Happy Winter ! | Type of People during Winter | Funny Comedy Video

Oh Father…it’s too cold outside Keep me quilt to warmup Also give me woolen sweater And save me from cold. Oh Father…it’s too cold outside In the morning I don’t feel like getting up And I fear bathing with water. Anshu bro… get up You get up sister…. Please get up You get up You have to go to school You also have to go to college Brother please switch on geyser…tomorrow I would do it Am I a fool For last three days you are telling the same. is it ? In winter… it is fun to bask in sun. And also have fruits. Sun God… please shower your blessings on us. You must have bath with cold water. Oh… Jai hanuman….. Who fool says to have bath with cold water. I had my bath. What happened bro? I am feeling cold. Huh… Cold? Yes Bro…. Mother… Tea… Oh.. Daughter-in-law do some work properly. Now what is this? Does anyone put on fan in winters? Mother-in-law haven’t you seen advt in TV Which One? By switching on fan warmth comes in relationship Isn’t it? Nothing can be done about you dear… Very good… dear son… now you quickly have bath I would prepare hot potato paranthas for you. Ok Mother. Have Bath… I shall have bath I have taken bath in holy ganga. Do lions take bath. Uncle please prepare tea with Ginger and Cardamom. Feeling lazy. Its cold. Hmm… Hello Yes…. Yes Son… I am surely coming. Listen Please do arrangements for guest like geyser Quilt etc. And if you plan open function in open do keep warmer. I feel cold so keep extra quilt for me. Please give one plate eggs. I would give right now Sir. How much is groundnut for? Rupees 80/- per kg Please take your money. What is the use of having pegs after peg? When you drink in evening and in morning you don’t feel it. Drink do drops of friendship… Whole life you would be intoxicated. Brother. Feeling cold inspite of fire. I know rascals what you want. See this. Oh… great. Yes. Wow. Cheers. Friends it is cold outside. But surely with warmth you would like, share our video And do not forget to subscribe our channel Sorry Guys… Hope you would take care of yourself in winters. See you with a new video See you soon.

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