HD LCD Multimedia Mini Projector Home Cinema Theater System (HE-PJ-GC-53255)

HD LCD Multimedia Mini Projector Home Cinema Theater System (HE-PJ-GC-53255)

HC LCD Multimedia Mini Projector Home Cinema
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Hello and welcome to Gadget Guide USA. Thanks for watching my HD LCD Multimedia Mini Projector
Home Cinema Theater System product review. Let’s go ahead and dive right in.
As you can see I’ve already pulled everything out of the retail packaging. Pretty much all
this stuff was stuffed inside of a nice plastic sleeve and that was actually wrapped in Styrofoam
all stuffed inside this box. It seemed pretty safe. The box itself you know its pretty standard
for a box. It gives you some do this, watch movies. It gives you some technical specifications.
It gives you some pictures of the objects and of course gives you kind of a little diagram
of what’s going on and some of the features there. Overall a pretty generic box. Not the
greatest or anything. Not that it matters. And everything you see here is what I found
stuffed in the box. It came with the actual projector. A power
supply. A remote control, batteries were not included. And this adapter cable. And what
that is that’s an AV input and it breaks it off to RCA. You essentially can plug that
in here so it can also accept RCA inputs. Actually pretty handy.
Now let’s go ahead and talk about the construction of the box itself. It seems pretty solid.
It comes with a lens cap here to protect your lens. That’s a little bit wobbly but that
moves in and out so you can adjust focus. It comes with lots of ports. That was one
of the most impressive things about it. It reads lots of video files so this could be
a standalone unit. You don’t necessarily have to plug in say a computer or a DVD player
or PC or anything like that. You can actually save movies directly to an SD card or directly
to a USB stick and plug them right in and this can be a standalone movie player. You’re
not going to get like awesome mind-blowing resolution out of it but for the price I paid
for this it actually shows…it actually has a lot more functionality than I would expect.
I also have a projector that costs light leagues more than this. Around the $600 range and
although the $600 one produces a better image out of the…an actual better image it doesn’t
even have all these options. I can’t do all the input options. Pretty much my $700
projector has a VGA input, RCA inputs and that’s it. So actually as far as the flexibility
of this box it has better flexibility than a $600 unit. But like I said it does not deliver
the quality as far as the projection. It is limited to 320 x 240 which is pretty low resolution
so I mean it’s not the greatest. It’s not going to be great for high definition
movies and things like that. If you actually want to see an example of a high definition
movie at the very end of this there’s actually a live demo where I think I played The Hobbit.
It doesn’t look that great. The sound is not great but for the price I paid I think
it did an excellent job. I tried out the…I played The Hobbit through the USB stick. I
viewed pictures through the SD card. I attempted to watch a old DVD through RCA inputs. It
looked fine. I didn’t actually try the HDMI port but I have no reason to believe that
it wouldn’t work great. So as far as inputs it does have an input jack so if you don’t
want to play out the internal speaker, which isn’t the greatest but definitely did product
sound, you can plug in a set of headphones and get it that way. That’s for the power
plug and it does need power to operate. VGA so you can actually run from a laptop or a
PC directly into the projector which would be handy for demonstrations say if you had
a booth set up this thing would be perfect for that. HDMI. Like I said the USB. The AV
in which also gives you RCA plugs and the SD card. Plenty of options there.
So and it comes with a remote control as well. Like I said batteries weren’t included.
I stuck some batteries in there. It has quite a few options. You’ve got your menu. You
can go through quite a few things. Your input. You can switch between USB, your SD card and
all that. It has play and fast forward so when you’re actually watching movies using
the USB port or the SD card you can play, pause, fast forward. Pretty handy. It has
its own volume control and that will work not only for the internal speaker but it will
also work if you have a set of headphones plugged in. So that can be handy. One of the
downsides is the IR sensor for the remote control is right here so you kind of have
to be pointed at it. If you are right here trying to change it it won’t actually register
with the remote control. You have to be within its sight or line of sight with that infrared
sensor. So a little bit of a downside. Let’s go ahead and break out the instruction
manual here. One side in Chinese the other side in English. It’s actually decently
written. You’ll be able to understand everything it says. If you follow the directions you’ll
be able to make it through it. It goes through the specifications. LCD, the actual native
resolution of 320 x 240. Not high but then again to get higher resolution you’re going
to pay 4, 5, 10 times more than what you paid for this box. It was extremely a value choice.
So if you’re actually looking for…well we’ll get to that.
The multimedia supported files. This I was really…my mind was blown by how many different
files it supports. The movies I was watching were all MP4’s or AVI’s. They all worked
without a charm so it works with WMA which are windows media files. MP3’s for music.
.M4A. For pictures it will read jpegs, bmps and .pngs. It will cover you mpeg 1, 2 and
4 movies. It will cover .rm or .rmvb which I’ve never used. It even decodes .mkv which
is metroska video files or .mov which if you’re an Apple user you’d be familiar with or
of course AVI’s or MP4’s. I was really blown away with how many different video files
it read. I just plugged them right in through either the USB card or the SD card and using
the menu button scrolling right to them they worked right away. There wasn’t any huge
delay. So overall I was really impressed with the flexibility of the box.
So at the end of the day this is definitely going to be a value choice. If you need a
project and you’re going to be displaying simple images or setting up a booth or inside
of a business or you just want to do you know call some attention to a specific object this
box is definitely for you and especially if you’re just looking for value and one of
the cheaper boxes on the market this is definitely a solid product. If you are looking to produce
a gigantic screen that’s going to blow your neighbors mind because it’s so huge and
its such great resolution this is probably not the box for you. The biggest I could get
the image was about 82 inches but it was a little bit blurry. I would probably recommend
a maximum size of around 70 inches for good viewing and you can go as small as 20 inches.
So you do have quite a few options there. A really value choice. If you just want a
cheap projector that is going to work and have a lot of flexibility, a lot of different
inputs, then this is definitely the projector for you.
This is some actual footage of a movie. I do admit that the resolution isn’t quite
great enough to watch say The Hobbit you know, a blockbuster feature and enjoy really all
the special effects but it would work in a pinch as far as for watching a movie. It does…the
box does produce sound as well so it’s not too bad. I think it would be…it’s more
aimed along like a business presentation or things like that. Especially to show color
photos and things. It would do a great job for that. Movies it will work but probably
not the best use of this projector. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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Thank you. And if you have any specific questions, comments or suggestions please email me at
[email protected] Thank you for your time.

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  1. Did you ever try this item using HDMI input? If so was the quality any better then the inputs you did test in this video?

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