Harry Potter and the Best Picture Summary

Harry Potter and the Best Picture Summary

Harry Potter and the Best Picture Summary Professor, did you hear the news? News, you say? We aren’t nominated for Best Picture! WHAT?? That’s outrageous! Who would do such a thing? I’ll tell you who. Someone that looks just like me, except covered
in gold, that’s who. What? I’m not allowed to be upset about this?? Best Director? Nope. Best Actor? Nope. Actress? Are you serious? Cinematography? Nope. Editing? No. Not even music?? No. WTF you guys!! We made 8 movies. Was it because the scene at the end? When
you kids were grown up? Because I told you, that scene should have
only been in the extended blu-ray version. Hello, everyone. Professor Snape, did you hear about the nominations? Yes and I am appalled. I kept this serious look on my face for over
10 years and George Clooney walks down the beach for 2 hours and suddenly everyone wets
their pants. We had a beach in our movie. I held an elf
in my arms on the beach as he died! I cried during that scene. Thank you! Exactly. We have everything those movies have. Totally have everything. Hugo, a boy in a train station. I wonder where
we’ve seen that before? Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. A boy
who loses his father. I lost both my parents! Moneyball. Sports. We have Quidditch. Yes, but Quidditch is kind of stupid. Midnight in Paris. Time travel, duh!! We did
that years ago. The Help. Racism. We force elves to be our servants. The Tree of Life. Did anyone even see that
movie? No. I hated the Tree of Life. I’ve never even heard of that movie. War Horse. We have war. And flying horses! The Artist. Oh, I actually really liked that. Wonderful, wonderful. I enjoyed it tremendously. To be honest, it– it probably should win. I totally agree. I’m sorry, so what is the deal?? Our movie actually made money. That’s what
the deal is. Well, so sorry we’re a massive success like
the Lord of the Rings. Or Titanic. Sorry everyone loves us! Sorry we influenced an entire generation. Sorry we made 8 movies that people will watch
more than once. So sorry that our last film alone made more
money at the box office than all of the nominees combined! I believe this is what muggles call.. horse
poop. Everyone! We’ve been nominated for 3 awards! Isn’t that exciting? Art Direction, Makeup, and Visual Effects. Ughhhh! Come on! Big surprise there. We win that one with our eyes closed. I’m sorry it’s just not the same.

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  1. Voldemort:- ( gets covered in gold which takes a lot of effort)
    Harry:- says:- sorry it's just not the same

    Voldemort looks sad

    Voldemort has feeeliings?


  2. "I'LL TELL YOU WHO! A people like me, expect that covered in gold, thats who!"
    In the ending:
    Voldemort covered in gold
    "I am sorry, that's just not the same.."

  3. Oh thank a lot for a another Harry Potter animations😍😍 make more hishe😍 btw, love it much😍😍😍

  4. If endgame dose not get best picture (I Know it will if BP can any superhero film can) they need to make another one

  5. The end when harry said they could win the nominations that hermoine said with their eyes closed 🤣🤣

  6. "a dogs purpose", a beautiful story of the meaning of life through a dogs point of view, AND IT DIDN'T WIN BEST PICTURE!!!?!😤😠

  7. Now I feel heartless cuz Voldie cried when Dobby died and I barely even cried once throughout the whole movie series 😂😂😂

  8. Harry: “Well so sorry that we’re a massive success like the lord of the rings.”
    Dumbledore: “Or Titanic.”
    Voldemort: “Sorry that people love us.”
    Harry: “Sorry that we influenced the entire generation.”
    Snape: “Sorry that we made 8 movies that people would watch more than once.”

  9. Hermione : Everyone we've been nominated for 3 awards isn't that exiting?? Art direction, make-up and visual effects!!
    Harry :we could win that one with our eyes closed
    Snape : big surprise there
    Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore * (couldn't help myself) and Tom Riddle/ Lord Voldemort : * both groan loudly *

  10. 0:19 its putragus its unfair how can you be a great picture and not get nominated for best picture of the year

  11. okay okay idea pitch there was a video game for this but a harry potter based show were its quidditch my fav parts of the early movies

  12. After all these years…. I never once considered an Oscar for Harry Potter. And now I'm hella salty that they never won a single thing.

  13. They should have also had someone say something like well sorry we made 8 movies that defined a generation and will be shown to future generations so that they know what great movies they are yeah we're really sorry we did that

  14. snape: time travel duh we did that years ago
    harry: yeah even in the cursed child

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  16. Τι εννοείς ρε φίλε;;;!!! Έχω δει και τις 8 ταινίες και είμαι φανατακη Χάρι Πότερ!!! Άκουσε εκει"Υποκειται σε περιορισμούς ηλικίας"!!! Ε, αντ'απο' κει!!! 👹👹👹😡😡😠😠😠😠🤪🤪🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤮🤮🤒😷🤬🤬👹👿😈👿👿👿

  17. Harry potter: well so sorry that we are a massive success like the lord of the rings
    Dumbeldor: or Titanic
    Snape: or star wars or Godzilla
    Luke Skywalker: we are not finished yet
    Godzilla: me either

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