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  1. My words exactly as I’m watching this. Harry Hudson is by far my favorite artist right now. Beyond beautiful many feels much sadness too much relatable alladat I’m in awe

  2. Did someone tell the #TrueGrit 2 #Austin horses #austinTX #thespian #equestrians that I left? Why is that horse crying? cc: @laowhy86

  3. It’s been almost a month and I still keep rewatching and falling in love with this more and more every day. How do people create such beautiful, meaningful and powerful things? Anyways, thank you for this amazing piece of art❤️

  4. Love you man and I love your work it inspired me ⭐️🧠🙏🏻 really made me cry. 🌸🌸🌸

  5. Heard another song and immediately was pulled into this whole album 🔥 I can tell there was a lot put into this .

  6. Thank you Harry, this is so supporting. Wish I could thank you in personal to keep me going through these bad moments. Bless you.

  7. Is this all his songs? 😭🖤
    Who is he? I seen Jordie listening to one of his songs on IG so i looked him up.

  8. first time watching, this is honestly pretty chill. I enjoyed it the whole way through. A great balance between heart break and no love lost. There is always a better lover around the corner. It gets better ad better each time. shout out to batman

  9. fvvvvvvccccck!!!!! |||ISFITSrep is the doppest thing on Earth!!!! my only wish is it to never die…🇿🇦

  10. This channel shows much more powerful/energetic musics and videos than all the other mainstream musicians.Jaden Harry etc.

  11. a new love….like having Jaden play the role of the cowboys lover? Now that would kick this lame ass world's butt

  12. This is AMAZING! honestly I fell in love with this at the Concert last night. I feel like a lot of people didn’t understand & just wanted the show to start to turn up with Jaden but… this is 🔥this is Art

  13. Thats what I can MUSIC IS A STORY scenes !!!!!!!!! This is one of the best examples of what music is . Its also based on ur life which i heard in Buzzfeed . I LOVE IT HARRY !!!!! Keep Inspiring Dude !!!

  14. Wish this didn't have Jayden Smith. He didn't add much but I hope he gives this a bigger push at least. This was absolutely beautiful written, sang and performed.

  15. Sincerely, I already have seen short movies better, what an amazing album reach some bad reproduction movie? I'll stay with Fairy Dust, Fire Fade and BLUELIPS

  16. Hey I just came here to say, FUCK YOU. if I wanted to hear your terrible whinging I would buy your music. Dont buy 5 minute adds just to insert your trash into people's good music!

  17. Bro i love your work..
    I fucking love your work.
    I wonder why you are so underrated :'(
    But do not worry, you are famous in our hearts….

  18. I would like to thank you Harry for such a beautiful song and story too. Wish you for the better days to come👍

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