Halsey Gets Distracted by Her Boyfriend During a Scare

Halsey Gets Distracted by Her Boyfriend During a Scare

We’re back with Halsey. Congratulations. Three American Music
Award nominations. I know. What were they thinking? Well, they’re thinking
you’re very talented. And then you broke the
Guinness World Book of Records for the fast– the most amount of
views of a video, right, in the shortest amount of time? Yes, with BTS. Yeah. Yeah. How was that working
with those guys? They’re awesome. They’re very popular. They are very, very popular. They’re super awesome. And they really made me
feel at home, like a family. And the thing is is that, I’m
not really a hip hop dancer. I more of like a do movements
that look intentional, but anyone can
kind of do dancer. So I had to learn all this
like crazy choreography before I went to Korea
to shoot the video. Was that fun? It was super fun. And half of them were
really nice to me about it. Yeah, and other ones
were like, [INAUDIBLE].. And I was like, yeah, I know
that’s what I look like. Thank you. I’m sorry we can’t
all be perfect. Well, you still helped
them break the record by being a part of it. I take a small part of it. Yes. A small part. And you were one of the few
people that has not only hosted and performed– a
lot of musicians perform on Saturday Night Live. But you hosted and performed,
and you were fantastic. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Are you– because
you’re a performer, and you like dressing
up all the time, I would assume Halloween
is a big win for you. Oh, yeah. I take Halloween
really seriously. And you’ve already gone
to a couple of parties? Yeah, so I have a
party every year. And it’s a charity event
for an organization in L.A called My Friend’s Place. And they’re a resource center
for disadvantaged youth in L.A. So they take care of all of
our young homeless population in Los Angeles with the highest
population in the country. A lot of the kids
are minority, LGBT. They’re displaced from
their communities. So we throw a huge Halloween
party for them every year. It’s an open bar. Everyone comes and
drinks for free. And the only thing
you need do to get in is make a donation at the door. That’s fantastic. It’s so fun. Good for you. And what were you this year? Oh, well, I really
wanted to do something really glamorous and feminine. I like flowers and pink
and stuff like that. So I went as Marilyn Manson. Yeah. [CLAPPING] That’s fantastic. Thanks. I did it myself. Wow, you did that yourself? I did, yeah. That’s incredible. Oh, then there’s that one. Then you were also Cher. I was Cher. Yeah. And who’s Sonny? It’s Evan Peters. That’s fantastic. That’s a– and so you changed? You had two different
outfits for– [SCREAMS] [LAUGHTER] You distracted me with
the boyfriend question. I wasn’t ready. That’s what you call
the one-two punch. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know
what’s scarier though is having to talk
about my boyfriend on TV or having that happen. Right. That was a double whammy. Two scary things– yeah,
that was a double whammy. Yeah, OK. All right, well, we just
wanted to scare you. So we did it. [INAUDIBLE] Well, let’s watch — that was
probably one of the best scares we’ve done. That was a good one. Oh, no. You had two different
outfits for– [SCREAMS] Oh man, I want to thank– You have the best
job in the world. I know.

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  1. halsey has been passed around the whole music industry .. now making her way through the television industry 🙂 wonderful

  2. Happy for her and Evan but it’s funny to see all these knobby twatty peasants who had no idea who YUNGBLUD is, not that she was dating him before Evan xD

  3. seeing “halsey” and “boyfriend” in the same sentence still shakes me but im glad she’s happy 🤩 also she looks so nervous here 🥺

  4. I LOVE YOU HALSEY AND BTS💜💜 and yes sorry if jimin made fun of you my baby can be really "helpful" Sometimes 😂💜 but still LOVE him 💜💜💜💜💜 also yes be careful with Ellen future celebrities that are going to the show she can really scare the heck out of you😂😂😂😂

  5. She used to be so pretty with long hair. Don’t know what happened to her in the middle but now she looks better again! I miss her and G Eazy together!

  6. i still don’t get how people fit in there there is probably a secret ball pit thing and it has a lot of space or they have to just squish there self

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