Help Us Start a TV Show!

Help Us Start a TV Show!

(exciting music) – We interrupt your daily
scroll through social media to bring you the best
thing you’ll see today. – Unless you were browsing
Facebook Marketplace because I’ve seen some
hilarious stuff on there. – We’ve just been told that your favorite Southern sketch comedy
team is ready to move from your tiny phone screen
to your living room TV. – The creators of So True, Y’all the sketch comedy team
from It’s A Southern Thing have plans for a full length sitcom pilot. And sources say they need your help. – For more on this story, we
go to directly to the sources the creators of So True Y’all
from It’s A Southern Thing. Adam, Matt, Luke. Are you there?
– We are. Thank you for having us. – Can you tell us whether or
not these rumors are true? – They are true. I know every dance move to
Blanco Brown’s The Get Up and will gladly perform them for you now. – No, no.
Please, don’t. – I think she’s talking about the TV show. – Oh.
That makes more sense. – But the rumors are true. We have a great idea for a TV show. – Can you give us a brief
synopsis of what it’s about? Maybe longer than an elevator pitch but not quite as detailed
as a series bible? – That’s oddly specific, but sure. – Our show is called Broken News and it’s about a former anchor
from a national news program who got fired for some
pretty embarrassing stuff. So now he’s having to climb
his way back up to the top. – The first stop on that climb is one of the smallest news
stations in the country WTTM News, channel 12
in Burndale, Alabama. – It’s not a real place, so
don’t bother looking it up. – This big shot reporter
thinks he knows everything there is to know about news but he’s never experienced life in a small southern town before. – ‘Cause let’s face it, the news here is– – It’s weird. It’s really weird. – That sounds like a great idea that could provide countless episodes of hilarious and relatable content that millions of people
have already come to expect from their favorite comedy
brand, It’s A Southern Thing. – Aw. – Thank you for saying that Talia. – I think the question here is, why? Why make the jump from sketches that you’ve been making for years now to something like a TV show? – While we love making those
So True Y’all sketches. – And have no plans to stop anytime soon. – We have ideas just like this one that can’t fit into a three
to five minute sketch. – We read your comments on those sketches. We know how much y’all wanna see us and our brand of humor on TV and we’re ready to do that. – We’re talking about making
something four times bigger than our longest sketch to date and that’s why we need
your help to make this. – And how exactly can
the audience help make this TV show happen? – It’s simple Howard. Just two words, Kickstarter.
– I think it’s one word. – One word Howard, Kickstarter. – We’ve listed this project on Kickstarter so that you, our fans,
can show your support and help us get this
project off the ground. – So you need money? – Yes we do.
– Yeah. It’s not cheap making a TV show. We’re gonna require more resources like equipment and staff. – And a set. You know, somewhere to
actually shot this thing. – Yeah, look at this. – What are you doing? – Don’t break that. – [Luke] Look at that,
we’re in a warehouse. Hey Talia, hey Howard.
How’s it going? (light music) – See?
We need a studio. Usually we just shoot at my parents house. – Actually your mom makes amazing cookies and I’m not sure if I’m
ready to give that up yet. – Me either.
– No. – So the best way for people to get an It’s A Southern Thing TV show is to make a pledge to your Kickstarter? – Yup, we even set up
multiple pledge levels so you can give as little as one dollar and show your support. – Yeah, but the more money you give the more stuff you’ll get. – For $10 you can get a
digital download of the pilot and you can watch it whenever you want. – But for $25 you’ll get a
poster and that digital download. For $50 you’ll get a t-shirt, a poster and that digital download. For seven– – Or you can skip to our
highest tier which is $5,000 which will get you an
all expenses paid trip to Birmingham to visit
us on the set of the show where you’ll be a featured extra. – And you’ll have dinner with
all of us at the wrap party. – Transportation and lodging included. – But you must live within
the continental United States. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii. – If I’m being completely
honest with you gentlemen this project sounds incredible. – I agree. But I do have one more question. How can people learn
more about this project? – You can read all about our show idea why we wanna make it and all
of the available pledge tiers on our Kickstarter page. – We go into a lot more detail there so please check it out if you’re interesting
in backing our project. – I think I speak for everyone
at It’s A Southern Thing when I say thank you. Everything we’ve accomplished so far would not have been possible without you. – We really are excited
about making this new show and we hope you are too. – I will be as long as I’m in it. – That’s it for us. Thank you for watching. We’ll see you tomorrow night. – I was not kidding. I better be in it. – Yeah, that would be great. Maybe we could get a new studio. – Right?
That would be awesome. Watch out for that piece. – There’s nails in that chair, wow. I’ll get this one. You get that one? Put this on the side. I think I dropped my microphone. – Can we just put this in the corner? – [Talia] I dropped my script. – I’ll get it, I’ll get it. It was just two pages. – [Talia] Two?
Mine was six. – [Howard] I had more lines than you?

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  1. I'd like to donate… but I live in Indonesia. (Not American or even from the west but y'all are so funny I just had to subscribe lol)

  2. I've got three letters : C M T

    I got a segment "decipheraction" where you take a word or phrase that southern and decipher it for laymen

    fixna (fixing to ) I'm fixna make dinner or I'm fixina to insert cuss word )
    SPOSTA ( supposed to ) I didn't know I was sposta take out the trash until morning


  3. So a disgraced CNN anchor goes back to his roots? How will you pick which one there are so many. Kidding aside, I look forward to the pilot. ♥

  4. OMG – I am cracking up. The temperature keeps going up. Apparently from 92 at 5:02pm to 103F at 5:08pm – Is the sun approaching?

  5. I love your show but you've gotta touch on religion and racism in this Southern Sitcom thing. Because these are big issues in the South. You can't reasonably avoid them in a show involving news.

  6. I'd rather contribute to a Patreon account and see longer content here. (I don't have a TV). Nevertheless, I hope you guys knock it out of the park and become Emmy winners. Best of luck!

  7. I seriously cant help u but wow !it is gonna take lots of doe .but wow u guys!If it does happen ill defintly watch .takes lots of high ratings to stay on i know that .

  8. Dang y’all!!!🖕🏼👃🏽😳🙄😬😛🤪🤪😜 Put us Southern Girls up against y’all City boys Our Daddy tough us to Fish BETTER Hunt BETTER and A COUNTRY GIRL CAN SURVIVE WHILE Y’all boys are DANCING 🕺 WERE FISHING 😛🤪🤣

  9. Y'all still can't pronounce names of towns in AL. Its pronounced Buh-run-dahl. Anyway, who wants to watch the idiot box? Hey lookie, I just answered my own question. Never mind.

  10. Love it. Although, I haven't had cable in over 5 years because I watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Redbox on Demand and YouTube

  11. I have youtube on TV so why a show on TV that's just going to kill yall? I wish yall all the luck. I live 5 hours from Birmingham I drive down save my 5000 and watch your premier. SO I give a dollar.

  12. Hi, I was just saying a couple of days ago , you should have your own show. So I am very happy to see this
    The topic plot you mentioned about the anchorman is not interesting enough to over all viewers, reminds me of that will Farrell moron and his Ron burgundy crap,…eeewwwwwww
    Please find a more rounded premise that offers more chances for the very talented women in the group, cuz I'd love to see you do it , but the idea you mentioned does not even interest me and I love you all,….ps I'm a life long middle aged New Yorker , who knows very little about the south but I know what I like .
    You guys are great and I watch everything you do, so just thought you'd think this feed back useful.
    No anchormen ……blech

  13. Seriously folks, you can donate as little as $1. If only a quarter of the subscribers donated just one dollar, they could easily meet their goal! I'm SMH at some of the comments…

  14. Love this idea! We will have to get network again if y'all do it!! But I'm SO happy to hear that you'll keep performing for YouTube …WHEW!! I just found y'all this year and I LOVE EVERY PIECE OF CONTENT Y'ALL CREATE! Best wishes and support from NE Texas!!

  15. Will it be a little like HeeHaw, Carol Burnett and that series of a lady doctor named Hart. ,from the big city lifestyle only to find out her daddy was some southern country doctor who left her his practice

  16. Make the exec from a northern city. He and his family move south. His wife had some southern root but years removed. The family angle allows you to add Grandma. Make it in the New South. Not everyone is pasty white. You have Hispanic southerns, Vietnamese southerns etc . It's not a southern thing it is a human thing. I would recommend you do a few YouTube showed. If they have a following you negotiate from a position of strength. You work out the bugs before you get on the screen your skits are like many programs. That slaw and order is a perfect dream episode. I got more ideas, call me baby😎

  17. I’d rather watch this bunch of kids than anything currently on TV!!! I’d send you a check,,,,,, but due to my checks ain’t no good anyway, that new underpinning about broke us up, all I can do is pray for y’all and get the wife to too, figure Grammy’s got way way more pull with the Big Guy!!! So far this year alone her prayers have saved 3 marriages, caused 1 to fail, stopped 2 severe weather events and a roof leak, healed 11 colds, a case of shingles and made Food City to start carrying Quaker Oats, Maple and Walnuts oatmeal again. I’d say she batting around .382 for the year!

  18. now if this takes off on TV how do us northerners and westerners get to watch it if we dont have a TV or pay to watch TV that should be free.

  19. Me: A Southern sitcom written by real Southerners? I'm in.

    Also me: They're funding through Kickstarter? Nope. Screw that union busting cesspool.

  20. I've probably been a subscriber for about 9 months….but I recognized the professionalism almost immediately. Ya'll are hilarious and I think your project will come to fruition and be a big hit!

  21. I just wanna be on the show 😂 Hire me y’all! Edit: Totally willing to submit a video of my impersonation of Ms. Sophia from The Color Purple.

  22. So let me pitch this one to you!
    I call it "Just Another Day In Brunswick County".
    So Matt Mitchell I need you to be the drug running Sheriff. You might fly the drugs in on an obscure airstrip or you might bring them in by submarine.

    Luke Porter I need you to be the School Board Superintendent that hires the Teachers from California that can't be in a classroom with students because they work cheap!

    Adam Schwartz I need you to be a Transgender Husband that pushes his a 3 year old daughter to be on Toddlers and Tiaras when what she really wants is to join a biker gang.

    Now we need a love interest for Adam but Matt likes her too and keeps her locked up in an old part to the jail house that everyone forgot about.
    Today's episode, Luke is upset because his 9 year old daughter ran off to Mexico with her Art Teacher. Matt shows up late for the investigation after apparently eating a lot of powdered doughnuts and Matt's daughter beat up another preschooler with a bike chain for looking at her man at recess.

    The other "him": "It's not a real place, so don't bother looking it up."
    My dumbself: looks it up and doesn't notice that I misspelled it and something inappropriate pops up " MOMMMM! YOUR COMPUTER IS BROKEN

  24. Seriously…contact Rory Feek who is the newly hired Poobah for RFD-TV and is developing and looking for new shows. Find him at This Life I Live blog. He’s on YouTube and Facebook. Easy to find.

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