Here’s the Plan – Animated Short Film

Here’s the Plan – Animated Short Film

[Music] okay so here’s the plan we keep living happily together we keep baking and baking and baking we plan our wedding which will be very simple except for except for the cake the best cake then we promise to love each other a lot yes and then we keep on loving each other a lot forever sounds perfect [Music] okay so here’s the plan ah but honey we just did the plan no I mean this oh yeah the bakery wait now mm-hmm why I’m you know I want to but will you do whatever what no if we don’t follow the plan we could we could lose sight of it but it’s so risky and I think we’re good hmm I know we’re so happy now even if we can barely make it every month but with the bakery we would be stable good meaning sharing our happiness you know that would always be the two of us making cupcakes wouldn’t it be nice you’re nice do you think we can do it together of course [Music] [Music] [Music] ah I’m so sorry it’s okay we’ll figure it out ow no oven no cupcakes no money we can’t just buy another one okay that’s enough here’s the plan [Music] [Music] a as soon as we have enough we quit we will we will then everything will go back to normal [Music] done yeah what do you think I don’t know it looks weird why are you sure I can’t like you know like ah no but what’s wrong maybe you can have are you okay yeah yeah just let me Oh fine really huh no no no no I’m sorry are you okay yeah just don’t worry I’ll I’ll fix it honey I just need to clean up [Music] hey I think I think we could work a little more and get a bigger kitchen [Music] but the plan you know okay [Music] [Laughter] I’m sorry [Music] we have any milk left I don’t know honey I’m sure he had some somewhere oh hey look what I found Oh mm-hmm I never got to fix them I’m sorry it’s okay we just we’ve just been so busy these past years I mean when was the last time we baked something oh I have to go we should bake something then what you mean now sorry you know I can’t oh yeah I know me and you will bake another day ari didn’t have to wait up for me again it’s okay it’s just crazy over there hey tomorrow’s our anniversary six years yeah Wow so here’s the plan I get home early mm-hmm you get home early I’ll try and we celebrate okay okay sounds great but seriously you promise I promise don’t worry [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m sorry I’m late I’m home now mm-hmm what hey what’s all this oh no no I’m sorry I’m so sorry I had to finish this thing and then it got dark and it and you you prepared all this you forgot no no I didn’t I was just so busy and it was the only one no we we can still quit what are you serious I know we lost sight of it but we can still follow the plan together but we’re good I mean we’re finally stable why risk our jobs in the house and you know they need me a worked in and it’s just building all this was so hard I don’t it’s just [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you you don’t get it what I can’t do this anymore so is this it almost I just have to get some things from downstairs no I mean is this it [Music] Hey huh [Music] please don’t say here’s the plan there are no more plans [Music] huh what here’s the plan what what are you [Music] [Music] [Music] first plan ridiculous cupcakes [Music] so there’s that now [Music] [Music] [Laughter] sorry [Music] so what’s the plan [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Its true people loose sight of whats really important. There so into technology and apps, they loose whats more important then anything, and that is Family…

  2. corgi breaks the oven door causing this chain of events to happen
    corgi then gets a divorce making cat upset
    corgi look what you've done to the oven door

  3. Wow so true. Sometimes in the strive to make something, we get so lost in the process, in the 'safety' and 'security' it gives that we forget we are slowly using it to wall ourselves in and limit ourself. Sometimes we just need to take the risk, no matter how scary it is❤❤❤

  4. A short that got me captivated the whole way through, and I'm not going to lie here, but I cried and I don't normally do that!

  5. Me fui de espaldad cuando leí que era CHILENA la directora y productora y que fue hecho en CHILE.
    Gracias.. Me gustó muchísimo el corto… Demasiado tierno

  6. Don't let reality stop you from making your dream. Loose sighte of your dream and you loose sighte of yourself into the dark reality of working for others and not yourself.

  7. Toujours aussi beau… Je le vois et re-vois et c'est toujours aussi beau… Meilleur histoire d'amour tu ne peux pas

  8. I really, really appreciate the depiction of a loving, married couple who don't need to have children to be happy, or to feel validated in their relationship. It's exceedingly rare to see, even though it's not actually that rare in real life. I have been married for 11 years, neither of us want kids, but we still work every day to make each other feel supported and loved. Thank you so much for creating this, it's beautiful.

  9. So he was dead set on leaving her all because she came home late on their Anniversary? I understand marriage hardships but what the Hell?

  10. The color is warm and nice, but the love between dogs and cats is interspecise love. is that why having kids aren't their dream?

  11. It wasn't the oven that was the problem, the more they worked their jobs the more reluctant she became with opening the bakery. She wanteds stability. The husband sensed this and made the suggestion that they should continue working. This is how they get you.

  12. This is one of my favorite films that I’ve ever watched. I truly love it, and the team did wonderful! It was worth all the work.

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