HD Ready Mini Projector – Play PS4, Watch Movies on 176 inch HD Screen

HD Ready Mini Projector – Play PS4, Watch Movies on 176 inch HD Screen

What’s up guys I’m Chigz and you’re watching Chigz Tech Reviews and today I’ve got my hands on an awesome LED video projector which outputs 1080p and up to a massive 170 inch cinema screen for your movies and your gaming the native resolution is 800 by 450 hundred lumens the contrast ratio is one thousand to one you’ve got a HDMI input resolution of 1080p screen projection size is 32 inches to 170 inches projection distance is one meter to five meters and the light source is LED so this is everything you get in the box you have a user manual at AV cable for your composite connections you can connect your old consoles like the ps2 old VCRs or any other connection that requires a standard composite connection you are UK power adapter a remote control a tripod screw to provide you an elevation and the actual projector itself so here it is guys this is the projector it will quickly go through the ports so on the front you have a power button navigational keys up down left right an OK button a menu button there you’ve got a back button and an S button and you’ve got two light indicators there so if we start with the back of the unit you’ve got your infrared for your remote control and a VGA port for your PC so keep going some of the left you have a HDMI port to connect your games consoles your Android TV box virtually anything you can plug into this two USB ports a full-size SD card port the AV connection and you’ve got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you can plug the headphones into this but you could also plug in some speakers if you like here you’ve got the vents to keep the Machine cool got another infrared at the front for the remote control here’s the lens cover just tick that off to show you what that looks like and over here you have the Keystone correction and the focus adjustment and that will give you the best picture we’ll be testing that out later here’s a power socket and that is it that’s all the ports this projector is so simple to use turn it on and watch your videos and movies from either USB SD card VGA or the best part is HDMI you can connect any HDMI device to this including your ps4 ps3 xbox one Nintendo switch Android TV box tablets smartphones etc I think you get the idea this will project your movies or games consoles on the walls giving you a massive screen to watch or play on so let’s not waste any more time and let’s begin the testing okay so i’ve just connected this projector up i am actually in a hotel room right now as you can see that’s a hotel room wall okay i’ve got the light on just to show you all right so i’m going to turn the light off now and we’re going to see the difference so that is a very large screen i would estimate that’s well over 100 inches it’s covering the whole wall on this side i got the remote control plugged in the projector is actually behind us right now i’m not even pointing at the projector and as you can see i’m able to control everything with this remote control so I don’t think this video that you’re watching is actually doing justice to this on the wall right now this actually looks a lot better than what this camera is showing you okay so I’ve just plugged in my USB Drive I’m about to go to movie so I’ve got a few video samples here and oh so I’ve just connected on my ps4 but again this just does not do justice to how it really looks on the ward Oh you kick for the knockout victory so here to finish on our plate with what let’s take another look at this at the end of this light and you can see right here as soon as it lands this fight is over let’s see it again okay so we’re just loading up GTA 5 and we’re going to check it out and see how it plays on this the King of Fighters yes yes so now I’m going to project a smaller screen so there you can see a 32 inch Samsung on the left and you’ve got a 42 inch screen on the wall there and it could be bit over I think it’s at least 42 inch let’s turn the light off so the reason why I’m projecting different sizes to give you an idea of the quality in the different sizes so let’s try this game up so it’s connected my under TV box let’s try a few things out I’m gonna fight you what I was party lot after school it’s all in your life now everybody diseases computers in Ukraine allowance obtained by the hand advises with the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2070 so that was my review for the LED video projector by OCD as you saw this produced very high quality imaging I tested out my games console on this and an Android TV box to gaming and movies and videos and everything I tested was superb this is an excellent way of getting a bit of home cinema going in your house and this definitely does the job you have got a tripod screw underneath so you can mount this to a tripod or a ceiling tripod I highly recommend this product what I’ll do is I’ve put the links in the description so you guys can check this product out I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day you

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  1. HI Chigz – Loving your videos – Could I suggest a Title change for this video ? Perhaps it should be refered to as HD Ready instead of Full HD. Since the native output is only 800/480 – then its HD Capable. Keep up the great work !  Looking forward to some more 2in1 tablet review please !!

  2. can u tell me its brightness is too low or acceptable for ps4 or its only good for watching movie?can i use 6 hours at a time?if i watch 100" brightness would be low r good?thanks

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