He Leaked my Private Pictures

He Leaked my Private Pictures

Come on just this once don’t worry nothing’s gonna happen. I just missed you and I want to see all of you Hey, if you don’t send me something to look at, I might just have to look somewhere else.. Well, okay, but if I send this to you, it won’t leak right? Of course not it won’t leak for sure.
I would never hurt someone that I love. Three months later… Hey what’s going on?
Why am I getting all these weird looks? It didn’t take me long to find out and when I did
I almost passed out right then and there. The bastard leaked my picture
not long after I broke up with him! So much for saying he loved me and would never hurt me. What am I gonna do? Even though I’m not a famous or well-known person, I’m still really worried that my friends or relatives
will come across it already Already I think almost all of my school friends
have seen it. I don’t even know how to act anymore.
I can’t focus in class. I have to leave.. So I told my teacher I was sick
and I left to go home before midday My face probably really did look ill, so my teacher didn’t suspect anything When I left school I was still so scared to go home, because I was thinking and worrying about
so many things. What if my teacher happened to have seen it as well? She would call my parents into school and my parents would be so embarrassed Or what if the picture had been sent to my relatives? Then I would be really mortified.
The more I think about it the more stressed I am. I don’t even know how many pictures
that bastard leaked. I want to throw up! What am I gonna do? Sexting comes from combining the word
sex and texting. It means sending sexual messages or naked photographs from your phone or computer. For teenagers especially Sexting should be something to be very careful of and not taken so lightly. Because how can we be sure that the photo we sent won’t be shared publicly. If it spreads in the world of social media, It could have serious consequences for our future. And once it’s on the internet, there are people out there who would download the clip and repost it again and again. Some sites might see the picture and post it on their sites as well This can stay with you forever, or at least until the world doesn’t have this thing called the internet anymore.. Which let’s face. It is very unlikely I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with sexing. But you just have to know that if you do send this kind of picture You have to accept the consequences that might follow and you have to think about what would happen if your picture gets leaked. What would you do then?
If anyone knows.. please tell me.

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  1. If i see one comment saying its her fault for sending the nude, ill stab them in the eye. Its the mans fault, written all over the place

  2. all the girls at my school are THOTS and will probably put their nudes on snaphat and tiktok bc thats the only social media they have ever heard of

  3. Depending on her age she could charge him for the possession and distribution of child pornography. Technically, she might get charged with the latter as well but her punishment would likely be less strict.

  4. Instead of nudes why not send bikinis of you on the beach i mean girls post that in instagram and project their perfect body. I dont understand the difference between that and bikinis on the beach. They all look the same but the setting (for example a room or a bathroom) is what made it different and influenced the people to think its nudes. I mean if you can send nudes why not send a picture of you being a trying hard model or being a model at least with a bikini on the beach—that would be as classy enough and people will not think of it as nudes but something professional or fashionable-like. Welp just voicing out my opinion.

  5. I had a guy post mine and share them he was 15 and went to jail for sharing child pornography and he was not allowed to have a phone you should call the cops and tell the school

  6. Not trying to be mean but you’re the one who sent it it’s your fault if you never sent them this wouldn’t have happened

  7. i sent a pic of myself without a top or bra on. i censored most of my boobs and i had a snapchat filter on my face. he threatened to leak it cause “i was being a bitch”. he did this about an hour ago and he’s a stranger i met on omegle. i’m so scared and i’m too scared to tell my parents or the authorities. i’m telling my story in the comments section of a lot of vids with a “nudes leaked” title or tag. i’m so scared i need advice or something to calm me down.. please 😭 help

  8. when you broke up with him this was his way of punishing you for leaving him basically this is the definition of what he did
     REVENGE PORNOGRAPHY: it's the distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their permission. The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without his or her knowledge

  9. Are y'all dumb or something? Why would someone not have self-respect if they, for example, sent a picture to their trustworthy partner (not like this one, she's a high school girl with a boyfriend, most of them break up after 3 months, it's more likely that these kind of people would leak them, not saying it's a right thing to do of course.)
    I would find it disrespectful if my partner used a naked picture of a random stranger woman on the Internet. One should send nudes only when they have both consent and actually want to, and of course trust. Sending nudes isn't gross or disrespectful towards yourself at all, if done in the good way. Leaking of picture is shown only in untrustworthy people or forcing people, you won't get that from good people. Let's say your partner has to work one year out of the country or lives in a far place, and of course you miss your intimate time, because you know, that's biology and abstinence is not good. So of course your partner has their private time, but if the partner went to look for other naked women instead of politely asking you pictures, (with your consent!) I would honestly feel bad. Consent is the key.
    Lots of women have videoclips because they're sexworkers but no one complains, and if you send nudes to someone who's trustworthy everyone makes it seem it's such a big problem. Then, you should stop watching porn or movies, books, comics, videogames with pornography, so it's all even and not hypocritical.

  10. Everyone in the comments: ‘don’t send nudes with your face’


  11. That's why u shouldn't send nudes at all. It doesn't if it's ur boyfriend or girlfriend u shouldn't send them even if u do trust them because u never know if they are gonna send it to there friends or anyone else there are perverts out there so be careful.

  12. A random dude asked me to send him pics in a batting sute, I guess I toke it literally cause I send him a pic of me in a suit with a batting image 🙂

  13. It’s actually called revenge porn.

    They posted your intimate pictures online without your consent as a revenge for breaking up with them.

  14. You can do nothing. Thats the answer. Move on with your life you are a teenager and you made a mistake. Screw anyone who shames you about some nudes.

  15. Hun ive been leaked to, the only thing im gonna tell you is try to forget it and keep in mind itll disappear over time slowly but it will

  16. U deserve the torture you got for breaking up with him. Did u think some hapoy ending will happned if u just friendzone somone? Boi u need to see the real world

  17. Accept it and say "yeah i'm so hot, right? could be in a lingerie magazine, i'm gonna be a model" and follow it with "yeah, that guy is jerk, so don't go near him" and start talking about other topics like it was nothing.

    Sometimes you have to take a laugh to not cry, but if nothing works, change school!

  18. i feel your pain about 2 days ago me and my close friend were sending embarrassing and crazy photos of eachother but we accidentally sent it to a group chat we have with another one of our “friends”, and he screenshotted the photos and sent them to everyone now everyone knows what we look like in our underwear, and what we look like when we look like garbage, my career is over.

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