Harvard Pulls Kyle Kashuv’s Acceptance | The Daily Show

Harvard Pulls Kyle Kashuv’s Acceptance | The Daily Show

College admissions. That special time
in a teenager’s life when they ask institutions
of higher learning to saddle them
with soul-crushing debt. Now, the issue of who does or does not get into
prestigious universities has been in the news
more than usual lately, mostly thanks to
the third most popular actress on the Hallmark Channel. And now…
and now there’s another college admissions scandal
making headlines, and this one makes
even Aunt Becky look good. A fierce debate is raging now about whether Harvard University
made the right decision by rescinding its acceptance
of a Parkland shooting survivor turned gun rights advocate. Kyle Kashuv says
that the university pulled his admission after
texts and documents surfaced showing that he had used
racist and sexist language on social media two years ago. Okay, there’s a lot going on
in the story. We’ve got
a Parkland shooting survivor who is a progun advocate fighting about
college admissions and racism. Basically every hot-button issue
is crammed into one story. All that’s missing is abortion,
and then you get bingo. Done. (laughter) So, Kyle Kashuv, he had
a bunch of private messages where he said
racist and sexist things, and because of that,
he got kicked out of Harvard. The good news is
he just got offered a full scholarship
to Trump University. Now, you might be wondering
how bad were these messages that they got him
kicked out of Harvard? Well, this bad. NEWSMAN:
Some of his text messages included racist
and anti-Semitic language. He used the “N” word repeatedly, including
about black student athletes. REPORTER: In one thread,
he used the N-word 11 times, joking that he was good
at typing it because
“practice makes perfect.” Holy shit! Are you seeing that? I’ve never seen the N-word
written that many times in the same sentence. Even rappers would be like,
“Yo, that’s too much, dawg. “You got to throw
in some other lyrics, man. ‘Libra,’ ‘zebra’–
shit like that.” I mean, look at that message.
Forget Harvard. It looks like he’s plagiarizing one of Quentin Tarantino’s
scripts. What is that? And because of Kyle’s profile, this story has gotten a lot
of attention in the news, right? And he’s come out,
he’s come out saying, although these messages
are extremely offensive, in his defense, that was actually
the whole point. Kyle Kashuv says he
and some others were trying to be as extreme
and shocking as possible when he used the N-word
repeatedly. The person who wrote those
things is not who I am today. Well, at that time,
it was really, um, a friend group where who could
say the most shocking thing and most extreme thing, uh,
for the sake of shock value. So he was competing with friends
for shock value. I guess he won? Yeah? You know, it’s always funny
to me that people who purposefully go for
shock value and shock effect are always surprised
when their shock gets effects. Yeah. They’re just like,
“I can’t believe this happened.” But isn’t that what
you were trying to do? It’s like prank calling 911
and then freaking out when the cops show up.
“I was just joking! I didn’t think
you guys would actually come!” “It’s a white neighborhood.
We always come.” Now, some people have come
to Kyle’s defense, saying that it’s not fair for
the college admissions office to judge him for stuff
that he did when he was 16. But… that’s exactly what
college admissions does. They judge you for what you did
in high school. Think about it. I mean,
if they’re turning down someone for failing pottery class
when they were 14, you’re definitely not getting in
after you’ve been busted for saying the N-word 11 times. Everyone knows
the limit is nine. And I understand
where Harvard is coming from. There’s usually no way
to know which one of your prospective students
are racist. But if you somehow do know, then why would you admit
that kid into your school? Like, a lot of people
have herpes, but if someone is listing that
in their Tinder profile, what are you supposed to do? No. It’s like, uh,
“Thank you, herpes man. Swipe left! Swipe left!” Now, Kashuv, for his part, did apologize for what he
had written in those messages. Right? He said
that he’s grown since then and he wishes
that he could take it back. But, at the same time,
he’s also pointing fingers. For people who don’t know,
Harvard was founded in 1636, uh, by slave owners. It has a long history of racism,
“sexistm,” misogyny. Uh, but I think that people
can grow and people can change. -Right. -And-and I don’t–
I don’t hold that s-standard to Harvard. And I think
that people can make mistakes. And I don’t think that mistakes
make you irredeemable, as Harvard showed for me, -as Harvard established for me.
-Fair point. Can I– can I give you a time-out there? -Sure. -So you’re mentioning
they had slave owners -in the 1600s.
-Mm-hmm. You using the N-word was, what,
a year, year and a half ago? -Two years ago.
-Do you see– Two years ago. A little more recent. Okay. (laughter) (applause) Two years, 400 years– come on! That was such an epic fail. What was also magic
is how he tried to switch from N-word premium user to civil rights leader
in one moment. So, look, Kyle lost his spot at Harvard because
of his old racist messages, and he feels
like that’s not fair. But the truth is, there are all sorts of reasons people don’t get into Harvard,
right? Sometimes it’s because
of your grades. Sometimes it’s because you said
the N-word 11 times. And, to be honest,
I don’t think that he has a leg
to stand on here. So, if I were him,
I’d practice my puppy dog eyes and start applying
to other schools.

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  1. Yeah sometimes you don’t get into Harvard because you’re Asian and though you scored higher than 90% of applicants there’s already to many people here the same color as you.

    (Fuck that dumb ass excuse shit from Kyle Kashuv if you think you’re getting into Ivy League schools with a history of shocking racist jokes these days you’re way to fuckin dumb for them regardless of the school)

  2. It was just a fucking joke who here has never told a joke in private that they didn’t actually mean and wouldn’t want being told I’m public

  3. "Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences…"

    And that's why you people have no idea what principles are…

    Seriously, you act high and mighty because someone can't go to a college for something that isn't even a crime. You are the new soccer moms of America. And it's disgusting, "oooo you said something that was mean, now I'm telling the teacher."

    That is literally you people in a nutshell. Children.

  4. Obviously he was raised by rascist ignorant parents and was proud to showcase this mentality. Kyle you haven't grown past this nor will you ever. This is who you are and always will be. Stop whining about Harvard holding you accountable for your mindset and actions and keep it moving. Own your hatred like your parents do and don't deny your heritage. You will do just fine in a country that is steeped in White privilege. We have a president who is a proud rascist and is doing everything he can to roll this country back to public lynchings and zero repercussions for killing black people just because they are black or brown. You have the support of every KKK, Skin'head, Neo-Nazi etc.. member in the world. You will get a great college education and have a career of your choosing. Go ahead and join one of these Hate groups. Believe me their members are in every facet of this country. Heck..one day you may even be able to kill a black person. Don't worry..you'll get away with it..just say you felt threatened…police do it all the time. Yeah Kyle…you are going to be just fine.👍

  5. I find his words disgusting, and he should be ashamed. it's also embarrassing he tried to defend himself. that said, someone shouldn't be denied an education for having unpopular or even offensive views. if he were enrolled and harassing students, using this language on official school sites as a representative of the school, unable to function within the diverse setting of the school, or otherwise breaking rules then expulsion would be fine, but judging his words on private messaging in a country that supposedly still values free speech seems backwards and punitive. no one should have their private conversations exploited and shared against their will regardless of what was said. anyway, shouldn't the response focus on healing whatever caused these feelings and on educating, rather than pointing fingers? it seems like colleges today are just hideaways from reality rather than real opportunities to be challenged, perhaps even shocked or offended, for the sake of personal growth.

  6. Just shows the hypocrite nature of the left. Bow before the black reich? Personally I think this wake more white people up. Black lives matter and tearing statues down is how we got trump in the white house. I do have to admit that trevor noah is funny

  7. I started high school in the 90's, back when a lot of us didn't even have computers and logging on meant ten minutes of urrrr EEEE urrr NNNGGGG CRRRRcrrrr KEEEEEEE grrr nnnnnng , and they were already telling us that colleges could see what we posted on the internet.

  8. "It has a long history of racism, sexism, and misogyny." Exactly and in order the break that cycle, they aren't letting dudes like you in as easy 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Parkland survivors: we want gun control and universal background checks!
    Conservatives: you're all just kids and don't know what you want. What experience do you have to talk about guns?
    Parkland survivors: we survived a mass shooting and watched some of our friends die.
    Conservatives: we have this one kid here who's not one of us at all, he's named Kyle and has nothing to do with an agenda at all even though it's an agenda.
    Parkland survivors: what's your point?
    Conservatives: well he's a normal student just like you and he thinks you're wrong so you guys must be wrong.
    Parkland survivors: yeah, you have one kid. We still want gun control and universal background checks
    Conservatives: he's not ours. He's one of yours. He's not part of our agenda, which doesn't exist remember?
    Parkland survivors : whatever. We know what we want. Take Kyle and get out.
    Conservatives : he's just a normal high school kid. We told you. He isn't one of us.
    Kyle (to conservatives): hey guys, I'm just like you conservatives! What's on the agenda? Racism? I can do racism! Sexism? Yeah I can do that too. Gosh, I just love being one of you guys!!!
    Fox news: uh…..are you guys okay? Could our audience get it together? This is getting weird.

  10. Fuck that little shit, obviously not smart enough for Harvard. He's a fukn idiot. Who cares how well you do math, you're an idiot

  11. Well when he reaches the age requirement he can now be president. Meets all qualifications. An idiot racist

  12. The boy is obviously already confused. He SURVIVED the Parkland School Shooting and wants to advocate for more guns🤣😂 no I think that’s just gonna lead to more problems! Just saying no one stops a bad guy with a gun til he is out of bullets or the cops arrive. Everything else is completely taboo. Bodies hit the ground faster than you can ever imagine, and life’s leaves the body even faster. Stay in school kids 💯

  13. I am a black male and I dont think that decisions like this helps if he is racist does him not getting into the school makes him not racist that's stupid, what we should be really taking action against is the amount of innocent unarmed black males that police are shooting in the streets how is it that we don't hear the same type of pressure but on those situations

  14. this story is the least pertinent thing the media could cover… and im sure the massive views it brought has nothing to do with it.
    Ffs, the kid was 16. Get over yourselves you self-righteous, overly emotional people who have pitch forks raised at this kid. This is so fuc*ing stupid, and the media uses coverage of silly things like thos to DISTRACT you from the real, dire problems the country is facing.

  15. That’s crazy that most of you guys never said messed up things when you were in high school. I must have had a really messed up childhood 😅

  16. why do i feel we will hear about this man being shot one day? the is a random prediction nor a threat or an encouragement or anything , but what was the saying: Live by the sword die by the sword. Maybe he can find work as an IRS security guard

  17. How stupid is he to mentioned Harvard's history of owning slaves and he says he still wants to go there? Who would admit still wanting to go to a school which was built by slave labor and who has not offered any type of reparations. Nothing has changed, he still has the same racist mindset of two year ago!

  18. Whats sad is that in 2019 Ignorance is still alive. He learned it somewhere, and no, not everyone says dumb things as a teenager. Someone at home has not gotten the message across. Time to stop making excuses for teenagers bad choices. Too many people suffer the consequences. Stop spoiling and start PARENTING.

  19. Look, we all make mistakes, but the fact that Kashuv didn't apologize and own up to his previous comment made me lose all respect for him.

  20. Jeeeesus Christ, kid…that really super sucks but at the end of the day, Trevor is correct that it is their JOB to judge you based off of high school and accept or reject based on that info. It supersucks you were THAT close, but you are in no way entitled to a Harvard education, nor are they under any obligation to accept you no matter what qualifications you feel you have. Apply to another college (if you were fool enough to not already) and accept the fact that life? Will never be perfect and can very easily let you down. Welcome to phase one of trying to learn how to adult. Going on the news and whining about your bratty insistence you DESERVE Harvard will not likely win you many fans.

  21. This little drama queen claiming they "called him irredeemable" simply because a college rejected him…christ, this is is the biggest baby

  22. A pro gun white guy is discovered to be a racist? What a surprise… I think I might have a heart attack and die from that surprise…

  23. He was 16! I've smoked a couple a cigarettes when I was 16, smoked some pot. Was mean to a girl on a date. There are certain things you need to draw the line at, like murdering animals, sexual assault, deviant behavior, arson, larceny or DUIs. Basically anything where you break a law and potentially hurt someone. This isnt one of them. I mean sure, he isn't gonna have many black friends. But Harvard should be sued for this.

  24. be careful what you say in your posts or tweets because nowadays they can come back to bite you in the ass and just fuck up your world even if what ever you said happened years ago

  25. The rightwing reinvention of language is practically Orwellian.

    * Nationalism is patriotism.
    * Oligarchy is freedom.
    * Fascist slogans are the defence of free speech.

    I have seen this "we were just being un-pc" defence over and over. note how they never warm it up with fart jokes or poop jokes.. it is straight to historically KKK and nazi slogans and denigrating minorities. How else could someone prove they are pro-free-speech after all?

    Meanwhile their president is practicing the literal political correctness that Orwell warned about, when his administration bans words like climate change and transgender from official documents.

  26. To be clear, I DON'T want organisations tabulating everything we say.. but think of all the sociopath trolls that inflict their crap on us daily. Imagine if what they said had personal consequences too. The fact is that all of them no doubt are fully identified in databases somewhere. The internet is nowhere near as private as they believe.

  27. Not sure how I feel about this. Harvard is a business. They are denying him service because of his beliefs. Like a bakery who won’t make a cake for a gay couple.

    He acted like a stupid teenager and is being refused a paid service. Don’t get me wrong. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. But Harvard is a SCHOOL. Not a morality contest. They need to stick to their forum. Schools shouldn’t lord over morality. Bakers shouldn’t perform surgery.

    If he violated ethics rules while attending the school, then sure. Drop the N-word while associated with the school? Sure. Boot his ass. But the social decisions of a teenager should not be punishable by anyone but the legal system.

    And as for equating his relatively recent tweet to Harvard’s prior transgressions… Sure…. he said some stupid shit recently. But Harvard is a university founded by people who /claimed ownership of other people/.

    That’s like an 80 year old /unpunished/ serial rapist who jumps a 18 year olds ass for having kissed a girl without permission a year ago.

    But more relevantly, would you say that since he said the word, he should forever be branded racist? Or maybe that people should be denied opportunities for advancement based on their assumed ideology instead of their proclaimed ideology? Because there are a lot of people who have committed /actual crimes/ who have done a lot of good things.

  28. private messages are suppose to be private.we have the right to speak it is not up to a person what i or others are allowed to say. i dont use words of such nature but i do believe you are allowed to speak freely as long as you are not a public figure or it is not directed or used to directly injure a person

  29. Wants to get into Harvard by slashing Harvard. This guy makes the guy from the 21 movie look like an ultra hero.

  30. This is a dayum shame. My beautiful brown daughter worked her way through and still owes the rest of her life. They need to pay off her bill as a form of punishment. I couldn't pay past community college although I wanted to be a lawyer. I know everything happens for a reason and APTTMH I woke up in this red man's heaven, learning it's our hell as TMH lifts up the skirt. Why does a superior race in their own Kingdom have to pay? Why does the superior race burn so badly, their skin becomes pus-filled sacks???? It's only the sun…….. The gig is up. Your red and the rest of the nations are brown. Black is a color of a crayon and their is no land of black. There was negroland in West Africa with Judah in the center of the old map. And our skin is from light to very dark dark brown. Superior Skin I can almost understand the racism. In their oppressive terroristic system, they set up for my nation of hue-mans we still shine through. Y'all keep stealing our inventions, styles, music, land, and innocent lives, as TMH shows his glory as you now drink double. Rev18:6. THAWADAH ABBA YAHAWAH Bahasham Yahawashi. Shalam

  31. When I was in 6th grade, a classmate was teaching me bad words, and he told me to say the n-word. And I asked what it meant, and he said he wouldn’t tell me until I repeated the word really loud, and when I did, the teacher heard me, but a friend said I said something else, and when I asked him what it meant and told me, I never ever used the word again

  32. I've heard the N-word a 1,000 times. Only a dozen of those times were from white people though… they were singing along to rap.

  33. There are 16 year old's and younger in prison serving life. At 16 you're old enough to know better and expecting them at that age to not use racist or sexist language is not expecting too much. Racism is on the rise, it's past time to make people accountable for their behavior.

  34. Most 16 year olds today use this type of offensive shock humor. It is prevalent in meme culture and most people just don't understand. Honestly shock humor is not racist and if it legitimately shocks you that a teenager would use the N-word, you're stupid and naïve. Perhaps it was a lapse of judgment to publically have a document like this attached to his name, but honestly he was 16, what kind of good judgment do you expect. I'm sure you all said and did things you regret at 16. He should be forgiven.

  35. Let me get this right. Kyle Kashuv was second in his class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with a 1550 SAT score and acceptance at Harvard –fairly typical credentials for students at America’s oldest university. David Hogg, attending the same high school and a classmate of Kashuv, was a dramatically weaker student grade-wise, with, according to news reports, a much less impressive 1270 SAT score, over one standard deviation below the average SAT score of those accepted at Harvard. While a good, well above average high school student, Hogg’s academic credentials strike me as typical of a Floridian who might attend Florida State University or the flagship University of Florida–but definitely not Harvard. Hogg also is a progressive student who demanded gun control in the aftermath of the Douglas high school shooting tragedy and became a liberal media darling, while Kashuv is a conservative who after the Parkland shooting advocated for school safety measures (subsequently adopted by Congress), but said banning guns was not the answer. What is the bottom line? Hogg will be going to Harvard this fall, but Kashuv will not, his admission rescinded. It seems like having the correct (politically left) political views helps get into Harvard while having conservative views clearly is detrimental. https://www.forbes.com/sites/richardvedder/2019/06/19/is-harvard-an-embarassment-part-ii-kyle-kashuv-and-david-hogg/amp/

  36. Its sad cause I don't know which college is gonna be brave enough to take him.. Everyone gonna be afraid of being called on racism.. I mean if Havard don't want you why would anywhere else want you.. This is a warning to all young adults everything you do on the internet last forever.. Even your private text messages to friends are up for grabs.. you become rich and famous they sell you out faster than you can blink.. Cause I can garantee its one of his jealous friends who sold him out..

  37. we’re talking about a white boy who can’t say “sexism” and said the n-word a bunch of times……… it’s what he deserves

  38. There's a difference between threatening speech like him talkn bout how he's going to assault someone and then him just saying the N word w his friends as an extreme joke. People say the most horrible things when they are in a private situation with their friends and just joking around. It doesnt make it real. Literally the best people you know still make these jokes in private becuz its just making your friends laugh. Whether its black friends making white ppl jokes or vice versa.

  39. I'm a conservative and i believe no matter how intelligent he sounds, you can't say nigger or niggerjocks. I'm happy Harvard rescinded their offer.

  40. I’d like to see the context. It seems like he was being purposefully shocking to incite that cold spine , cold sweat, messed up feeling that is so awful it makes you cringe and laugh because you know how awful it is … we have all done that and you’re all full of shit if you say you haven’t.

  41. Kyle would never say that to a black kids face he's just a troll who got exposed and thought Fox news was gonna save him

  42. 1. Rappers use the word with impunity, as this segment points out, but whites get threatened and beaten and worse for merely rapping along. It is really racism to claim that one race can use a word as a term of endearment, while another race cannot use it at all.

    2. It is not racism to speak or write a word, especially when the word is A.) without any context in the instance, B.) commonplace in the "offended" community, and C.) used specifically as an epithet like countless shock-comedians. This point is illustrated right here in this clip when he mentions Quentin Tarantino scripts.

    3. REGARDLESS of the time difference, Harvard hypocritically behaved in an ACTUALLY racist manner and should be boycotted by those who are so deeply offended by ACTUAL slavery — while Kyle used a modern pop culture word in a string of text, just like rappers put in rap lyrics and Tarantino writes in scripts, and in the process he caused no actual harm.

    (Do not claim normalization. The "offended" community has made their position clear that the word may be spoken, written, recorded in music, etc. — though they try to gatekeep which races can say it, which is preposterous if your position is to genuinely oppose racism rather than to flex identity politics as a proxy for power over others.)

    4. Harvard can make whatever legal decisions they want, that is their right, but they have breached the contract with him and owe a full refund, plus damages for libel and slander if they publicly accused him of racism. Of course, I do not blame them for wanting to revoke his admission.

    5. I am disappointed in 99% of the comments here which lack any real reason or logic, introspective thought, honesty or fairness — and am sick of the general public acting like rabid pavlovian dogs at these hot-button issues, all the while smirking inwardly at their conscious hypocrisy.

  43. Racist idiots wanna racist? Then they'll face the consequences, by his Twitter feed he hasn't learnt jack…. https://mobile.twitter.com/kylekashuv?lang=en

    That & his "apology" is so obviously fake it's hilarious…. https://mobile.twitter.com/kylekashuv/status/1140605133346283521?lang=en

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