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‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘The three worlds echo with
the praises of his valour.’ ‘He destroys evil everywhere.’ ‘The ocean celebrates his victory.. ..and the three worlds bow to him.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Universe!’ ‘The vast creation of the Lord!’ ‘A great illusion!’ ‘Many milky ways are situated in it!’ ‘Lakhs of stars!’ ‘Crores of planets! And their moons.’ ‘And their limitations are endless!’ ‘That means they don’t
have any limitations!’ ‘Each one has a specific speed.
A specific path!’ ‘Because it is bounded by time.’ ‘Another form of the
Lord’s illusion is life!’ ‘And the three Gods
have created this world!’ ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh!’ ‘Lord Brahma is the
creator of the world.’ ‘Lord Vishnu is the
protector of the world.’ ‘And Lord Mahadev is
the destroyer of evils.’ ‘Lord Shiv!’ ‘And Earth is the
part of this creation!’ ‘Our Mother Earth!’ ‘She was in some problem!’ Bholenath, what has happened to earth? Parvati, take a look for yourself! ‘And Mother Parvati saw
earth surrounded by problems!’ ‘It was being attacked!’ ‘By demons, evil spirits!’ ‘By devils and Satans.’ ‘There was chaos everywhere!’ ‘Mother Earth was crying with pain!’ ‘She was in pain!’ Do something, Lord! This is not the right time! I will eat every one of you!
I will cook you and eat you! Save me! Leave me! Leave me!
I say, leave him! Forget the Lord!
Now, only we will be worshipped! Om Namah Shivay! If you run from water,
it will follow you! What is this? I will come as a fly,
and devour everyone! It will burn! Everything will burn! You cannot escape me! ‘Atrocities were increasing on earth!’ ‘The atrocities
committed by the demons.. ‘It was difficult for
truth and serenity to prevail!’ ‘It was now time to
awaken the great power.. ..to save Mother Earth!’ ‘But away from all these problems,
in Heaven..’ ‘..the king of Gods,
Lord Indra was engrossed..’ ‘..in the performance of the damsels.’ Wow! Wow Punjikasthala! Wait! Whose painful cry is this? Narayan! Narayan! Welcome to the abode of Indra! Is Earth in any problem? Sins and injustice have
increased on earth, Lord Indra! Where is she going now? Lord Indra, she is going to
Lord Brahma to get rid of her pain! I will go along too! Yes, come along. ‘And along with all the Gods,
Lord Indra along with Narad.. ..and Mother Earth
came to meet Lord Brahma!’ Narad greets Lord Brahma! Bless you! Tell me, what is the matter son? Protect me Lord Brahma! What has happened to Earth? What problems is she facing? The demons are creating
a chaos on earth! That’s right!
Now only you can do something. My duty is only creation. Then..
– What should we do Lord? Protect me! Save me Lord! Have mercy! Earth, all of us
will meet Lord Vishnu! We will request to him!
He will protect you! Please don’t worry.
He will never refuse us! I will come along with you too! Narayan! Narayan! ‘And along with Mother Earth,
everyone came to Vaikunth!’ ‘To Lord Vishnu!’ Greetings Lord! Lord! Tell me what is your
problem Lord Brahma? Lord, only you can
rid Earth of its problems. Save us! Lord, we have come with a lot
of hopes. Please don’t disappoint us! Protect Earth, Lord! Yes Lord! All your problems will be solved,
be assured Earth! But how will the demons
be destroyed, Lord? For destroying the evil ones,
I will take birth.. ..in the kingdom
of Ayodhya as Shri Ram. And Lord Mahadev will
be along with me, to help me. Narayan! Narayan! Om Namah Shivay! You too Lord! I will assist Lord
Vishnu in this great deed! But Lord, when will this
divine play of the Lord start? The preparation for this mystical
plan has already started, Parvati! ‘And at that moment,
a great sage was doing penance.. ..in his hermitage in the jungle!’ ‘The power of his
penance was so great.. ..that even the heavens
were affected by it!’ Wonderful! What is this?
Why is my throne shaking? This is not good! What is this terrible thing Lord? I don’t know what this is? What will happen now? Narayan! Narayan! Why was my throne shaking Narad? Someone wants to snatch your throne! What are you saying? I know him Lord Indra! Tell me, who is he? Your throne is shaking.. ..because of the hard
penance of a great sage! There must be some solution? There is a solution, Lord! What is it? Tell me quickly! What did you say? Why only me? What can Punjikasthala do about it? Damsel, listen! Only your beauty and splendour.. ..can break the penance
of the great sage! Go and break his penance! As you wish my Lord! Don’t return unsuccessful! Narayan! Narayan! ‘And damsel Punjikasthala
came to the great sage’s hermitage.’ ‘And she tried to break
the great sage’s penance.’ Beautiful woman, you broke my penance! I curse you, in your next
birth you will be born as an ape. Forgive me Lord, I am innocent. How can you be innocent? I have only carried
out my master’s orders! I know your master gets afraid
of the penance of the sages. But you will surely be
punished for your ill-deeds! Please don’t punish me, sage. The curses of the
sages are never baseless! I am innocent sage, I am innocent! Have mercy on me!
Have mercy on me! You will be punished! But I can bring some
changes in that curse. You will be able to attain
human form whenever you wish to! Now go! Narayan! Narayan! ‘This was not a normal incident!’ ‘This was the first
link of the mystical plan!’ Narayan! Narayan! Lord Indra,
did your throne stop shaking? My throne stopped shaking.
But what about Punjikasthala? You are wondering why
she didn’t come back, isn’t it? Yes Narad! Forget about her for some time! But where is she? She is reborn as the Anjani the
daughter of the king of apes, Kunjar! Is there any conspiracy behind it? Yes, of course there is Lord Indra! I would like to know what it is. But.. Lord Indra! So tell me! Lord Mahadev will take the
11th Avatar from the womb of Anjani! Narayan! Narayan! ‘Damsel Punjikasthala
was reborn on earth as Anjani!’ ‘And she married the
king of apes, Kesari!’ ‘This was the second
link of the mystical plan.’ Punjikasthala!
Anjani! You are very blessed! Narayan! Narayan! Shri Ram!
Shri Ram! Shri Ram! Shri Ram! Shri Ram!
– Bholenath, you are chanting Shri Ram! There is no need to be surprised Devi! The time has come for my
Lord to take birth in this form! Why is that? Ravan has created a chaos
along with his associates. This avatar will be
to rid the earth of them. But how? Ravan is your
ultimate devote, Lord! Ravan has worshiped
all my ten elements.. ..but he has been ignoring
one of my elements! I will take birth in that form!
– But how will that happen, Lord? With the help of Wind God!
Wind God, please appear before me! You called me Lord!
– Yes Wind God, I need your assistance! Order me, Lord! Keep this in Anjani’s womb! As you wish Lord! Narayan! Narayan! ‘One day, mother Anjani was
worshipping Lord Shiva when suddenly..’ What’s this? Who touched me? Come before me! There is someone? It’s me Anjani! Who are you? I am Wind God! With the blessings of Lord Shiva,
soon you will give birth to a son! Your son will be very intelligent,
strong and faster than me! All this is happening under
the pretext of a mystical plan! I will protect him as his Godfather! And he will be known
as the son of wind! ‘And the time had come,
for me to take birth.. ..meaning the 11th element of Shiva!’ ‘All this was happening under
the pretext of a mystical plan.. ..but my father was worried
like a normal human.’ ‘Whether he will have
a son or a daughter.’ Congratulations! Congratulations! Anjani has given birth to a son!
He is so cute! He is so cute! No one should caste
an evil eye on him! So handsome! He is playing so innocently!
Come, my prince. It is Lord Shiva’s blessing, dear! That’s right! The auspicious time has arrived. The devotee of Shri Ram
has taken birth on earth. Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Come, my son! Hail to the King! What’s the matter, maid? A priest has come, King! Bring him in respectfully! Priest, come in! Greetings!
– Greetings! Come, priest! Sit!
What name should we keep of our son? King Kesari! Your son’s time
of birth is really auspicious! Your son has been born on a Tuesday.. ..on the full moon day
in the month of Chaitra. At the time of his birth
Lord Sun was in Aries sign. So I think this child’s
name should be Maruti! Maruti! Wow! What a lovely name! And priest, predict his future. It’s very unique!
He will complete a great task! Greetings. I received abundant love!
Mother was really delighted! But now her worry
was going to increase! Because her little dear child
was as naughty as he was sweet. Once, I remember,
I woke up and I saw.. ..a yellow juicy mango
on the tree outside. Mango! I wanted to eat that mango! I decided and I left! Yeah! I will eat mango! There is the mango! Yeah! Maruti, where are you flying away? I am having so much fun! Towards Sun God! It’s terrible! There is my mango! I will eat mango! A child from earth is coming here! Lord, your radiance will burn him. Arun, stop the chariot! Why, Lord? He is not an ordinary child!
He is Lord Shiva’s incarnation Maruti! Greetings! – Greetings! Lord, I am blessed
to greet you in this form! Maruti! Maruti! Where has he gone? God of Wind, you!
– Don’t cry, Anjani! Your son is safe!
– Okay, God of Wind! Suddenly Rahu who wanted
to eclipse sun reached there! Sun! You don’t shine so much! Sun! I will turn your days into night! I will just show this, watermelon! Watermelon, having fun? Save me! Save me!
– Scared Rahu ran to Lord Indra! Save your throne!
He is very terrifying! He will snatch your throne from you!
– Impossible! He has controlled sun too! Who is he? Let’s face him! He.. he is a small child, Rahu! Watermelon has again come! Run! Lord Indra!
Lord Indra, you too run! Weapon, Gajastra come in front of me! Now see its power! Wounded by the weapon
I was falling unconscious.. ..when my godfather God
of Wind took me in his arms! But he was infuriated
because of the attack on me! Maruti, get up! Get up! I will pull all the wind on earth!
Nobody will survive! And without any air,
there was commotion on earth! Living beings died! There is no air! I am dying! I can’t breathe! Even the Gods got worried! Don’t be angry!
– Indra, why did you do that? Pardon me, God of Wind!
I am the culprit! Get up, dear! Who are you?
– Maruti, are you fine? You are great, Lord Brahma! Now you please return all
the air on earth, God of Wind! As you say, Lord! This child has been born
to accomplish a mystical plan. All the Gods, bless him!
– As you say, Lord! My weapon injured your chin! Take a new name Hanuman! Hanuman, you can change
your form and face! Take my fire and radiance and shine! You will always be protected
from me and my weapons. And Kuber, you? May you receive full protection
from demons, devils and weapons! My club will always protect you! Son of God of Wind, Hanuman!
Accept the knowledge of Brahma! May you always be
protected from weapons! Always do good deeds! Thanks, Lord! Greetings! My lord, where is son Maruti? He will return, Anjani! But I am worried! Have faith in God of Wind, Anjani! Look! Maruti has come! Here is your son, Anjani! Mother!
– Maruti! Mother! I am indebted to you, God of Wind! “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Faster than the wind,
not less than the lightening.” “Let’s touch the sky.” “Why is everybody scared? I am there.” “My hands are small
but it’s very powerful.” “Why is everybody scared? I am there.” “My hands are small
but it’s very powerful.” “What will the demons
lock horns with me?” “They all will be vanquished.” “Abracadabra.” “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Faster than the wind,
not less than the lightening.” “Let’s touch the sky.” “Let’s travel these stars.” “I have two feet.” “Let’s travel these stars.” “The enemies won’t survive.” “Up, down, front and rear.”
“Who will lock horns with me?” “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Faster than the wind,
not less than the lightening.” “Let’s touch the sky.” “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Faster than the wind,
not less than the lightening.” “Let’s touch the sky.” “Abracadabra.” “Abracadabra.” “Abracadabra.” “Say who is strong
with the power of magic.” “Faster than the wind,
not less than the lightening.” “Let’s touch the sky.” Every child requires
the right kind of education! Knowledge which will help him to.. ..do great deeds when he grows up. Yes, sage! So have you thought anything
about Maruti’s education? Anjani, if the sage
does this good deed.. ..then it will be better. I will be blessed. But.. But what, sage? I am not that capable. He is more knowledgeable than me. Sage, then tell me of another school.. ..where he can receive education. There is no such place on this earth. Now who will teach him, my lord? We will find out some way, Anjani! His education is decided, Anjani! But where, God of Wind? Lord Sun will himself teach him! After a few days I
will take Hanuman to him. Mother! You are blessed, Hanuman! My
blessings will always remain with you! Son, listen to me carefully! Always listen to your teacher.
– Okay, mother. Listen, Anjani! Is Maruti ready? Greetings, God of Wind!
– Greetings, God of Wind! God of Wind! How are you, Hanuman? Mother! Come, Hanuman! We will have to leave! I will return soon! Hanuman! Why did you stop, God of Wind? My boundary ends here! From
here onwards you have to go alone! As you say, Lord! My best wishes are with you! Hanuman has again come, Lord! Greetings, Sun God! Come, dear!
– Guru! Tell me, what’s the matter, Hanuman? With my parents’ permission.. ..I have come to receive
education from you! But..
– What’s the matter, Lord? As per my command,
I can’t stop this chariot! I understood! I will travel alongside your
chariot and receive education. You go on talking. With your blessing I will
listen to you attentively. As you wish, dear.
– Narayan! Narayan! What is this? Lord Brahma created everything!
He created the entire universe! My greetings to that great power! Lord Shiva’s play is divine! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Greetings, Lord Bholenath!
– Come, Devrishi! Lord, today I am blessed! What news have you brought, Devrishi? Tell us too! Mother Parvati,
in Ayodhya the pleasure.. ..of seeing child Lord Ram’s plays! And here Hanuman is rotating with
Sun God and thus receiving education. Hanuman is great! Permit me to leave, Lord! Greetings! Narayan! Narayan! Hanuman, I am proud
to have a student like you. Your education is over! Promise me that when the
time arrives you will help Sugreev! Who is Sugreev? Bali’s younger brother.
He lives in Kishkinda. He is my fragment! And when will I meet him? Dear, when the time arrives,
I will introduce you to him. I promise you that
I will help Sugreev! Greetings!
– God bless you! Look, Sati! Hanuman is returning home! After completing my education,
I returned to my parents. Mother!
– My parents were delighted to meet me. Now my education was over. Now it was time to do some deeds. To slay wicked ones! God bless you! Catch me!
You will not be able to catch me. You got scared! The childhood days were very happy! And with that the stories
that father told me were also good. Is your God in the
pillar of this palace? Devotee Prahlad said Yes! Hiranyakashyap broke
that pillar in his anger.. ..and Lord Narasimha
emerged from there. He was half man and half lion. What happened after that?
What did he do? He then caught hold
of Hiranyakashyap and.. ..beat him up.
And then killed him with his claws. All the animals of
the jungle were my friends. And it was my prime
duty to protect my friends. Hunter! Will he kill them? Go! Go and play! But while performing
my duty towards my friends.. ..I even used to play some mischief. What is this? Give me back my mat! Hanuman, return our mats back!
Return our mats back! Om Namo Narayana! This place is not
suitable for the sage. Om Namo Narayana! – This place
is not suitable for the sage. Sage, how did you like this place? Hey you child,
go I will give you a curse! My Lord a terrible thing has happened. Narad, what is it? What happened? Hanuman, My Lord!
– What happened to Hanuman? My Lord, he has been given a curse.
– What type of a curse? My Lord, he has forgotten
his magical powers. My Lord, now what will happen?
– Do not worry! At the right time
when you are reminded.. ..about those powers they will return. Then the Lord called me to him.
My life was going to take a new turn. Greetings Gurudev! My child,
do you know the aim of your life? Knowledge and devotion! Am I right? You said the right thing! My child you have already
acquired knowledge. Now my child is the time
for you to acquire devotion. To meet Ram!
– Yes, Gurudev! We will have to go to Ayodhya! It will be great fun!
Hey! What is this happening to me? God has made me a monkey
who dances to his tune. And he.. he took the
guise of a monkey charmer. Come and meet this monkey! The monkey charmer has come!
Come! Come! Let’s go! See that monkey? Will you dance and show?
You will show! Come on! Come on! Call everyone! Come on! Come on! Come on my monkey! The monkey will dance!
He will dance! Come on! Come on! Monkey dance! Monkey dance! Yeah! The monkey is dancing! Hey monkey, greet the lord! Come. Very good!
– The monkey is performing a good show! Very nice! The monkey will show his skills!
Come on! Come on! Very good! Hey monkey! Very good! Great! Father, I want that monkey! Dear Ram,
what will you do with that monkey? I want to play with him.
– But my child.. No! No father, I want that monkey. Okay, as you wish!
Minister! Listen, monkey charmer!
– Yes, sir! King Dashrath is calling you!
– Sir, what is the matter? He wishes that you give
this monkey to the prince. But sir.. this monkey?
– You take the price. Sir, the matter is not this.
I am not greedy! I do not want anything. Then monkey charmer,
what is the matter? Prince, you will have
to give me a promise. Monkey charmer, what promise? You will permanently give
him a place in your heart. I promise you but by
what name shall I address him? Hanuman. Hanuman? Oh! Greetings! Anjani, do not worry,
Hanuman will be safe. Greetings, Lord of Wind! My son!
– Do not be sad! After some time you
will understand everything. Greetings! Many days passed by in fun and frolic. And my relation with
Lord Ram became deeper. Laxman! Catch the thread!
– Where is the thread? Bring the thread! Bring the thread! It will be fun!
– Laxman, catch it properly! See how the kite flies! “The kite flies from here to there!” “The kite sways from here to there!” “Open the windows quickly!” “Our kites should not get cut!” Look at the kite. It’s flying round and round. Our kite is coming down! Still higher! Still higher! Still higher! “The kite flies high!”
– Just see this! “The kite sways from here to there!” “The kite flies high!” “The kite sways from here to there!” Oh! Why did the kite get caught?
Brother Ram, please do something! Brother Ram, who will go? So high?
– No one! Hey Hanuman, you will fall!
– Hanuman, please climb carefully! Hey monkey, how did you come here? I am the daughter-in-law
of the Lord of the Gods Indra. And you. Brother Ram,
I cannot see Hanuman anywhere. Yes, brother Ram! Can’t you talk? I am Hanuman! Anjani’s
son and a servant of Lord Ram! Mother, this is Lord Ram’s kite! But.. why have you caught this kite? I want to see the one whose
kite has reached this height. Mother, I will show you right away! Hanuman, what happened? Someone wants to see me? But it will not be possible now. I will meet her at the
right time at Chitrakoot. Greetings, mother!
– Hanuman, what did he say? He will meet you at
Chitrakoot at the right time. Okay, then you can take this kite!
– Thank you, mother! Laxman fast! Still faster! Oh! The kite has got cut off!
– “The kite flies high!” “The kite sways from here to there!” “The kite flies high!” “The kite sways from here to there!” Hanuman, I have recognized you! Now you have to go!
– Greetings, my Lord! Lord Shri Ram,
I wish to stay with you always. But you will have to
go at the Guru’s command. Please do not shed tears! You go to Kishkindha,
I will meet you there! As you say my Lord! Hanuman, we will again
meet at the right time. I will wait for you! And then I met my
mother after a long time. Son Hanuman!
– Mother! She was very happy to see me.
– My child! Where had you gone?
– Mother! I was anxiously waiting for you. I grew up chanting Lord Ram’s name!
– “Hail Lord Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram!” “Hail Lord Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram!” “Hail Lord Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram!” And according to destiny
I met the king of Apes Sugreev! Who are you?
– I am Sugreev! The younger brother of Bali,
the king of Kishkindha! I am Hanuman! In my childhood the
Sun God had told me that.. ..when the time comes I will meet you. And Sugreev, that time has come!
Greetings! Come Hanuman, brother
Bali will be happy to meet you. Even I will be happy to meet him. Come Hanuman!
Kishkindha is waiting for you. Come. Greetings, Bali!
– Who is this with you? Bali, this is Hanuman!
He is my friend! Hanuman,
you are welcome to Kishkindha! You are not only brother
Sugreev’s friend but my friend too. Come! And one day suddenly
Sugreev ran away.. ..from his brother
Sugreev and came to me. Hanuman,
I am absolutely safe with you. Hanuman,
who is that with a bow and arrow? Has Bali sent them? Hanuman, find out! I will see!
– Okay! Greetings, brave men!
Why have you come into this forest? Oh sage, we are the sons
of Dashrath the king of Ayodhya. This is my younger brother Laxman.
And I am Ram! Forgive me my Lord! I could not recognize you
so I changed my guise and came. Hanuman, we had to meet. ‘Hanuman, I have recognised you!’ ‘Hanuman, go to Kishkindha!’
I will meet you there! But how are you in this jungle? I am undergoing exile, Hanuman.
That’s why! We are searching for mother Sita.
– Mother Sita!? Yes, one demon has kidnapped her. Let’s go to Sughriv!
– Who is Sughriv? My friend! He will help us. So let’s go! Lord, we have to go very far.
You both sit on my shoulders! Greetings! Sughriv, he is our lord Shree Ram!
He is his younger brother Laxman. Greetings, O lord! Sughriv, Hanuman has
told us about your grief. Please help me, O lord! But how did this happen? ‘Sughriv told Shree Ram.’ ‘Terrible demons had
created havoc in Kishkindha!’ ‘One night a demon named
Mayavi challenged Bali.’ ‘Bali, if you have guts, come out!’ ‘Fight with me!’ ‘Otherwise surrender
Kishkindha to me!’ ‘You coward! Come out!’ ‘Today you can’t escape from me.’ ‘If I don’t break all your bones!
Don’t call me Bali!’ ‘I am coming, brother!
– You coward Mayavi, wait!’ ‘You coward, stop!’ ‘Why are you fleeing now?’ ‘Don’t go alone, brother!
– Are you a demon or a rat?’ ‘Brother Bali, he is a rat!’ ‘Let him go to his hole.’ ‘I am going inside.’ ‘Brother, even I will come inside.’ ‘No! I alone am enough!’ ‘If anything happens to you..!?’ ‘You wait here for 15 days.’ ‘If I don’t return back;
consider me dead!’ ‘Don’t say this, brother.’ ‘Then you return to Kishkindha
and handle the rule.’ ‘Obeying Bali’s order. Sugreev
waited outside the caves patiently.’ ‘One month passed away.’ ‘Even the noise of clashing
of weapons calmed down!’ ‘And suddenly..’ ‘Oh! What’s this!? Oh God!’ ‘So brother Bali is no more!?’ ‘Good grief! To imprison
wicked Mayavi.’ ‘Sugreev shut the cave’s opening.’ ‘And according to Bali’s orders.’ ‘He started handling the
rule in Kishkindha.’ ‘And one day..’ ‘You fraud, Sugreev!’ ‘If you were so greedy
about the Kingdom.’ ‘You should have asked from me.’ ‘Brother! Brother Bali!
You are alive!?’ ‘Yes, I am still alive!’ ‘To get rid of me from your way..
– Brother, at least listen to me. I..’ ‘I will get peace only
after killing you.’ ‘But I was just obeying
your orders..!?’ ‘Get lost!’ ‘Go away from my sight!’ ‘I can never forgive you.’ ‘If you return back to this
Kingdom, I’ll kill you!’ ‘I didn’t know all this.’ ‘Because I was lost in chanting
lord Ram’s name.’ ‘That time Sugreev came to me.’ ‘He told me the entire
circumstances.’ ‘I gave him protection.’ I want your help in
this matter, O lord! Even you will have
to help Shree Ram! I promise you! I’ll help you in searching
for mother Sita! But will you..? What should we do for you? It is not so easy
to kill Bali, lord. Why? What’s the difficulty? The person who will
shoot the palm trees. And Dundhubi’s skeleton
with one arrow! Only he can kill powerful Bali! Otherwise never ever! Hail lord Shree Ram!
– Hail lord Shree Ram! Go now, Sugreev!
And challenge your brother to fight. Bali, come out! I have come to take back
my wife and the Kingdom. Come out, coward! I’ll show you right now! Take this!
– Aaah! Help!!! Lord, why you didn’t help me? Sugreev, you and Bali look alike. I was not able to recognise you! Wear this garland and.. I should return back?
– Yes, return back! As you say! Sugreev, so you returned
back again!? Now you are done for! Who are you? You have attacked me stealthily! By snatching away your brother’s
wife and Kingdom. You have done a worse thing, Bali! You were bound to be punished! Don’t worry, sister!
– Shree Ram! I will protect your son Angad.
– Brother! ‘According to his promise.’ ‘Shree Ram crowned Sugreev
as the King of Kishkindha.’ ‘Time passed!’ ‘Seasons changed!’ ‘It seemed as if in celebrations
and happiness.. ..’King Sugreev has forgotten
his duty!’ ‘Laxman lost his patience.’ ‘I had to bring him to Kishkindha!’ Welcome! Please have a seat! Sugreev, I can’t sit
in peace anymore. What mistake have I committed? You had promised Shree Ram
to search for mother Sita. Did you forget?
– Hanuman! Tell me, your majesty! You yourself go immediately
and give this message.. ..to the monkey army and
all the other animals. I have called them here right now! Animals and monkeys;
listen carefully! It is King Sugreev’s order! For helping lord Shree Ram. You all reach Kishkindha
immediately! Greetings, O lord! All the animals and monkey army. They are even ready to give
up their lives for you. Thank you, Sugreev! Search in all the directions! We have to find out
about mother Sita! Powerful Prince Angad, Jaamvadh,
Null, Dheer. You all have to go in
the south direction. Son of wind, Hanuman! Along with your bravery, courage
and various powers! Will you lead this army? I promise you to find mother Sita. Take my ring, Hanuman!
If you find Ms. Sita. Give her my souvenir.
She will trust you. Go Hanuman, and tell her.
I will come soon. ‘Then we started mother Sita’s
search in great speed.’ Greetings, O saint! Have you seen mother Sita anywhere? No! ‘Bears and monkeys searched
every corner of the jungle.’ ‘They searched in every
village and city.’ ‘But they didn’t find
mother Sita anywhere!’ Hey, what’s that? Mother Goddess, we are searching
for mother Sita. Will you help us? Definitely! I will make
you reach the sea shore. From where that demon
took away Sita. Thank you! ‘We reached the shore
within a minute.’ ‘But where was the way?’ ‘There was only sea spread
till far and far!’ I think we have reached
the boundaries of South. Even then we are not able to
find mother Sita anywhere. But we will definitely find her. Wow! Yummy! Such excellent
food for free! I am famished with hunger! Who are you?
– I am Sampadhi. Your brother Jatayu had
sacrificed his life.. ..at the time of Sita’s kidnap. Right? What!? What did you say? Jatayu! My younger brother
is no more!? Yes Sampadhi, this is true! Lord Shree Ram himself performed
his funeral rites. Just like Jatayu, even
I will help you. I know where mother Sita is! Where is mother Sita? She is a prisoner in demon
King Ravan’s Kingdom Lanka. Lanka is across this vast sea!
How will we reach across? If I were not so tired
and old.. then..! I will make a try. But I don’t know, I’ll be able
to reach or not? Angad, this distance is
beyond your capacity. – Yes! ‘I was sitting helpless
away from them.’ ‘As I had lost my powers
because of the curse!’ ‘Then suddenly..’ Hanuman, will you be able to go? I am ready! But will I be able to go? You have enough powers
and brilliant mind! Don’t forget! Your birth is according
to a spiritual plan! Recollect your endless
magical powers! Go Hanuman, return as
a winner from Lanka! ‘I was sitting helpless.’ ‘During childhood because
of my mischief.’ ‘One saint had given me a curse.’ ‘I will forget all my powers.’ ‘But lord Shankar had told
me its solution too!’ ‘Greetings, O master!’ ‘When I will be reminded.’ ‘I will regain all my powers.’ ‘Don’t worry!’ ‘You have got your powers
for a great work.’ ‘You will get rid of this curse.’ ‘Then you can do all the good
deeds with those powers!’ Hanuman, if you wish you
can sit on me and rest. No Maina, I will not rest
even for a moment. Until I don’t finish my lord’s work. Enter my mouth! I am feeling hungry. No mother, I have to go
to find mother Sita. Let me go! No! You will go only in my stomach! All right, I’ll go in your stomach! I have obeyed you! Let me go now! You are very sharp! I am impressed with your
intelligence and powers! You will definitely succeed
in your mission, Hanuman! ‘But there was something
else also ahead.’ ‘This witch Sihnika who
lived in the sea.’ ‘She used to catch the shadows
of flying birds. ‘And eat them.’ ‘She caught my shadow too!’ ‘This thing proved very
dangerous for her!’ ‘Lanka was a very beautiful city.’ ‘Flying birds! Streams!’ ‘I looked all around.’ ‘It really seemed as
golden Lanka to me!’ ‘There I was greeting lord Sun.’ ‘He stealthily jumped
in water like a ball.’ ‘The night spread its sky
with shimmering stars.’ ‘In Lanka I first confronted
witch Lankini herself.’ Yummy! Today I will
get excellent food! Get ready to satisfy my
hunger today, Monkey! Abra Cadabra! Abra Cadabra! I will eat you! ‘Brave monkey lord Bajrangi!’ ‘Finish off witch Lankini!’ Forgive me! Vegetarian
food is best for me! ‘I see! So this is Ravan’s palace!’ ‘Wicked one is sleeping peacefully
with his queen.’ ‘But where is mother Sita!?’ ‘Who is chanting Lord Rama’s
name in Ravana’s palace?’ Hail to Lord Rama! Hail to Lord Rama! Lord Rama.
Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Who is it? Brahmin, I welcome you here. Who are you? I am Vibhishana, and unfortunately.. ..I am Ravana’s younger brother. But who are you? I am Hanuman. A messenger
from Lord Rama. It’s you? Bless me, o’ Lord! Get up! I am exhilarated to
meet you, o’ Lord. I am sad that I couldn’t
help mother Sita. Don’t you worry, Vibhishana. Tell me, where is mother Sita? In Ashokvatika (garden). So I’ll take your leave now. ‘When I reached Ashokvatika,
I saw that mother Sita.. ..was surrounded by demons and was.. ..remembering Lord Rama!’ Lord Rama, I am craving to meet you. ‘And then I saw evil Ravana
approaching her.’ Sita! Please let me go from here. Rama? Forget him! He would have been here
if he really wanted to! He’ll be here, you brute! And he’ll punish you! He will? How can he punish
this King of Lanka? Don’t you forget that I could.. ..have forced you to accept me! But I didn’t do this. I can’t wait anymore. If you won’t comply, I’ll
cut you into pieces! Oh my master, Lord Rama,
when will you come? I can’t bear it any longer. If anyone of you didn’t
behave properly with Sita.. ..then I won’t spare her. Dear, please don’t lose hope. Your troubles will be
over pretty soon. Mother, I don’t want to
stay here any longer. Dear Sita, be assured
that your husband.. ..will definitely come
here to take you. Now, I have no one but you. ‘Gradually all the guarding
demons fell asleep.’ Lord Rama! ‘But mother Sita
was grief-stricken.’ ‘I thought that it was the
right time to give.. ..mother Sita message
from Lord Rama.’ Hey, this? This belongs to dear Lord Rama! Is it an illusion or a dream? Is it some vile move
by that evil Ravana? O’ Lord Rama, I want
at least some clue. Greetings. I am Hanuman. I am here with Lord Rama’s message. Hanuman, tell me, how is
my husband Lord Rama? He keeps remembering
you night and day. But you should stop worrying,
very soon he’ll come and rescue you. How will he, Hanuman?
This palace is surrounded by demons. If you say, I can fly
you away from here. No, I’ll wait. As you wish. If you permit, I wish
to eat something. Yes, dear, as you wish. “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “The messenger of Lord Rama
and the great warrior!” “The victorious and mighty!”
“Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “The messenger of Lord Rama
and the great warrior!” “The victorious and mighty!” Hail Lord Rama! Take this! This too! Hail Lord Rama! “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “Hail Lord Hanuman!” “The messenger of Lord Rama
and the great warrior!” “The victorious and mighty!” What did you say? The Ashokavatika has been destroyed! Who did this? An ape has stormed in there, sire! He destroyed all the buildings
and the garden! He won’t leave this place alive! Jambuvali!
– Yes, Your Highness! Go and bring that ape here! I’ll put that ape’s head
next to your feet, sire! Kill him! Get him! Save yourself! Run!
Save yourself! Run! Run! Save yourself! Run! Run! So where is his head, huh? Forgive me, sire! But Jambuvali has lost his
life in the battle. – What? He is an illusionist ape,
who can fly or grow big. Akshaykumar!
– Yes, father. Take the army of vicious demons
with you and catch him! As you wish! Your Highness, Akshaykumar
is no more. What? What did you say? Akshaykumar
is no more? That’s unfortunate! My son, he was so brave! I am going to kill that monkey
with my bare hands! Don’t you take pains, father. I’m ready to go there. Go, Meghnath, and come
back victorious! ‘Meghnath was an extraordinary
warrior.’ ‘This son of Ravana was
powerful as well.. ..as intelligent and was
also a skilful archer.’ Hail Lord Rama! Save yourself! This is a lethal weapon!
I must honour it! ‘I did exactly that and I
didn’t move from my place.’ Son of Wind-God, Hanuman,
please accept this super knowledge. You’ll be safe from lethal
weapons to carry out your good deeds! ‘Lord Brahma’s weapon
provided me with.. ..protective shield
instead of harming me.’ Take him! ‘When I reached to royal
court I’d decided that.. ..I would destroy Ravana’s
arrogance.’ Father, here’s your perpetrator. So you’re that mischievous monkey! Who are you? I am messenger of
Lord Rama. Hanuman. How dare you come in here? I had come here looking
for mother Sita. What? Evil Ravana, you still
have an opportunity.. ..you can still apologize
to Lord Rama. If you want care for your
kingdom and family.. ..then send off mother Sita
with all the respects. How dare you, you lowlife creature? Hail Lord Shiva! I’ll destroy you! Forgive me, Your Highness. But it won’t seem appropriate if
king of Lanka will slay a messenger. You can punish him
but can’t slay him. So he’ll be punished! Cover his tail with
cloth and torch it! Only then he’ll learn a lesson. ‘It was evil Ravana who was
going to learn a lesson.’ ‘I thought I should make their
job a little harder.’ ‘That’s it!’ ‘That’s
all you’ve got?’ ‘I am going to teach them a lesson.’ ‘Let’s see how much cloth
there is in Lanka?’ How can we bring so much
of cloth? How can we? Ministers, take off your clothes! Brother, this is not
an ordinary monkey. I think you should let him go. What? I should let him go? I am going to break his neck! Soldiers, set his tail on fire! Dear, Ravana has set Hanuman’s
tail on fire. O’ God of Fire, please protect him. Please save him from fire. God of Fire will save him but
who’s going to save Lanka? ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ Hail Lord Rama! ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘Sansrit Chant.’ ‘The burning Lanka appeared
gleaming like.. ..gold when viewed from above!’ Greetings, mother. Mother, I’m really exhilarated
to see you. Now I’ll take your leave. Lord must be waiting for me. Hanuman, ask Lord Rama to
come here at the earliest. I will wait for him. And Hanuman, ask Lakshmana
to forgive me. Give this souvenir
to Lord Rama and.. ..ask him to rescue me from here. Be assured, mother. I’ll take your leave now. “Hail Lord Rama!” “Hail Lord Rama!” “Hail Lord Rama!” “Build the bridge over the sea!” Hanuman is here! Hanuman is here! Hail to Hanuman, Son of Wind-God! Hanuman is here! Hail to Hanuman, Son of Wind-God! You’re welcome, Hanuman. Hanuman, tell us quickly,
did you meet mother Sita? Yes, Jambuvant. Hanuman! We must meet Lord
Rama at the earliest! Hail to Lord Rama! Sire, Hanuman is here. O’ Lord, Hanuman has successfully.. ..searched for mother
Sita with your grace. Here is a souvenir given
by mother Sita. O’ Lord, mother Sita has been
imprisoned by Ravana. Hanuman, I’ll be grateful
to you for all my life. I’ll never forget what
you did for me. ‘Lord Rama embraced me and I felt
as if my life was blessed.’ Brother, we must not waste time.
Let’s head for Lanka. Yes, Lakshmana. Are
you ready Sugreev? We’re absolutely ready, sire! Forgive me, brother. But you could have saved
Lank from destruction.. ..if you would have
listened to Hanuman. Destruction?
– Brother, this is really serious! You must send off Sita and
take a refuge to Lord Rama. Impossible! It can never
happen, Vibhishana! Don’t think of Lord Rama
as an ordinary man. You coward! Do you think
of me as an ordinary man? No. But no power in this world
can confront Lord Rama. I’ve had enough! I could have given you a death
penalty if you were not my brother. You’re not my brother but an enemy! You cheat! Get out of here! Go and lie next to Rama’s feet! ‘Our army reached to
the southern coast.. ..but it seemed as if our effort
was going down the drain.’ ‘Because how can an army
trespass the sea?’ How will the army move forward now? We’ll ask Sea-god to show
us the way to cross it. Dear Mandodari. Sire, due to your stubbornness,
we lost our son Akshaykumar. The Lanka has been destroyed. And now you removed Vibhishana
out of the kingdom too. Why are you doing this? I haven’t forgotten the humiliation
during Sita’s wedding! Sire, it is not good
to be so stubborn. No, Mandodari! Ravana’s
decision is final! ‘Lord Rama kept praying to
the Sea-god at the shore.. ..so that we could find
a way, but suddenly..’ See, Hanuman. It’s some
illusionist demon. No, Sugreev, this doesn’t
seem to be a demon. Hey! This is Lord Rama’s
devotee Vibhishana. Lord, I apologize to you for
my brother Ravana’s cruelty. I tried explaining to him, but
instead of listening to me.. ..he threw me out of Lanka. O’ Vibhishana, King of Lanka,
your place is over here. Thank you, Lord. Beat him! Beat him! What kind of noise is this?
Who are these people? Sire, they are Ravana’s spies! How should we punish them, Lord? Release them. You
both go to Ravana.. ..and tell him what you saw. Lord, it’s been three days today. Will the Sea-god listen
to your prayers? Lakshmana, then we will have
to use the other option. O’ huge sea, show us the way, or
else I will have to hit the arrow! Wait, Lord! I am here! Lord, I am helpless due
to the rules of nature. I have to protect the
creatures within me. If I give you the way, then
they will die, Lord. But Sea-god, how will
my army cross the sea? There. There are two strong
creators in your army. Nala and Neel, who can make a
bridge to Lanka with stones. And with the chant of Lord Rama.. ..even the heaviest stone
will float on me. I will fully cooperate
with you, Lord. Ok, but what do I do about
this arrow, Lord? It is ready for aim. Only the Dhumrakal
mountain will be able to.. ..bear the power of
this arrow, Lord. “Build the bridge over the sea.” ‘The work of building a bridge
over the sea began.. ..chanting the name of Lord Rama.’ ‘It happened exactly
as the Sea-god said.’ ‘Instead of submerging, big
rocks and stones started.. ..floating on the sea as soon as.. ..Lord Rama’s name
was written on it.’ “Lord Rama! Lord Rama!
Lord Rama! Lord Rama!” “Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama!” “Sita and Lord Rama!” “Build the bridge on the sea by
chanting the name of Lord Rama.” “Lord Rama is headed towards Lanka.” “Look at the great war.” Greetings, Lord. Tell me, Hanuman. The bridge is ready, Lord. Hanuman, order the
army to move ahead. “Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama!” Don’t stop, soldiers. Keep moving ahead.
– Hail Lord Rama! ‘And chanting the
name of Lord Rama.. ..the army of apes reached
the shore of Lanka.. ..in order to kill the sinners!’ Greetings, Your Highness! What’s the news? Rama’s army has reached Lanka. It’s the army of apes,
Your Highness! The army of apes! I’m sorry, Your Highness, but
when one ape destroyed the.. ..entire Lanka, then just imagine
what the entire army can do. Beware, Malyavan! Even you have
become a coward like Vibhishana! You have become old not only
physically, but mentally too! Get lost! ‘When Ravana saw our huge
army from his palace.. ..he was stunned.’ ‘But seeing Ravana in front of him
Sugreev couldn’t control his temper.’ Ravana! You want to kill me, don’t
you?! Come, kill me! I am here! I am here! Not there, I am here! Here you go! Go to your Lord Rama! Lord! Sugreev, why did a great warrior
like you do such a thing? It’s ok if you did it for me, ..but you should have at
least asked me first. You attacked Ravana all alone.
What did you think? Please forgive me, Lord! Just think, if you could
kill Ravana all alone.. ..then why would we need
such a huge army? You cannot attain victory by
getting sentimental within a minute. You need plan and discipline
to attain victory. General, call all the
leading warriors. What are your opinions, generals? Brother, we must attack immediately,
without wasting any time! No, Lakshmana, not now. I think we must give one
more chance to Ravana.. ..to improve his mistake. That is a very good thought. But who will send my
message to Ravana? Lord, we should send
Bali’s son Angada. He is an expert in talking
and diplomacy. Brave Angada, I send
you to do this work. It is my honour, Lord. Come back victorious, Angada. Who are you?! Tell me! I am Angada. I have brought
Lord Rama’s truce. How dare you come here?! Is this how the messenger of a king
is treated in the land of demons? Ask me to have a seat. Come to the point! Yes, let me make my chair first. Yes, now we can talk. Now tell me, you ape! Lord Rama is totally prepared
for a battle with you! You are being given a last chance! Get rid of your false pride,
Ravana. – What? And apologize to Lord Rama! No! This is not possible! Ravana, your entire kingdom
is going to be destroyed! And listen, if you want
to save yourself.. ..then free mother Sita! And apologize for your mistake! Soldiers, throw him out! What kind of an earthquake
is this! My crown! No! Give it back to me! Get hold of him! No demon on earth can move my feet! ‘The crown thrown by Angada
reached directly to us.’ This is Ravana’s crown. Hanuman, bring it here. ‘Obeying Lord Rama’s order,
I caught the crown in the air itself.. ..and kept it at Lord Rama’s feet.’ Vibhishana. ‘Lord Rama handed over the crown
to Vibhishana with respect.’ ‘And there, Angada ruined the
pride of many powerful.. ..demons at Ravana’s royal court.’ ‘The demons were tired,
but Angada’s feet.. ..didn’t move even a bit.’ I will see! No, no! Not my feet! Fall on the
feet of Lord Rama, you coward! Anyway, forget it. It’s no
use explaining to fools. Now you will be defeated
at the battlefield! Sita, the war is going
to be declared. Ravana has refused the
truce of your husband. We will attack as soon as the
sun rises. Are you ready? Yes, Lord. Surround Lanka from all four sides! Nala and Neel, you be on the east!
– Yes, Lord. Angada, be on the south.
– Yes. Hanuman, you be on the west. Sugreev, you will be on
the north with the army. Lakshmana and I will
be on the south. Warriors, the war can
be declared any moment! You will be on the east! Bahodra, you will guard the north! Meghnatha, you will be on the west! Naravada, you will keep
an eye on all four sides! And I will kill the
enemy on the south! Hail the King of Lanka!
Hail the King of Lanka! ‘There Lord Brahma called
all the Gods in heaven.’ Greetings to you, Lord. Do you now, Lord of sage? There
will be a fierce battle on earth. What should we do, Lord Brahma? I want all the Gods to
support Lord Rama.. ..in the war between
Rama and Ravana. Help him with your
weapons and powers. As you say.
– May the truth triumph in the end. Hail Lord Vishnu! Hail Lord Vishnu! Hail Lord Rama! ‘And in this way, the fiercest
battle on earth began.’ ‘We moved ahead for the war,
chanting the name of Lord Rama.’ ‘That is why, the
demons had to die.’ ‘Then two brave warriors
came face-to-face.’ ‘Lakshmana and Meghnatha.’ ‘I was killing the demons
through my club.. ..but suddenly I saw,
Lakshmana fell down.. ..due to Meghanatha’s attack.’ Lord Rama. Lord Rama.
– Rama! Forget him! You will be defeated in
this battle, Ravana. What will that foolish
human do to me?! Lakshmana is lying wounded
due to Meghanatha’s power! Let me see until when
Rama will fight alone! His death is confirmed! And you
will have to become my queen! What happened, Hanuman? What
happened to Lakshmana? Lord, Meghanath’s arrow
has made him unconscious. No, Lakshmana. What should
I do now, my brother? Lakshmana, I.. I cannot
see you in this state. My life is nothing without you. Lord, I cannot see
you in this state. I will search for the
holy water anyhow. Get doctor Sushain from
Lanka, Hanuman. ‘We were running short of time.’ ‘There was only one way
to bring doctor Sushain.’ Greetings, sage. I am Hanuman. Save his life, sage. In order to save his life, there
is only one cure in the world. Tell me, doctor. See to it that you feed the
panacea medicine to him.. ..before the sin rises. Where will I find the panacea?
Tell me, doctor. You will surely find it
on the Drone mountains.. ..on the huge Himalayan range. But how will I recognize
the panacea medicine? The panacea medicine shines in the
day as well as in the night. ‘The Himalaya mountain
towards the south.. ..was very far, and we
had very less time.’ ‘I stopped to ask where it was,
so that I don’t get lost.’ Greetings. Is this the way to
the Drone mountain? Am I right? Yes, yes. You are right.
But at least drink water. The lake is over there. Close
your eyes while you drink. Thank you. Thank you, Hanuman. I am a
cursed dancer, Dhanyamali. I will never forget your favour. He is not a sage, but
a demon named Kalnemi.. ..who is sent by Ravana to kill you. Oh! The great ape! You’re back.
Come, have a seat. Talk to me. But first let me settle the scores
for your goodness at least. Did you have fun? ‘After this, I didn’t stop unless
I reached the Himalayan ranges.’ ‘After reaching there, I saw
a glittering mountain.’ ‘But which one was the panacea
medicine in it?’ ‘I didn’t know how it looked like.’ ‘I saw that everything over
there was shining.’ Wonder why this Hanuman
hasn’t returned as yet. Lakshmana! Lakshmana, my brother!
Come soon, Hanuman. ‘I had to reach Lanka with the
panacea as soon as possible.’ Lord Rama. Lord Rama. Lord Rama. ‘But little did I know
that someone would.. ..misunderstand me, on seeing
the mountain in my hand.’ Is someone trying to attack Ayodhya
with the mountain in his hand? Who is he? Lord Rama. Lord Rama. He seems to be Lord Rama’s devotee! Hail Lord Rama! Who are you?
Excuse me, I didn’t recognise you? I am Lord Rama’s devotee, Hanuman. I am Lord Rama’s
younger brother Bharata. How is Lord Rama? Please tell me about him, Hanuman. Ravana has abducted mother Sita. And there is a great
war going on in Lanka. Lakshmana is lying unconscious. That is why I had gone to
the Himalayas to get the panacea. I have to reach there before sunrise. I attacked you by mistake. No problem, Bharata. You have fulfilled the
duty of the warrior clan. Now shall I take your leave? I am feeling very sorry
that I am not with brother Rama. Please don’t worry,
everything will be alright. You reach there immediately, Hanuman. We’ll meet again. Hail Lord Rama. There’s our Hanuman! He has brought the entire mountain
instead of getting the panacea! Doctor, I didn’t know
what panacea looked like. You please see it yourself. Get up, Lakshmana. My brother! Hail Hanuman! Your highness,
nothing happened to Lakshmana.. ..he is absolutely fine. Where is my brother Kumbhakarana? Wake him up! ‘Kumbhakarna was Lanka’s
most deadly demon.’ ‘He used to sleep for six months.’ ‘And used to eat continuously after
waking up for another six months.’ Run! Run! His highness has woken up! Run! Run! Who has woken me up?! Why did you disturb
my sleep, brother? Kumbhakarna, Rama has
attacked on Lanka. There is a great war going on. But why?! I have abducted his wife. You are an utter fool! Why do you want to
destroy yourself?! Listen to me, and return
back his wife to him. Kumbhakarna, don’t teach me! No Ravana, it’s impossible
to defeat truth in a war! Kumbhakarna, you are a coward! If you are scared of death then
go and fall on Rama’s feet. And leave your brother alone
in this difficult period. Your brother can give
his life for you. I’ll definitely fight this war! How are you, Vibhishana? Elder brother, I am feeling sad
that I have to fight against you. Take the refuge of Lord Rama. Coward! So you do you think
that I am an ordinary person? You are not my brother
you are my enemy! Get out! Instead to listening to me
Ravana has thrown me out. Vibhishana, you are
very lucky that.. ..you got an opportunity to
fight from Lord Rama’s side. Brother, go and fulfil your duty. ‘There was a commotion among
the army of apes.’ ‘But Kumbhakarna couldn’t
save himself.. ..from Lord Rama’s arrows.’ Tell, what’s the news? The news is very bad, your highness. Kumbhakarna was killed in the war. This is not possible! This is a lie! Guard! No, no your highness, what
you have heard is true. No! Kumbhakarna my brother! Don’t feel sad. I will not drink a single
drop of water.. ..until I have killed
both of them, father. I promise you, father. Please
give me your blessings. ‘Meghnatha was furious with anger.’ ‘He created havoc in
the battle field.’ ‘His arrows were creating a
lot of trouble in our army.’ ‘Being angry with us Meghnatha.. ..attacked our army
with snake arrows.’ ‘Then Lord Rama remembered
Garudraj.’ Lord Garud, please help us. ‘And he came to help us.’ You look worried, Vibhishana? Lord, Meghnatha is performing
some prayer.. ..so that he wins this war. If he succeeds then our army
won’t be able to defeat him. We’ll have to do something, Lord. I’ll see him, brother! Lakshmana, take one
battalion with you.. ..and try to stop Meghnatha’s
prayers. Be successful in your mission. As you say, brother. ‘Sanskrit chant’ These apes! You have interrupted
my prayers! Hail Lord Rama! ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Ahiravana greets you. King of Netherworld Ahiravana,
I am in great trouble. How can I help you, your highness? Meghnatha and Kumbhakarna all
were killed in this war. I need your help to win this war. Give me your order, your highness. You take Rama and Lakshmana.. ..to Netherworld and kill them. As you say, your highness! ‘That night I was guarding Lord.’ Who is he? King Vibhishana, so
late in the night! I had gone to do veneration
on the banks of the sea. I became late over there. Yes Ahiravana, you have
fulfilled your promise. Lord! Lord! Lord!
– Hanuman come here! Lord Rama and Lakshmana
are not here! How is this possible? Did any stranger come here? No only Vibhishana had
come after the prayers. Me! I was with Lord since evening. I feel that this is Ahiravana’s job. How and where will I
get that Ahiravana? Ahiravana is the king
of Netherworld. I’ll surely set them free,
though wherever they are. Wait! Where are you going?
Who are you? Who are you? I am Magardhwaj. Hanuman’s son. This is impossible. Because Hanuman is a complete
celibate, child. Once while taking bath in a lake.. ..Hanuman’s sweat was swallowed
by a crocodile.. ..she was cut in Ahiravana’s
Kitchen.. ..and I took birth from
that crocodile’s womb. God bless you son,
I am only Hanuman. Can you tell me Lord
Rama and Lakshmana.. ..are imprisoned here? I don’t know. I know
only this much that.. ..two handsome prince
are brought here. Who will be sacrificed tonight
to Goddess Kamana. Son, take me to them. I cannot do like this.
He is my king. This will be betrayal. You will have to defeat
me to enter here. Then, fight! Really, my son is very brave. You have fulfilled your duty
now let me fulfil my duty. Hail Lord Rama! ‘Sanskrit chant’ Goddess Kamana, bless me! Goddess Kaman, your
devotee is ready to.. ..sacrifice his enemies
on your feet. You both remember your dear ones.. ..in this last moment of your life. Me! My dear ones are here only. She is your dear one?! Foolish kids! She is
not your dear ones! She is my dear ones! Greetings Lord! ‘The three worlds echo with
the praises of his valour.’ ‘He destroys evil everywhere.’ ‘The ocean celebrates his victory.. ..and the three worlds bow to him.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ Hail Lord Rama! ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’. ‘Almighty, furious, unassailable,
valiant and brave Hanuman.’ Wait, Hanuman. Who is
it over there down? He is Magardhwaj, my son. Your son! And that
too in this state! Unfortunately, he is the
guard of Netherworld. I have only tied him up. Hanuman, free him and make him
the king of Netherworld. Magardhwaj, he is
my Lord, Lord Rama. Perform your duties diligently, son. God bless you. God bless you. ‘Now there was only one option
in front of Ravana.’ ‘To himself fight with me.’ ‘He was also a great devotee
of Lord Shiva.’ ‘And Lord Shiva had blessed
him with various powers.’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Rama! Dear, all of Ravana’s warriors
have been slain. Now he himself has gone
to fight a war with him. Maybe this is the last
stage of the war. Sire, you should be careful. Ravana is coming with
mammoth army of apes. ‘The war has reached
in its last stage.’ ‘Everywhere it seemed
it was rain of arrows.’ ‘And the blood flew like
it was some river.’ ‘The warriors were dying and
death was everywhere!’ ‘It seemed that everyone would die.’ Lord, be careful. Ravana
is approaching us.’ Hail Lord Vishnu! Hail Lord Vishnu! So what’s the news from
Ram and Ravana’s war? Ravana is using his magical
chariot in the war. And Lord Rama? Lord Rama? He hasn’t
even got a chariot. Can I do something? You can send your divine and
magical chariot to him. Right. ‘Ravana began his last attack!’ ‘Ravana was sure of his
victory because of.. ..his years of austerity and
of his magical powers.’ ‘But suddenly! Look over there! Lord Indra sends his best wishes
and this chariot to you. Please accept and ride
on it, o’ Lord. I’ll be forever indebted
to Lord Indra. I am immortal, Rama! You can’t slay me! Ravana holds ambrosia
urn in his navel. You must target that. Hanuman, you’re avatar
of Lord Shiva. Why couldn’t I recognize you? Lord Rama, you’re avatar of Vishnu. Forgive me. Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Calm down, Vibhishana. Vibhishana, we must
perform Ravana’s.. ..last rites with all due respect. As you wish, my Lord. It’s necessary that mother
Sita must be told.. ..about Ravana’s defeat and
your victory, o’ Lord. Hanuman, you’ve met Sita before
so I ask you to do this. I feel this is my honour, o’ Lord. But at this time before entering
Lanka, you must.. ..take permission from
King Vibhishana. As you wish, my Lord. Please go at earliest, Hanuman. ‘No matter how much a child grows.. ..he still remains a child
for his mother.’ ‘Mother Anjani had tears in her
eyes as she was worried for me.’ ‘But Wind-God explained to her.’ Greetings, o’ Wind-God.
– Greetings, o’ Wind-God. My son.. Hanuman has fulfilled his
duty by slaying evils! Greetings. ‘Vibhishan was coroneted
as King of Lanka.. ..in a grand ceremony.’ King of Lanka!
Hail to King Vibhishana! I welcome you, o’ Lord. ‘As Vibhishana became King,
he ordered his first decree.’ I apologize for hardships
that mother Sita bore.. ..and I am ready to send
her off with due respect. ‘We all were happy, because
that important.. ..moment was about to begin
when Lord Rama would.. ..meet mother Sita.’ ‘King Vibhishana honoured
mother Sita.. ..with clothes and ornaments.’ ‘When mother Sita came
before Lord Rama.. ..looking like a beautiful
queen, we felt that.. ..our lives were blessed.’ ‘But suddenly as if thunderbolt
had struck us!’ ‘Lord Rama was happy
to see mother Sita.’ ‘But King of Ayodhya
Lord Rama hasn’t.. ..completed his duties as of yet.’ ‘Mother Sita has to give
test for her chastity.’ ‘The Fire trial!’ ‘The fire which could melt
gold couldn’t even.. ..touch devout mother Sita.’ ‘Lord Rama accepted mother Sita.’ Sita. Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Sire, Ravana was slain and Rama
and Sita have been united. It’s true, Parvati. I am very happy to be part
of this divine plan. Now what’s next? Whenever there is oppression
in the world.. ..I’ll definitely take avatar
and protect this world. So Hanuman’s avatar has
fulfilled its duties. No, Parvati. Hanuman’s an epitome of devotion. Devotion is the key to life. Hanuman will stay on earth
to guide about devotion. But Lord, how is this possible? Hanuman will be immortal and
will stay on earth forever! Do you want to say something,
Hanuman? I have a request, o’ Lord. Yes, tell me. You should bless people
of Kishkindha.. ..with your presence before
going to Ayodhya, o’ Lord. Sure, Hanuman. Hanuman, I myself want to
see mother Anjani and.. ..mothers of those brave soldiers. Oh they’re blessed! People
of Kishkindha are blessed. Hanuman, you must go ahead
and inform Bharata.. ..about our arrival, who must
be longing to see us. As you wish. Hail Lord Rama! Yes. Greetings. How are you, Bharata? Lord has sent me to inform
you about his arrival. Is that true, Hanuman? So brother Rama is coming
back to Ayodhya? Yes, this is true. When?
– Very soon. Thank you, Hanuman. Your message has protected me. Otherwise I was about
to sacrifice my life. ‘Bharata had served kingdom
of Ayodhya for fourteen.. ..long years, by keeping his elder.. ..brother’s footwear on the throne.’ Brother! How are you, brother Bharata?
I was craving to see you. I give you your kingdom back. ‘Such a love for elder brother.’ ‘I couldn’t stop my tears.’ Greetings, sage.
– Bless you. All of you’re welcome in Ayodhya. I greet all the people of Ayodhya! ‘The people celebrated the
arrival of Lord Rama.’ ‘The lit lamps. The empire
of darkness was destroyed.’ ‘That night first ‘Diwali’
(festival of lights) of.. ..the history was celebrated.’ ‘Because Lord Rama had
sat on the throne.. ..of Ayodhya who was loved by all.’ Greetings, o’ Lord. Take this. I am blessed. Son of Wind-God, Hanuman, I
wish to give you something. Please accept my gift. I feel blessed, mother. ‘Mother Sita had given
me a gift but I was thinking.. ..if Lord Rama existed
in that necklace?’ ‘I checked every pearl
really carefully.’ Let me take a look. It’s not in here. I can’t see him in any pearl. Not even here. And here too! What’s this?
– Not even here. Hanuman, every pearl
in this necklace is.. ..as valuable as a kingdom. And you’re breaking
and throwing it away? King of Lanka, I was looking for
Lord Rama among these pearls. But I didn’t find Lord Rama in them. And if there’s no Lord Rama, then
they’re worth throwing away. But Hanuman, what about your body? Yes, what about his body? Does it bear an image of Lord Rama? Yes, I do. Why don’t you see it? Hail Lord Hanuman!
The devotee of Lord Rama! ‘Sanskrit chant’ Hail Lord Rama! ‘Sanskrit chant’ Hanuman, you’re the only great
devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman, I want to
give you something. Ask me whatever you wish for. Yes, Hanuman. Only Lord can give
you a gift that will suit you. I have everything. I don’t want anything, Lord Rama. No you must ask for something. So give me my place. ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Hanuman, you’ll be immortal to.. ..save the earth from
the evil forces. ‘I’ll always be here!’ ‘I’ll always be here!’ ‘To destroy the evil!’
‘To destroy the evil!’ ‘To protect the mother earth!’ ‘To protect the mother earth!’

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