? Ivanna suck your blood. Hey, you’re not scaring us. Well, not all of us! Hello Trick or treat? Ooo, we’d love a trick little man! Err, Rohan, do a trick. What? nobody told me to bring a trick. Would you like some sweets? Actually, come to think of it, I think we’ve
probably had enough sweets. Hello boys, come on in, lots of nice treats
in here. We should probably go now, but thanks. Boys how about you come inside and I’ll give you a nice slice of my delicious freshly baked chocolate cake?” Evil Laugh Chocolate cake? Yes please! Rohan! What are you doing? You don’t want to enter this house! Wow! That’s a proper freaky looking doll! Doll? That’s not a doll, that’s Daisy! Argh!! Evil Laugh Boys sit down relax, I’ll go get the chocolate cake I think I’m ok standing up SIT DOWN! Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy! I’m not your daddy! Daisy, get away from them boys! I’m your daddy! Daniel, are you alright? He’s asleep, let’s take his socks! What, take his socks? Why take his socks? We’re making a spell, we need his socks. So be quiet! Or we will put you in there as well! What we really need, is some boy’s hair. Let’s cut their hair! No, no! Daniel, wake up! Wake up! How could you just leave Daniel in there? I didn’t have a choice, they snatched him! Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when they throw water at the witch and she disappears? Harry, we’re not in Kansas, this is real life! Well, we’ve got to do something! We’re filming a Superhero Parody tomorrow and Daniel needs to be Superman! My dad will be furious if he’s not back home. Dabble Dabble, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble, Cool it with a baboon’s blood, Then the charm is firm and good! Evil laugh Harry, it’s nearly midnight, I don’t feel too good. I think i better go back home! Rohan, this is not the time! Let’s get Daniel, then we can all go home! SCREAMS Harry, relax, it’s just a skeleton. A skeleton? And you think that’s normal? No, but it’s nothing to be scared of! Wait until you see the witches! Come on Harry, don’t be silly. Ahhhh! R R R R Rohan! Come on, let’s go. SCREAMS Oh, look, two more children for our spell! Daniel, why on earth are you just relaxing there on the table? Harry, I’m not relaxing, I’m tied up you fool! Who does that! Urgh. What time is it? Time to eat you all up! Evil Laugh It’s midnight! SCREAMING GROWLING SCREAMING EVIL LAUGH HOWLING Come on Daniel, we need to get out of here! What on earth happened to Rohan? Well, it appears he turned into some sort of human wolf! That’s the last time I’m doing anything with any of your friends! Come on Daniel, we need to get out of here. SCREAMS Harry! I can’t look! I’m too scared! Harry, come on! I need your help here! I can’t hear you Daniel! I said “Come and help me!” I still can’t hear you. SCREAMING Urgh! Thank goodness! It was just a horrible dream! Harry, where did you get that doll from? What doll? SCREAMS! Happy Halloween from Gorgeous Movies! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe!

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