HELP l Hindi Short Film l Shot on Phone l 2017

Oh shit! Hi Karan Hey Simran! You..? here..? at this time ! Is everything alright? Actually… I… some…. Ahh.. Ok ok. First, you come in. Yes, you were saying something? Actually, that is, I wanted some help from you. You’ll help me right? Of course! Why not. I think you’re feeling cold. Do one thing, go upstairs and change your clothes. We can talk later. Ok. Yes, Jayanth tell me. Hello Karan! Yes, tell. Hello! Yes! Dude, where are you? I’m in my home. Remember your friend… Who? Simran! OK. So? She met with an accident, half an hour ago! What?! Her dead body is lying on the road here. Hello… Hello Karan… Hello… KARAN You will help me right?

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  1. hi we r making short film . i love the story. on buget of 0 . can i remake this film ? plz give me the prmisn .i mention the all credits in my film… reply plz

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