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  1. F*cking love this! You are so talented, emotional, passionate. Thank you so much for sharing your voice with us. Respect is all I have for you, and it would be dream-like to work with you – music is my biggest passion, and there's nothing less I want to do. It's people like yourself with strength to walk the path of artists that inspire me everyday. I hope you had a fantastic birthday on the 29th (:

  2. I showed this video to my daughter while discussing her need to understand and feel the music and dance and let herself get taken into the passion. Her next performance was amazing, the passion in this dance definitely helped get my daughter to understand.

  3. i saw her video it made me think a bout my uncle and my mom i wanted to cry but i told myself everything will be alright this pain of the past of your mom going to jail its almost over but remember your uncle did hurt you but that is not your fault none of this is your fault but don't give up god is with you no matter what

  4. You can tell that she wishes it was Gerald on the other end of this. When they held hands at 1:54 . She’s in pain. Ughhh so a hard hitting performance. Halsey awesome like usually.

  5. Halsey is fantastic, I love her. She's a beautiful girl. I just want to wrap my arms around her, and never let her go. She reminds me of a sunrise breaking over the horizon, just so beautiful.

  6. i can't express how much this performance effects me, i just wish i could tell you how much it means to me and how incredible it is and give you hugest hug

  7. Y’know, Seeing Halsey slay in leather(ish) wasn’t something I thought about, but like I need more now 😭😓

  8. That's some kinky ish. And she is perfect when she's live. Other ppl don't even sound close to what they sound like on there tracks

  9. Your crush will you ask out tomorrow 🙂 <3

    👇 Like to activate

  10. essa música versão reggae ou arrocha mds fica mto fhoda eu escuto direto quando estou dirigindo, caminhão minha paixão 🚛🙏🏻🥰😍🧡💜💙💛💚❤️

  11. That performance was phenomenal! It moved me to tears there was so much feeling and pain behind it it was incredible

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