Hidden Talent | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

Hidden Talent | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

(Kaylen crying) – This is like, so sad. (Kaylen sniffling and crying) (upbeat music) – Hello!
– Hi! – I’m Kaylen. – I’m Joy. – I’m Zoe. – I’m Katie. – I’m Odin. (blows into hands) – [Woman] So what are we doing today? – We’re showing our hidden talents. – What do you think my hidden talent is? – Jumping. – No.
– Dancing. – No.
– Gymnastics. – Singing?
– No, no. – Flying. – No. My hidden talent is tongue twisters. – Oh. – Oh, okay.
– In English and Tagalog tongue twisters. – What?
– So, Tagalog is the language
of the Philippines. – Wait, how did you learn Tagalog? – I lived in the Philippines. – Oh, you lived there. (Zoe speaking Tagalog) – I have an English one too. She sells seashells by the sea shore. She sells seashells by the sea shore. She sells seashells by the sea shore. (all applaud) – How do you do it? – You just have to start slow and then you have to try to do it faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster! Do you wanna try the tongue twisters? – Sure.
– Sure. – Me, me, me, me. – Okay, you.
– Go! – She sells seashells by the sea shore. – She. Saw. Seashells by the sea (laughs) shore. She sells seashells by the she shore. Oh, dang it, screwed up. – You’re next. – Okay. Everybody, move your chair. – I’m scared but I’m extremely curious. – My hidden talent is, drum roll please. (children patting their legs) – Ow, I hurt my leg. – Break dancing! Hit it! (hip hop music)
(Joy giggles) – Oh, whoa!
– Don’t kick me. – [Children] Go Odin, go Odin, go Odin, go Odin, go Odin, go Odin, go Odin. – Dude!
(all applaud) (Odin breathes heavily)
– That was awesome. – [Kaylen] Sick! – Can you guess my talent? – Gymnastics!
– Magic! – Awesome spelling!
– Magic. – Should I just do it? (carnival music) – [Kaylen] She’s fishing. Is that an octopus? – Starfish! – Can we help you?
– Oh, oh, it’s off, it’s off. Here’s a crowbar. (Zoe laughing) – [Odin] Miming! – Yeah. (all applaud) – [Kaylen] How did you
learn how to do this? – At a play date. It was a carnival themed play date. And they painted my face. And I had no idea what
to do, so I just did. And then got laughs out of that. – [Odin] You’re really good! (all applaud)
– Yeah. – Guess what my talent is. – Magic? – No. – Just standing there. – Probably not. – Parkour. – No. My talents is crying on demand. – What? – [Odin] Cry. Cry. – Okay. (melancholy music) (Kaylen sniffles) – Oh my God. (Kaylen cries) (Kaylen sniffles) (Kaylen whines) – Are you okay?
(Kaylen sniffles) – When do I stop? (all laugh) (all applaud)
– I feel like it was my fault. – [Odin] That was great. How? – You think of a trigger. – Do you think about
anything in particular? – Mainly death. (Odin laughs) – Do you actually feel sad? – I just prefer not to think
about that stuff normally. – Do you need a hug?
(children laugh) – Please no. – So my talent is basically I can do weird stuff with my body. – That’s fun.
(children laugh) – [Zoe] So you can do the splits? – [Odin] Gymnastics? – I can do many things, and
the splits is one of them. – I wanna do the splits. (all applaud) – Can you wiggle your ears? – [Kaylen] Wait, can you? – Yes. – [Kaylen] That’s creepy. What muscles do you trigger? – I don’t know. But in kindergarten I
found out I could do it. – What else can you do? – I can twist my tongue. – [Kaylen] Wait, what, can I see? – [Odin] Oh, can you do this? – Oh, I can cross my eyes. – Wait, do it, do it, do it. Oh my. Wait, am I doing anything? – Like this?
– Yes. – [Odin] Yeah, you are
doing it really well. – [Zoe] Can you do all of
those at the same time? – Wiggle your ears. And do the tongue. – And cross eyed. – Oh, and the eyes, cross eyed. – Ah, it’s hard. (all applaud) – [All] Thank you for watching! – Show & Tell. – Hidden Talent. – What’s your hidden talent? Say in the comments below. – [All] Bye! (Zoe speaking Tagalog)
(children laughing)

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  1. 4:04
    Little girl with pigtails: So my talent is basically i can do weird stuff with my body

    Little boy with red hoodie: tHaTs fUn


  2. My hidden talent is Singing
    I do get bullied because of it though. Idk why it’s weird
    When someone teases me this is what’s in my head

  3. The kid doing break dancing made me think of that video of Pete Wentz doing a break dance battle with the guy that “walks European”

  4. The girl in the middle of the thumbnail looks like young Jodie from beyond 2 souls

  5. The girl who did miming is emotionless like she was like ._. the whole time bearly smiling or laughing

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