Hawa {2003}(HD) – Hindi Full Movie -Tabu – Shahbaz Khan – Hansika Motwani – Popular 2003 Hindi Movie

Hawa {2003}(HD) – Hindi Full Movie -Tabu – Shahbaz Khan – Hansika Motwani – Popular 2003 Hindi Movie

Oh! Mom this bridge is so narrow. I am very scared. Sister, be careful. Mr. Bhushan, this house is too far. Yes, it is, but in your budget it … …is difficult to
get a house in the city. Ah! The bridge is so narrow.
The door won’t open. Do one thing, drive slowly
to the other side of the bridge. Then we will see what to do. And the bungalow is in front of us. Madam, here is your house. Tramp! Please, come. Hey! Wow! Come. – Tramp.. Tramp. Please come, Madam. Shall we live here from today, Sasha? Hey! Don’t be stupid.
Call me Didi (sister). And yes, this is our new house. Why don’t we live in our old house? Because we sold that house. Wonder! The lock is not opening.. ..but yesterday when
I came to keep the baggage.. ..I had opened the lock with this key. Is it so? I will search for another
way to get inside from behind. Sasha, take care of her. I am just coming. Ok.
Tramp. Hey! The door has opened! Sorry Madam, the safety lock was stuck.. ..so the lock was
not opening from outside. It doesn’t matter.
– Wow! The house is so wonderful. Do you like it? No, I don’t like it. By the way, what do you like, duffer? Mom, our room will be upstairs.
Shall we see it? Yes, go and see.
Be careful on the stairs. – Come, soon. All the materials are properly arranged.
Please, check Madam. Mom! No, my child, itís nothing. Now go to sleep. See, your doll is here, also. Sasaha, you also go to bed. Mom, only five minutes. I will finish this beautiful drawing
and then I will sleep. – Good night. Good night, Mom. Sweet dreams. Who has burned this place, Sasha? Sasha! Right, Sasha?
Can you call me, big sister? And the ghost had burned this place!
The ghost! Which ghost? Casper ghost or Dracula ghost? You are great. What happened, Vicky? Sister, the villagers are saying that
yesterday a thunderbolt had fallen here. They thought that it is an unlucky omen.. ..so, they are observing rituals. Sasah, Nisha, come on.
It is late for school. Ok. Come on, Tramp. Tramp, come on.. Tramp. Tramp, come on. Tramp. Tramp, come inside. Yes? Take this, my child. But for what? It will be of use to you.
It is for you only. But, I can’t pay you for it, right now. My child. – I can pay when it gets sold. It is not for sell.
It will be of use to you. It is for you only. Keep it. Listen! Let’s check out there. – Ok. Can you show me this? So beautiful!
– Wow! How much for this?
– Five hundred. Take this. Thank you.
– Thank you. It is beautiful. Where did she go?! Listen. Listen. Hello. Sanjana, we didn’t find any dead
body where you told us to look for it. We didn’t find any woman’s dead body. Sir, I saw her with my own eyes. She was sitting on the bench and
as soon as I touched her, she fell down. But Madam, not only the bench.. ..but we also searched
the entire surrounding area. I didn’t see anything. I can’t understand this. Even then, if you get any
information about that lady.. ..then please contact us.. Ok?
– Ok. Yo.. Yo.. Fire .. Fire.. Fire.
– Sasha, my child. Go to bed. No mom, I do not want to sleep.
I want to play. Fire! Fire! Don’t play games. Go to bed, at once. Nisha, you also.
– Okay. – Okay. Fire.. Fire.. Fire.. Fire. Good night, Mom.
– Good night. Sister.. Sister, look all the windows
and doors of our house are open. But how? I don’t know. Perhaps a thief has entered our house. Where are the kids? They are in their bedroom. Nisha, get up..
get up, Nisha. – Sasha.. get up. I want to sleep. Sasha, here is a thief in our house. Sister, we will do one thing. We will switch on all the
lights and make a big noise. Either the thief will run away,
or we will catch him. Thief.. Thief.. Thief.. Thief. – Come out! Thief.. Thief.. Thief.. Thief. – Come out! Thief.. Thief.. Thief.. Thief. – Come out! Come here. Thief.. Thief.. Thief.. Come out. – Thief! Sasha! Nisha! There is no one.
– Search that side. Thief.. Thief.. mom. Thief.. Thief.. – Come out. Where are you thief, I will kill you. Mom, perhaps he would
be on the other side. He is not there, either. No one there? Vicky, these windows and doors! Ok, let’s go inside. Tramp, come inside. – Come on. Come on, Tramp. – Come on. Come on, Tramp.. Tramp.. Tramp. Oh! Who burnt this fire? Nobody is here! Tramp!.. Tramp! Tramp. Where did he go? Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tra… Come on, Tramp. Tramp, come on. Come on, Tramp. Tramp. What are you saying, Vicky?
Iím also worried about him. Don’t know where heís gone? Sister, I am telling the truth. When I went to give him
his meal he was not in his place. Then I went behind our house searching
for him, then I saw him digging the soil. Like he wanted to bring
out something from there. He was behaving like abnormal. At first, I called him,
but he didn’t recognize my voice.. ..and when I went ahead to hold his belt..
he attacked me. I was frightened by his attack, Sister. Vicky, how can you be afraid of Tramp? You took care of him from his childhood. You fed him with your own hands. Don’t know why he behaved like that.
I don’t understand. Uncle, what happened to our Tramp? Please, Nisha, Tramp ran away. Since morning he didn’t have anything. And I am sure Mom,
Tramp is definitely afraid of something. No, Tramp isn’t afraid of anybody, Sasha. Please Nisha, how many times
have I told you to call me Sister. Uncle Vicky, I want Tramp. Yes, my child. Mom, we will do one thing,
we will go out to search for Tramp. And I am sure that when we call him,
he definitely will come to us. My child, Tramp will come
in the night and if he won’t, then.. ..we will search for him in the morning. Now hurry up,
your home work has yet to be done.. ..and then you have to sleep, too.
– Ok Mom. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. What? Money! Are you asking money from me? From where should I give you money?
From where? Madam, you are very lucky
that you got such a nice bungalow. In your budget,
you can’t get any bungalow in this area. Don’t know since when it was locked.. ..and through many difficulties.. I found it’s owners who live
abroad and I didn’t take my brokerage. And you are asking for money. I don’t know anything.
Mr. Bhushan, but you should help me. I don’t want to live in that house. Ok, if you have decided .. …that you don’t want to live there then
something will have to be done. I will do one thing. I will seek any customer for your bungalow
and find another bungalow for you. Pray to God that both
will be found together. If both aren’t found together,
then you must live there. It is a helpless situation. ëWhat are you thinking about, Sanjana?í ‘I am not under your control.’ ‘I am asking you for the last time,
are you coming with me, or not?’ ‘Of course,
I want to come with you, Vijay.’ ‘But, you know Papa’s condition.í ëAnything could happen to him,
at any time.’ ëHow can we go and leave
him in this condition?í ëWeíll take him with us.í ëAre you gone mad?
Will I take that old and cunning man?í ëNever. If it was in my hands,
I would have thrown him out long ago.í ëHe must die by writhing for the sin,
which he committed.í ëVijay, he got the
punishment for his sins.í ëThat means you won’t come and leave him? And I can’t take him with me.í ëThen it is Ok, live here.
Do his service. Suffer with him.í ëAfter today,
there is no relation between you and me.í ëAfter today I won’t see your face.í ëAnd don’t you love your children?í ëThey are yours and keep them wih you.í ëAnd use their services
for your father, too.í What happened, Sanjana?
You seem distracted. Are you recalling Vijay in this new house? No, not at all. But your face says something else. I know, you won’t tell me anything. I know you from childhood.
You hide everything in your heart. Doesn’t tell anyone. Listen Sanjana, whenever
you need something then let me know. Yes, thanks, Pooja. I must leave. I have to pick up the kids.. ..and Vicky will be
waiting for me at the shop. Ok, bye.
– Take care.. Bye. Sister, Tramp.
– Oh! He came! Mom, Tramp! Tramp. Tramp. Mom, see Tramp. One minute, stop, Vicky.
– Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp.
– Mom, tramp is smelling. Sasha! – Mom.. Mom. Sasha, everything is fine. Everything will be fine.- Mom Vicky. Vicky. Vicky.
– Sister! Sister, what happened? Vicky, someone is in the house. Where? – Don’t know. Find him.
– I will check. Vicky, please call the police, please. I will search for him. Mom, what happened Mom? Mom! Mom!
– What happened, Mom? Mom..
– What happened? Sister, nobody is there. No one is in the house. No one is out sister. What happened, Mom? Why are you crying? Sister. – Yes? I am sleeping in the hall outside.
Keep the door open. Just call me if you need me. – Ok. Good night. – Good night. Vicky. Vicky. Vicky. Vicky, get up. Someone is here. Sister, what happened? – Children. Sister what happened? Sasha, Nisha, get up. You wake her up. Mom. – Let’s go, kids. Mom! – We must leave from here. Let’s go. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Open the door. Open the door. Let’s go.
– Come on. Come on. Where is the key?
– It is inside. I will bring it. I will bring it,
you take care of the kids. Key. Key. Key! Mom. – Let’s go. – Sister. Mom. Vicky, do you hear any thing? What? Sanjana. – Yes. Take these blankets for the kids. Thank you, so much. Have you gone mad for thanking me? Iíll bring one for you. Sister.. Sister,
I don’t understand what is going on? Vicky, even I am unable to understand. Sister, are you Ok? Yes. Go to bed. Good night.
– Good night. Let’s go out and talk.
– Yes. Sanjana, now tell me what is the matter? What happened that you had
to leave your house at midnight? Tell me what’s wrong? Tell me, Sanjana, please. I was raped, Pooja. I was raped. Why don’t you go to the police station? What can I say there,
that I didn’t see the rapist? And when this accident occurred.. ..at that time,
all the windows and doors were shut.. ..and there was no strange
person in the house? You know Pooja,
that policeman inquires very deeply. They think that I am mad. But it happened to me,
Pooja, this is the truth. Sanjana, why don’t you go to any doctor. Maybe there is an internal injury and .. ..it will become serious, later on. To which doctor will I go? Pooja, will you stay there all day? Coming. Go to a doctor who
will be secretive about.. ..all these things and reports. You know, Sanjana,
here a little thing gets broadcasted soon. I know a doctor, Aasif Ali
in Wilindor Hospital he is very nice. Should I talk with him?
– Pooja! Pooja, where is my breakfast?
What are you doing there? Come up. – Coming, coming..
just bringing it. Did you ask your friend for
how many days she will stay here? She is very much disturbed. That’s why she came to disturb us. Try to understand. Yes, you are the only
intellectual person in this world. Listen carefully,
if her house is irritating her.. ..then there is no
Scarcity of hotels here. You made this house into an orphanage. Now, enough. We can face any difficulty
in our life by following.. ..Sage Buddha’s teaching
of knowledge and religion. And we can brighten our life with it. Sage Buddha said that
whenever we do any work.. ..with a pure heart, then happiness
follows us like our shadow.. ..which doesn’t leave
us throughout our whole life. Mom.
– Yes, my child. Mom.
– Yes, my child. Mom. How have all these things happened. I don’t know, my child. Did you hear? Yes, Mom. Sister, I know from
where this noise is coming. I know it. – Vicky, where are you going? Mom.
– Vicky, no. Uncle.
– Vicky, no. Vicky, don’t go there.. Vicky.
– Uncle.. Uncle.
– Vicky, stop. Sister, don’t stop me. Vicky, don’t go. Sister, I know from
where this noise is coming. You donít go. – Sister, let go of me! Uncle.. Uncle.
– Vicky.. Vicky. Uncle, where are you going? Uncle Vicky. Uncle Vicky. Uncle Vicky. Vicky. Sister, see this.
When it moves, the noise is heard. But Vicky, who moved it? Sister, are you sleeping in the hall? Yes, I feel suffocated
in the bedroom. – Ok. Uncle Vicky, whatever may happen,
you will sleep with us. Ok. – Come! Come! Oh, Pooja! What a pleasant surprise.
Don’t talk to me. I am very angry with you. Without informing me,
you came here with the kids. Pooja, that… Are you sleeping here? On the sofa? – Yes. Then it is Ok,
I will sleep in your bedroom. Then I will also sleep inside. Tell me one thing, Sanjana? – Yes. Why did you come here
without feeding the kids? Pooja, I don’t want to
create problems between you and.. ..your husband because of me. Listen friend,
my husband came into my life afterwards.. ..but we are friends
since we were three years old. Do you remember that our
Mothers made two ponytails for us.. ..and sent us to school
where the other kids said.. ..here come the cats with the tails. We are not twins but we
are like twins and can’t be apart. Perhaps you forget all these things,
but I don’t. Ok, sorry. I told my husband that if my friend
can’t stay here then I will go to her. Let’s leave him alone.
Iím coming after changing. – Ok. Sanjana, go to bed. It’s very late. – Yes. Iím feeling very sleepy. Come. Good night. How can the car be here? Good morning, Mom. – Hi. Good morning, mom. Pooja, youíre sure you
want to drop the kids to school. Of course friend, go and open your shop. It is close from two days. I will drop kids while going home,
don’t worry. Ok, thanks.. Bye. Bye, Mom. Bye, sister.. Sister.
– Bye. Hello, Sanjana,
I am doctor Aasif Ali. – Hello. Are you feeling cold?
Should I start the heater? No, I am Ok. Ok, yes. Your reports are normal.
Everything is normal. There is no internal injury,
no blood pressure and no sugar. Your profile is good.
You’re a physically fit person. No, tell me how are you feeling now? Someone tried to kill me in my car? Who did this? I don’t know. I can’t see him. But he stepped on the accelerator
to the maximum and sabotaged the brakes. Did you feel this for first time? No, before this.. he raped me. He raped you! And you can’t see him. Is he a ghost? No doctor, he is like the wind..
felt but unseen. Have you felt any pain? Of course, he injured me. He was brutal with me. He was disgusting. Where did all this happen? In my house. Who was there at the time? My two kids and after my
noise my brother came to my room. What did he see? Nothing. What did he think? I don’t know. Sanjana, what do you think? I think that if he doesn’t get me,
then he will kill me. On the first night I went
to my friend’s house to sleep and.. ..on the second night,
my friend came to stay with me. – Okay. He didn’t reach me, so in frustration
and anger he tried to kill me in my car. In frustration! Sanjana, for how many years
have you been married and.. ..what is your husband’s business? We don’t live together.
We were divorced four years ago. Four years! In between did you have any
physical intimacy? Any boy friend? What rubbish, doctor? How is this connected to my problem? I’m sorry, Ms. Sanjana, but it is related. The past is very important. Past is a special part of our life. To understand today,
it is necessary to understand the past. And the body has its needs. Whatever you are feeling
maybe it is related with your past. I must tell you frankly
that the problem maybe inside you. Because medical science
doesn’t accept ghosts. What do you mean to say? That whatever is happening
with me is my imagination, isn’t it? My fear and my pain are my imagination? And from the last four years I didn’t
have sex that is why I am thinking it? Sanjana please, try to understand.
I am talking about one side. There is a term in psychology.
That is split personality. That means one person lives two lives. He thinks that whatever
he does with himself.. ..he thinks that someone
else is doing that. Tell me, are you a doctor,
or psychiatrist? I am a doctor and psychiatrist, too. Oh! That means Pooja
sent me to a psychiatrist. To know that I may have gone mad. But I am not mad, doctor. I have been raped doctor, rape. Do you understand? Sanjana, please listen to me. Coward. Mom, see this coward got afraid. – Mom. Didnít you sleep till now? Mom Iíll sleep after this coward does. What happened, my child?
Did you tell her any thing? No, I didnít. What happened, Nisha? Mom, please sleep with us tonight. It’s ok, I will come after having bath
then we will sleep together – Yes. Ok, now lie down. Iíll be right back. Don’t scare her. Ok, Mom. Sanjana, she is Dr. Mrs. Kapoor. – Hello! Let’s do your check up. Come, doctor. Show your wounds. See this. Oh my God! And see this. And this. See doctor. Oh! It is terrible. Have you seen? – Yes. Any more? – Yes, I will show you. See this. Oh goodness! And see this. Oh! Ok, doctor you may go. Ok. Come. So? Are these wounds real? Of course they are. I know that you are injured. And I didnít harm myself. Sanjana, I don’t doubt you at all. And I am not disagreeing that
you are suffering from something bad. But being a doctor I can’t accept this
that some soul can do this.. No. So, what do you have
to say about these wounds? Do you think I am imagining them? No, you are not imagining,
these are wounds. But I told about split personality by
experiencing such cases. I read about it. In such cases people injure
themselves and other people.. ..in a specific mental condition. And they don’t remember about it. They don’t remember anything, really. That means..
Now you want to say that I injured myself. You’re talking about injuring themselves.. ..Sanjana, people kill themselves. What is suicide?
It is a height to hurt ourselves. But people commit suicide. I knew that you would find
a way to justify your words.. ..that I am going mad
and my personality is split. Sanjana. Anyways, thank you very much. Sanjana, please listen to me. Sanjana, you are still here? My car has broken down
so I am waiting for auto or bus.. ..whichever I get first, then.. But I came here first with my car.
Come, I will drop you. Don’t trouble yourself, I will.. It is not a matter of trouble.
I am going the same way. Please, come. Please, have a seat. I hope that my driving
didnít scare you because.. ..people who sit besides
me are afraid of my driving. I am afraid of this house, doctor. Can I see your house, Sanjana? Yes, please come. Let’s go. Is accelerator okay? Yes sir, it is. Doctor, he is my brother. Hi Vicky. – Hi, sir. How are you? – Fine sir. Please, come. – Let’s go. Wow! Your house is very beautiful. Is that why you bought this
house by selling your old house? No, that was better than this. Ok. Mom, finally you’re here. – Yes. Mom, you very well knew that
we are going to bring chocolate cake.. ..then too you came late. It is not fair, Mom.
– Sorry.. we will cut it after some time. It is ok. – Go. Hello. Hi. – Go. Hi. – Hello baby. Come on Nisha, catch me. Lovely kids.. These are your daughters? Yes.. Will you have coffee? No, thanks. You were telling that
you own an antique shop. Since how long you’re
interesting in antique? Not me, but my father
was interested in it. I was too young, when my father died. Then my Grandpa and Granny
got my mother remarried. My second father was fond of antiques And he established this shop. Ok. – But after Vicky’s
birth he had less interest in it. Then.. is Vicky not your own brother? No.. He is more than an own real brother. I see.. Sanjana, how was the
behavior of your step-father with you? It was fair. Fair means not too good, wasn’t it? Forget it, doctor. Sanjana, I am trying
to understand your problem. And it is possible only
when you talk to me frankly. Whatever you tell me will be a secret. Tell me, did your father beat you? No, he didn’t beat me but..
often he used to touch me.. ..where a father never
touches his daughter. Oh! Did you tell your mother about it? No. – To anyone else? After marriage I told this to my husband. I see, perhaps this was
the reason for your break up. No, when we broke up, father was too old. Oh. – He had backbone cancer. At that time he needed support and.. ..my husband didnít want to live with him. But because of humanity
I didnít leave him alone to die. Yes, is that the reason
you left your husband? No, it was his decision to leave. Ok, Ok.. Do you miss
your husband sometimes? Never.. it is difficult
to compliance two kids alone. And the shop is not
doing well so I came here.. ..by selling the old house. Then too, I don’t miss him at all. Sanjana, you are brave. Even then I need your help. Of course Sanjana, I will try my best. I am with you. – Thank you. Welcome. Ok, I must leave. – Let’s go. How much time will it take? Only two minutes, it will start now. Hurry up, man. Ok, take care. Ok. Bye Vicky.
– Bye sir. See you.
– Okay. Nisha, Yummy, yummy cake. I want cake. Cake.. Hey.. one minute. Yummy. Mummy!
– Vicky! Sister! Uncle! Vicky! Mummy!
– Vicky! Mummy! Vicky! Vicky! Yes Vicky, tell me how are you? Its paining doctor. I will tell Dr.
Verma, he will give you pain killers. Thank you. Come out.. Who are you? Come out.. Who are you? Who are you? Come out. Why did you break the
windows of the house, Sanjana? He tried to trap me. I don’t know. I was sleeping.. ..then he tried to
touch me such a way that.. ..and I was feeling good but..
when suddenly I woke up then.. ..I felt very disgusting.. ..then I broke all the windows
and doors of my house, doctor. Sanjana, you should
get hospitalized right now. Why hospitalize? I am not sick, doctor. I am not telling that your are sick,
but I want to say that.. ..you should get hospitalized for one week
so that we can do your proper check up. When I am not sick why are
you eager to make me patient, doctor? Oh my God! Sanjana,
at least think about your daughters. Nothing will happen to my daughters.
Don’t worry. Why nothing will happen? Because you all did nothing for me.
So, now I will do whatever I have to do. Pooja, I am very disturbed.
Life is like hell to me. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide. Isnít there anybody in
this whole world who can help me? Sanjana, don’t say like that. Pooja, whom should I go to? Where should I go and to whom should
I say whatever is happening with me? I felt that you are my friend,
but even you don’t believe me. If you all don’t believe me then.. Don’t say that. I trust you completely. I believe all that you say.
The only thing is that.. Are you coming or is
your discussion yet pending? Come, we have to load
our baggage in the car. Yes coming.
Come with me inside.. Come. Listen, don’t go anywhere. I am coming within five minute
to load the baggage in car. I want to talk with you.
Yes. – Don’t go. Go fast and see what she is doing?
– Yes. Sanjana! Sanjana! Sanjana! Sanjana! Sanjana! How is all this happening? Have you seen Pooja? – Yes. I didnít do anything. Now do you believe me that I am not mad? And I am not imagining all these. I am sorry Sanjana. I didn’t understand
what is happening with you. I am sorry. Sorry. Stay far from her.. stay far.
Stay far.. She is possessed. She is a shrew.. Get out from here. Are you showing black magic to us? You are a shrew. ‘If you will try to hurt
us then I will kill you.’ ‘I will kill you.. Get out from here.’ ‘Get out from here.. Get out from here.’ Excuse me. – Hello. Excuse me, please change this.
I don’t want this. Since the day weíve bought this,
a Tibetan lady comes in my wifeís dreams.. And she says to return this
locket from whom you purchased it. Tibetan lady! Yes, Tibetan lady.. And today morning she came
in from the mirror and told that.. ..still you didnít
return that locket to her? This locket is not for you. Why don’t you return this
locket from whom you buy it. Return it..
Return it.. Return it immediately. Return it immediately.. Go.
Go.. Go. If she meets you, tell her that
weíve returned this locket to you.. ..and we even don’t want money,
enough. Please. Govind. – Yes Madam? Close the shop. – Ok. Sasha!.. Nisha! Mamma! Mamma! – Mamma! Nisha. Mom! Mom! Sasha!.. Sasha! asha!.. Mom!.. Mom! Mom!.. Mom! Mom!.. Mom.. Help! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Save me! Mom! Nisha! Mom! Mom! Mom! Sasha! – Mom! Sasha!.. Nisha! Sasha! Sasha! – Mom! Sasha!.. Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Sasha! Sasha, give me hand. Sasha, give me hand. Sasha, give me hand. Give me hand, Sasha. Mom! Give me hand! Mom! Give me hand my child. Mom! Come.. Come.. Come. Come Sasha! Mom! Come, Sasha! Mom! Nisha.. Nisha! Nisha.. Nisha! Nisha!
– Come. Come soon. Nisha.. Nisha!
– Come. Let’s go! Sanjana! What happened? Doctor, please help me. What happened, Sanjana? Nothing happened to me, he.. Relax.. Ok, relax. Tell me what happened? He took away my younger daughter, doctor. Who? Who took away your daughter? He took away. Please do some thing. Save my child. Okay. Listen.
Sanjana, I am trying to do something. Listen to me, I brought a
man who can understand your problem. He is a Parapsychologist, Ok.
Dr. S. P. Rana. What are you doing? Be brave. I am here. Let’s go to your house and see. Come doctor. Doctor.. What do you think doctor? He is present here. Here is a soul with wrath.. ..and with the feeling of revenge. He is restless, but violent. He lives in hatred.. And wants to hurt. No my child.. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.. ..he would try to make
us afraid by every mean. I want to see that place where
your daughter was at last time. Yes, in the kid’s bedroom. That.. Your daughter is alive, Sanjana. Sanjana. Sanjana. Sanjana. Do you believe me, do you? Yes. Sanjana, you should believe
on yourself completely. And to get back your daughter
you must fight with her. I am sure that you can to do it. I will fight with him
till my last breath, doctor. Yes.. It is necessary to know and
understand the enemy to fight with him. According to me, the soul
who die out with peace they goes.. ..to the eternal and immortal
light across the border of life and death. And one who decease sudden or
in an accident their soul lives here.. ..and then they got
the way in that light also. Wherever you go he will follow you. Can you see him? We don’t have to see
to feel anyone’s presence. Air! Can we see it? But when it blows we know it. Then too..
This soul would show itself to us. In the shape of deception..
it will try to trap us in illusion It will try to prevent me
because it knows that I am here. Like we know that it is here. But we will win. Because we are with
virtue and it is with flaw. Sanjana, let’s go to
get back your daughter. Doctor. – Yeah. Is there anything to dig then bring it. Ok. – Hurry up. Mom. Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen. Don’t worry. It can’t harm us. Most of them has no body. Tell me one thing.
Did anything occur which startled you? Yes, some days before
there was a thunderbolt.. ..the villagers thought that it was an
unlucky omen that’s why the did reverence. Can you show me that place?
– Yes, it is in front. Come. This is the place. You dig from here. Ok, doctor. This is the way to save your daughter. What is in it? This a hundred years old well
in which the aboriginal throws.. ..the criminal as punishment. Only God knows that how
many bad souls are buried in it. But one of them came out that
night when the thunderbolt fell. And he saw an easy prey in you. I know that your daughter is in it. And I will bring her out. In this creation of all-powerful Almighty.
An evil has no place. The evil that has risen from the
grave of darkness will return there in. Oh bad soul! The earth,
the sky and the wind nobody is with you. Give back the baby. You should give the baby because
the God is great not the devil. Not the darkness,
but the light is powerful Come out. I came here to fight with you. Come in front of me. No Sanjana, nothing will happen.
Don’t worry. You can’t harm me. This earth belongs to human beings,
not evils like you. Today I will give your end. I will finish you.. Iíll Finish you! Doctor Rana! No dear.. Mummy! Mummy! Your daughter is inside. Sanjana, only you can save your daughter. Don’t be afraid Sanjana.. Jump. I said jump. Mom!.. Mom! Nisha. Nisha. Mom.. Mom.. Nisha!
– Mom.. Nisha! Nisha! Mom! Please come to me. Mom! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Give back my daughter to me. Mom! Mom! Come to me Mom. Nisha! Mom! Nisha!
– Mom! Sanjana.. I will beat you. How can you beat me?
I will beat you Nisha. Mr. Bhushan, I will keep it.
Take care of it. Madam, please make hurry we
have to take the keys of new bungalow. Yes, let’s go. Mom, my doll is inside. – Nisha. Nisha don’t go inside. Nisha, I am talking to you. Come back. Nisha! Nisha!

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  1. Samajh nhin aata ye Bollywood is type ki movie q bnata hai doesn't make sense.
    Aisa b hota hai kiya …..na koi logic na koi concept na koi story na hero na heroine na villain…..no nothing bus tabu daal di or bus dikha diya k bhoot kiya kr sakta hai hah no sense …..idiots

  2. Awesome movie…but last seen samajh me nehi aaya..kisi ko samajhme aaya hoga to plz reply karna on😊

  3. Movie bahot hi ghatiya hai….na koi story hai ar na koi direction…kuch b clear nhi hai kyu kya kse ye sb ho rha hai……i have wasted my tym and net pack on it 😡😡😡

  4. Watching from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 12/7/19. Big Nice bunglow near river and Mountain. Must be Nice environnent with cool fresh air there

  5. क्या सेक्स किया….मजा आ गया 😂😂😂 भूत भाई मुझे भी करने दे ना 😂😂😂

  6. JsG face and hair lotion Fantastic direction high quality music awesome Sami Hit movie,,,,but awara ,,budtcheln,,,,be sherm BhuT ,,,,, Tabu Ko dekh ke , BhuT ka bhut ,,,samne as Gaea,,,, Londiya baz BhuT ,,, Ganga jjel,,,,,,,GAMGa jeL pite he ,,sale ki uter jati ,,,jnm jela ,,,,,, Kiyu Viru night show koan dekh reha hai ,,,,, jsuriyevanshi 👍🥃🍺

  7. Arrey Vasooli bhai hai iss movie mei… ishiliye toh kahoon #"kuch samajh mein nehi aya..par dekh ke achha laga"# 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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