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19:12 the year that marks the sinking of the Titanic debut of the oreo cookie just look it up and also one of the most puzzling and Notorious murders in Iowa history today marks 100 years since the Villisca ax urn a century-old Unsolved ax murder 8 people hacked to death has intrigued 21st century forensic scientists and investigators around the world Ok, I think I just saw something move behind the camera If this is Lena or ina, please let me know. You’re right here Lena I I’m doing double ship today. So I won’t be home until at least after 9:00 or 10:00 tonight Just reminder tomorrow before you leave. I’d like to Visit the cemetery, of course Too early to start celebrating Your inside come on man she wants me in school Daddy can’t blow me. Tell me about it, you know? Yeah, I know Thank you cool right there horse, buddy Deal this evening I’ll tell you Danny. I will not miss your cooking bullshit. Are you talking about you? Love my bullshit? It’s like when my major features Look who’s here? Everybody’s favorite faggot Lets you back off Connor. Yeah. I’m not talking to you freaky God I haven’t seen you since what last summer buddy underneath the bleachers. Remember you had Jerry Fletcher’s dick in your mouth Fucking psycho like your old man Do you want me to call your dad again? No, ma’am? And Dennis, what are you doing here? I’m sorry mrs. Planks I just thought it’d be nice to give Caleb a ride on his last day. I’m sure he’d love that Not one more word It’s a nice sentiment Dennis, but would you please take your little bike and get off my campus? Sure thing miss Paik? They’re count Boys the gymnasium is this way. Why don’t we all go together? Oh my gosh you have About it all last week. So excited you cited, you know, I mean, I do I bookmarked it That can be heard stupid Hi Hey What do you want Rob kana wants to talk to you yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen Everybody knows you’re gonna come crawling back What What do you want nothing man? Yeah. Hey did you see what I wrote on our locker? She started it go to the nurse you in my office now Come on quick top Sorry about that Dunphy kids a jerk I Told you if you just focused you’d be in and out of here by the end of the month Any plans Leaving for Omaha tomorrow my uncle owns a motel said I can have a job I had this Well, listen before you take off. I’d like to have a little chat with you. I Know this has been a difficult time for you and your mom But killed when you walk out that door there’s nothing else I can do for you I wasn’t expecting you to that’s not what I meant came. I know you’re a smart kid, but Life is about the choices we make and we have to do our best to make the good ones Otherwise we get stuck living in the bad ones Let me know how it goes in Omaha Hey guys So today is a pretty exciting day for me For the final outing of the marival paranormal Institute’s we will be visiting the boss fight of ghost houses Villisca as always. I will be joined by my best friend and fellow ghost hunter Caleb countdown begins now tonight the Villisca ax Murder House Love you You’ve got a no dress and a couple of months all this shit’s gonna go away It’s already been a couple of months Ellie and today while I was at school two girls were watching it again God, I hate this place. I miss you guys. I miss Chicago Uh You know actually this kind of cool thing did happen today at school, yeah so Rob Came up to me today and was like Connor wants to talk to you and I just walked away and he was yelling all this Mean shit at me and then this other kid, I think his name is Caleb He went up to rob and just slammed his face into the locker Yeah Why how did you oh my god, you’re creepy what? Ellie Okay, okay, okay fine whatever I’ll go to his house, but if I get murdered it’s totally your fault You can take that Brooks Brothers, where’d you get a Brooks Brothers shirt? No this one No I Was what time you leaving tomorrow? new grand awesome Bus, no seriously Going someplace else get out of here It’s awesome What’s up Nothing Danny nothing I mean It’s like two hours away. You can visit any time you want Bullshit you gonna move for what the tour oh Yeah your plans look like two months Normal Institute We’re not even close Valeska ax Murder House last video Big Finish. You promised you promised on last night’s that we got drunk. So Well, me and your high school equivalency isn’t even a real diploma What are you doing Am I interrupting something hey Your name is Jesse alright is Denny Yeah We gotta go to you we’re gonna miss our tour Where you guys going? Tell me you’re not Gonna come you sure. I mean seems like you guys have it all figured out Killed, we don’t have room for any scooter I can drive Great. Let me talk to him what the fuck man only the reservations for two people. You’re not gonna give a shit We bring one more person isn’t brain I Like your jacket, yeah, I know that’s why we’re Okay, let’s go here she didn’t have a license then drive carefully, okay Honey it’s the way to Villisca shotgun This is a nice car Villisca isn’t that like a sinus medication what you know, I’m talking about the axe murder house Everyone knows dead is not from here Well, I guess that’s something that’s good about you Dude 74 views on our last video try me here What is he talking about? We do this video chats YouTube channel thing with super national MP I Know we’re ghost hunters hunt ghosts. Yeah, he can be a little intense about it. No, it’s cool Where is everybody Kind of not joking back in the day there was this Indian tribe here and they called this area Moscow they used to bury their outcasts and they’re insane in shallow graves here so they couldn’t move on You mean like that movie poltergeist little girl broken TV, but this is something different just eight people Six of them kids got their heads smashed in in 1912 Yeah, totally Are you Danny? Yes, sir. I Was just about to give up and go well, I’m so glad he did it we drove all the way from Maryville Nice house All right, welcome to the Villisca ax Murder House All right, this is the for yay Okay, so the murders took place on the night of June 9th 1912 There’d been a big gathering at the Presbyterian Church in town. They called it Children’s Day Ever since then this house has been marked by an evil greater than you can imagine people just like you have seen and heard young lady This way everything will make more sense. If we start the tour from upstairs, come on It’s believed the killer entered the house around midnight climbs bees very stairs All right this way JB Moore was the first to get it And then His wife Sarah. Mrs. Moore was hit 35 times on top of her head with the blunt side of the yaks totes Cray balls beg your pardon Let’s uh go to the children’s room. It’s right down this way come On Follow me Herman was the oldest child. He was 11. Paul was the youngest he was only 4 and Boyd was the middle Little Catherine Laura’s room Was right over here all but one of the victims or found flat against their bed. Why is the mirror covered? Well, they found all the mirrors covered that way the next day the thought is that the murderer wanted to cover him up before he began to kill Hey, they caught the killer, right No but there was this one guy a Travelling Presbyterian minister he confessed but was never graduated Lynne George Jacqueline Kelly I did my research we come to places like this all the time and his confession Kelley stated that he woke up in the middle of the night hearing windmills in his head And then he went for a walk And ended up here Okay. Thanks. I’ll just put this back What happened to it? No one knows But you guys want to see something super cool, huh? we have the murder weapon Right here. Come on That my friends is the actual axe itself a One-of-a-kind piece of bloody Iowan history and January and American craftsmanship Okay, right this way Caleb I miss your teeth This is where Lina and ina stillinger died, they had been guests of the Moors that night dude What happened to the power the power? Yeah, the electricity in the whole town went out the night of the murder true story That’s how the stillinger girls ended up here She was found Center of the room her underwear had been removed and very bad things had been done to her Let’s go back in a foyer You guys excited about Halloween we have a big event here this year real moneymaker I think this is gonna be our biggest Got me didn’t you see the ropes are you blind that’s What’s so problem? Did you touch any are you serious? All right, look guys show’s over. Let’s go Let’s go Danny and the tour is kind of lame. You know, these things are all hype. Anyways, no, we just didn’t see the whole thing We didn’t see the bloody clothes. We didn’t see a Children’s Day mask We didn’t get to go in the cellar which apparently they take you down there Apparently it’s fucking awesome probably shitload of other stuff to move Danny. We can come back some of the time Did you really just say that? Why’d you jump the ropes I heard something Really yeah, it was like the sound of an old record player or something are you fucking with me? That sounds awesome Yeah, well then grandma popped out and scared the shit out of you like lazy Yeah, well I guess we should get back to Maryville finish packing well, maybe we could take our own tour Later tonight what? Yeah, we can fucking break in. I mean I didn’t see any alarm system did you oh Not that hard my friends and I used to break into empty houses and have parties all the time Really? Yeah, most places are pretty easy to break into and I bet these two fucking wackos aren’t coming back here tonight I mean, where would they sleep with the mannequins? I mean it is kind of cool. You always mind Danny Yes Now we just have to wait until it gets dark Ladies first Follow me Watch out I’m going upstairs I Survived oh Thanks And to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God You know they added that part in 1954 which part under God And who were we under before that? I don’t know Maybe we should ask them more Nice Yeah Whatever kind Hey, let’s take a picture It sprays you easy, you know I I want to mess with it first. What are you doing? I’m gonna post it to Instagram, right? Hey, hi Danny you guys doing you come upstairs? Pussy what are you talking about? Fuck Shelley, she said you dickless a small shit this draw. Yeah this come off Are you sure this is pot it’s top party I got it from Shelley No way what Jess shipload a pic Caleb There at that house in Villisca, she’s on a ghost tour Sad man. You want to go check it out. No, really Shut up. Oh Fuck we got unfinished business for that piece of shit Hale you freaker’s out there. I’m Denny Shay inside the world-famous Villisca ax Murder House investigating into the possibility of yeah ghosts, of course a miracle paranormal Institute co-founder Caleb Hirsch and our newest friend As you can see jess is extremely overwhelmed by the intense spectral energy is flowing through this house Let’s cut to the chase Dowsing rods candles To light this place up Notice the concentration intensity on her beautiful young face She wants to know what we all do Where are the children? You should ask something Come on Those people You want pull my finger dude, it’s supposed to be serious. No, it’s supposed to be fun Okay, let me try okay You asked you to yes or no question for these to work You have to hold these very still and try I know so get it, right, okay Okay, let’s try to talk to Lena Leena my name is Jessica Don’t be afraid We know something really bad happened to you here, but we’re not going to hurt you Are you there? How much did you pay for these the rods are fine you’re doing it wrong No, I’m not don’t blame her because your little ghost toys are broken. Fuck you. Fuck you Okay, you stay out of it. Okay, you’re not even supposed to be here tonight Sorry, I crashed your date. Fuck you At least I know how to keep my pants on Excuse me, daddy enough What? Why are you being so protective of sticky fingers over here was her bullshit video so special Yeah, even the homos of Maryville know all about your sad tragic story. Okay, asshole I haven’t even told my parents Are you worried about what your parents think of course mine are dead? Yeah Diesel jackknifed on i-80 hit us in the back car flipped over caught on fire. My mom had to push me out the back window Lucky fucking me. Yeah, she gets the story Danny we get the story your parents are fucking dead What it wasn’t your fault shot He made you go away Kaylynn you gotta listen Your dad is messed up Kenny you think you know anything about my fucking dad you’re fucking clueless he was This is bullshit Get up Shit what is that? It’s a mannequin Danny come here Is that God’s car What is he doing here Yes I’m so sick of the hassle You coming dude just hang here a sec Sorry slapped you What was that I’m gonna go wait you stay here Kayla Yes Shut up I can register now. All right, dad’s just be careful with the shop Oh Down wait, I know you cube Fucking joke Leena I will be your Shepard always Danny There you are what happened Caleb, what did you find anyone Oh They don’t have machete you’re gonna kill him I’m sick. You following me around like a lost little puppy Need to find me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, Danny Cuz I’m done with you Well what I get it You’re into me Are you fucking retarded? No, I don’t think so I’ve known you for six years Caleb Have I ever done anything to you? Now when you’re drunk or lonely or when the cops come to my house And I lied to him and told him you were there all night I’m out of here But everybody lies nothing is safe Promise Caleb, Jess, Jess We gotta go inside the house we gotta find Caleb Jamie no Stay here It’s a just please You see Dennis, we’re only trying Are you okay didn’t they tell you no, I know they’d get a chance to thank you for what you did for me You know, I’d be in prison if it wasn’t for you, right oh Man it’s okay. We gotta go. It’s not okay. Everything’s gonna be okay Your kisser Every time I saw you at school. I Imagined Bashing Leeson with a hammer Why did you hate me so much Because you just Well, look at you all cleaned up after today’s festivities I Brought you sweet Yeah Take this Wow Wow There will be beauty here now Your father be so Stay tuned we can be together Everything here’s a lot Mr. He changes It feeds on insanity I’m tragedy And regret The Lord has delivered you unto me and I will take And it was all my doing Yes, don’t you come on right Look at me come here. Come here. Yes my eye. Yes. Look at me coming Right now come on come on look you don’t get me Jeff. Come on. Hey look at me Yeah I was born before your time in the neverending shadows Sorry Whenever here you gotta go. No, they need a reason not to come looking for all of us Hey Caleb, come on Let’s go wait You

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